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Shame on The Columbus Dispatch’s weak cover story

This story ran on the front page of the Columbus Dispatch Friday morning, the beginning of the Arnold Classic. The murder case was not on the minds of 99.9% of the athletes and this story is a weak attempt at causing controversy where it isn’t needed. The Arnold Classic as brought millions of dollars to the Columbus economy, why would their city paper use this to headline their paper? Shame on them.

Murder case on minds of athletes
Friday, March 02, 2007 Jeffrey Sheban - THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH

Not long ago, Kelly Ryan was riding high.

A crowd favorite at the Arnold Classic and similar events worldwide, she was known as “Flyin’ Ryan” for her leaping ability and boundless energy on stage.

Competitors sometimes called her the Michael Jordan of women’s fitness, a flashy sport combining gymnastics, dance and bodybuilding.

On her first try in 2000, the chiseled athlete won the Arnold’s Ms. International fitness title and $20,000 in prize money, followed by a string of top-three finishes in Columbus.

She and her bodybuilder husband, Craig Titus, also a fixture in Columbus during the annual Arnold weekend, missed last year’s competition but are about to be judged again, this time in a Nevada courtroom.

They’ve been jailed for more than a year, charged with killing their live-in personal assistant, Melissa James, in their Las Vegas home. Their celebrity status in bodybuilding and fitness and the brutal circumstances of the crime have attracted considerable attention while casting a shadow on their sport.

Titus, 42, and Ryan, 34, are accused of poisoning James, jolting her with a Taser, beating her, duct-taping her face and then setting her on fire in the trunk of Ryan’s 2003 Jaguar.

Authorities say the couple was preparing to flee the country when they were arrested near Boston in January 2006.

With their murder and kidnapping trial set to begin next month, Titus and Ryan are on the minds of many former colleagues and fans gathering in Columbus this weekend. Those who knew them are expressing shock and disbelief.

“It’s an unfortunate thing,” said Jim Lorimer, who co-founded the Columbus fitness event with Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Anyone has to be saddened to see this type of tragedy happen.”

The case is sure to be a topic at Downtown’s World Gym, where most of the Arnold Classic competitors train while in town. Titus and Ryan also hosted lavish after-hours parties at the former PromoWest Pavilion and a nightclub across the street from World Gym now called Club Ice.

Amateur bodybuilder and World Gym employee Allen Forrest described Titus and Ryan as an odd couple: She was the darling of the fitness industry while he cultivated a thuggish, bad-boy image. If Titus, who previously was jailed for drug offenses, didn’t like you, he let you know.

“I never saw the dark side, but he liked to talk a lot of trash,” Forrest said. “Still, I don’t know that either one of them were the type” to commit murder.

Titus wasn’t, according to Las Vegas attorney Marc Saggese, who is representing him.

“I have the luxury of having an innocent client,” Saggese said. “He did not commit the crime of murder.”

Saggese said an autopsy shows that James, 28, overdosed on drugs at the couple’s home and that Titus and Ryan panicked and burned the body to avoid bad publicity. And they weren’t trying to flee the country when they were arrested near Boston, he added.

“The defense is going to revolve around Kelly and Craig finding their overdosed assistant and their mishandling of what to do next,” Saggese said. “It was a huge mistake not to call the police. They’re charged with murder because their conduct was that of a guilty person.”

World Gym manager Mark O’Neil said the case has damaged bodybuilding because it feeds stereotypes that participants are overly aggressive bullies pumped up on steroids.

O’Neil said while most of the athletes are “really nice people,” they can be intimidating.

“In the gym you do see another side that you might not always be able to keep in the gym,” he said.

Glenn Puit, a reporter who has followed the murder for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and written a book about the case, Fire in the Desert, said while there’s no certain motive, police think Titus and James might have had an affair and that all three were believed to be using recreational drugs, including cocaine.

What is known is that Ryan’s career started going downhill after she married Titus.

“She was successful in everything she did in life and was widely considered to be the best female fitness athlete ever,” Puit said. “Within four years of hooking up with Craig, she’s charged with murder.”

Puit said all the publicity surrounding the case may not be all bad for bodybuilding, a sport that craves legitimacy but is dogged by the steroids issue.

“There is one thing that (this) has done, and that is to draw more attention to the sport — good, bad or indifferent.”

Full story here.

68 Responses to “Shame on The Columbus Dispatch’s weak cover story”

  1. darkstar Says:

    “Luxury of an innocent client…”

    Well, I guess if you say so, it must be true, eh Saggese?

    I wouldnt bet the farm on it.


  2. wayne mortensen Says:

    Wow, such praise for KR. The best female athelete ever?
    What did she do? She won a competition and got a couple of show up awards. Oh, brother, the best female athelete ever? As far as her going downhill when she met CT, she still had free agency. Which part of NO didnt she understand. She is a free agent and had her freedom to choose right or wrong. I have the luxury of an innocent client states her attorney. Well, sir, in just a little more time you will have the opportunity of trying to get your client off. Please do not bet your savings on that MR. attorney. You have a long uphill battle.

  3. Click to View Picture of Girl Says:

    I have to agree that Craig and Kelly were not on the minds of those totally self-absorbed in this cult during the ASC weekend.

    Perhaps the Columbus Dispatch should have followed with an article about the winner of the 2007 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic being the poster boy for Internet steroid sales. If they were looking to stir up controversy they could have reported that the crowned winner had been previously charged for selling steroid and ecstasy to an undercover narcotics officer.

    Or the Dispatch could have done an article on some of the cult followers like this girl with a pentagram tattooed on her chest as seen by clicking to view the picture above.

    Dennis L. Bates

  4. Venice Says:

    I clicked and just got your website - but no pentagram tattoo woman.

    So you found a handful of people that let’s assume for the sake of arguement are into the occult (hell you’re probably right) so by your illogical extension everyone attending the Arnold/and or most BB’s are cultist…stupid.
    Just plain stupid.

    Dennis you were starting to make some good points…- mean hell …if some kid walks into your church wearing an AC DC t-shirt or Black Sabbath can we accuse your entire church of being devil worshipers? Come on dog.

    I mean just because Mr. Marinez got busted for steroids, does that mean all top bodybuilders are on the sauce?…okay u got a point there, actually u came across as a thoughtful intelligent person, but then the old Dennis reasserted himself - sheesh stop already.

  5. InsiderX Says:

    Hey I got a question….. I was listening to the tapes between Dean Cassim and Brady and they are bringing up Matt’s name a lot in their conversation… There also saying that he lives in Boston… Is that Matt Cline that denied having any involvement in anyting in Fire in the Desert? Cuz it doesn’t look like he’s coming out of this looking really clean if he was involved in anything?

  6. HaroldF Says:

    What nonsense. CT & KR were no more on the minds of the fans of the Arnold Classics than they were on the minds of the fans of the Olympia Weekend October 2006 in Las Vegas, NV.

  7. Chainsaw Says:

    For those of you who think that any IFBB or PRO bodybuilder is not on the sauce is dreaming. Why should it be such a surprise that Martinez was busted? Big deal, I stopped lookin up to these bodybuilders when I was 16 years old. They always were juiced, and always will be.

    Hey Bates, you are emabarssing yourself fella.

  8. manson Says:

    Click, are you one of them on the picture?

  9. shockandawe Says:

    Well, one reason I believe they said that was that it was misprinted that their arrest was in DECEMBER 2006 - I don’t know if anyone noticed. But of course, it was 2005. Maybe it was on the minds of the 2006 Arnold field of competitors, since it was just 3-4 months new news… But now, no one gives a shit or remembers Craig or Kelly. Certainly not the hungry, self-absorbed critters at a big event like the Arnold.

  10. larry Says:

    Why would someone burn a body in there own car…….complete idiots

  11. larry Says:

    And why would a dead person have to be duct taped?

  12. Venice Says:

    1. They had to get rid of the body transporting it with their car anyway…they couldn’t have ppl going over their car with a microscope.

    2. To make it look like she was kidnapped.

  13. HO$$ Says:

    Monica Brant is the Michael Jordan of Fitness.

    Kelly Ryan is more like the Daryl Dawkins of Fitness.

  14. KNEW THEM Says:

    Craig is the Dennis Rodman of bbing…always in trouble, but seems to come out smelling like a rose in the end.

  15. HO$$ Says:

    Craig is going to come out of this smelling like Chris Kaman’s jockstrap

  16. HO$$ Says:

    I guess if u call

    Spending 2.5 yrs in Lompoc.

    Being generally disliked.

    Taking a ride naked naked and blindfolded to solitary

    Having little or no support emotionally- other than your immediate family

    Spending 20 yrs to life in prison

    Coming out Smelling Like a Rose…

    Wake up bro

    “Even roses smell like boo boo boo

  17. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Ho$$ I’m just saying he’s the luckest mofo I know….I don’t think he’ll come out smelling like a rose in this one.

  18. Banner Says:

    Craig Titus will come out smelling like hot buttered man ass in this one.

  19. KNEW THEM Says:

    Has anyone ever considered the fact that the defense will prove that their was a lethal amount of herion(drugs) in MJ’s body to warrant an overdose? If it is proven that she prob. died of an o.d. than can a dead person be kidnapped? They have to be taken against his or her free will. If you are dead you have no free will. So we are left with an arson charge?? I know, I know, it’s a long shot, but what else could the defense propose? Isn’t there a 1st, n 2nd degree arson charge that should have been brought on by the pros.?? Burning a car is arson, but burning a human, dead or alive has got to be a different charge. Just some thoughts since nothing much is going on…Discuss…

  20. HO$$ Says:

    I have an admitted half-assed knowledge of the law, but I think the charge would be “defamation of a corpse.”

    Titus has already confessed to this regardless of terminology.

    I have changed my view on this case…I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility that they avoid a murder conviction - I think most likely they will get convicted of murder, but they have a chance of avoiding it - it’s the difference btwn being f-ed and extremely f-ed.

  21. Disgusted Says:

    C’mon Knew Them. That’s a pretty thin theory even from you.

  22. wayne mortensen Says:

    hey there KNEW THEM, I guess you did not really look at the facts. Why was she tasered and bound? If she had overdosed there would have been no reason to beat her up, taser her and bind her. The burning of the corpse in the car is chump change compared with the murder charges. Cmon, guy, you know better than that!

  23. chainsaw Says:

    Knew Them:

    They already have proved that there was lethar doses of Heroin and a morphine substance in MJ, and that was by the medical examiner. They just have not said that it was not for sure the cause of death.

    I have been sayin from the beginning, there is a s possibilty that the evidence shows that she (could) very well have OD’ed. I know the CT haters (not that they don’t have reason) hate to hear that, but it is true. Also, here is the deal, why duct tape a corpse? CT’s own words were that they tried to make it look like a rape. They even pulled her pants down below her buttocks as well. The straight evidance and statements to me at least show a (possibility) of an OD. Do I think CT bought her a hotel room for 2 nights ticket home for xmas, just to torture and kill this girl? I hear CT was a tough guy, jerkoff. But that is a bit of a stretch.

    KR though, that is a different story.

  24. Voice of Reason Says:

    The bottom line is this. CT admitted to have some bad judgement and burned the body. This is a fact. Putting that aside for a moment. Human nature, when finding a overdosed or dead person in your home would be to “CALL 911″ not burn the body to get rid of the evidence. I have maintained all along that if CT is innocent why burn the body. Because CT is not innocent. When I read his deposition with the FBI, one of the agents had suggested that perhaps it was rough sex. CT’s response was, yeah that’s sounds pretty good, let’s go with rough sex. This guy is trying to find excuses. Let’s face it CT isn’t as big a celebrity as he thinks he is. In addition, being a celebrity in bodybuilding isn’t something that is well respected. I have to believe that his previous drug convictions and roid rage will enter the picture at some point. I have spent enough time around the guy to know that he is not someone with a high degree of integrity or morals. He will stop at nothing to further himself even if it means leaving other in his wake. If CT didn’t do it and KR did, don’t think for one minute that he wouldn’t rollover on her. If he is cheating on her he would leave her for dead as well to save his ass. Remember the picture of CT crying. This is the real CT a pussy at heart.

  25. Voice of Reason Says:

    Just wanted to add, that I know that alot of dialog has been going around with the murder for hire plot and the corruption in Las Vegas Police Department and Prosecutors office. Don’t let this hide the real issue that if CT did not kill MJ there would be no murder for hire plot. These are ancillary issues.

  26. darkstar Says:


    Thats a very good point…why the plot if there was no murder to cover up?

    Also, Chain, there has been no proof of “lethal doses” or any thing of the sort. There have been findings by the ME that will have to be proved or disproved in court…Secondly, the defense does not have to “prove” anything…the burden of proof on what ever issue is on the prosecution. The defense doesnt even have to present a case if at the end of the state’s case, the defense feels confident that the case has not been proven…I dont think that will happen here. I think the defense will have their hands full.


    Just because the ME says this or that doesnt prove a damn thing.

    I dont hate CT, but I do think he believes his own bullshit. I also think he is going down, guilty, all counts.

  27. KNEW THEM Says:

    By the time this trial comes around, there will be many things that will not enter the trial. The witness statements from Craig’s friends won’t hold an ounce of water if they make it to the stand. The murder for hire and fake corpse will be used by Sagesse to show the pros. was going to throw everything against the wall to try to connect what little dots he had. Remember, we will have 12 average joe’s listening to this and making judgement. I don’t think I have ever read that there is any proof that MJ was tased. I think a jury would want to know why. In a year I would not be surprised if Craig spills the beans on Kel.

  28. KNEW THEM Says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing: those phone calls between Deen, Brady, and Craig…what a piece of work they are. The only thing they prove is that Deen’s a punk, Brady likes to get coked-up and run his mouth and Craig thinks he’s walking and hasn’t changed a bit in 15years.

  29. Voice of Reason Says:

    Knew Them:

    How does the defense overcome CT’s admission of bad judgement that he burned the body? How does the defense overcome that CT sold his truck bought a new truck and high tailed it across the country to Mass. where he was arrested with over $10,000 in cash? All due respects, I know you knew them but I knew Craig on a personal level. I know alot about this dude that I really don’t care to discuss in this forum. CT never did anything to me personally but I was witness to how he treated others, thought of others, & devised ways to screw people over. Let’s leave it at that. When I first read this story I was not at all surprised. Not the least bit. Do you know why he moved from Venice Beach to Las Vegas? Because he polarizes people. He is bad energy. He needed to start over again. Kelly is a pawn. She is scared to death of Craig and because of that she would never betray him. Craig however is madly in love with himself and himself alone. If he were innocent through this entire ordeal, trust me when I say he would have rolled over on Kelly and saved his own ass. Trust me on that one. Again, no disrespect as I don’t know your relationship with Craig. I just know this dude and it’s not by choice.

  30. KNEW THEM Says:

    Voice: I am in agreement with you on all your points. You asked me how does the defense overcome Craig’s ad. to bad jud. Well, I have always said that’s the ticker. When Sagesse said on Greta’s On the Record that “my client is only guilty of bad judgement”, that amounted to 10 to 15 yrs. in my mind. I bet Sagesse wish he had that interview back. It seemed as though he was more concerned about his suit style than his clients best interest. I think it takes someone like Craig to represent him. I could be wrong because I don’t know anything about Sagesse or much about Vegas jury pools, but it’s going to be an uphill battle for them. The other avenue would be what, if any ,evidence is going to be suppressed. It looks like judge Glass is going to let an abnormal amount of evidence in for the pros.

  31. darkstar Says:

    Knew Them,

    Im not so sure Judge Glass will be leaning pro prosecution…If statements are let in or kept out will depend on the arguments made. I mean, its never black and white…more like 64,000 shades of grey….Judge Glass will act accordingly and I do think she will be fair. Besides, who wants to allow something in or vice versa that could raise an issue on appeal? That would just perpetuate the case and resolve nothing for a long time…I think she will scrutinize the arguments as applied to the law and be pretty balanced.
    I think she will let the lawyers wrangle it out, and will not hesitate to rule, regardless if it favors the defense or the state.

    Just my 2 cents.


  32. KNEW THEM Says:

    D* It just seems as though since day one she hasn’t made one judgement that favors the defense. There are some decisions we are waiting to here now.

  33. KNEW THEM Says:

    I think the person who could really impact this case is Tony Gross. What say yall?

  34. HO$$ Says:

    Tony Gross is the Mark Landsburger of this case.

  35. HO$$ Says:

    Knew Them:

    I think you’re on the money with that one.

    Gross could be the death blow.

    I could see Saggese trying to weave a lot of BS about Gross’ motivations and argueing that Gross has been manipuilated - and maybe has - but I still think his testimony will come across as credible and stick.

    What kind of deal has Gross received from the D.A?

  36. DOG Says:

    Has anyone other than immediate family visited Titus?

    Monica Brant and Brenda Kelly visited KR…

    I haven’t read one account of a person- male friend reaching out to Titus.

    It seems as though absolutely none of his peers in BB give a squirt of piss..

    Call it Karma

  37. Chainsaw Says:


    The medical examiner clealy states that there were 2 types of morphine in her body that her found that are considered (lethal) doses, and he said it in the testimony of the GJ transcripts.

    It was christmas time when he drove to Boston, no big deal. It is not unheard of for someone to have 10,000.00 in cash on them on a vactation.

    Saggase did day that CT notified the LVMP that he was leaving, if that is a fact, and it quite could be (the cops would never admit he did call) it will be verified in court.

    Of courese he would get phones that don’t have his named attached to it. He would be getting calls from every Greta, Cryer, and Geraldo on the face of the earth.

  38. Chainsaw Says:

    Also, if he is convicted of burning a body, and not for kid, or muder, he’ll be home that day the verdict is read for time served.

  39. Jason G. Says:

    Do you think that Tony Gross, Megan Pierson and or Jeremy were intimidated by the murder-for-hire scheme?

    How about Tony Gross when the police dressed him up to “Play Dead”?

    Do they believe that Craig was really out to kill them or discredit them? Will this scheme, “Plot” have any affect on their testimony at trial?

  40. darkstar Says:

    C’mon man, let’s get real.
    First, the GJ transcripts are only the ticket to get the case into court. You cannot just take the GJ transcript, toss it on the bench and say, “OK, its all in here, case closed…”

    Lethal dose does not mean murder, or OD, or jack shit, until it is argued at the trial, and proved or disproved one way or the other…the jury will decide what they believe to be true about that, as well as to the value and veracity of the other evidence.

    Second, what does the fact that it was christmas time have to do with why they split for Massachusetts? Not for vacation, thats for damn sure…It was to see his buddy back there about finding a way to hide assets and get their asses out of the country…

    10,000 in CASH is not normal for people on vacation…they take travelers checks or use credit cards so if something happens, they can get reimbursed…CASH generally does not leave a trail…for people on the lam with lots of shit to hide…

    Just because Saggese says CT “told the police he was leaving” doesnt mean CT wasnt running…I doubt Sagese stated that in court…its hearsay, and saggese will need to find the cop CT told this to, get him to testify in the affirmative or it aint coming in. Even if it does, so what? CT tells the cops he is leaving…meanwhile, the police gather enough evidence to bust CT and KR…they were running, plain and simple. Telling the cops he was leaving means nothing. They would have arrested them at their house if they were still there…it just so happens they split…

    Lets not kid yourself…CT had disposable phones because he didnt want to be tracked down by the police. At that point in the situation, Geraldo, Greta, blah, blah blah wouldnt have known Craig Titus if he had came up and pissed on their shoe…

    Thats a mighty big IF you refer to…IF no murder…

    Again, not taking sides…just calling it like I sees it…


  41. darkstar Says:


    I hear what you are saying, but just because rulings have generally gone against the defense does not mean the judge is biased. What it means, more often than not, is that the defense is making poor arguments based on very shaky legal reasoning. They dont have much to work with, so they pretty much have to throw whatever they can at the wall and see what sticks…

    I mean, there is no rule saying the rulings have to be evenly distributed between the defense and the state…so, that leaves you with the bottom line that the defense arguments simply do not have enough legal substance to get any traction. Simple as that. I think that is what has happened so far, anyway…


  42. Platter (rectangular) Says:

    I am no Craig Titus hater. Not that it matters in any way, but I always saw him as a very good bodybuilder (much better than Kamali anyways) that a few years ago (2001-2004) had the potential to win one or another IFBB pro show. Being a very controversial character, he was always very “entertaining”, never boring.

    I am no Kelly Ryan hater either.

    I remain open-minded in this case and I acknowledge the existence of the theoretical possibility of MJ overdosing by her own hands. But: IF in fact it were true, and IF duct-taping and burning the corpse was an attempt to make it look like a rape, WHY did K and C tell Megan Foley about punching MJ, about injecting her with morphine and choking her?? Yeah, I know, what’s the credibility of Megan Foley, but what reason could she have to invent a story incriminating CT and KR?? I don’t say they are necessarily cold-blooded monsters, I maintain that there is a possibility that they didn’t want to kill her, but “it just happened”, as Kelly stated (would that be mansloughter?). Unfortunately, shit happens and the poor girl is dead, so wouldn’t it be better to come out with another defense strategy than the actual story of finding the girl dead of an overdose, burning the body in panic and hoping to get away with it? And why did they talk to other witnesses about MJ having been killed, Kelly saying “good she’s dead, I got her before she got me?” Again, the credibility of witnesses is at stake here, but will it be that easy to discredit all these witnesses? Does the story of the defense sound better than the story of the accusation? At the trial, the defense perhaps does not necessarily need to prove their story from A to Z , but it has to raise significant shades of doubt concerning the accusations in the minds of jurors. Will it succeed? Up until now, I highly doubt they will get away with it, but you never know…this is America after all. There may be some surprises at the trial. SO LET THAT TRIAL NOW BEGIN!!

  43. Voice of Reason Says:

    It seems to me that the murder for hire plot validated the testimony of the witnesses. After all, If they were fabricating evidence in the case, and CT and kenw this there would be nothing to worry about. Sagesse would discredit them when he put them on the stand. The way I see it is that Megan must have been terrified by what CT and KR told her. Enough to stay away from them. If CT and KR did not have a hand in any of this then Megan would probably be their biggest supporter. BTW the reason that no one is visiting CT is because, like I have been saying all along, in the bodybuilding world he was known as a big mouth. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, stayed away from him as to not get dragged into the and be part of the lates Craig Titus soap opera. The guy is just a disgusting immoral human being. What Kelly saw in him, I’ll never know. she clearly could have done much better. Unless, of course, Kelly has a very low opinion of herself. She must if she is being loyal to this piece of garbage.

  44. darkstar Says:


    The defense doesnt have to prove diddly. Its all up to the state to prove the case. You are correct that the defense needs to cast enough doubt on the facts and evidence to sway the jury…

    I do think the Megan witness will be a powerful one.


  45. DOG Says:

    Megan Foley is the Greg Ostertag of Fitness.

  46. chainsaw Says:

    Some of CT’s actions could easily be explained away, either you can believe what the Prosecution has put out, without hearing from CT, you can believe the GJ transcripts that MJ had a large “lethal” dose of 2 types of morhine in her system, or you can pick and choose whatever explanations you want, and disregard solid facts to adhere to you’re particular position.

    I choose to look at all, whether they are for/against what my gut tells me.

    So d*, to not speculate at a very logical reason why they left town ect, without hearing from the defense, and only believing the Pros, would be well, naive. There was a supposed murder for hire plot the DA “said” had happened. I heard the actual evidance with my own 3 ears, and I heard no proof that there was any such plan, so in my mind, all the prosecution is doing at this point is “selling” their story. I’m not buying until I get to hear from all, so at this point, I think they took a chritmas vacation with a new truck, they called police and told them they were going “which the da left out in their press realeases”. Maybe they did this trip quite often to pick up drugs, we don’t know that. It seems plausible. They mentioned nothin about passports, a new truck would obviously be registered, the salesman that sold it to CT said it was a Unique stand out vehicle, not something you would wish to hide out in. It could be anything. Especially after you watching the Binion trial, how can you take anything the DA says at face value. I’m flabbergasted!

    Also, the GJ transcripts can and will be used in the trial as previous statements under oath punishable by perjury, you cannot ignore those statements. The medical report is what it is, it more than likely will not change until saggase gets a real examiner to examine the records like dr wecht or lee or baden.

  47. darkstar Says:

    Naive? I dont think so…quite the contrary.
    Me thinks that if you were to try and sell your theory to the jury as above, this thing will be over in about 10 minutes, plus, I think I will have found a buyer for that bridge I got for sale…

    The reason given for them leaving may be logical, but their intent was to flee.
    Secondly, you havent heard “the evidence” about the murder for hire plot…nobody has…all we have read were newspaper articles and listened to a few phone conversations…and, CT has never been charged with it…

    The GJ transcripts might be used as a base to build on, but the trial certainly doesnt ride on what is in them, thats for sure. If it does, your boy is in deep guano…

    Yes, I watched the Binion trial, and felt it was much more a failure of the defense to counterpunch that caused the first trial to convict…As for the “real examiners” you mention, Baden is a hired gun who will lie for who ever pays him the money. He never saw dead Ted, nor Lacy Petersons bodies, but he testified as to cause of death in both…Total bullshit. Henry Lee? Another ego maniac hired gun…remember OJ??…and Wecht is just more of the same.

    And by the way, I highly doubt we are going to “hear from CT”…if he is dumb enough to take the stand in his own defense he is toast…

    Sorry Chain, not trying to pick a fight with you, but I am not the naive one here…


  48. KNEW THEM Says:

    Would anyone be surprised if the defense rested and presented NO case? If so why? I’ll tell you what I think in a moment.

  49. chainsaw Says:


    You just answered my comment with you’re comment. I was simply saying that we really don’t know nothing yet, meaning that the DA has already put their spin on things they way they see it, whether it is true or not. It very might well be, but we will all have to just wait and see d*. We have heard literally nothing from the defense, and I’m sure we both have seen cases where what we thought was fact from one side, was shocked to see that it wasn’t when the case was presented. Remember d*, I’m so impartial, that I literally could be on the jury, I could careless one way or the other how this turns out, I’m just a rubbernecker.

    And d*= no offense is ever taken from you my friend. It’s nice to have these discussions in a civilized manner, even if we do dissagree on somethings, but for the most part, I think we are both heading to the same destination, but just going different ways.

    Knew Them:

    There is no proof of cause of death, and all witness statements are hearsay and all the witnesses are very undependable and junkies. There is no murder weapon, and there also were lethal doses of 2 kinds of morphine in MJ’s blood as well as previous (massive) methamphetamine use found on her hair.

    Sounds like you are on the right track knew them. I would almost say that you have some inside information. Am I correct on that?

  50. chainsaw Says:

    Dog, who is greg ostertag.

  51. KNEW THEM Says:

    Word to your mother Chain…Ostertag played for the Utah Jazz at one time…big goof-ball. Don’t know where he’s at now. Quit watching NBA a few yrs. after Bird retired. I love to pull for the underdogg. All of you guys on these recent comments touch on at least one good point per person. Open mind people….we all know cases where guilty people walk and innocent people get locked-up for years.

  52. DOG Says:


    After reading your sentiments to D*…

    You’re the John Amaeche of this board.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

    I have followed this case from the beginning.

    I’m familiar with Mr. Titus from a distance.

    He’s a bad person plain and simple.

    Having said that, the whole situation is so goddamn dysfunctional.

    No disrespect to MJ, but if she were an innocent college girl who moved from Iowa to go to UNLV and was planning on joining the Peace Corp…that would be one thing…point being if you knew nothing about this case and someone told you that a longtime meth addict O’d you’d shrug sadly and accept it…I don’t know exactly what point I’m trying to make other than Saggese will have plenty of opportunities to attack the character of virtually everyone.

  53. darkstar Says:


    Fair enough…
    Now, about the witnesses statements all being hearsay, and that they are unreliable and junkies, well, it may be and they may be, but there are tons of exceptions to the hearsay rule, and I would guess most of what they testified to the GJ will come in one way or another, if not to prove the truth of the statement perhaps, but to show CT and KR’s state of mind at the time.

    Knew Them,

    No defense case is certainly possible! Its a big gamble though. But it depends on whether the DA really steps on his shvanz during his case…if he does, the defense may just take a seat…I dont think it will happen though.


  54. KNEW THEM Says:

    D* We agree once again my friend. I just hope Saggese doesn’t trash MJ. The jury wouldn’t like that. I do think he will rip into everyone else though. I don’t know anything about him, but if he’s reppin’ Craig…he’s prob. something like him. That’s the only part that concerns me. What say you?

  55. darkstar Says:

    Knew Them,

    If Saggese comes out swaggering and talking shit like he has so far, the jury will take offense and they will turn him off. They will come to see Saggese as an extension of CT, and will not buy into a thing he says.

    Im sure Saggese will attack the states witnesses…however, if they testify truthfully and do not let Saggese get under their skin, it wont matter. For example, even if saggese shows a witness to be a drug user or have some shady past, in an effort to trash their veracity, as long as the witness is truthful and doesnt let themselves be sucked into losing their temper, etc..they will be fine.

    The DA will put on a very methodical case. It will be interesting to watch how the defense counters it.


  56. Dr. Mark Says:

    With all of the different ‘plausible’ scenarios that have been discussed since this whole thing went down, could someone who has really followed this story (and who knows Titus and Ryan well enough to be believed) give us a concise conjecture of really what happened the night Melissa James died?

  57. Dennis L. Bates Says:

    Dr. Mark,



  58. darkstar Says:

    Dr Mark,

    I think if you simply read the archives here you will get as much “concise conjecture” as you would ever want.

    Let’s face it, if you want “concise” one would have had to be there when it went down…However, if you want “conjecture”, you have come to the right place…


  59. chainsaw Says:

    The only thing I really can say is that CT did get her a hotel room for 2 nights as well as a plane ticket home. Not really the mindset of someone that has murder on their mind. KR on the other hand, I don’t know. And if punches were thrown at KR, of course CT would jump in. It is all very very very weird, the reason actually we all are here discussing it.

    All Saggase has to say to Megan Foley is this, did you do drugs with CT and KR the night you went to their house. She is going to say no, but who would hang around for 3 hrs, say they never watched a movie. Does anyone here really believe that story?

    Amanda Polk seems like the most believable. Discuss.

  60. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Chain: Here’s a thought I have pondered a few times recently. Good points w/ the hotel room paid for, plane ticket to go home and putting her up in he and Kel’s house. It would not surprise me for a second that after Kelly drains all her funds, Craig tells Saggese what really happened and it was all Kelly. You know what else; everyone was so quick to believe Deen C. with this murder for hire shit, but no one his given a thought to the possibility of Gross’ cellmates statements(that Tony duct taped MJ’s body, etc.).

  61. Chainsaw Says:

    Knew Them:

    I don’t know either of them… I’m intrigued what you have to say. We’ll see!

  62. Joseph Goebbels Says:

    What a dork is this asshole Titus! I recently started to pump my muscles and I downloded a movie with this asshole. I tried something to find in web about him and this is the first what I found!

    Titus must die!

  63. darkstar Says:


    Just because CT got MJ a hotel room and paid for a plane ticket doesnt prove his state of mind…sure the defense will argue it does, but it is what happened after, at the house, that will carry the most water. The hotel room and plane ticket were bought what, at least a couple three days before MJ was killed. Plenty of time for “other mindsets” to be formed.

    I agree, Amanda Polk will be a key witness. I dont think it will be as simple as you say, re Megan and whether she was “taking drugs with CT and KR” that night…the defense may hammer on that, but I dont think it will make the case for the defense.


  64. Chainsaw Says:


    With all the witnesses sayin she is a junkie coke whore that poses on the interne eating snacth(I read that on this sight, don’t know for fact, but seems feasable), “if that can be admitted if the judge lets it”, she will be torn apart. Especially if CT invested in this kind of behaviour, and she has an ax to grind.

  65. darkstar Says:

    Hi Chain,

    We will see, I guess…

    People can talk shit all they want outside of court, but we will see how it shakes down when this thing finally gets going.

    Not sure what you meant, re where Megan poses somewhere?

    Not sure what the relevance is of her posing on some site to what she was told by KR or CT…

    This is turning into a huge clusterf***…


  66. chainsaw Says:


    It is one of the earliest threads from 2006 here, some girl rambles on sayin there are 4 people ot say she was doin dope at KR’s retirement party ect ect ect. could be b.s, but check it out.

  67. darkstar Says:


    Doesnt mean shit to a tree…unless those 4 people get subpoened and testify in court, it didnt happen in the eyes of the law…its hearsay on top of hearsay…


  68. meathead Says:

    Why does everyone say they are chummy pals with Craig and Kel? It’s so funny! All these lawyers, friends, etc……GET A LIFE YOU LOSERS! You don’t know what’s going to happen. Looks like you all got some of the tweek they were smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damm~

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