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Back in court today

The parties were back in court today. What was the outcome? Will Titus and Ryan be allowed to be defended by the same firm?

Stay Tuned, more twists and turns ahead on this case.

7 Responses to “Back in court today”

  1. tam Says:

    The news at 4pm said no

  2. shockandawe Says:


  3. shockandawe Says:

    maybe jackie glass is helping Kelly to protect herself in spite of herself.

  4. darkstar Says:

    If this is true, then our suspicions of a conflict of interest are valid. If you think about it, even if they have a “joint defense agreement” there will be times in the case that the strategy is bound to clash…

    Frankly I think the best tact would be for them to have separate trials.

    Wonder if Denue would take Kelly back?


  5. CHAINSAW Says:

    On the news, they said the trial is gonna start in April as well.

  6. darkstar Says:

    Not so sure it will start in April…As it stands now, Kelly doesnt have a lawyer.

    Whoever that turns out to be will probably want time to get prepared.


  7. wayne mortensen Says:

    Time is running out. Does a new attorney mean that they need more time to prepare. I think so. Maybe another delay, possible till the fall. Can anyone ever remember anyone being so loyal that they will go down with the other. CT or KR has not rolled over yet? I think that these two numbnuts being represented by the same lawyer is possibly good because he can coach both of these two with the same exact story and lie. KR found some religion in jail but even with this delayed religion in her life, she still must pay the price.

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