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Titus shares diet tips with baliff

From the Las Vegas Review Journal

During his professional bodybuilding career, Craig Titus was meticulous about his diet as he developed his body into a visual spectacle.

Now, Titus is charged with murder, but in court last week, he shared some of his diet tips with District Judge Jackie Glass’ bailiff, Arthur Sewall.

“You don’t need any dairy,” Titus told Sewall in court on Friday.

7 Responses to “Titus shares diet tips with baliff”

  1. shockandawe Says:

    Isn’t that rich?
    That is CLASSIC TITUS.
    What a freakin’ sociopath.
    Only Titus would grin like a maniacal freak for the camera, and give out diet advice. If the Anna Nicole Smith deal was odd, this is even odder.

    I think Court TV is going to need Titus for ratings after the A.N. Smith ordeal is over and Ashleigh Banfield has exhausted all of her sour-tongued comments on a dead Anna Nicole. Titus ought to be apt fodder for the box faced shrew.

  2. darkstar Says:

    “…ya dont need any dairy…but a few ‘roids will PUMP-YOU-UP…”


  3. CHAINSAW Says:

    Yeah, Baliffs are generally bored. Also, they like to build a repore if they have to restrain an inmate, so CT’s response doesn’t bother me or shock me either.

    I highly doubt that CT saw the baliff drinking milk, and blurted out “you don’t need dairy!” I’m sure he was asked.


  4. ScottiT (boston) Says:

    Typical titus…….think’s he a freakin celebritie…..alway’s has,unfortanly he will probably continue to think this way until he is undoubtly convicted in the first degree.

  5. Fill Banner Says:

    Craig Titus is going to be on an all sperm diet. Hey CT “You don’t need any dairy,”

  6. Amy Says:

    Craig Titus needs a few good old roids up his ass. CT is starting to look weak and pasty.

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