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Titus and Ryan say they’re broke.

KVBC.com has posted the following on their site:

Accused murderers Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan appeared in district court Friday. They’re asking the judge to consider letting the same law firm represent both of them.

Titus and Ryan say they’re broke because of money spent on their defense. The judge is taking the request into consideration and is expected to make a ruling on Wednesday.

The trial for the 2005 murder of their assistant Melissa James is scheduled to begin on April 2.

26 Responses to “Titus and Ryan say they’re broke.”

  1. Disgusted Says:

    Titus has a better chance of being Dani Lynn’s father than winnig his case. Looks like Daggese took all the money and left C & K twith the Public Defender. Of course this is what they deserve anyway.

  2. HO$$ Says:

    My guess is they would have Saggese represent both of them …he seems to be the front and center guy.

    Didn’t Craig request some sort of government assistence or subsidy for his defense?

  3. Venice Says:

    Case will probably be delayed

  4. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    I don’t see the case being delayed again simply because the defendants are broke. they’re no different from any other indigent defendants who don’t even get the opportunity to ask for the State to foot the bill. It sounds like Sagge is behind this fraufulant bilking because Craig’s not that intelligent. I certainly hope the case proceeds without further delay. It’s inevitable that a guilty verdict will be achieved.

  5. chainsaw Says:

    If they have to get a public defender, it will more than likely get delayed again I would think.

  6. darkstar Says:

    I dont understand something here…

    If they are as broke as they claim, meaning they have no more money to pay defense attorneys, how does asking to have Saggese rep both of them address the problem of no funds?

    I doubt any lawyer would give them a two for one deal, especially when they cant afford one…

    If you figure that they have run out of money already, then how will the defense get paid? Will the court allow the county (taxpayers) to be billed for it?

    Seems to me that “you are entitled to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, an attorney will be provided for you” does not entitle you to a private attorney at private attorney prices, courtesy of the taxpaying people of Clark County.

    I doubt saggese will do it for free. This case will suck up a lot of time and resources, taking time away from other paying cases…

    Id like to know what Saggese has billed so far…


  7. chainsaw Says:

    They want crystalli to defend her.

  8. Venice Says:

    what a train wreck.

    I don’t empathize with them,but I think it would be a real shame if they don’t get proper representation.

    The legal system in this country while better than many, is such a clusterfuck.

    What a friggin’ mess.

    Public Defenders are so hit and miss.

    Certainly if they need a public defender, there is going to be more delays - how the hell could there not be.

    On a side note:

    Is Deen Cassim an English citizen or is his he just selling toy helicopters on the streets of London - I don’t get why he’s over there.
    He strikes me as a real scumbag - but you have to give him credit for having some street smarts and working the system..

    The more things drag on the more is has become very obvious to me that there are really only two outcomes for the trial.

    1.Very bad
    2.Very Very bad.

    I’m just curious as to what the truth is and if it will ever come out.

  9. darkstar Says:

    “She has a Sixth Amendment right to the counsel of her choice,” Cristalli said. (LVRJ, Feb 24, “Fitness champ seeks new attorney”)

    Mr. Cristalli needs to bone up on his Con Law…

    The 6th amendment guarantees a right to an attorney, not necessarily of one’s choice. You get the best defense you can afford.

    You think all the schlubs in county jail who have the public defender assigned to them would choose Joe Schmoe, public defender, over a Robert Shapiro or Jeff Fieger? Hell no, but that doesnt mean their constitutional right to an attorney has been violated…Money talks, and bullshit walks….

    Lots of loose talk from these cristalli/saggese dudes…


  10. chainsaw Says:

    Could Glass order Denue to follow through with the case? He knew how much money they had a while ago. He also was ready to proceed with the trial this coming April.

  11. darkstar Says:

    Not likely. Kelly fired him. OK, Craig may have had a lot to do with it, but nonetheless…

    I still dont see how that if they cannot afford saggese and Denue, how they will be able to afford cristalli and saggese…Im sure the fee structure isnt all that much different, and in any case, if CT doesnt have the cash, why would sagesse and cristalli stay with a case that is arguably going to consume most of their billable hours for the foreseeable future, for no money?

    Denue is still going to be owed money, so the legal bills arent going to stop…

    If it is true CT/KR have no money, I have to wonder at the business sense of cristalli and sagesse…its PR appeal and value will prove to not be that great…

    There was something about Kelly’s father paying some of the bills, but now that she and CT have the same lawyers, I wonder if that will be affected…

    I think CT has again manipulated Kelly by getting her to ditch her attorney and go with his, forcing their co-strategy to be the same…I think Denue was on a much different strategic bent, and I suspect CT simply wants to drag KR down with him…not that she might not go down anyway, but….

    Cristalli says about KR taking a deal “It aint never going to happen…”

    I wouldnt ever say never…anything is possible…

    Lots of swagger, but we will see if they can back it up…


  12. Jason G Says:

    I do not believe that “I” give too much credit to DA Daskas. This #2 man in the district attorney’s office is very intelligent and should never be taken lightly. Some one in power (DA and or police) came up with the murder-for-hire scheme and it becomes more obvious as this story unfolds. We now know that Cassim was interviewed by Glenn Puit and asked, “Brady did not show for three seperate meetings with an undercover officer and Brady’s attorney’s have said Cassim threatened Brady when he failed to show.” “Cassiam said he did not threaten Brady but did act tough with him at times.” IF THIS SCHEME WAS DREAMED UP BY BRADY, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BRADY WHO DID THE THREATING TOWARD CASSIM.

    We were told that this was a “murder-for-hire” scheme pursued by Brady. No mention of murder is ever talked about on the tapes. Brady and Titus did plot to discredit witnesses by having the “book publisher” (POLICE) arrest these witnesses for using and dealing drugs. Now Cassiam says that Brady “was looking for somebody to do a job that required POSSIBLE WITNESS INTIMIDATION”. DA Daskas will never allow Cassim to appear in a Las Vegas courtroom in fear that Cassim would repeat these statments.

    Let us not forget that the DA dressed up one of the alleged witnesses, Tony Gross, to “PLAY DEAD”. Talk about witness intimidation. Think about who set up this scheme and what this has done to the physic of the three witnesses in question. What would you think if you were told by the police and your district attorney that the person who was supposed to be your friend wanted to have you killed? And, yes I do believe we will see all of this at trial as it will show to what extent the DA Daskas and certian officers of the Las Vegas Police department will go to get a conviction. Do not forget the pictures of Tony Gross in the “Play Dead” scheme.

    Is it possible that Cassim was duped into this scheme by the DA convincing him that he was actually doing something good? My research indicates that this type of reduction in sentence has never been given in a case of this type before in Las Vegas. Judge Bonaventure simply “rubber stamped” what the DA Daskas was telling him and went along with the release. Read the minutes and you be the judge. This has been a Major, MAJOR error in judgement on the part of the DA in this case.

    If Glenn Puit of the Las Vegas Review newspaper is correct, it would appear that Kelly’s father, Mr.Tom Ryan, may be paying at least some of the legal fees in this case. I would tend to believe that it would be more likley that the father would be “pulling the strings” on be half of his daughter. I know that if I had a daughter in this situation, I would make sure she had the best defense attorney I could affofd. It also makes good sence to me for Kelly and Craig to each have an attorney that can work together. This was not the case in the past. Kelly’s father may have taken care of the attorney, however, we have not heard if there are funds for the experts to testify for Kelly and Craig.

    The first Binion trial was a “screw up”, yes. What I am saying is to look at who the players were at the trial. You may know that there were “errors” in the first case, however, knowing and proving are more difficult the second time around. And worse, what if, JUST WHAT IF SANDRA MURPHY AND RICK TABISH DID NOT HAVE THE MONEY, (WHICH THEY DID NOT), DO MAKE THE APPEAL? OTHERS PAID THE PRICE TO FIGHT THE VERY POWERFULL BINION FAMILY AND THE VEGAS “POWERS” TO BE.

  13. shockandawe Says:

    Oh my god. This is unbelievable. And Kelly’s dad probably wants to hire someone to kill Titus.

    And you’re right Dark, 6th does NOT give her hte right to her OWN choice of rep, just rep.

  14. darkstar Says:

    Jason G,

    Did it occur to you that the defense in the Brady case could call Cassim? Daskas cant stop that…

    I still say that because CT has not been charged in the scheme, it wont come in to to the case in chief. It has little relevance to the murder of MJ.

    As for “showing how far the DA and Metro will go to get a conviction”, a conviction on what? To whom? CT hasnt been charged in the scheme…You cant convict unless you charge…

    As for having cristalli defending KR and saggese defending CT, there is a potential for conflicts in defense strategy…Unless they change their strategy and decide to follow an identical defense, there will be problems…plus, KRs dad may be paying cristalli’s bills, but saggese will be billing as well for CT…KRs dad could end up ostensibly paying both…

    As for the release/resentencing of cassim being a major error on the part of the DA and Judge Bonaventure, until someone can show where a rule was violated, then I dont know where you are getting your law. Doesnt it seem incongruent to you that a high ranking DA and long time judge would risk all over a two bit punk like Cassim? There is more to this than we have seen yet, and just because it may not have happened before doesnt mean it is illegal.

    Regarding the Binion trial, the answers as to why the result was different the second time was simple. First, the NSC tossed the murder convictions on a procedural error by the judge. That bit of testimony was highly prejudicial, clearly hearsay, and the judge let it in…Secondly, the new jury actually used their brains and common sense. The DA’s case was shit. It didnt add up. It didnt add up the first time…So at least they finally got it right.

    You are right about the fact that Tabish’s parents paid his defense bills, and the old Irish guy paid Murphy’s, but that just supports my point that you get the defense you can afford. And maybe, just maybe, Tabish and Murphys bill payers felt they were right to fight the Binion family…turns out they were right.

    So what…the constitution doesnt guarantee you a William Fuller sugar daddy or a rich parent to hire a legal hot shot. More power to ya if you do…

    The truth of the matter is, CT and KR are in this criminal mess of their own doing. They will have their guaranteed day in court.


  15. chainsaw Says:


    Jason G does have a couple of good valid points. Brady was threatened, and Cassim is in London. Do you really think immigration is going to let him back in the country? I can’t see how they let him out, unless of course he was deported. Brady may cop a plea, possibly get off.

    I believe that when these witnesses testify, Saggase can bring up the murder for hire, and show prejudical testimony. This is going to be a circus! If only CT can keep him mouth shut. I doubt it from what I hear.

  16. Jason G Says:

    Good point. Brady’s defence would need to call Cassim, I understand that point. What I believe from all I have read on the murder-for-hire subject is that there is a conspiracy here, however, it does not appear to me to be Brady conspiring with Cassim to commit murder. I believe that it is more likely that the DA and or police conspired with Cassim to induce Brady to commit this alleged crime intending to get Titus. They were shocked when Brady faught back through his attorney’s. I still believe that Daskas will dismiss the charges against Brady before he will allow Cassim to testify for the State or defence.

    Titus has not been charged, that is correct. This non-action by the DA is supicious at the least, as what does it all mean if Titus didn’t have anything to do with this plot?? This information will become important in the Titus trial ONLY IF MY THEORY IS CORRECT. No one, including myself, wants to believe that any of our law inforcement agency’s would go to such lenghts as I have suggested, just to gain a conviction. Would they??

    When I say, “major error on the part of Daskas”, I am referring to charging Brady in the murder-for-hire scheme itself. I agree that no rule or law was broken by the judge or the DA, I am simply explaining the chain of events that have brought me to my conclusions. I believe that this “plot” will prove to be a complete set-up on the part of DA Daskas and or the police. The scheme, as I see it, apears to have backfired.

    There was another point about the Binion trial that I was trying to convey. I was taking into consideration, all of the “players” and the timming of the series of events by DA Daskas, attorney’s and police into my over all theory. I am just looking at the chain of events that I have seen them relating to the Titus/Ryan saga. ONLY MY THEORY.

  17. Jason G Says:

    IF IT IS TRUE that Cassim is out of the country, he must have been deported. On probation in Nevada and allowed to leave the country is unbelievable. Not only that, consider what reason DA Daskas has for keeping Brady in jail if he knows that Cassim is out of the country AND will not or would not return to testify? DA Daskas has no power to subpoena Cassim in London, England. I doubt that we will see Cassim at any trial or preliminary. That is my exact point. Daskas does not have a case without this key witness. MARK MY WORDS DASKAS WILL SAY, “I (Daskas) issued a subpoena for the witness (Cassim) and since he did not appear, I move to dismiss this case against Brady in the interest of justice.” DA Daskas allowed or assisted Cassim in leaving this country because he does not want him to testify at the Brady trial. I do not believe that Brady will “cop a plea”. It just does not apear to me that Brady did anything that would suggest that it would be necessary. This is one of the many events that continue to happen that make me believe that this nurder-for-hire scheme was a conspiracy by the DA to ONLY as an attempt discredit Titus. IF, what I suggest comes to be fact, I would question any of the evidence that the DA has against Titus and Ryan. Jurors may have the same question.

    Remembering back to when this story first came to light on October 21, 2006 in the Las Vegas Review Journal, writter Glenn Puit quoted DA Daskas saying, “We have a zero tolerance for someone who’s willing to manipulate the outcome of a prosecution–” My comment was then, and remains today, “Could it be DA Daskas who is manipulating the outcome of a prosecution??”

  18. darkstar Says:

    I have no idea what Cassims status is, citizen/immigration wise. Is he a British national? If not, what the hell is he doing in London when he is on parole from Nevada, USA?

    Something is screwy there.

    Chain, what witnesses are you referring to? If you mean in the Brady case, Saggese has nothing to do with that case. Secondly, he cannot arbitrarily bring up the murder for hire plot in the Titus case. Why ever would he? I cant think of any good reason he would or even could get it in. By not charging CT with a role in it, the DA keeps the Brady case all in Brady….it was a smart move on the DA’s part not to charge CT.

    I also do not see Daskas and the DA’s office “conspiring” with Metro and Cassim to set up Brady or Titus. Seriously, would you, if Daskas, risk your bar card and career for a chicken shit like Brady or Cassim? Frankly, they got enough on CT and KR to run em for many years…they dont need some trumped up half baked scheme to try and discredit CT…I do agree they look like idiots by bungling it like they apparently have…

    What about this…lets say just for shits and giggles that there was a loosly planned scheme between Cassim, CT and Brady to go after the witnesses…What I think is that Brady is too much of a moron to take it all the way and go through with it…I also think Cassim is a slimy con man who conned Brady, the DA and the cops with a line of bullshit that they took hook, line, and sinker.

    As to not being able to reach Cassim to testify because he is in England, well, not necessarily. The US has treaty with the United Kingdom, something like a mutual legal assistance agreement, which covers subpeonas in criminal matters. I suspect they can get him back if they want to. The FBI would call Scotland Yard and go haul ol Deen out of the pub where he is shiiling those toy helicopters to the blokes…

    Now, Cassim got himself cut loose to the point of (fill in the blank) deported, or being told he is free to travel abroad, and Brady is left holding the bag, and the DA decides not to charge CT with the conspiracy…I think Brady will be left to dangle, and Cassim will testify. Its a freebie for Cassim…what does he care…his deal to have his early release highly likely includes being available to testify in that case as necessary.

    I suppose I dont believe that the DA has the time to think up all these shennanigans. I think they felt they had enough on Brady (via Cassim and the tapes) to charge him, not enough on Titus to charge, and that’s it. Your comment of why the DA hasnt charged CT with the plot is suspicious, and what if CT had nothing to do with it?? Well, exactly, asked and answered, counselor. Titus isnt charged because the DA doesnt have enough to charge him. Nothing suspicious there.

    I guess I just dont see this as being so conspiratorial and convoluted…mismanaged, absolutely. But that is your government tax dollars at work…


  19. Jason G Says:

    Just keep an open mind to the scenario I have suggested. I know that people do not want to believe that any DA or police department would manufactor a crime in order to taint the jury pool in order to obtain a conviction of another person in an aparent unrelated crime. I know this because I don’t want to believe this myself. I do, however, stand behind each and every one of my statements. DA Daskus will NOT allow Cassim to testify. Just look at Cassims latest remarks in the Review Journal last week. He said that he didn’t thteaten Brady, he only acted tough. As a very small example of what I am saying. Why?? Why would Cassim have to “act tough” with Brady unless it was Cassim who was the person who helped set this scheme into motion?? From the get go, this murder-for-hire scheme has had the odor of a prosecution set-up and there would be only one reason for that scenairo, to discredit Titus and gain a conviction. Too many things that have no explaniation have occured since this “plot” was brought to light back in October of 2006.

    The point that I am trying to convey to you is: When Cassim does not show to testify against Brady he (Cassim) will also not be able to testify as to how this all came about and the DA is home free. Who else can prove what I have stated?? Cassim will NOT show up for the prosecution.

  20. CHAINSAW Says:

    When Gross is on the stand in the KR and CT trial, can’t saggase somehow ask him something to the effect of how the DA said CT tried to put out hits on him?

  21. darkstar Says:


    Remember that Gross is also a defendant in that case. He is under no obligation to testify.

    Secondly, what you are asking Gross to testify to would be hearsay anyway.


    Sure, I have an open mind, and I respect your opinion. We just have different ones, that all. I also think there are a few pieces of the puzzle that need to be put together, like the details regarding why Cassim is in the UK…that is weird…I havent heard a factual explanation of that yet from anywhere or anybody.

    Just guessing but Cassim was likely being tough with Brady because Brady missed 3 meetings with the supposed hitman…Cassim, being in on the ruse, probably was just trying to get the scheme to move forward…

    We need more facts. I simply cant make the big leaps you are able to do regarding the DA and Metro. Too many dots that dont connect. If you are right I will be the first to tip my hat to you.


  22. Jason G Says:

    I understand that this may go tward the creditability of the investigators involved in the Titus case. If they happen to be the same officers who investigated the Brady case, which I suspect they are, there will be questions and explaining. I am only speculating here and remember when DA Daskas charged Brady he also assused Titus in open court of directing witnesses in his case to be killed. (RJ 11/08/06) Statements like that DESERVE TO BE DEFENDED. That statement and others were also reported on national TV news. DA Daskas was first to bring this all up in open court accusing Titus in front of Jackie Glass who is also the judge who will be presiding over his murder trial.

    I have said this before, at this time I have not made up my mind of the guilt or innocence of Craig Titus. I simply am concerned about all of these diversions the DA is throwing out into the mix. If he has all the evidence to convict Titus, why all of this additional crap?? The murder-for-hire fiasco was only the beginning.

    And as far as the three (3) witnesses who the police told were targets of a “hit” by the person they would be testifying against, yes I believe that the defence has the right to ask them how they were affected by this scheme. If you were in their place, how would you be feeling about the person you were going to testify against?? And consider Anthony Gross after the police made him up to “Play Dead??”

  23. darkstar Says:

    The problem is one of getting the testimony in…You cant simply bring up details of another case during testimony in another, especially if the person being tried has not been charged with the alleged plot. You have legal relevance problems, and hearsay problems, and it will be objected to and sustained immediatly. Why would the defense bring up the plot, (even if they could) when their client CT hasnt even been charged, and put the thought into the jury’s head that CT might have been involved as well? It opens a can of worms that I would think they want to avoid…I mean, let’s assume for the moment that the evidence in the murder case is solid. Why would the defense exacerbate it by opening speculation that Titus could have been involved in a murder for hire plot against key witnesses? How does the defense paint that picture…? Good freakin’ luck…it aint going to happen.

    As far as Daskas’ statements accusing Titus in the hearing with the judge, big deal…He can say all he wants…what counts is what gets charged. By the same token, the defense has made several untrue accusatory statements regarding the DA as well in court and in the press. This is just legal wrangling and showboating on both sides. It makes for good press, but its signifigance to the case is diddly.

    As far as diversions go, the defense has contributed their share as well, changing lawyers, motioning for continuances and delay after delay…

    There will be more delays and surprises I am sure.


  24. Jason G Says:

    I did not mean to point to any particular person to keep an open mind, I meant that as a general statement. The fact is, as I see it, we do share many of the same opinions and more importantly, we are seeking the truth. I know I have taken a large step, however, I said it as I see it at this point in time.

    One of the puzzles in this case are the three meetings that Brady missed. I do not understand why he would miss any meeting IF he were the aggressor. We no that in the jail tapes that Brady and his family were threatened with bodily harm and death by Cassim. We know that Glenn Puit had an interview with Cassim which was reported in the Review Journal 02/20/07. In this interview Puit tells Cassim that “Brady’s attorneys have said Cassim threatened Brady when he failed to show.” Cassim said, “he did not threaten Brady but did act tough with him at times.” Now what I keep asking myself here is, if Brady is supposed to be hiring a hitman why is the hitman (or the alledged go between, Cassim) threating or getting tuff with Brady to follow through with the job?? Although I am only speculating here, it just seems more likely to me that IF Brady was the agressor here he would have been the one making the threats to Cassim to get the job done. If I were a hit man I sure wouldn’t be threating the person who is trying to hire me. I also understand what you are saying, it depends on the spin you put on this part of the scheme, however, Brady obviously shows reluctance by not showing up for the three (3) meetings and does not attend until after being threatened.

  25. Jason G Says:

    I like and understand your concerns relating to what can and can not be entered into a trial. I realy do not know, however, I will do some more digging and let you all know what I find.

  26. darkstar Says:

    Brady missing the meetings are not that unusual…he is a con man, fer christ sake! By their nature cons are unreliable and dishonest…he had just gotten out of jail 2 or 3 months prior to getting back into illegal activities…

    I dont think you are thinking like a crook or an outlaw…they dont think rationally like you or I, generally speaking…their lives and schedules are not neat and tidy like normal people…

    As for the Cassim interviews, so what…Cassim’s veracity is severely lacking, and Brady’s attorneys have an agenda…

    I think Brady is in jail on facts that constitute a good bust. He is an idiot. And somewhere Deen Cassim is laughing his ass off…his day will come…karma always catches up sooner or later…


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