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Titus had a lot of money in order to shut up Mr. Daskas?

Notes from the 02/01/2007 court appearance. A few interesting tidbits in bold below:

Mr. Saggese advised he filed an Opposition at 3:00 p.m. on January 30. Court noted it has not received the Opposition. Mr. Saggese argued the State’s motion is premature as this Court gave the defense until the 23rd to determine whether or not they will be requesting a continuance. Further advised, he is in the process of getting more money from different sources but that has not happened yet. Court DIRECTED Mr. Saggese to file and serve a written motion for fees to be heard on 2/23/07 if he intends to request the Court for assistance. Response by Mr. Saggese that he believes the request for fees should be done ex parte and the State should not be involved. Mr. Denue joined in Mr. Saggese’s argument that the instant motion is premature. Mr. Daskas expressed concern regarding defendants’ request to have the tax payers pay for the defense. Mr. Tomsheck moved to file the State’s Notice of Motion and Motion to Control Prejudicial Pre-Trial Publicity and for a Restraining Order Regarding Extrajudicial Statements in open court and the COURT SO ORDERED. Further, and in support of the State’s Motion to Control Pre-Trial Publicity, Mr. Tomsheck stated that in Mr. Saggese’s Opposition, Mr. Saggese states the information the State has is a ruse and the defense created a fabrication. Mr. Saggese stated he advised deft. Titus to say he had a lot of money in order to shut up Mr. Daskas knowing the State was intercepting the jail phone calls. Mr. Daskas stated he has never made any comments. Court noted Mr. Saggese is the only one doing the talking in this case and it is disingenuous of him to suggest that he may not get a fair trial. FURTHER, this Court will take plenty of time to insure a fair jury is impaneled. COURT FURTHER ORDERED, instant motion and Motion to Control Pre-Trial Publicity CONTINUED.

CONTINUED TO: 2/23/07 9:00 AM

71 Responses to “Titus had a lot of money in order to shut up Mr. Daskas?”

  1. darkstar Says:

    Looks like Saggese is more “shuck and jive” than “points and authorities…”

    Clearly, he is scrambling, and can only stall for so long…


  2. Chainsaw Says:

    Well he should have told CT to shut up about everything else as well. Saggase seems like he is ready all ready to apeal a guilty verdict.

    I do like Saggase’s style so far. He ain’t takin shit.

  3. darkstar Says:


    I’d have to disagree with you on this one.

    He can file motions all he wants, but sooner or later he has to take it to trial, and frankly I do not think he has squat.

    As far as him not taking shit, well, he is up to his eyeballs in shit…

    If there is a conviction and an appeal, I doubt Saggese will be involved. Appeals are a completely different animal than trial practice.


  4. Chainsaw Says:

    I just like the fact that he got in Daskas’s face.
    I love it actually!
    Whether he was right or wrong, I thought it was cool.

  5. darkstar Says:

    I’m not so sure Saggese made any points with the court on this one…it looks like the court gave him the equivalent of a legal bitch slap…

    Claiming the state’s information is a “ruse” is bush league and amateurish.

    Saggese would be well advised to quit trying to be a tuff guy and figure out what he is going to do when the judge says “ready, set, GO…”


  6. Chainsaw Says:

    I think Saggase could take Daskas.

  7. darkstar Says:

    In what? A wrasslin’ match? HAR!!

    Maybe you are on to something there…Instead of a trial to find fact and apply the law, just let the attorneys square off and try to beat the crap out of the other…the winner walks his client…

    Nah, no good. That wouldnt answer nearly enough questions…


  8. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    Chain, get your priorities in order dude. Saggase’s bully tactics or in this case, showboating with his equally big mouth will cause him nothing but grief in long terms. This fancy pants ambulance chaser is soaking up whatever attention this case will bring him. It’s hos fifteen minutes and ten are up.

  9. The Man Says:

    who the fuck cares they should both fuckin fry like fuckin dead fuckin chickens in a barbecue piece of shit people who torture a girl that weighs a third of what they do scumm………

  10. chainsaw Says:

    Gym Rat:

    Lighten up a little bit.

  11. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    OK but just a little bit ;0)

  12. shockandawe Says:

    Sagesse… just a legal better educated version of the man he is representing.

  13. darkstar Says:

    Gym Rat,

    I agree with you, Saggese better start thinking like a lawyer instead of like a showboat, as you aptly referred to him…

    His motions and phony sense of shock at the “poor treatment” of his client are thin and transparent.

    It could be that he knows he isnt going to be able to mount much of a defense…so, he is throwing everything he can at the wall to see if he can get something to stick…problem is, “ready, fire, aim” isnt a very sound legal strategy…

    I wonder how many murder cases Saggese has handled.


  14. Chainsaw Says:

    I have confidance in Saggase. Just to take this case, he must have brass balls.

  15. darkstar Says:

    Brass balls? Stupid balls is more like it.

    He took it for the money he could siphon off of it, plain and simple.

    Brass balls, stupid balls, whatever balls, dont pay the bills.


  16. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    More like no balls, just bluff. Chain, I lightened up a bit but your confidence in Saggase is about to be shattered. He will lose and Craig will remain in jail for the remainder of his pathetic miserable life. Don’t pick up the soap Craig.

  17. Chainsaw Says:

    Gym Rat:

    I agree with you. Sometimes when I watch a football game, I know who is gonna win, I just like to see a good close game.

  18. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    Nobody get tazered, shot up with morphine, strangled, duct taped and burned in a football game dude.

    I prefer a landslide victory, against CT which is my prediction.

  19. darkstar Says:

    Gym Rat,

    Good point, and you could be right about the outcome…

    Frankly, I think Saggese is going to look like a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest…


  20. venice Says:

    What was that one football movie where the running back pulls out a gun and starts shooting the opposing players as he runs down field -i want to say, “The Last Boyscout” with Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis…

    …If Craiggy had just kept his yapper shut - he’d have an outside shot to beat the rap- but thankfully they’ve more or less condemned themselves and not even Dennis Bates can save them…I’ve said it before but Craig has been traveling this road for a longtime - Kelly had she not gotten involved woth CT would not be in this mess - no excuses - and it doesn’t lessen her culpapility but it is fucking sad…

  21. Amputee Says:


    What an original analogy

  22. Aquaman Says:


    This case isn’t rocket science…know what I’m saying…a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush…and a rolling stone gathers no moss…so basically I’d like to say don’t be the pot calling the kettle black when 2 wrongs don’t make a right…

  23. darkstar Says:




  24. Doggydoggoneshame Says:

    Deen’s girlfriend:

    When you’re not chainsmoking and eating Doritos sticking up for Deen on line - what do you do with yourself?

    Where are all the revelations we were suppose to get from Deen?

    Thanks in advance and don’t forget to floss.

  25. Aquaman Says:


    Just kidding …keep up the good work…

    I wish the pace of new news would pick up.

  26. goldfish Says:

    What is the absolute best case scenario for these two?

    Given what they’ve confessed to…

    I would imagine worst case scenario is life in prison for both.

    Does anyone have any expertise in this area - what is the least they could be charged with? Defiling a corpse and arson???

  27. inquiring mind Says:

    How come we never hear about Kelly…hasn’t anything eventful happened while she’s been incarcerated…

    I know he dad hate. CT. But has he been in contact with her at all?

  28. sandman Says:

    It looks like Saggese is a typical scum human. The only thing he wants is a pot of gold. He’d probably screw his own family for a buck.

  29. darkstar Says:


    They have already been charged with murder with a deadly weapon, third degree arson, and first degree kidnapping. Its more a question of what they will be convicted of, those charges, or, the judge might instruct that the jury can find a lesser degree of those charges.

    They might be acquitted on some charges as well.

    If they are convicted of the murder and kidnapping, they will go away for a long time…I dont know about Nevada, but in some states, conviction of kidnapping will get you life, just like murder (or the death penalty, but I doubt the DA will seek the death penalty in this case.)


  30. foolishgames Says:

    One thought about Craig…

    …He’s a psychopath …he’s a terrible human being…
    But his willingness to do whatever it took to step on whomever is what got him to the top of the bodybuilding world.

  31. darkstar Says:

    Top of the bb world? His record would indicate otherwise…Except for a couple of first place finishes, CT finished well down in the pack for the most part…

    Having said that, Im not sure what passes for “top of the sport” billing in the bb world…

    Im not doubting his bb acumen and competitive effort, but I hardly think he was positioned on top of the bb world.

    I would say that to even compete at that level one has to be pretty dedicated. And CT looked pretty good for a while.

    I think he wasted a pretty good career. Kelly too.


  32. foolishgames Says:


    What I meant in terms of making it to the top was in terms of his magazine covers, fame within the BB community, endorsement deals etc…If you look at him as a business entity in BB - he did pretty well compared to other professional BBs…I wasn’t speaking strictly in terms of his onstage accolades…having said that if someone was one of the top ten basketball players in the entire world - wouldn’t you say they made it to the “top of their sport”…if you made it to the Olympia - you’ve made it in the world of BB in terms of a huge accomplishment…


    The point I was trying to make - is that his mindset(that of a sociopath - in my humble opinion) aided him in his goal of becoming a worldclass BB.

    Similar to say how Sadam Hussein became dictator of Iraq - a bit of an exaggerated analogy, but you get the drift…years and years of bad kharma building up have not been kind to either of them - deservedly so.

  33. Disgusted Says:

    I wish to echo the sentiments of darkstar. Craig Titus was never at the top of the BB world.

  34. chainsaw Says:

    If CT wasn’t at the top of the BB or at least a part of the elite few, would we be here talkin about this case? I wouldn’t. Only other case I followed was that sick FCK Scott Peterson, and That jerkoff O.J Simpson.

  35. darkstar Says:


    Scott Peterson was a fertilizer salesman, and OJ hadnt done squat for years…but we still watch these cases regardless of the perps because of the smarminess and the shear ugliness of them…same with Craig Titus…you might be right, if CT didnt have some reputation, or wasnt married to Kelly Ryan, this case would likely be just one of hundreds that no body gives a shit about…


    Sure, I hear what you are saying…CT did seem to wangle endorsements, etc…and a lot of mediocre athletes make a ton of dough on endorsements and non sport related biz…

    I dont think CT made a ton of dough, relatively speaking…if he did I suspect he spent it all on drugs and fast women…the rest he probably just wasted…hehe…


  36. foolishgames Says:


    I really don’t want to get in a silly pissing contest over what constitutes being at the “top”…obviously there are different ways of defining the word “top”

    I think Chain expressed it nicely…

    Anyone who knows BB knows Craig Titus - has he ever been #1 in the world - or even within a sniff - no he hasn’t - that wasn’t what I meant by the comment.

  37. Aquaman Says:

    I wonder if Craig is spooning with his cellmate tonight

  38. darkstar Says:


    you mean with Bruno, the amorous cellmate?
    It is Valentines day afterall…


  39. chainsaw Says:

    I don’t think CT has a cell mate. He is still is solitary I believe.

  40. A Thought Says:

    I’ll tell you what, there’s nothing more entertaining than seeing a group of people (and I’m sure the people who personally knew the Titus’ can attest to this) who have never met or worked with Mr. Saggese talk about their opinions of him, especially as an attorney. Carry on.

    P.S., again, since when did “ambulance chasing” have anything to do with criminal law?

  41. chainsaw Says:

    I think Saggase is very capable. I would say you’re right, he’s not an ambulance chaser. But, if he keeps pissin off the judge, he will be in trouble. This trial must start in April, especially if Denue is ready, or he is gonna piss everyone off.

  42. darkstar Says:

    A thought…

    I think you are making assumptions about people who might post here, and their knowledge of or lack of knowledge about the legal profession or certain attorneys…

    For better or worse, I have been associated with many attorneys and things legal for a long time…They are just like any body else, with traits that shed light on their demeanor, skill and overall persona…just like anyone in business or any number of other pursuits…

    Others here may have similar experiences and post based on that experience…
    WHat does it matter any way? Its an opinion, nothing more nothing less…its cheap entertainment. I doubt Saggese is reading this board for strategic ideas…


  43. Venice Says:

    Craig is Dannielynn’s father.

  44. HO$$ Says:

    Question for anyone who might know:

    If CT is still in solitary - why?
    What is the justification at this point?
    I haven’t been following this as closely as some…so I apologize in advance if this is widely known…
    I understand what happened allegedly with the Mrdr for Hire. - the suspected escape attempt which later proved false etc.
    Don’t they need a reason to keep him in solitary…
    I understand its jail and he probably deserves it for all the pain he’s caused - but they sure do seem to be treating him

  45. HO$$ Says:

    They sure do seem to be treating him like a pig in there…

    I think he’s very likely guilty…but it also appears to be true that the authorities have a major hard-on for Craig.

    One of the things that intrigues me most is how KR & CT hav stuck together - I’m trying to think of any similiar cases where a couple didn’t turn on one another- sticking tgtr may be their bst defense but it strikes me as remarkable

  46. Jason G Says:

    We are all lacking new news. Something is bound to happen on or before March 7th. This is the scheduled Preliminary Hearing for Nelson Brady. I asked my personal attorney where to find information relating to Titus, Ryan, Brady and Cassim. My attorney referred me to The Clark County web site, Justice and District Court, Clark County Detention Center and Blackstone for court records.

    Titus is out of solitary confinement and back into general population within the jail system. Brady is in solitary confinement where he has been since his arrest back on October 19, 2006. I was unable to find a reason for Brady to remain in solitary. What I did discover is that Brady has a number of “Failure to Appear” arrests mostly for traffic related offences. One of his felony arrests, (use of a vehicle without the owners permission) was to be reduced to a misdemeanor if he stayed out of trouble. He took another vehicle without permission and thus the felonies.

    When Brady was in jail with Titus, he had been charged with Felony Domestic Violence with substantial bodily harm. (He has two previous convictions of Domestic Violence, both as misdemeanor.) In this case it was reduced to a misdemeanor, adjudication was withheld, he was released on his own recognizance March 7, 2006. This is what I find interesting here. Brady was sentenced to “complete the in-patient Salvation Army (drug re-hab) program and come back court. Nothing mentioned in these court proceedings about drugs. Why?? And he didn’t follow the courts’ request thus, a 90 day sentence. This all during the alleged murder-for-hire plot. I look for the real fireworks to begain at Brady’s preliminary March 7th.

  47. darkstar Says:


    If CT is in fact in solitary, it may be under the guise of being for his own safety…or, it could be because of his “celebrity” status…OJ was all by himself too, and I think Scott Peterson, and probably David Westerfield…
    Could be for the notoriety, etc…too…

    One couple who stuck together was Rick Tabish and Sandy Murphy…they were tried together and werent even married, but didnt rat out the other one…


  48. A Thought Says:

    My sentiments exactly, darkstar. It IS cheap entertianment. I never suggested that he was getting legal strategy from here. The entertainment thought is mutual, I assure you. I’m sure everyone has had the experience of watching people talk about others whom they themselves know who have no idea about them personally, professionally, or otherwise. The entertainment is in seeing what others see and their impressions of people, in genreal, and being able to know what’s correct and what’s not. If I was really concerned, I would’ve jumped in a lot more than I have. I just get a big kick out of watching, reading, and learning, especially the personal jabs and praise.

  49. Chainsaw Says:

    I thought Pulp Fiction was just a movie. As I have already stated in the past, they used the taser as a defibulator (sic) like they used adreniline in pulp fiction, to restart the heart after an o.d…..

  50. darkstar Says:


    What’s this? You’re joking, right?


  51. HO$$ Says:


    More info…is that their excuse?

    Is it even possible to get a heartbeat that way?

  52. HO$$ Says:

    Jason G:

    Interesting info - thanks

    On a different note - Phil Specter - who is out on 1million dollars bail is set to go to trial in March.

    The trial is going to be televised.

    Apparently after the O.J. trial was televised - there was reluctance to do it again.

    Check out the article on CNN.com for those who are interested.

  53. Ironlady Says:

    Check this out for an upcoming Craig Titus Interview from jail via radio.
    Will be aired at 12 noon, Saturday, Feb. 17th.

  54. Chainsaw Says:


    MJ had a long trip home, couldn’t take any dope on board the plane so got jacked up too much and OD’d, they shot her with morphine to bring her down “from the Meth,” gave her too much morphine, and she passed out, Kelly punched her in the face to try to revive her from the morphine, but they realized her heart stopped, and used the taser to try and restart her heart, they paniced when they realized she was dead, and tried to burn the evidence.

  55. darkstar Says:


    I hope that isnt going to be the best the defense can come up with…If it is, I got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell ya…


  56. Chainsaw Says:

    I can’t say much more.

  57. HO$$ Says:

    I’m not saying I that’s what happened, but it’s not entirely implausible.

  58. Chainsaw Says:

    Inside the head of someone that has overdosed… This is a quote from someone on the scene in Anna Nicole Smith’s death. Read this, and then tell me that what I mentioned had happened above, at the very least, is quite possible. Even a small possibility:

    (((After getting a phone call from his wife (the nurse who was in the room), Moe sped to the scene and found his wife on top of Smith pounding on her chest. He then got in on the action and slapped the blonde bombshell in the face in an attempt to revive her before performing CPR. “I knew she [was] gone because of what I do for a living. I know the signs,” he says))))

    Just add a taser in there, and there you go, a defiulator (sic). Could the witnesses have misunderstood Kelly?

    Now please don’t jump all over me, I’m just bringin up a possibility with an actual event that currently happened.

  59. Chainsaw Says:


  60. HO$$ Says:


    Did it happen that way?

    Who knows - besides CT and KR -for sure.

    It does seem like a “possibility.”

    It also ties in with Craig and Kelly fleeing etc.

    In a hypothetical they very well could’ve tried to revive MJ, but failed…

    Now what did they have on their hands:

    You could see the questions that would’ve been thrown at them.

    Why didn’t they call an ambulance?

    Why didn’t they do this and why didn’t they do that?

    I mean it seems like a stretch, but its not impossible.

  61. tangerinespeedos Says:


  62. snoopfroggyhog Says:

    I think I saw Deem Cassim sitting courtside at the NBA all-star game.

    …Wait a minute, it might have been Britney Spears.

  63. hunglikeastudfieldmouse Says:


    You are spot on my man.

    I would just like to add, that they only burned MJ in KR’s Jaguar, because it was in MJ’s will that she wanted to be cremated.

    CT and KR are very loving and caring people who did everything to save MJ and carry out her final wishes…

    -yeah right dude

    -Chain I enjoy reading your comments, but c’mon brother…

  64. orenthal Says:

    Titus is innocent!

  65. HO$$ Says:

    Has anyone listened to the jail house tapes from ironladys post.

    Your thoughts?

  66. darkstar Says:

    Cmon chain,

    Total bollocks…

    Not a chance in hell it went down that way.


  67. Jason G Says:

    The jail tapes sound very similar to those which the guest, Mr. Glenn Puit, the talented crime writer for the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper and the author of the book Fire in the Desert, had posted on the newspaper’s web site back on December 17, 2006. To lisisten to these tapes go to: www.reviewjournal.com/webextras/titus

    After again listening to these exerpts and the complete tape conversations of Brady/Cassim/Titus witch were previously provided by Mr. Glenn Puit, I have NOT changed my mind. It is obvious that Brady was manipulated and coursed by Cassim, the DA and police to be an unwilling participant this “murder-for-hire scheme.

    Titus has not been charged in this alleged scheme and I doubt that he ever will. This has been a cheep attempt by the chief prosecutor Daskas to involve Titus in this “plot” to “shore up” his murder case.

    I was disapointed in a couple of things which Mr. Puit had previously reported. The main thing was the fact that when Titus was talking about his “Book Publishing” to Brady, he neglected to mention the fact that Brady and Craig were working with the Las Vegas Police Narcotic Officers to discredit these same three witnesses who were supposed to be in this alleged murder-for-hire scheme. Brady did say to Titus, “I need ten”. I do not understand what this ment as Brady only paid $1,000 and it is not clear as to what that was for. There has to be more in this than we have been told at this time. Remember, Brady’s preliminary hearing is only 2 weeks away on March 7th. This should answer many questions relating to this alleged murder-for-hire plot.

    Additionally, Mr. Pruit said he had some conversations with the alleged “snitch” in this case, Cassim. This sounds to me as if there is more to come from Mr. Pruit relating to Cassim and probably room for a “follow-up” book at the conclusion of this case.

    And as always, all of our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Melissa James. We will NOT forget what this is all about.

  68. chainsaw Says:

    Has anyone thought about this… Maybe CT and Brady did have something illegal that they were talking about. Remember, CT had Brady move the stuff from his house and get it ready for sale. Could perhaps they have been talkin about something else illegal? When Brady was talkin about the stereo system, could they have been talking about something stuffed it the speakers? Could brady have been sellin stashed away dope or something? I have more questions than answers, everyone wishes to this a “hit” was going on, but I think it was “something” but a lot less sinister than that, or else they would have charged CT. And they may wait till after Brady’s PHearing or if he pleads out, then they will charge CT.

  69. Jason G Says:

    Most anything is possible, however, there are too many things “in the mix”. Has anyone ever heard of a murder case quite like this one. ALL ALLEGED, a). Murder b). Murder-for-hire c). “Play Dead”, body in trunk. d). Post card from “Fred Hitterman” e). Jail Break f). “High security extraction”?? Do you think this will be the end of this fiasco??

  70. chainsaw Says:

    Jason G:

    You have made a good point when you said CT was workin with Narcs on the same people that he supposedly wanted offed. It seemed strange to me as well.

  71. I.P. Freely Says:

    Listen here chainsaw……..want a hairline salad?? How’s about we meet up for lunch and I slap the taste out of your mouth…….huh?

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