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Behind the scenes

There may not have been much reported in the news lately, but things continue to be very interesting behind the scenes. Lots of motions have been filed and yes, more bizarre developments will be coming out shortly. Stay tuned…

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  1. darkstar Says:

    Mr. Bates,

    I have no idea what you are babbling about.

    I could care less what your guess is. All I know is that you have failed to answer some very straight forward questions from several posters here.

    At this point, I no longer care what your answers are. You are an empty suit.


  2. Dennis L. Bates/Founder/Muscle Missions Says:

    And “Yes”, we did respond to Ron Avidan of said forum
    stating that we look forward to seeing him at the Arnold Classic

  3. JoJo Says:

    Did I miss something - was something Dennis wrote deleted?

  4. darkstar Says:


    Yes, his post which I responded to above was apparently deleted. He had went on a rant about who he thought was deleteing his posts, claiming he had responded at least twice to queries made by posters here…

    I would think the only ones who could delete a post are the administrators, so I dont have any idea where he is coming from on this. Frankly, I dont care. He clearly is trying to promote his own agenda and legitimize it by spewing bible verses that dont appear to have any relation to what is being discussed…


  5. chainsaw Says:


    In response to you’re question that is on the other thread, there are many bodybuilders that stop the juice, retire from bodybuilding and look great. They look normal. I.e Kevin Levrone, Roland kickenger (sic) Lee Labrada, Rich Gaspari, Lou Ferrigno and many many more ect. Using CT sitting in jail as a reason why someone doesn’t wish to get muscular is just an excuse for laziness. I’m not a bodybuilder but I do train hard to (stay big and strong) hence the nickname chainsaw. CT circumstanes are extrmeme, so sure he doesn’t look great, but I think still better than the average inmate with all things considered.

  6. darkstar Says:


    For sure, Id agree with that. A physique like CT’s wont disapear overnight, but I do think the bigger you are, the more shrinkage potential there is if you dont keep it tuned up.

    Is that sort of right?


  7. Chainwaw Says:


    Yep, you will shrink, but you can shrink and still look good though. That is, if you’re not sitting in a cell.

  8. Johnny2007 Says:

    Don’t we all agree though that doing lots of steroids as CT did…along with doing crystal meth as CT did produces one hell of a paranoid roid rager. As for being off the roids…if you believe the affor persons mentioned like Rich Gaspari…Lee Labrada…etc are now truly steroid free…that’s a crock. Lets remember 2 things…one is they lied to the fact they even did them in the first place…and two is that “growth hormone” and some of these new “designer drugs” are not considered to be steroids. That’s the way to get around the roid labeling. It’s 2006…we do have the technology to side step the issue

  9. justpassingby Says:

    Thank you for shutting the mission man up.
    I love your site, love the news and everybody comments.

  10. KNEW THEM Says:

    JOHNNY: Wake up! IT’S 2007! NO! WE DON’T ALL AGREE!

  11. Chainsaw Says:

    Knew them:

    I agree.

  12. Chainsaw Says:

    Hey Admin,

    I thought you were unbiased about this case, and on the websites logo, it say’s Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation
    Ongoing news as it becomes available related to the murder of Melissa James.

    Should it not say, Ongoing news as it becomes available related to the death of Melissa James.

    until they are convicted that is?

  13. JS Says:

    Obviously Dennis is shut out from this site, but i do want to ask one more question about his article (hope admin and fellow writers here won’t get mad at me). :)

    Mr Bates

    You wrote in your article:

    “With this being the case, many parents would take a look at the table of contents of any particular magazine to see what type of writings was contained within.

    A parent picking up a Weider magazine, would notice the statement that contained one of the 10 Commandments… Honour thy father and thy mother… and instantly, their heart would be won over and the magazine would become approved reading material.”

    My question:

    If a parent see their childrens magazine, what is the first part of the magazine they’re most likely going to see? Obviously the cover.
    If that statement was put there just to fool parents who wanted to see what kind of magazines their “young, adolescent and teachable minded” children were reading, wouldn’t it then be a bad idea from Weider to put women half naked on the cover of the magazines? I bet that after seeing Monica Brant in thongs on the cover, that would be good enough of a reason for most parents to take the magazine away from their “young, adolescent and teachable minded” children, don’t you agree?
    Then again, i bet there’s not too many “young, adolescent and teachable minded” children reading the Weider magazines anyway. My guess is that the youngest people reading bodybuilding magazines are teenagers, and i think that nowadays with internet etc theres no such thing as adolescent and teachable minded teenager.



  14. darkstar Says:


    There is enough evidence to consider the death of MJ as at a minimum a homicide, that is, the killing of one human being by another…

    Further, the DA is charging CT and KR with the first degree murder of MJ…

    I think it is more of a question of WHO did it, rather than what…

    So, I dont think the board admins are being biased. The charges of murder set the bar for what has to be proved.


  15. JoJo Says:


    I’m in agreeance with your comments, however, is there not a “possibility” that MJ od’d.

    I don’t think that’s how things went down.

    And based on what we’ve heard from the prosecution I believe it was murder, but I do beleieve the “possibility” exists that she killed herself through an OD.

    CT and KR’s actions - fleeing to MA and so forth are pretty damning.

    They’re going to argue it was an OD.

    So for purposes of being balanced, I would say that has to be a consideration…”For the sake of arguement” if nothing else.

  16. JoJo Says:

    Master Bates is pretty much a jerkoff, but I would’ve appreciated being able to read his selfpromoting, nonsensical fanatacism - I understand why he was deleted,,.but it wasn’t doing any harm….he’s probably convinced himself he’s a message board martyr now…

    Hmmmn kind of reminds me of a young, David Koresh…

    Can we get some more news here already?

    I love this site.

  17. KNEW THEM Says:

    JoJo: I’m glad you are keeping an open mind most of the time. As for Craig and Kelly leaving town…Have you ever been accused of something you did not do and your accuser has tunnel vision one you; that is the best way to describe the sunken gut feeling inside Craig. He has openly admitted he made a horrible error in judgement. By the way, in a court case that starts to get a little publicity it’s the job of the pros. and defense to spin a strory their way. If Court TV does pick it up(which they said they will) I think this case won’t have all the drawn out b.s.(like the murder for hire, all the “witnesses” statements by so called friends of CT n KR. This is just spice and flavoring that will not make it into a real murder trial.

  18. darkstar Says:


    Sure, I guess it is possible that MJ might have OD’ed, however that theory will be put up against testimony that has CT or KR saying to a witness that they stuck MJ with a load of morphine, etc…and that is where the argument will either get traction or slide into the ditch…if it goes in the ditch, it could be over quick…

    Im sure more facts about the drug use of all involved will come out in the trial.


    Id agree with you about the bad judgment and all, however, and I know this is hindsight, CT made his situation much worse by taking off and fleeing. That goes to his state of mind, and the DA will argue a guilty man runs…I think that will be a big hammer in the prosecution’s case.

    I also think that if CT argues he was afraid of the loss of his career and reputation if the police were called to his house, I think his reputation will then be laid bare and he will be hung from his own petard…

    Look, Im not trying to convict the guy here; all I am saying is that he has a hell of an uphill battle to win points on what we think will be his defense strategy.


  19. KNEW THEM Says:

    D* No doubt it’s an uphill battle, but Craig is a straight shooter is his own way and always seems to come out better than the next guy(maybe girl(ie Kel) this time). I really see the jury saying: we don’t like him, he’s this he’s that but….we don’t think he killed her or chemically, we just are not sure. Their are too many people in this case that are all into that shit and let’s just talk about the gorilla in the room. When a court trial revolves continually around drugs, Joe and Jane Smith on the jury want to just go home to the 2.5 kids and the white picked fence.

  20. Jason G Says:

    The “murder-for-hire” and “play dead” scheme is, (I believe) far more than just spice and flavor. There was serious planning by LVMPD and the District Attorney’s office in a vein attempt to involve Titus in this “Plot”. As we now know, this (involvement of Titus) has not happened and could have some serious implications relating to the creditability of the DA and Police investigestations of this alleged “plot” and murder of Melissa.

    Remember these statements from the last months: “A prosecutor alleged in court Tuesday that bodybuilder Craig Titus WAS involved in a plot to kill three witnesses in his murder case…” and Nelson Brady’s attorney’s statement, “(That) without the government instigating the plan, initiating it, then brooding and pursuing my client (Brady), I don’t think there would be any case at all.”

    I still have serious questions as to WHY?? Why hasen’t Titus been charged with this alleged crime if it happened the way the DA claims?? And, if the DA has all the necessary evidence to convict Titus & Ryan for the murder of Melissa James, why all of the recent distractions?? Should it be proven that the police and or DA set this “plot” in motion as Brady’s attorney claims, there would also be serious implications that the DA and or police may not have been completly truthful in their murder investigation of Titus and Ryan.

  21. KNEW THEM Says:

    Jason: I stated awhile ago that this is much more than the LVPD not liking Craig. The DEA, and U.S. Customs really want Craig put away. It is starting to make me be reassured what I have always said. Craig tried in his own way to help Kelly, but made a horrible decision in trying to dispose of an overdosed human being. He’s not a killer; maybe alot of other things. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it actually happened(the events of the desert) the way it has been told. Too many mistakes made for such a seasoned criminal.

  22. KNEW THEM Says:

    I’ll leave on one more note because it looks as though this trial will not take place til 2008, wow that’s a long time from now. After that we will never hear about Craig or Kelly again. Kinda bitter sweet for some people, but maybe it may be time for Kel to use Craig. A alot of distance can occur after 2 years in jail and in and out of court…..I see distance already starting by an attorney….hmmmmm

  23. Jason G Says:

    You bring to light many things I do not know about Craig. Is it Craig who is a seasoned criminal? I too believe that this is not murder, however, it was such a despicable act by burning Melissa’s body that the DA, and may be the police, jumped on the idea of murder.

    Considering all I have read and heard, I do not believe that the DA has the evidence to convict Craig and Kelly of murder. Additionally, I also believe that all of these latest plots’, etc., will become an important part of the trial. All of this is very unusual in any murder case I have ever followed.

    I have never met Craig or Kelly so it is difficult to speak good or bad about them. Considering all I have read, Craig seems to have more foes than friends. Some others may be jealous of his accomplishments.

    Drugs or not, murder is a big step for most people. I haven’t seen anything that showes an absolute motive for Craig and or Kelly to have murdered Melissa. I am leaning toward an accidential overdose followed by a very stupid and despicable act of setting fire to the car and Melissa.

  24. Chainwaw Says:

    Some very good comments above.

    Knew Them: What else have you heard through the grapevine regarding the case? Anything interesting? I just think that it is important to let the justice do their thing, and it does make it interesting to discuss. I truely hope that they didn’t kill MJ. 2 more bodies in jail that us taxpayers have to foot the bill for is not good. But the evidence from the cops side of things is pretty strong.

  25. Chainwaw Says:


    Why haven’t CT and KR taken a POLYGRAPH Test! If they are telling the truth, I believe that it can (HELP) exhonerate them, or put them away.

  26. darkstar Says:


    Polygraphs are not admissible in court, so the value of them at this point is not much.


    You dont need a motive to prove murder. What the DA needs to prove to get a murder conviction is their intent. If convicted, any motive may have some bearing on the sentencing, but that is about it…

    Also, since CT hasnt been charged with murder for hire, I dont know how that will be able to be brought into CT’s murder case. It is two separate cases, Brady’s and CT/KR.


    As for a jury not caring that much about cases that revolve around drugs, remember the Binion case…the defense theory there was that Binion OD’ed on heroin and xanax…matter of fact Dead Ted bought 10 baloons of tar from Peter Sheridan the night before he dies.
    Yet, that trial drug on for months, no pun intended, and ended up in a murder conviction for Murphy and Tabish, (later overturned on appeal and they were subsequently acquitted at the retrial.)
    So I dont think the jury is going to be in a rush to get er done and go home.

    What we have all read and heard so far means little. The shit that sticks will be presented at the trial. I am sure there are a lot of details and surprises to come.


  27. Jason G Says:

    I agree that a motive is not necessary to prove a murder. Speaking only for myself, I am trying to determine the reason for the death of Melissa. Many, especially family and friends, do not want to believe that it may have been an accident, however, the burning of the body brings out the worst of bad feelings toward both Titus and Ryan. All should be aware that the burning of the body, however, as despicable this act was, does not constitute murder. Overdoses are an every day occurrence and most do not result in death. The ones that do, we may never hear about because their friend’s do not try to burn up the body in their car.

    It is not my intent to convert anyone to my way of thinking, I am just asking for some of your thaughts and ideas. My biggest problem with this case remains the seriousness of the number of diversions such as the “Play Dead,” “Murder-for-hire” and the “Jail Break” whitch are all failed attempts designed by the DA and or Police to discredit Titus. I believe that these are important events, and Why? Why are they necessary? Additionally, I do believe that these acts will be heard in court espically “IF” the murder-for-hire turnes out to have been a “set-up.”

    Although Titus has not been charged in the murder-for-hire plot, he was accused by DA Daskas in an open court hearing of allegedly seting this “plot” into motion. “IF” this “plot” did not go down as Daskas stated, it will come back to bite him. The public does not expect this type of an accusation from the Chief Deputy District Attorney without the evidence to back up his claim. We will have to wait and see how this unfolds. And yes, I too believe there are more details and surprises to come.

  28. darkstar Says:

    Jason G

    While burning a body doesnt necessarily mean the people who burned it murdered the victim, I think the problem is going to be convincing a jury that burning the body was done for purposes other than covering up a murder: that is, simply “bad judgement”…That is where the evidence is going to cause serious problems for this argument…

    If I was a juror, I would want to know why, if in fact the victim OD’ed, why CT didnt simply call the police? And, what was it about calling the police that would have had such a devastating effect on their careers under an OD scenario, as compared to binding and duct taping the victim and taking it out to the desert and burning the victim and the car, not to mention running away…
    Id also ask who in their right mind would do such a thing in a relatively new Jag? Was that to try and show MJ or someone else stole their car? None of it makes a damn bit of sense. Especially when CT is on record as saying to KR, “no body, no crime…” That is preposterous… There are a lot of dots that will not connect.

    To me, I do not think the defense is going to be able to make that stretch, that “bad judgment” was the reason for it all…

    As for the other happenings, the murder for hire, etc…, I still do not think they will be that important to the case in chief. The DA making a statement that CT was involved means nothing if he later decides he doesnt have enough to bring charges on it…that’s what counts: is CT charged with it?…The defense may try to use that as proof that the DA has it in for CT, but the simple comeback will be, “where are the charges??” The DA will show they investigated and decided not to charge…People are accused or suspected of stuff all the time, but are not always formally charged, due to lack of evidence or some other reason for not bringing charges…

    Secondly, the “public” has little to say about this, outside of the 12 jurors who are seated for the trial, and again, I doubt it will have much bearing, mainly because CT has not been charged with it. All the accusations and bantering back and forth is simply lawyer jockeying…

    The only thing I know for sure is that the Colts are world champs, the Bears were overrated, and Grossman sucks big time…


  29. chainsa Says:


    I think Jason G has the main point. I (can) understand why CT and KR would do that if indeed they were doing dope as well. If they were found to be intoxicated, their endorsement deals (their livelyhood) would have been forever terminated. Hunger and Pain with a cobination of drugs like meth, can turn some people into monsters, including murderers. But to ask the question, “why would CT and KR” burn the body, is a question that should really answer itself, Although people like you and I do see this as unforgivable, dispicable act since our livelyhood doesnt’ rely on that aura of health and fitness that CT and Kr’s did.

  30. Jason G Says:

    Great points and I can say that I do agree with each of your points. What you say makes since, common since. There are a number of “why’s” in this case. The murder-for-hire plot is not over and some of our questions, or may be just mine, should be answered at that time. It certinally would be a bom-shell if Brady did turn. I am going to do some more reading and re-reading. It would appear that I may have missed something. I realy appreciate good information. I can honestly say that at this point, I personally do not have an opinion of innocence or guilt. Again, good points.

  31. darkstar Says:


    Well, Im not so sure I buy it. They must have known that their endorsements would be shit, not to mention their livelihoods, by drawing even more attention to themselves by burning their jag with a body in the trunk…I mean, if MJ OD’ed, and CT and KR were loaded, they could have waited a bit before calling the police to let themslelves wind down from what ever they were on…they could have argued that they didnt know anything was wrong with MJ until they discovered her dead later…that is, if she really did OD…if so, and that is really what happens, it is a two paragraph story in the LVRJ…it is fish wrap and canary cage liner in less than a week…but a body burned in a jag that belongs to a somewhat well known fitness couple, well, that story has got legs and the shit hit the fan…

    At a minimum, they tied her up, burned her in the jag and split.. they took off for the east coast with a bunch of cash and left everything behind…And this is how they planned to keep their reputations intact?

    The reality is, if this was a simple OD, and if they were loaded when they discovered MJ, they still could have handled it much simpler without drawing more than a couple raised eyebrows at their reputations or jeopardizing their endorsements.

    But, that’s not the way they played it, which leaves a decent argument that a murder occured. It gives credence to the DA’s argument that they fled because they had a guilty mind…

    And no, I do not understand why CT, KR or anybody else would burn a body…it goes against all sense of decency, not to mention constitutes a criminal act. I also dont buy the premise that their reputations for health and fitness were completely intact either. I think their reputations had been waning for quite a while…that will undoubtedly come out in the trial…

    Still too many dots that do not connect. I think it is going to cause them serious problems.


  32. darkstar Says:


    The jury will also use their common sense, apply it to the facts, and make their determination…

    The question I have, and of course we are all speculating at this point, is if Brady turns, does he turn on CT? Does he pin CT to the plot to off the witnesses? I know it sounds simple, but…maybe he has something to spill on Deen Cassim???

    Yes, CT was on a lot of phone calls where some of that cloak and dagger code was used, but I dunno…he also gave the post card from Hitterman to his lawyer. But that might have just been an obvious thing to do…

    If Brady makes a deal to testify to CT’s involvement (and lets face it, the DA wont cut Brady a deal unless Brady has got a lock on CT’s role) then that will tend to infer there is something to the murder charge…

    If Brady sits tight and goes to trial Im not sure what the impact might be on CT/KR…

    Thats a wild card…I have no idea…guess we will have to wait for some official news…


  33. chainsaw Says:


    Again, you are very correct in what you are saying above, and I must say I very much agree with you; however, when someone is loaded up on dope and up for a week, things are not just that cut and dry, and decisions easy to make that clearly. In puits book, Ct is said to have said that in the past to get money, he would burn cars for insurance cash. Contrary to what Johnny2007 says he did for cash. So, in a clouded worked up frenzy, CT thought that he could turn a - into a + by collecting insurance $$ as well, and really thought that that would fly.

  34. simple facts Says:

    Lets not forget some very simple facts here people. If, and I mean the biggest IF, MJ had died of a drug overdose, then what is CT/KR’s reasoning for using the tasergun? The police/detectives found all the evidence of that being used during the day in CT/KR’s home. We’re they just playing around with it? I really doubt it. Secondly, is it necessary to duct tape someone’s face repeatedly if she is already dead? Lastly, CT/KR told detectives that two witnesses left their house and MJ was in the front seat of KR’s car. If this is true, then why is it that KR admitted to detectives that she repeatedly dropped MJ while her and CT were carrying her out of the house? If she was already dead in the car, it seems strange to me that they would bring her back into the house so that they can turn around and put her in the trunk? I don’t know…maybe it’s just me, but those are very strange actions to take after you find a family friend dead of a drug overdose. Not likely.

  35. darkstar Says:


    The fact that they may have been on a week long binge is no excuse for what they are charged with…that does not let them wriggle off the hook. It may explain why they made the decisions they did, but that does not exculpate them.

    Simple Facts,

    I also have some problems with the sequence of events as you have pointed them out. The inconsistencies are numerous. Too many dots that don’t connect…your example of the taser, the duct tape, and where the body was supposedly found compared to what was told to the police by KR are prime examples.

    They got some serious ’splainin to do…


  36. Johnny2007 Says:

    CHAINSAW said: “Hunger and Pain with a combination of drugs like meth can turn some people into monsters, including murderers. But to ask the question, ‘why would CT and KR’ burn the body, is a question that should really answer itself…” just to let you know its the “combo” of meth AND steroids that can affect one’s behavior. It’s a fact that many crystal meth users suffer paranoia from its use. In the case of CT add his use of mucho roids to get as big as his goal was and you end up with one twisted individual. I can tell U from my experience living in West Hollywood, being out, and working out at Golds Venice and Hollywood for years: the only thing worse than having to deal with a muscle queen is a muscle queen whose on steroids. This too applies to straight guys cause their use can really make them p*ssy to deal with…I’ve seen it myself. I figure KR was forced to go along with CT’s maniacle drug and roid rage campaign…bottom line, who was protecting his livelihood, carreer, and drug habit. She was the one who was infatuated with Craig and she was just standing by her man…blind as that may be. Whatever MJ had against him…or them…it had to be pretty big.

  37. formerfitness Says:

    I second the replies of D# and ‘SimpleFacts’ above. Also, Chain I can see what you are saying with KR and CT panicking to salvage a ‘livelihood’ in the fitness industry. (though I also concur with d* …how does burning a body ’save’ your reputation). I never bought it from day one.

    Chain…. I mentioned this on another thread…and someone correct me if I am mistaken….. To my knowledge Craig and Kelly were not competing in major IFBB shows around the time of Melissa’s death. I find this very relevent. Hence, what ‘career’ were they so panicked about saving?? Further, I always understood that for endorsement contracts (if indeed their livelihood depended on that) you needed to be a COMPETING athlete in the IFBB. Not only a competing athlete, but a competing athlete who PLACES. Hadn’t Kelly officially retired from competitive fitness?? (I don’t know if Craig had). If there was indeed a ‘panic’ response, I don’t buy that it was to save their careers in the industry.

    I can buy there was a concern for their ‘reputations’ However, every other normal person would first think about the dignity of a human life lost and follow a different course. ESPECIALLY if it was a friend of yours. Here it seems obvious that judgement was clouded by a plethora of substances. Burning the car for insurance $$ ??? That’s possible. but isn’t Craig ‘criminal savvy’ enough to know that would further tie him to the accusation of murder ??

  38. darkstar Says:


    That is my question as well….what careers were they trying to salvage or protect?

    But in answer to your question “isnt CT criminally savvy enough” to know that burning the car would attract attention like moths to a flame…I think the answer has to be no…either that, or he is just plain stupid. Maybe he saw it on a TV show…yeah, that’s it…saw it on TV…yeah…..


  39. justpassingby Says:

    what about a crazy sex act with all of them involved ???? The reason why they don’t want to say anything, shame probably ???? Weren’t they involved in some kind of sex parties and several partners… Drugs, porn and all, we all thought Kelly was a world class athlete, what a shame !

  40. darkstar Says:

    OK, but sex parties and porn, etc, isnt illegal…

    Shameful things are preferable to criminal things…

    If what you say is true (and why not, its as good as any) I think they were being very short sighted…I mean, its vegas for crisakes….sex and drugs and rock and roll….its part of the landscape…

    If there was no malfeasance, this whole thing would have blown over in less than a week…


  41. manso Says:

    Does anyone Know what other Pros in BB and Fitness Industry were involved in there sex and drug parties? Somehow nobody has said anything.

  42. Chainsaw Says:

    You can ask any cop on the street, go to any rehab, any self help meeting, and find good people that have had their judgement and sanity completely turned upside down by meth. I really don’t think that some realize the enormous paranoia, psychotic episodes and delusional thinking that this drug’s effect has. Now, I’m not saying CT or KR didn’t kill her, I’m not saying that it is o.k what they did with her body by any means.

    I’m saying that with all the dope they were on, I can understand where that twisted mindset could lead to them doing something so freakin dumb.

    The jails are littered with meth heads that have hurt or killed someone else on a paranoid, psychotic, delusional rage.

  43. darkstar Says:


    So, are you saying because they were loaded when this happened that they are somewhat less culpable?


  44. Chainsaw Says:


    You’re jerkin my chain right.. Of course not. I’m tryin to school some of you all on the state of mind of deranged drug addicted people who haven’t slept or really probably eatin in weeks. This meth stuff is no Joke.

    People ask how could they be so stupid, and I’m just tellin ya’ll that shit, its not that hard to be that dumb all jacked up.

  45. Disgusted Says:

    Chain: Why even try “schooling some of us” regarding the state of mind of a murderer jacked up on meth? Who gives a shit? Responsible citizens aren’t required to have compassion for druggies who choose an irresponsible lifestyle that ends in destruction.

    This bleeding heart country is in the dumper because we spend far too much time and money helping dumb asses who choose to ruin their lives along with others and expect our tax dollars sober them up and pay for their defense for what, to start all over again!

    What’s next? Craig and Kelly get aquitted, go on Oprah and the talk show circuit, write a book that gets produced into a movie then both get wealthier by becoming motivational speakers? Or even more rediculous, become bounty hunters and go after other druggies like that other ex-con with the tampons hanging from his sunglasses? Here’s a great idea, how about their own reality show? Now that’s genious!

  46. darkstar Says:


    Nah…just checking to make sure you meant what I thought you did, but wasnt quite sure……

    To be frank with you, I also have family members who are tweakers and unfortunately I know all too well the wreckage it causes…and, they too have got problems with the law…I have long ago given up on them as they were given chance after chance to knock that shit off, through programs, halfways, blah, blah, blah…they couldnt wait to get out and score…so fuck ‘em. Im done.

    I do think Disgusted is right on target….


  47. WELL INFORMED!! Says:


  48. darkstar Says:

    Well Informed..NOT…,


    Speak for yourself, moron…

    Yeah, real jealous…Cassim is a convicted felon, CT is sitting on his ass in jail…

    You are too funny…!! C’mon, give us some more chuckles…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


  49. Chainsaw Says:

    Well informed:

    How did I get brought into this. I have not even as much as tapped one key to you’re posts.

  50. All Natural Canadian Says:

    I enjoy this site, and the discussions that are posted. I would normally never post, but, after a second mindless post from “Well Informed!!”, I had to respond.
    How does her post have any relevance here? It has nothing to do with the case, and does not even classify as a well formed opinion.
    Well Informed,
    If you really want to help your man, you need to first learn that profanity is the mark of an idiot. You could be doing a lot to help his case if you calmed down, and relayed the facts in a logical manner. Personal character attacks only put people on the defensive, not to mention you have not basis for it. All you have done is portray him as a hard core gambler with unsavory connections, yourself included.
    Not that it matters, but I am not a wannabe anything, and I make a good enough living to afford my own home, and cars.
    My apologies for posting unrelated to the case.

  51. JoJo Says:


    I for one get your point regarding meth addicts and it is very well taken…

    Your point is that value judgements on KR and CTs acts aside - that(see Chain’s description) is how meth affects one thought process…

    You stated it perfectly.

    I mean mothers have literally killed and/or betrayed their own children for that drug…so it’s very self evident to me how warped ones mind can become.

    The fact that MJ was also under the influence most likely compounded a situation that didn’t need compounding…

    I wonder with what certainty any of us will ever know exactly what happened that day.

  52. Howard Says:

    Well informed:

    Stop projecting dawg

  53. Aquaman Says:

    Well informed:

    I really haven’t been exposed to this sort of thing much, so it’s hard to say.

    My days consist of getting dolphins to do shit and smacking around sharks…

    …CT, Lee Priest Aaron what’s his face and other Bodybuilders …these guys are the real wannabees…They wanna be Superman(Lee Priest) or Batman…they want to be bigger than life - but what they 0really are is insecure - just like yourself - You strike me as an Ace and Gary kind of guy or maybe one of the Wonder Twins…

  54. KNEW THEM Says:

    Chill guys and gals: Former Fitness, There are NO BBers that could live on IFBB or Fitness Show paychecks. When any competitor gets a check at a contest thats just gravy on top of their real income. There are so many bbers that don’t compete anymore that make a respectable living, and they have been out of the public eye for a long time. I feel there will be a change of mood within the defense soon. Remember, Craig put Missy up at La Quinta because Kel was was pissed at her. I think it will come to a point where Craig will distance himself from Kelly as far as what exactlly happened phiscally to MJ. I think he was the lesser of the two evils.

  55. Chainsaw Says:

    Knew Them:

    I believe you are right about several things. A bodybuilder and many former pro athletes always have to worry about their image for endorsement deals, now, it is no excuse for what CT did to MJ’s body, but I can see why his twisted mind might make him do that.

    As for KR, I do believe that she was the main culprit. If not, than she was an instigating factor where CT had to decide which person to stick up for, (or defend). I’m not saying MJ did anything wrong, just that if there was a physical confrontation, and KR started it and MJ defended herself, CT would have jumped in on Kelly’s side;hence, probably killing MJ.

    Again, I’m just speculating.

  56. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Chain: Sorry that well informed dropped the f bomb on you. You do seem to keep an open mind on all ends. Anyway, bbers are so use to people talking about them by the time they reach the public eye they become somewhat numb to it. Listen, I don’t know anything about the LVPD, but I promise U Chain that US Customs and the Feds. have been waiting for something like this since 96- 97 to happen. It’s true everything was in Kel’s name, remember the words “statue of limitations”. Bank accounts, property, etc. could all be seized by the feds. They(feds) really don’t like it when someone doesn’t cooperate. They can sit and wait for years and years. I don’t care how much dope he was on(he has always used) there is just something wrong somewhere.

  57. Disgusted Says:

    WELL INFORMED!! : Sticks and stones…

    I not completely forgotten by now, CT soon will be.

    Who the heck is Deen?

  58. Fill Banner Says:

    “WELL INFORMED” is a big a-hole

  59. KNEW THEM Says:

    Administrator: Please, don’t put anymore of Johnny’s idiotic comments up! They are past the point of moranic and inaccurate.

  60. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    Don’t bother, the Admin jumped my shit for posting the truth about some old fart NPC promoter in So Cal only once. It appears that Johnny 2007’s garbage doesn’t offend him since he’s allowed it to continue for many times too long.

  61. KNEW THEM Says:

    Guys and Gals: I propose a ban unless Johnny “meth pipe” gets the boot. I will not comment…..just read that’s it. Who is with me?

  62. S* Says:

    I have been reading this site since the very begining of this saga and have never posted before but I have to jump in and say please Johnny - take a hike - go away!! Nobody cares about your drug and sex rambles..and also so glad to see that wacko dennis seems to be banned from here. Do these guys know they just come off as pychos?

    Everyone else, Darkstar, Chain - I really enjoy reading all your responses and thoughts to the Titus & Ryan situation. Hopefully the discussions can remain being about the case and not just a bunch of babbling about other “missions” or causes.

    My personal opinion formed over the last year, is that they did murder MJ and all the rest is a cover story and am anxious to see how it all plays out in court. Yea - I know - innocent until proven guilty but it just doesn’t look that way to me. I hope I end up wrong in the end.

  63. Brie Says:

    Actually I find Johnny’s points well taken. At least he’s being honest and informing about the effects that drugs and steroids have on one’s psyche…God knows I’ve seen their horrible effects on my brother who was a bodybuilder. However I just finished reading all the comments on here and I think all your speculations are just that. Keep it real and let’s hope the truth comes out…for MJ’s sake. That’s whats most important.

  64. Chainsaw Says:


    Misinform is more like it. Also, when you say keep it real? Something johnny truely hasn’t done.

  65. Johnny2007 Says:

    Thanks Brie for seeing what I’ve seen when one mixes steroids and crystal meth. BTW Chainsaw…I’ve been clean for over 3 years now…I just pity CT that he didn’t have the brains or the will power to get cleaned up. Unfortunately drugs lead to using other drugs…and can create a destructive behavior…as evident in this case. It will be interesting to see if his attorney uses this in his defense for behavior…but mind you all…when Craig was arrested in the 90’s for steroids and ecstacy distribution…he was prohibited by the court as a condition of his release to use them again. He subsequently failed 4 random drug tests after that…not soon thereafter he returned to prison. Hopefully this stretch in jail will clean him up enough this time to realize his actions and seek out some help to get cleaned up. Then…I …for one…would be there to support him in this effort. Would you?

  66. Disgusted Says:

    J07: This is by far the most responsible post I’ve seen you make. I applaud you being clean for 3 years and hope you continue to stay on track. I also appreciate that you will be there for CT when this is over but I don’t believe any of us will live long enough to see CT walk as a free man ever again.

    Now Krackhead Kelly could turn state’s evidence which is still possible and go free in this lifetime but that does’t appear to be likely either.

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