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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Titus & Ryan back in court on 2/23/07

Titus & Ryan back in court on 2/23/07

It appears that the state is ready to try the case and Mr. Saggese, Craig Titus’ lawyer, is not ready to take this to trial. It’s clear from the notes that the state is not the one delaying the trial and are definitely providing a speedy trial. We can only imagine everyone involved in this case is ready to put it behind them or at least attempt to have some sense of closure, whatever that may be. If the trial is delayed until 2008, it will only further the hurt and anguish for everyone involved.

Notes from the last court appearance:

Court noted it placed this matter on calendar as it is a major case to handle and coordinate and it wants to check periodically to make sure everyone is ready. Mr. Daskas announced ready. Mr. Saggese stated there are some problems with experts and he cannot definitely state that the defense is ready but he will know within 30 days. Further, he intends to file a motion to request assistance to pay for and receive funds for experts. Mr. Denue stated he will be ready but if Mr. Saggese needs more time, Mr. Denue cannot oppose Mr. Saggese’s request for continuance if a motion is made at that time. Further advised, 99% of Mr. Denue’s investigation has been completed barring any new evidence and he does have an expert. Mr. Daskas advised the State would have been ready for trial on the January 2007 date. Further, both he and Mr. Tomsheck have arranged their trial schedules around the instant case and if this matter needs to be continued beyond the April 2007 date, it may need to be rescheduled to 2008. Court stated this matter will be heard by the end of the year and ORDERED, matter CONTINUED and counsel are to tell the Court at the next date absolutely, positively whether they will be ready for trial on the April 2007 date. If not, counsel are to be prepared to articulate why not.

COURT FURTHER ORDERED, deft. Gross’s presence waived this date.

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