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Muscle Missions posts on YouTube: Letters from Kelly Ryan

As posted on YouTube.com:

Hand written notes by Kelly Ryan also includes artwork. Muscle Missions wanted to share portions of some of the letters received from Kelly Ryan. May the Lord Jesus Christ be exalted! See: Psalms 18:46

33 Responses to “Muscle Missions posts on YouTube: Letters from Kelly Ryan”

  1. chainsaw Says:

    I’m glad that she finally has seen that the lord will keep her company as long as she is in that cell. This just goes to prove that she seems alot happier behind bars, than she ever did on the outside. When you are sitting in a cell, shaking with the cold shakes, stomach and muscle cramps and aint slept in a week from drug withdrawl, and you call out Gods name, he will listen. To bad people have to wait for tradgedy to realize this. Better late than never though.

  2. Disgusted Says:

    For once in a long while I am in agreement with you chainsaw.

    It is as you say ironic how people wait until tragedy strikes that people in her predicament get religion real fast. Not to worry because judges, juries (even lawyers) and people in general have been savvy to this type of defense strategy since Christ was a kid and no one including the Almighty is buying into her feeble attempts at using Winnie the Pooh or butterflies and scriptures to make us forget that she is a cold blooded murderer who will see justice served then and only then will her prayers possibly be heard.

    She and her husband are pure evil and neither of them are fooling anyone but themselves.

  3. darkstar Says:


    You’re kidding, right? This proves that Kelly is happier behind bars than on the outside? I am incredulous at the ridiculousness of that statement…

    The fact that she has “found” religion or whatever one wishes to call it is all fine and well…It certainly doesnt compensate for the loss of one’s liberty and freedom. Period.

    I suppose the next thing we will hear is that these scripture references are proof of her redemption…Redemption, another pop media culture overused Oprah phrase that means diddly squat…tell it to Maura James and see if it redeems her daughters life…

    People in predicaments such as KR look to religion because they are scared shitless. Faced with the prospect of spending the better part of her life behind bars is daunting…however, I tend to agree with Disgusted…I aint buying it…the only reason she did a 180 from her recent life since she has been in jail is because they got caught…

    I am not one of the gentiles the reverend Bates refers to and is trying to save…….but I can tell you that God will not be mocked…by KR, the good reverend, or anyone else…religion is not to be used as a convenient crutch…

    Lastly, KR needs to understand that God was always near by before she ended up in trouble…she simply chose to disregard that fact, and now that she decided to listen, well….it’s the wages of sin, baby…


  4. chainsaw Says:


    I think you are focusing only on 2 words of that statement I made that I perhaps could have said a little clearer.

  5. manso Says:

    Only in the UFS united fucking states

  6. fill banner Says:

    What crap! Kelly the killer!!!!

  7. darkstar Says:


    I’m not sure how your words could have been interpreted much differently.
    No offense, I just call ‘em as I see ‘em, based on the words on the page…


  8. chainsaw Says:

    She has more freedom from behind bars than married to CT from what most have posted here d*. And therefore, being sober and conforted by God in a sense should help her feel better locked up than being doomed to a life with CT and loaded in our world. I was kind of being sarcastic, in a very true sort of way. These people don’t seem to appreciate (our) world in a way that we do.

  9. darkstar Says:


    I guess my only comment would be that she was not doomed to a life with CT…there is a remedy for that called dissolution of marriage…

    Obviously, divorce is not to be taken lightly, but it is available for a reason…

    However, I dont see anything to indicate she wanted out of her marriage to CT…or, any indication that she was inclined to stop the lifestyle she was living prior to this trouble…

    Nope, I do not think she believes she is better off behind bars…anyone in their right mind would want out of there right now…

    Sure, she is off the dope and cleaned up now, but that only makes the reality of her situation all the more stark. I am convinced that every day when faced with her situation she mutters to herself “What was I thinking?????”


  10. johnny2007 Says:

    Chainsaw and Darkstar made excellent points. Amazing how one can reflect on their errors in prison…and once clean off the drugs. I can tell you once I got clean I too regretted the ways of my errors. Nice not to have to deal with roid rages and crystal meth effects too. All bodybuilders should just get off the juice and the drugs…they’d then be very reflective on the sport!

  11. shockandawe Says:

    Darkstar, you said,
    (Lastly, KR needs to understand that God was always near by before she ended up in trouble…she simply chose to disregard that fact, and now that she decided to listen, well….it’s the wages of sin, baby…)

    Yes, he was, but not many people rely upon that power and strength because they feel that they are at the center of their own universe and that they, alone, have the power to control their lives. Then, when it spins out of control, they reconsider. It’s true that the channels of clarity greatly open when you’re in a cell 20 hours a day, all by your lonesome, or with someone you would never consort with if you had a choice on the outside.

    I have to say, when I sent Kel a birthday card - out of kindness and rememberance of our past friendship, which we had not had for 5 years - I received an identical reply back. The keep the faith deal, and the rainbows and birds and all sorts of other Crayola machinations, were actually really shocking to me. It was the last thing I expected back, to be honest. I guess what I was hoping for was someone saying, “It’s nice to hear from someone from a time in my life that was much more sane and happy go lucky.

    But I know that, to some degree, what Chain said is true.. Yes, divorce is a way out and yes, she could have “chosen” to walk away any time. BUT, Kelly’s self image being dictated by oddities like Craig in her life, is her true Achilles Heel. So much so that I believe sitting in jail is the only way she’d stay away from him.

    In her words last summer, “The Lord truly works in mysterious ways”. I actually knew what she meant, and that’s how I took it. But then she followed it up with “our marriage is stronger than ever”, etc… and I thought, “Okay, you lost me.”

    Methinks she is missing the entire point of contrition, surrender, forgiveness and spirituality in general, but far be it from me to actually go on record saying that in a real sense… I don’t live her life (thank God) so I can’t say.

  12. darkstar Says:


    That is the sad part, her being so sucked in to CT’s ways that she could not extricate herself…assuming she wanted to, subconciously or otherwise…

    Having to go to jail to get away from him doesnt seem like a very good trade off to me…but then, as you say, we dont live in her world so who knows how she perceived it…

    A few years back I corresponded with a woman on death row, and the letters she sent were full of little drawings, dragons, birds, stuff like that, very detailed…like the stuff you mentioned…not sure of this is a common thing for people who are locked up or what, but it is interesting…


  13. chainsaw Says:


    You hit it right on the button. I really believe, and I have first hand experience with this, that bodybuilders, as well as movie and rock stars are the most insecure people. Some of them latch onto someone else, some express it by being promiscuous, some drugs or both. I think KR see’s CT as a father figure or something. She still hasn’t let go. I mean, even if She did it, it was their lifestyle that is the root cause.

  14. WTF Says:

    You people crack me up making Kelly the victim. Get real, the bitch co-committed murder so get over it. Finding God after-the-fact doesn’t work, the wages of sin is you know what! C & K may just learn this first hand.

  15. darkstar Says:


    Well, she very well may have committed murder. And if so she will pay with her freedom, just like CT.

    However, Im not so sure people here see her so much as a victim than as an example of what happens when you let the wild take control of your life…


  16. Venice Says:


    I was listening to Carlos Santana the other night…

    …Have you ever noticed that if you only remove the first “n” and the last “a” - it spells “Satan”…hmmmmn

    Don’t a lot of BBs pose to Carlos…hmmn…time for a survey

  17. just joining in Says:

    Don’t they all find religion? What else is there to do? How many times have we read the paper about a “chilling” murder and found out that the person was what had been thought to be a “good, church-going citizen.” It should not even be a factor. It doesn’t prove anything.

  18. Voice of reason Says:

    The biggest hypocrites sit in the first row.

  19. darkstar Says:


    When the survey results come in, better watch out that they dont add up to “666″…



  20. KNEW THEM Says:

    I think we have forgotten the fact that Kel had a lot more than Craig. She could have walked away at any time and CT would not have lost a minutes sleep. I doubt their door was bolted on both sides. She a grown women who made poor choices….end of story.

  21. darkstar Says:

    Knew Them,

    You are absolutely right. She should have walked, make that ran, before reaching the point of no return…

    woulda, coulda, shoulda…


  22. Peter Pumpkin eater Says:

    Kelly is an adult. 32. Or am I wrong people. She made the money from competing and had the good credit. She could have left anytime. SHe was a awesome person. Its because of CT why she started getting 3rd and 4ths. And never won the O. She deserved to win many of times and the Arnold only once. She was bulimic at a younget age and latched on to CT for the wrong reasons. He made her feel good and secure. Kelly was a great person. Everyone loved her. CT is a great guy you just dont do business with. They made poor choices that will cost them their lives now. O well. If you look at most of the posts on here talking smack about them. They are pretty imature. Not much better than CT. Shed some insight and show some intelligence people. Like I have said before. If they were such losers they would not have all of our attention. Obviously they did something right prior to making the worst desicions of their lives. Look at most of the bodybuilders on stage. They all have drug convictions just about or are hooked on nubain. Not to mention all the steroids they are taking. They are all drug addicts.

  23. chainsaw Says:

    It is obvious that KR still hasn’t learned her lesson. She’s still standing with CT.

  24. darkstar Says:


    We really dont know that as an absolute fact. No telling what Denue has advised her regarding CT…We will probably only find this out when it finally gets into court.


  25. chainsaw Says:


    I’ll agree with you on that; however, it does look like they are sticking together.

  26. darkstar Says:


    It looks that way today, but this thing has a long way to go. There are going to be a lot more surprises, judging by what has happened so far…


  27. Johnny2007 Says:

    Imagine the anti-drug tv add that used an egg as “your brain” cracked open into a frying pan that “this is your brain on drugs”. Take 2 pics of CT: one before jail…the other as he is today. Nice comparison of what steroids really do to a human body…let alone the affects they had on his brain. I was once told by a MAJOR bb who is now ranked top 20 in the world how he got around the whole roid rage thing: TRANQUILIZERS…and sometimes smoking pot helped. To help him get to sleep he used GHB…also used it when we had sex too along with crystal meth. He turned me onto the combo in my druggy days of the past. Just so U know…

  28. Arnie Says:

    Little LATE to be getting religion Kelly…..after you take someones life.
    Guilty as charged!! Lets get on with the trial.

  29. jim Says:

    God always seems to find a home in prison. People commit the most unspeakable crimes, get caught and then ‘find God’ when the cell door shuts and their life is as over as the one or few they took. I personally think Kelly fell under the ’spell’ of Craig in that she went along with it stupidly because she loved him and probably was scared shitless OF him. Either way, its a true loss of three lives. An innocent girl who should still be alive, another girl who was stupid and a bodybuilder who thought he was untouchable. Its important for everyone to remember that no matter what the deed was done and finding God is regardless. YOU CANNOT PETITION THE LORD WITH PRAYER……remember that, Kelly.

  30. Dennis L. Bates/Founder/Muscle Missions Says:

    For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him:
    - 1 Samuel 1:27 (KJV)

  31. chainsaw Says:

    Dennis L. Bates aka David Koresch.. aka vernon howe

  32. FinE_BoDy Says:

    you people must be mad,how could you judge so solid 2 of the most successful bodybuilders of the USA,i`m not American,but a big fan of Craig Titus,i admire him,of course i don`t admire what hi did along with his wife,but show some respect to one of your country champions…don`t just send him to hell…and case closed…THINK ABOUT IT !

  33. illusion Says:

    okay…for all of you who say it doesnt matter she found God after murder…well it does!! have you people ever read the bible? do you know about forgiveness? do you know god forgives all his children…all they have to do is ask for it! i am not condoning murder, but i am a believer in god forgiving his people. this does not go to say that she will not suffer for her mistakes…she will but i guarantee you that she WILL be forgiven if she sincerely asks our lord for forgivness! when you say she deserves to die sounds like satan is putting words in your mouth!! would God ever wish for his children to die and suffer? would you ever wish for your children to die or suffer even if they commited a crime? you would still love them and you know it!! so stop doing the devils work for him…follow god and forgive!

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