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Comments from Glenn Puit

Comments left here on TitusandRyan.com from Glenn Puit:

Hi everyone. Glenn Puit in Las Vegas here.

I wanted to post this message to express my sincere appreciation for all the comments on the book — good and bad. I truly believe every endeavor in life is a learning experience, and I’m always committed to improving my work.

I also wanted to give you a little more information about “Fire in the Desert” and answer any questions you may have. One of the questions I’ve been asked is whether Titus was involved in this in any way in the book? The answer is no. The first time I ever spoke to him was at the Clark County Detention Center during an interview for the Review-Journal. I took on this project completely on my own and no one on either side has had any say in the contents or will benefit from it in any way.

Another question is whether I took sides? Absolutely not. I’ve covered the criminal justice system long enough to know that you can’t get involved in rooting for one side or the other. The stakes are simply too high, and if you get involved in this as a reporter, inevitably, it will burn you. The real mission for any legitimate reporter is to the tell the truth and be as accurate as possible. This book is an independent analysis of what Titus and Ryan can expect at trial — no more, no less. I’m proud of that independent approach, and I believe anyone who reads the book will find it quite compelling. There’s a lot of stuff in there that hasn’t come out, and the book format gave me the ability to run complete witness statements. That is very difficult to do in the newspaper.

Regarding the typos, unfortunately, there are a couple in there, but I would disagree that there are several. It’s been my experience that whenever you take on something as massive as this project in such a short time frame, there is always the possibility that a few typos will somehow find their way in.

I’ve been asked why I did this book and why I also decided to come out with the book pre-trial. At the time I took this on, I was coming off a very successful run with my first book, “Witch.” It did very well — it’s a great book — and as a result, I’m always on the lookout for other cases that would make for a good book. I like writing true crime books, and, it’s pretty obvious to everyone that the Titus-Ryan affair is a very, very interesting case.

Primarily, however, the reason I did this book was because I had the chance. I was fortunate to have a source who was willing to give me the entire police investigative case file early on in the case. We put some of the major stuff in the Review-Journal from the file as news content, and in the meantime, I also felt the contents of the police file would make for a good book.

Bottom line was the opportunity presented itself, so I chose to follow up on it as opposed to letting it get away from me. Regarding the idea that I somehow have a potential conflict as a reporter and author, I’m not agreeing with that at all, although I respect everyone’s opinion and I believe such skepticism is healthy. In fact, there is too little of it in the news business.

While I agree that there would be the potential for abusing the situation I am in, I have not. My coverage at the paper has been completely independent and extremely aggressive. I’ve published stories that are good and bad for both sides. Simply put, it’s a hell of a story, and anyone who has dealt with me over time knows I can’t be compromised on news coverage.

Also, the book is a news product published by Stephens Press, which is part of the same company that owns the RJ, so it is a unique situation on the business side.

There are two reasons why I released the book pretrial. One, there is a competitive advantage in being the first book out. It’s certainly not a perfect situation, but the cold hard truth in the media business is that being second is worthless, and my goal is to have my work read.

Second, and most importantly, I was in the unique position where I had enough information in front of me, i.e. exclusive content about the case, to warrant publishing the book pretrial. This book is valuable for anyone following the case and who is interested in how the case. As a result, I think the book is very good, and I’m quite proud of it.

I really hope you enjoy it as well. And, if anyone has any further questions, you can always email me at gpuit@reviewjournal.com, and I’ll do my best to respond. Again, thanks for all your feedback and all your interesting posts on both this site and getbig.com. I read them regularly, and I know everyone else associated with the case is reading them too.

Thanks again,
Glenn Puit
staff writer
Las Vegas Review-Journal

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