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Comments from Glenn Puit

Comments left here on TitusandRyan.com from Glenn Puit:

Hi everyone. Glenn Puit in Las Vegas here.

I wanted to post this message to express my sincere appreciation for all the comments on the book — good and bad. I truly believe every endeavor in life is a learning experience, and I’m always committed to improving my work.

I also wanted to give you a little more information about “Fire in the Desert” and answer any questions you may have. One of the questions I’ve been asked is whether Titus was involved in this in any way in the book? The answer is no. The first time I ever spoke to him was at the Clark County Detention Center during an interview for the Review-Journal. I took on this project completely on my own and no one on either side has had any say in the contents or will benefit from it in any way.

Another question is whether I took sides? Absolutely not. I’ve covered the criminal justice system long enough to know that you can’t get involved in rooting for one side or the other. The stakes are simply too high, and if you get involved in this as a reporter, inevitably, it will burn you. The real mission for any legitimate reporter is to the tell the truth and be as accurate as possible. This book is an independent analysis of what Titus and Ryan can expect at trial — no more, no less. I’m proud of that independent approach, and I believe anyone who reads the book will find it quite compelling. There’s a lot of stuff in there that hasn’t come out, and the book format gave me the ability to run complete witness statements. That is very difficult to do in the newspaper.

Regarding the typos, unfortunately, there are a couple in there, but I would disagree that there are several. It’s been my experience that whenever you take on something as massive as this project in such a short time frame, there is always the possibility that a few typos will somehow find their way in.

I’ve been asked why I did this book and why I also decided to come out with the book pre-trial. At the time I took this on, I was coming off a very successful run with my first book, “Witch.” It did very well — it’s a great book — and as a result, I’m always on the lookout for other cases that would make for a good book. I like writing true crime books, and, it’s pretty obvious to everyone that the Titus-Ryan affair is a very, very interesting case.

Primarily, however, the reason I did this book was because I had the chance. I was fortunate to have a source who was willing to give me the entire police investigative case file early on in the case. We put some of the major stuff in the Review-Journal from the file as news content, and in the meantime, I also felt the contents of the police file would make for a good book.

Bottom line was the opportunity presented itself, so I chose to follow up on it as opposed to letting it get away from me. Regarding the idea that I somehow have a potential conflict as a reporter and author, I’m not agreeing with that at all, although I respect everyone’s opinion and I believe such skepticism is healthy. In fact, there is too little of it in the news business.

While I agree that there would be the potential for abusing the situation I am in, I have not. My coverage at the paper has been completely independent and extremely aggressive. I’ve published stories that are good and bad for both sides. Simply put, it’s a hell of a story, and anyone who has dealt with me over time knows I can’t be compromised on news coverage.

Also, the book is a news product published by Stephens Press, which is part of the same company that owns the RJ, so it is a unique situation on the business side.

There are two reasons why I released the book pretrial. One, there is a competitive advantage in being the first book out. It’s certainly not a perfect situation, but the cold hard truth in the media business is that being second is worthless, and my goal is to have my work read.

Second, and most importantly, I was in the unique position where I had enough information in front of me, i.e. exclusive content about the case, to warrant publishing the book pretrial. This book is valuable for anyone following the case and who is interested in how the case. As a result, I think the book is very good, and I’m quite proud of it.

I really hope you enjoy it as well. And, if anyone has any further questions, you can always email me at gpuit@reviewjournal.com, and I’ll do my best to respond. Again, thanks for all your feedback and all your interesting posts on both this site and getbig.com. I read them regularly, and I know everyone else associated with the case is reading them too.

Thanks again,
Glenn Puit
staff writer
Las Vegas Review-Journal

38 Responses to “Comments from Glenn Puit”

  1. Dennis L. Bates Says:

    Hello Glenn,

    As you know…I am the one that made the comment regarding “several” typographical errors.

    You state that you truly believe every endeavor in life is a learning experience, and that you are always committed to improving your work.

    I am glad to hear you say that because I feel the same way.

    Glenn, you specifically stated: “Regarding the typos, unfortunately, there are a couple in there, but I would disagree that there are several.”

    Just for fun, I had to check out the Dictionary.com definition of the word “several”.

    Here is what I found:


    –adjective 1. being more than two but fewer than many in number or kind…

    Glenn, I would not have posted that there were “several” typos if it were not true. I did find more that two.

    I do have to say that many of the errors were not your fault.

    Dennis L. Bates

  2. Chainsaw Says:


    Thanks for the book. I believe that you put all you had into it and it is very insightful. My wife is reading it now that I’m done with it. I’m curious to find you’re opinion of the Metro PD here in Vegas. There seems to be a lot of abuse of power, lack of oversight as well. I’m not speaking of the officers actions here in this case, except maybe for the jail incident, and the lengths they went to to get CT on this Murder for Hire. I think that guys like yourself that can bring this to light more often, and more vigorously can do us las vegans alot of good. Shooting homeless for throwing rocks, shooting a handcuffed 18yr old boy in the back. Ridiculous in any scenario.

    Be proud of the book, as you should be. A few typo’s, no biggie. You were very unbiased and included facts and valuable witness statements
    previously unheard. I will check out you’re previous book witch.

    The book delivered what I thought it would, but I wish there was more to read, but I understand completely that you wrote all you had and added zero fat (that was appreciated greatly to say the least).

  3. Administrator Says:

    Dennis, for such a God-fearing individual you find faults in others or at least attempt to. You should know of all people no one is perfect and to point out things as insignificant as spelling errors in a matter like this is tedious.

    Why do you enjoy being so negative?

    Are you upset that your audio book is on hold and now your attempt to make money off from Craig Titus is at a stand-still?

  4. Dennis L. Bates Says:


    Fact or Fiction?

    You played a role, (however small that role may have been) in providing some of the contents for Glen Puit’s book, Fire In The Desert.

    By the way, I am NOT referring to any references that may have been made in Glenn’s book to the TitusandRyan.com web site.


    Whereunto I am ordained a preacher, and an apostle, (I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not;) a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and verity.

    Administrator, how will you respond? With the truth or a lie?

  5. mynameisearl Says:

    The worse the perfectionism problem the worse the typos will drive them crazy. Ok enough about the typos. The book was published quickly. People make typos, oh well, lets move on.

    Glenn, I was not into the whole book idea until I read your post. Now I’m interested.

    Dennis your postings are edgy, that is the nicest way I can put it. Your website is scary.

  6. Administrator Says:

    Mr. Bates,

    You will have to ask Mr. Puit if any of the contents from here were used in his book. You tell us, you read it. We did not provide anything directly to Glenn if that is what you’re asking. We simply post the news and events here for all to read. len Puit’s book, Fire In The Desert.

    What ARE you referring to Mr. Bates?

    Care to share where you were ordained? The things on your site speak to everything but one who speaks the truth.

    You’re quite the person Mr. Bates, quite the person. We wish you well.

    BTW - you failed to answer how your audio book progress is doing.

  7. Glenn Puit Says:

    No worries.


  8. darkstar Says:

    Mr. Puit,

    Regardless of all the chit chat regarding typo this or double space that, the fact remains that this is another bizarre case out of Las Vegas. It will no doubt get weirder as the trial approaches and commences.

    Someone had mentioned that they did not think that there would be a trial. Frankly, I think that is nonsense, and was wondering what in your opinion and based on your findings would lead one to believe that a deal would be made that would cause there to not be a need for a trial?

    This is not a petty theft case where CT can trade the crimes for a few community service hours and a promise not to do it again. I don’t see the DA making any offer for them to plead out.

    Any thoughts on that?



  9. Glenn Puit Says:

    Regarding the possibility of plea deals, there is always that possibility. I would say, however, at this point this case is likely to go to trial.
    Then again, predicting how criminal cases will resolve is sort of like predicting the weather. When cases get to the verge of trial, perspectives change. Also, juries are completely and totally unpredictable, so it’s always important to keep an open mind on the potential of any jury trial no matter what the facts of an individual case may be.
    Thanks again,

  10. darkstar Says:

    Mr. Puit,

    I would agree that a plea deal is possible, but not very probable. The high profile nature of a trial, this trial in particular, at least locally, puts many potential feathers in the cap of the DA and defense counsel as well, depending on the outcome. Sure the defense would love to deal it, but I dont think the DA will budge. I think the DA will take this all the way to a verdict. I would also opine that unless one is actually seated on the jury, an open mind is in the eye of the beholder. I am also not so sure juries are completely and totally unpredictable. In a general sense, yes, of course. I would have to think that in a majority of cases, the outcome is as it should be. Certainly there will be exceptions, but I don’t believe it is a wide open crap shoot.

    But what do I know…let the wild rumpus begin!


  11. chainsaw Says:

    In Puits book, there was an indication that CT was pushing (I believe) for kelly to cop a plea. Correct me if I’m wrong, cause my wifes reading the book now, and I can’t get it away from her.

  12. KNEW THEM Says:

    I do thing CT would tell Kelly to take a plea, but I don’t think it will be offered to her. I think she is involved more than CT and this would be his round-about way of letting her take the fall. Maybe not take the fall but to admit to her roll to lessen his time. Anybody else with me on this one. He is selfish, and always has felt that he shouldn’t do anyones time but his own.

  13. darkstar Says:

    It’s tricky…First, I dont think either will be offered a deal. Perhaps if one agrees to rat out the other, on the stand. Wont happen, unless like you say, CT is selfish enough to do so…Plus, taking a plea means pleading guilty to some form of murder I would guess. I dont think they will get past that, and they still have the other charges against them.

    I just do not think the DA is going to offer squat. Why should they? Put yourself in the DA’s shoes…they have a lot of ammo, mostly supplied by CT and KR themselves. Regardless of the outcome, CT is finished. Not saying that to be mean, but I think it is true. Kelly too. Bub bye……


  14. Big Tom Says:


    I agree with you. From where I sit, it seems to me that the DA is in the drivers seat. The defense has all the burden to try explain to a jury why CT opened is big mouth and has not shut up since while KR is as quiet as a church mouse. I think Saggese has his work cut out for him. All KR has to do is sit back and wait for CT to hang himself.

  15. Outside perspective Says:

    Mr. Bates

    I do not know enough about your mission, but it sounds good natured. So, I did check it out (website) and had a question. Why do your surveys/question add up to more than 100%? The last time, I checked “view all survey results” and there were 3, that had 102%, 101%, and 102% people voting.

  16. darkstar Says:

    Big Tom,

    Saggese does have his work cut out for him, but the burden is on the DA to prove the case. Having said that, it will be interesting to see how the defense refutes the evidence. Simply proclaiming innocence wont cut it in court when the evidence is presented…


  17. justpassingby Says:

    please let’s stop giving importance to the mission man, he’s pathetic,
    quote : “Furthermore,
    Whereunto I am ordained a preacher, and an apostle, (I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not;) a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and verity.”
    Tell him to study philosophy and compose on the words TRUTH and VERITY, but I doubt he will be able too. Brain washed people can not think.

  18. Dennis L. Bates Says:

    Outside perspective,

    Thanks you for bringing the survey results to my attention. I think that I have it fixed now.

    Much obliged!


    I’ve been called the Michelin Man but never “mission man”. I think I like it!


    Dennis L. Bates


  19. venice member Says:


    Usually when drug addicts get rid of their drug addictions they transfer their extreme behavior to some other form of “fanatacism.” Often times going overboard with religion - or something else to replace whatever jones they got from the drugs.

    You might want to look into this phenomenon.

    What is the status of your audio book?

  20. Administrator Says:

    We’re still waiting for your response Mr. Bates. Amusing how selective your responses are, especially for a man of Christ.

  21. Chainsaw Says:

    Someone slams a few typo mistakes in a book,
    Another slams that slammer for mistakes on the website…

    Just goes to show that God really does work in mysterious ways, and even though some with good intentions of spreading his word are not immune to his wrath. I take that as a serious sign.

    Another funny thing, I have gone to the musclemissions website, and I have never, I mean never saw a site with more mention of the word “SATAN” and satanic symbols on it. It was scary. Almost Evil. All the Pentagrams as stuff.

    I just find that a little wee bit odd.

  22. Outside perspective Says:

    Could someone please explain to me what an audio book is and what its physical form looks like? Is this a book that was read into a recorder and then put on some type of media for distribution? Or was this an autobiography and just mis quoted somewhere down the line? Also, what’s the story behind this book anyway, what will it be revealing? Thanks!

  23. Dennis L. Bates Says:

    Outside perspective,

    “What’s an audio book?”

    You can access and listen to a sample of the online audio book
    featuring CRAIG TITUS by clicking on my name found above in this post.

    Thanks for asking.

  24. Administrator Says:

    Perhaps we should ask another way, since you continue to spam us with your link but fail to answer the question.

    Mr. Bates IS the AUDIO BOOK ON HOLD?

    Thanks for answering.

  25. Chainsaw Says:

    How did I know Bates would answer outside perspective’s question and disregard every other one.

  26. shockandawe Says:

    The idea that Craig and Kelly will not go to trial is preposterous. Whether Kel is guiltier or not isn’t the issue - though I do see Craig selling her down the river before she would. Look at his comments in phone records about “Hey, do you got a hot girl for me?” to his buddy. What a loser! Titus looks like a pathetic, deranged old man now - he’ll look like Colonel Sanders in a few years - which when you think about it, is kind of appropriate, since Melissa’s last meal was at KFC and Craig was likely with her.

    Also, I appreciate Puit’s comments about rushing something to market, and wanting them to be perfect, but not always having that luxury. Writing for a daily myself may make me seem critical sometimes, but I actually do know that putting stories together for a paper (in 2-3 hours sometimes) is tough enough without adding a book to the mix.

    I’ve leafed through it, but haven’t yet read it because I’ve been so saturated with K&R crap for months now. And yes, being first to bring something to market is the only way. Being second is, essentially, being first loser.

  27. darkstar Says:


    I agree totally with you on CT and KR going to trial. It is going to happen. Like I said before, this is not a petty theft we are talking about…I think it is full steam ahead for the DA, and I highly doubt he will be offering any deals.


  28. chainsaw Says:

    Of course they will put 2nd degree murder down as a plea bargain, at least for one of them. I don’t think they have enough for 1st, premeditation. After all, the cops did verify the hotel and airfare for MJ. Hardly grounds for premeditation.

    I know I’ll hear from ya’ll that it can be premeditated up to and including 5 minutes of the actual crime, but I’m not sure the DA can substantiate that.

  29. shockandawe Says:

    Her reservations have ZERO to do with THEIR premeditation. What are you talking about? I know you’re their bud, and all, but the truth is, her travel plans have nothing to do with them. They were made, as far as I remember, by Maura James because her daughter couldn’t afford to leave. I know Craig said he bought her a ticket, but who knows? And let’s say he did… That is the “perfect alibi” so to speak, and something Craig WOULD think about. In fact, that reeks of Craig.

    And let me remind you, premeditation only means forethought to commit the crime. It doesn’t mean “several days before” or “a requisite 24 hours prior”… it means premeditation… did they conspire AT ANY TIME - even moments before (and I am sure one of them did - probably Kelly because of her anger and jealousy) then it constitutes Murder One.

    I dunno … sometimes when I read your stuff, I feel like you’re fighting everyone to get yourself to believe it - or to accept it. You don’t seem to see the gravity of this. Your comments never consider any bit of evidence, it’s always a matter of being contrary to anything said that may “convict” C&K. I mean, loyalty is one thing, but oftentimes, no offense, your arguments are so “personal” and not plausible. I kind of think even YOU know that, but you must be a family member or one of Craig’s long time flunkies. I can’t figure it.

  30. darkstar Says:


    CT and KR have maintained their innocence from day one. Why would they plead to 2nd degree murder (presuming it is even offered) which will land them many years behind bars? It doesnt make any sense…2nd degree murder is still an intent to kill murder without the elements of premeditation and deliberation.
    Intent to do serious bodily injury resulting in death is 2nd degree murder.

    If they feel they are not guilty, I dont see them pleading out to 2nd degree murder. It makes no sense at all, unless during the trial the evidence points toward a solid 1st degree conviction, and they begin scrambling to make a deal…of course, that will involve admitting guilt, and I doubt that is going to happen…


  31. KNEW THEM Says:

    Shock: I think we all get a feel for which way everyone who writes here is leaning, but Chain has often stated that CT and KR will be locked up for a long time.

  32. chainsaw Says:

    Knew Them:

    Thank you for actually understanding my post. If CT would have bought a gun, that would be premeditation, just like the menendez brothers. And I also did mention that premeditation did mean up to 5 minutes before the crime (shockandawe).

    Usually if cause of death is not proved even though it is apparent, the DA could choose to offer 2nd degree murder. You never know what a jury is gonna do, The biggest thing the da has here is CT’s mouth. And that will be enough to lock him up for a while.

  33. Disgusted Says:

    More than just “a while” chainsaw. FOREVER!

  34. darkstar Says:


    You are partially right. There is a mountain of forensic evidence, not just CT’s big mouth, that the state has…

    And, while the judge may instruct regarding a finding for 2nd degree murder, that isnt a given…remember Scott Peterson? I dont recall the jury having any concrete cause of death there either…yet he is sitting on his ass in Q’s death row, waiting for his little poke…fat chance of that happening here in effed up California, but nonetheless, when he leaves the friendly confines of Q, it will be feet first in a body bag…


  35. Satan Says:


    What’s up my man?

  36. shockandawe Says:

    I did re-read your post after posting my own and saw that. However, that doesn’t change anything I may have maintained in my post. Don’t take things so personally. When I write, I may address a comment someone’s made, but it’s also merely a platform upon which I speak my piece as I see it. The board is about the issues and opinions of the case, not about personalities.

  37. scott Says:

    He will get MURDER / SECOND DEGREE and do 25 to life. the end !

  38. Anthony Wright Says:

    Dear Glenn:

    Congratulations on your new book. I caught your talk on the morning radio show AM 840 with Alan Stock.

    You might remember that you once did an article on the time the police officers arrested me for riding my bicycle. I have nothing but respect for your work and look forward to reading your book.

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