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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Catherine Crier Live Coverage of Titus Tapes

Catherine Crier Live Coverage of Titus Tapes

Catherine Creir Live started the show off with coverage of the secretly recorded phone calls. They played a recording of Titus talking about his daughter. They then played a tape about Craig talking in regards to his wife, Kelly Ryan. Nelson Brady pleaded with him not to bail on Kelly and not take a plea deal.

Glenn Puit, journalist for the Las Vegas Review Journal, appeared on the show and spoke first. Glenn commented about the 120 recorded conversations. He said it is astonishing and some of the comments give you a feel for what he (Titus) is really like. He went on to say that Kelly has remained completely loyal to Craig. Glenn also talks how Mr. Brady tells Craig not to take any plea deals and thinks they will walk out of jail.

They then played a taped conversation where Nelson Brady says he was looking on the internet and knows how to keep characters out of his book. Glenn then goes on to explain the background on this conversation. He recaps that Craig has not been charged with anything.

Catherine then plays a conversation with Deen Cassim where he comments with Nelson Brady on “Fred”. Nelson wants to visit Craig and Cassim tells him not to. Glenn then states it is unclear with where this will go and how things will proceed. States that Cassim is quite the salesman and is clever, convincing and real interesting. Glenn then mentions the “Fred Hitterman” postcard and the posing of Anthony Gross in the trunk of a car to get Titus to bite.

Michael Cardoza, a former prosectutor, commented that none of this should ccome into play with the original trial, the killing of Melissa James. He commented that he thought maybe Titus thought he was smarter then the police.

Casey Jordan,PH.D, Criminologist, commented that Titus was smart enough not to bite on the postcard but wasn’t smart enough to not comment on his “book deal”.

Lonnie Teper, “IRONMAN Magzine” commented that he met Titus back when he was living in Houston and an up-and-coming bodybuilder. He said he had a “love/hate relationship” with Craig, depending on what he said or wrote about him. Lonnie credited reading GETBIG.COM and TITUSANDRYAN.COM for the latest information and couldn’t believe what he has read. Teper stated he has followed this case very closely and mentioned Ron Avidan from GETBIG.COM as trying to speak with Titus.

They then went to a break and came back to playing another recorded message.

The doctor went on to comment about the mental aspect of bodybuilding. She said it is almost like “vodoo” how fast the muscles can grow and that people think they can become invincible. She thinks Titus took on that mentality.

They then speak on Titus coming off steroids and appears “quite flabby” in the latest images. They play a conversation with his sister about not liking to lift weights any more.

Catherine asks Lonnie about what the various sites he mentioned think about Craig. He mentions Ron Avidan feels Craig is the same guy. He feels his personality is almost exactly the same as before he went into jail. Catherine then jokes “minus the full length mirrors”.

The former prosecutor then comments about insulin, growth hormone and steroids and thinks Titus became like the “teflon” man and had the mentality that no one can touch him. Was there steroid rage? Will this be a sort of defense? Those were his questions on if the Defense will use this as part of a defense come trial time.

If anyone has the video of this please email us the link and we will credit you.

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