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Catherine Crier Live Coverage of Titus Tapes

Catherine Creir Live started the show off with coverage of the secretly recorded phone calls. They played a recording of Titus talking about his daughter. They then played a tape about Craig talking in regards to his wife, Kelly Ryan. Nelson Brady pleaded with him not to bail on Kelly and not take a plea deal.

Glenn Puit, journalist for the Las Vegas Review Journal, appeared on the show and spoke first. Glenn commented about the 120 recorded conversations. He said it is astonishing and some of the comments give you a feel for what he (Titus) is really like. He went on to say that Kelly has remained completely loyal to Craig. Glenn also talks how Mr. Brady tells Craig not to take any plea deals and thinks they will walk out of jail.

They then played a taped conversation where Nelson Brady says he was looking on the internet and knows how to keep characters out of his book. Glenn then goes on to explain the background on this conversation. He recaps that Craig has not been charged with anything.

Catherine then plays a conversation with Deen Cassim where he comments with Nelson Brady on “Fred”. Nelson wants to visit Craig and Cassim tells him not to. Glenn then states it is unclear with where this will go and how things will proceed. States that Cassim is quite the salesman and is clever, convincing and real interesting. Glenn then mentions the “Fred Hitterman” postcard and the posing of Anthony Gross in the trunk of a car to get Titus to bite.

Michael Cardoza, a former prosectutor, commented that none of this should ccome into play with the original trial, the killing of Melissa James. He commented that he thought maybe Titus thought he was smarter then the police.

Casey Jordan,PH.D, Criminologist, commented that Titus was smart enough not to bite on the postcard but wasn’t smart enough to not comment on his “book deal”.

Lonnie Teper, “IRONMAN Magzine” commented that he met Titus back when he was living in Houston and an up-and-coming bodybuilder. He said he had a “love/hate relationship” with Craig, depending on what he said or wrote about him. Lonnie credited reading GETBIG.COM and TITUSANDRYAN.COM for the latest information and couldn’t believe what he has read. Teper stated he has followed this case very closely and mentioned Ron Avidan from GETBIG.COM as trying to speak with Titus.

They then went to a break and came back to playing another recorded message.

The doctor went on to comment about the mental aspect of bodybuilding. She said it is almost like “vodoo” how fast the muscles can grow and that people think they can become invincible. She thinks Titus took on that mentality.

They then speak on Titus coming off steroids and appears “quite flabby” in the latest images. They play a conversation with his sister about not liking to lift weights any more.

Catherine asks Lonnie about what the various sites he mentioned think about Craig. He mentions Ron Avidan feels Craig is the same guy. He feels his personality is almost exactly the same as before he went into jail. Catherine then jokes “minus the full length mirrors”.

The former prosecutor then comments about insulin, growth hormone and steroids and thinks Titus became like the “teflon” man and had the mentality that no one can touch him. Was there steroid rage? Will this be a sort of defense? Those were his questions on if the Defense will use this as part of a defense come trial time.

If anyone has the video of this please email us the link and we will credit you.

34 Responses to “Catherine Crier Live Coverage of Titus Tapes”

  1. fill banner Says:

    Craig Titus is a sad case.

  2. Johnny2007 Says:

    I knew buddies of Craig who I used to get my drugs from…they were all caught up in it. It costs mucho $$$ to inject those roids in their bodies…and is why they are ‘living’ at the gyms lifting 3 times a day. This will all cum out

  3. Big Tom Says:

    You know, Craig was an ok guy. Yeah he had a big mouth and talked alot of smack but who in bodybuilding doesn’t. This entire affair does not surprise me though. Craig was the first guy to go off on someone. The fact that MJ died is sad but I am not surprised that Craig murdered her. All the years I knew him he was on the edge. I really can see this happening. He deserves what he gets. I have known him for 10 years on a personal level and he really believes the shit he preaches and also believes he is above it all. Too bad. I don’t feel sorry for him. My feeling is this was a long time coming. It was only a matter of time before Craig lost it and killed someone.

  4. wayne mortensen Says:

    CT will use steroid rage as an alibi for his assnine behavior and the murder of this young girl. I guess it is everyones fault but CT. The steroids made me do it will not play very well in front of the jury. I thought he looked very flabby when he was pulled out of that hole and put on that stretcher. He does not have the desire to lift weights anymore because he is in jail facing a life sentence.

  5. Big Tom Says:

    Being in solitary confinement makes it very difficult to get gear, good nutrition and access to weightlifting equipment. Craig had one of the best physiques in Bodybuilding. Gear alone did not get him there. It takes an incredible amount of dedication and pain to get to this level. Steriod rage is not a side effect of steriods. Your personality has to be intense to begin with. I have alot of bodybuilder friends and can tell you that there are guys who are passive and easy going that don’t get excited even being on steriods. Craig and I worked out extensively together training for the Night of Champions, he was always backstage getting in people face, for what ever reason, to start shit to get an edge and take people out of there game. His bullshit never worked on me. It hurt Kamali real bad though. As I said, Craig had the potential to be a real nice guy, more times than not he was an asshole. The successful bodybuilders stayed away from him. That’s why he now lives in Las Vegas. He wore out his welcome at Venice beach.

  6. fill banner Says:

    Craig Titus had no potential to be a nice guy, he is a cold killer! .

  7. Gina Says:


  8. Seeking the Truth Says:

    I agree with Gina. Let the truth be told and allow these people their rights to a fair and unbiased trial.

  9. Disgusted Says:

    No one can nor is attempting to prevent a fair and unbiased trial for Titus.

    This forum is being used by people posting their personal opinions whether good, bad or indifferent. Every once in a while someone like Gina comes along and is under the illusion that they are on this earth to remind us all that this is America and about being innocent until proven guilty blah blah blah.

    Then along comes another nutcase agreeing with nutcase number one. There have been numerous flame wars on this forum but when it comes down to it we all can agree that our speculations and opinions don’t mean much until the fat lady sings and Titus is facing the jury on verdict day.

    We’re not children here so save the cyber screaming (all caps), the accusations and allow people who happen to hold Titus in a low regard to vent our frustrations, opinions without you holier than thou wannabees claiming to ‘know them personally’ passing your judgment on the rest of us.

    BTW, having known Craig and Kelly personally is by no means a badge of honor or something to boast about. After all it’s common knowledge how they lived their lifestyle therefore you must be just like them.

  10. Intheloop Says:

    OK is that how it is? If you happen to know someone personally you must be just like them. I beg to differ. I’m sure that even you personally know at least one person who could be considered an asshole, but I would never say you’re an asshole because I don’t even know you. Guilt by association? I don’t think that’s right. Do you?

  11. Chainsaw Says:


    If being reminded of innocese before guilt bothers you, than perhaps that statement doesn’t apply to how you feel. I have read you’re posts and believe that you have convicted them already. I believe there is a high probability that they are guilty, but I’ll at least wait until I read the statements in Puit’s book. They are word for word from witness statements. And I encourage everyone else to do the same. Most of the statements in there will be the ones in the trial. I’m gonna buy it Saturday.

  12. Seeking the Truth Says:

    Okay Disgusted,
    Personal opinions sure I would support that…I do not support all of the personal attacks. As you said we are not children therefore shouldn’t the personal attacks cease?

  13. Johnny2007 Says:

    I’ve been on the juice before myself…my buddies too…deca, sustenon, winstrol, anadrol, etc. You bet it you rage on it…I did…my buds did too. One time my bud and I were going to Golds Gym in Hollywood. As we left he said ” I don’t know if the anadrol we took is working. Then a little old lady past him on Melrose. He went beserk and chased after her blowing his horn and riding her bumper. She turned and he pulled into a Chevron…his eyes blazing. I looked at him and said: Ali, I think the roids ARE working.” (I see lots of my gay buds in relationships who are on roids too…they are constantly beating on each other and fighting. I said: U ever think its cause of the juice?) So IF guys who are on the juice and are acting mellow, I guarantee you they’re taking (or smoking) something to mellow…just like they take GHB…not to build muscle, but to knock them out so they can sleep at night…which allows their bodies to release its hormones to build muscle. They need to rest…otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get to sleep! Yep…its the juice. And Craig’s probably addicted to the roids; without the juice flowing thru his veins, there’s now no desire to work out. Maybe its also cause he’s not on the crystal meth inside prison…that’s another reason.

  14. Disgusted Says:

    ITL: The word asshole doesn’t appear in my last post however nutcase does and I will retract it for thesake of argument. I am successful because successful people exist in my circle, no room for assholes. People are generally judged by the company they maintain.

    chainsaw: Being reminded doesn’t bother. How can I convict them when I cannot be on jury? I’m convinced that they are guilty. Thanks for the advice but I will take a pass at purchasing Puit’s book.

    STT: I agree with your statement, thanks for pointing out my shortcoming. I will work on it.

    To the three of you: Enjoy your day.

  15. Chainsaw Says:

    johnny 2007:

    Juice does not make people mean and irresponsible sorry. Usually people that indulge themselves in mass amounts of steroids (not all but most) have personality and inferiority complexes well before the substances are taken or more importantly (ABUSED).

  16. Disgusted Says:

    To terrorize a little old lady for merely passing is very extreme mental behavior. Lucky for your bud she wasn’t armed.

  17. KNEW THEM Says:

    2007: Johnny boy, you have a lot to learn!

  18. Chainsaw Says:

    Wow got Puits book. I’ve been skippin around, read alot of it in the GJ transcripts, but there is alot I haven’t. All I have to say so far, is that CT walked around acting tough and decadent all the time. I still don’t know what to think. I’m sure there is so much more to this story. I believe something happened, perhaps murder. I can’t get out of my head the six monoacetyl morphine in lethal doses in MJ’s blood. For those that know exactly what that is, CT and KR could not have possibly had anything to do with that could they? Discuss..

  19. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Chain, give me a little more info….any long time nubain addict would show an abnormal amount of opiate in their system. Remember this is a girl with a opiate(nubain) user. She can take in much more than even the avg. user. What looks like an overdose to some, is just her normal intake. Chain, I don’t have the book yet so what else was stuck out in your opinion? Thanks chain K.T.

  20. Chainsaw Says:

    six monoacetyl morphine is Heroin only. It is totally a heroin marker, nothin else with out a doubt. But you are correct as them being Nubain users.

  21. Johnny2007 Says:

    Nubain…heroin…crystal meth…steroids…etc etc etc. No accident waiting to happen! Oh, check out musclemissions.org and see Craigs pics. He was pumped on juice heading into court. Now see him in jail off the juice. He has no “muscle”…lost it all! Can you imagine ALL pro bodybuilders OFF the juice…no more muscle freakazoids…the sport would tank! Shows the sport is one big pharmacutical contest after all. Hey…you ever read in any bodybuilding magazine any bodybuilder mention their roid cycles as to why they’re so pumped. I’m sick of reading about what they eat to get their bodies. Its really all about what they shoot into their butts! They’re all lying when it cums to this…lets be real guys! By the way…those big guys like John Cena who claim they’re all natural? Bull!

  22. Chainsaw Says:


    I suppose Michael Jordan eats McDonalds and Drinks Coke. I really believe that. Wake up, its just marketing. half thee NFL is juiced and MLB. Look at our tour de france cyclists. You can’t dis-invent something like nuclear technology. It may be a nice wish, won’t happen. Bodybuilding is just the same my friend as everybody else. I’m more concerned with all the obese slobs walking around. These people treat laziness like it is a God given right, and laziness is contagious. A quick buck is attractive.

    Bodybuilders seem to be mentally ill, way before they destroy their bodies like this. Anyone who would injest all that shit for a long period of time has issues. If CT crys roid rage, they should double his sentance. CT’s mouth now that he’s clean goes to show what his true character is. He should be in a juvenile detention center. He sounds like a freak. God Help Him. Kelly seemed white trashy even when I seen her at Golds Venice. “she did seem nice and up beat though.” and this was in 2002 or 2003.
    And for all who else is interested in CTs finacial status. Schwimmer “who seems like a together person in the police interview said CT was going to have his houses forclosed upon and CT borrowed 13 grand from him to stop that. So whoever claims that he was loaded should reconsider.

    I do also believe that CT and KR did have a good side to them as well. I just think the the hardcore Crystal and OC and Cocaine, and the depression of retirement played a major role in their demise as well. The spotlight turning off in a public figure’s life is sometimes worse than dope.

  23. Chainsaw Says:

    Oh, and by the way doctors in the early 80’s insisted that steroids didn’t work to build muscle. They were all lying. They had an opportunity to nip this at the bud and BLEW IT!! Also, you all can thank you’re California Governor for really starting all of this. Most bodybuilders look at his success in acting and think they can do it too. So do mass dope, grope girls, idolize hitler, hoard movie cash, marry rich, and then become governor. LOL LOL LOL LOL.

    Plastic surgery, the same thing. Look how much surgery KR had. She looked better natural. Blame hollywood, blame the dollar, blame the individual.

    We do need truth in marketing, we sure do. Dennis Bates if right on with that, even though I havent come around to some of the other things he believes.

  24. Former Houston Resident Says:

    I used to be a member of Worlds Gym on Richmond where Craig worked out. Over a two year period I witnessed Craig punch girlfriends, to defraud high school guys out of money for the false promise of providing steroids. At the time, if it was illegal Titus was involved. He absolutely loved to screw people over, and was obsessed with anything that was illegal. He is the scum of the earth, and deserves whatever he gets.

  25. Johnny Says:

    Houston….welcome to the world of bodybuilding. I met my source who lived near there thru an ad in the gay mag Frontiers magazine who advertised “Ever wanted to hook up with a professional bodybuilder in contest shape?” Cost me $200 just to be able to give him a body massage, while we did a couple hits of tina from a pipe. Next thing I got a source to get my sustenon and winstrol and anadrol. HE got them from Craig. Unfortunately it was like pulling teeth to get them as promised…always a delay or short of product.

  26. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Johnny: Many people will name a pro as the source and low and behold that pro has nothing to do with it.(just fyi) Maybe CT did in your case; I don’t know, CT had so many connects. and friends spread around.

  27. shockandawe Says:

    Yeah, but Knew Them, Craig was a big time dealer. Always had some money-making product that was illegal. It was just the nature of the beast. He was fascinated with all things short cut, illegal and dark.

    By the way, I did an article on Nubain once and Nubain is basically synthetic heroin, so whether it was nubain, or heroin or morphine or whatever, it’s all the same thing.

    So maybe I haven’t heard, but what’s the latest? I thought that MJ was merely a meth user. I have always known CT to be a Nubain user - he used to shoot up in front of me on several occasions. He was very non-chalant about it. Something so second nature was odd to me, even when I was friends with him.

    Anyway, even if someone used Nubain or heroin, doesn’t mean they are responsible for their overdose. It’s possible either way to have someone shoot your body full of a lethal dose.

    Also, FYI, from research for the Nubain article, I can tell you that if someone goes clean from opoids, and then goes back to it, their tolerance for it is NIL, and that’s when overdoses happen, apart from the addiction cycle reaching a logical end and someone dying. All throughout the cycle of addiction, particularly with that class of drugs, the LD-50, it’s called, will change immeasurably. An addict returning to use of opoids will not be able to count on knowing what a safe dose is for them.

  28. chainsaw Says:


    Hence six monoacytal morphine. Cannot be attributed to pure morphine, only heroin.

  29. KNEW THEM Says:

    Shock: We finally agree…never knew MJ; can’t speak on her. Chain: Thanks for the chem lesson.

  30. Johnny2007 Says:

    Hey…just came across a bunch of wannabe “Mr”s (Olympia, USA, etc) that are doing the “gay” thing to feed their roid and drug crazes. One I’ll post here cause he died pursuing his habit. Scott Klein was 30 yo when he died. On the Repetrope.com site he has a “lifestyle” video (there are tons of these here) that he peddles to show you his workout regemen. After the workout, he states: “And to really blow your mind, you get invited back to my house and meet me in the hot tub. Sorry, no suits allowed.” As I posted earlier…these roid and drug habits have to be sustained just like their big muscled bods. The money has to come from somewhere. Ali Matteau was another caught up in this craze as well in Venice…finally returning to Canada and getting out of bodybuilding. For him it was getting hooked up on the gay PNP thing of smoking and slamming crystal meth along with the steroids..just like I did. We both had to get out of LA so we could get cleaned up. There’s only so much room at the top of the pyramid to be the best bodybuilder or win contests. For every winner there are hundreds struggling to make it, and it costs A LOT of money to do it to get tese freakazoid bodys. The money’s not from the sale of supplements, otherwise these guys wouldn’t be offering themselves for “muscle worship” at a price of $200-300/hour…or a night for $2,000..or joining Scott in his hot tub in the buff…or in the case of Craig… having you stay a weekend at his house. The least Craig could have done was barbque the steaks himself instead of sending out for Outback. Come to think of it, maybe Craig was the appetizer…

  31. darkstar Says:

    I remember that stuff on their website about spending a weekend at their house…
    I wonder how many people actually signed up…anybody know?


  32. jalal Says:

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  33. wtf really Says:

    you have GOT to be kidding! absolutely one is judged by their freinds. If you are not like them you would not want to be around them. People don’t associate with people they are morally and ethically constantly at odds with. accept that or don’t but it’s the truth. cliches become cliches because of the history of consistancy in the observation…birds of a feather.

  34. Anthony Conlan Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Do you know what has happened to the bodybuilder Ali Matteau? He had a website but it looks like it is now gone. Thank you.

    Best Regards

    Anthony Conlan

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