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“Rights Violations Are Taking Place”

This is the lead story at the Las Vegas Tribune. It doesn’t give us any new information but it appears they are taking a stand for Titus.

At The Clark County Detention Center Rights Violations Are Taking Place
By Rolando Larraz, Tribune Media Group

Once again authorities have created a phantom scenario in order to excuse their inexplicable behavior, violations of rights, and abuses of power.

This time they have accused nationally known bodybuilder Craig Titus, who has been at the Clark County Detention Center in solitary confinement, of planning an escape and they tied him with belts, completely naked onto a wheel chair.

Their story is so well planned and manufactured that even the American Civil Liberties Union did not consider their actions human rights violations.

Titus and his wife, Kelly Ryan, have been in the Clark County Detention Center for a year, accused of murdering their personal assistant, Melissa James.

During the one-year stay in the county jail, authorities have accused Titus of several infractions, including an escape attempt, and a plot to kill three witnesses in their case.

The Associated Press has reported that a jailhouse informant, Dean Cassim, was the driving force behind the murder for hire investigation of Titus, according to a review of more than one hundred phone calls recorded by police.

On the tapes, Cassim is repeatedly heard prodding Nelson Brady Jr., a jail house acquaintance of Titus, to meet with an undercover detective to pay for the services of a hit man named “Fred” who “was willing to kill as many as three witnesses in the Titus murder case for the right price.

As part of his deal with the authorities, Cassim is now in London, from where he called the Las Vegas Tribune trying to sell his story.

When the Las Vegas Tribune told him that the newspaper does not pay for stories and doesn’t deal with snitches, he tried to borrow $500.00 from this newspaper. He left a phone number “in case we should change our minds.”

Three separate meetings were set by Cassim for Brady to meet with the undercover officer. Brady failed to show up at all three meetings to hire “Fred” (the undercover officer) to kill the three witnesses. Cassim, then became irritated, making it a case of entrapment, almost forcing Brady to commit a crime.

Cassim told Brady that he was disrespecting him (Cassim) and reminded him of what happens to people who disrespect someone in prison. Intimidated by Cassim’s pressure, Brady eventually participated in two meetings with an undercover officer.

Back in October, Titus became the subject of an attempted escape investigation that placed him in solitary confinement until last week when jail officials uncovered “another escape attempt.”

Because jail officials and the Public Information Office of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are not allowed to communicate with the Las Vegas Tribune, which is an obvious display of discrimination, reporters could not verify the accounts of the alleged escape attempt.

However, Deputy Chief Michael Holt who oversees the Clark County Detention Center, told the rest of the Las Vegas media that “someone had crawled up onto the roof, directly above where Mr. Titus was housed”.

Director Holt also told the Las Vegas media that “being that Mr. Titus was already in disciplinary housing, and that it was close to his area, we did not know whether or not there had been a breach of security to the outside of the building.”

“We felt, for security measures, it was best to use basically a high security or a high risk extraction and move him until we were able to search the room and get the full story of what was going on,” Director Holt added.

The operation was recorded by jail officials and reviewed by high ranking police officials who believe that the actions of the correction officers were appropriate and showed the officers acting courteously toward Titus, but no references were made when the cameras were off, both before and after the incident.

A copy of the tape was obtained by a request for the records by the Review Journal and viewed by representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada. Gary Peck, Executive Director of the ACLU and attorney Allen Lichtenstein, did not criticize the officers’ actions seen in the video.

But Titus’ attorney, Marc Saggese, has told the Las Vegas Tribune that his client was treated “like an animal.”

“After viewing the video, I am shocked and horrified,” Saggese told the Tribune while driving to the airport on his way to visit with his parents in Georgia.

“This is a man, who, by law is presumed innocent until proven guilty,” Saggese said.

When asked what he had to say about the ACLU not finding anything wrong with what it viewed on the tape, Saggese told the Tribune that he has talked to Peck and he has retracted his opinion after carefully viewing the tape.

In a telephone conversation with Las Vegas Tribune, Gary Peck, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, expressed his concerns regarding the incident. “We now have more concerns and more serious questions based on the facts that we now know. Then, I am hard pressed to understand why Mr. Titus was treated that way and what the department’s policies are with respect to those matters. It would be nice if the department could offer some explanation.”

“The other two things that are troubling to me, when Mr. Titus was extracted from his cell officers had a high powered rifle aimed at him and then later on had to have a taser drawn and aimed at him. I’d like to know what the policies are with respect to those matters, as well,” Peck said.

“Now based on what we know we have even more serious questions and concerns,” concluded Gary Peck.

“They treated him as though he was trying to escape, but there is absolutely no truth to that,” Saggese said. “They have now admitted that my client was not involved in any escape attempt. It was a psychological warfare,” Marc Saggese stated before terminating the phone call.

Saggese had also told a KVBC Channel 3 reporter that jail officials had moved Titus through multiple floors. While he was in the basement, he was surrounded by security guards. He was in cuffs, strapped, everything you could name, but did they have to take his pants off so he was naked? I mean what does that reek of?

“That reeks of misconduct. It served no purpose to do that, other than to humiliate Craig Titus and they were successful”. Saggese said.

7 Responses to ““Rights Violations Are Taking Place””

  1. darkstar Says:

    Well, well, well…Rolando Larraz to the rescue…NOT…

    Rolando, the king of spin…Im surprised the Trib is still publishing…any of you in LV are probably familiar with the Trib…it isnt a newspaper so much as it a left leaning legal issues tabloid…good entertainment, not much depth, nothing new…

    Good old Rolando…he never met a defendant he didnt like…except for maybe Rick Rizzolo…Saggese has a new best friend…Power to the People!!

    I will say that Rolando was on the right side of the Binion case…but like a lot of the spin circulating around the Titus case currently, the real beef isnt about this supposed mistreatment or rights violations…its about the circumstances involving CT and KR that lead to the demise of MJ…

    Got that, Rolando? Dont forget who the victim is here…


  2. chainsaw Says:

    I’m glad someone had the balls to stand up in Vegas for what really is right. No wonder why this guy would stand up for defendants, the LVMP always are abusing their authority. The Feds will be here soon.

  3. darkstar Says:

    C’mon chainsaw, that is obviously too broad of a statement that has more emotion in it than fact…


  4. john hargreaves Says:


  5. darkstar Says:


    Jeez, thats a bit harsh dontcha think? Besides, I think Rolando comes from Cuba, not Mexico, and came here to be able to opine freely just like the rest of us…

    I dont always agree with the side he takes, or the reasons for it, but he does have the right to think and write what he wants…

    Debating his viewpoint is one thing…attacking him personally is bush league…


  6. Intheloop Says:

    For anyone that hasn’t seen the video, I found you can view it at musclemissions.org. There are also several links to other info on CT’s case.

  7. CTtheToilet Says:

    darkstar, you would eat the peanuts of of titus’ shit if you could. Like hairline salads don’t ya? Swing to the left a little more minority puff and see where it leads ya……..standing next to scooter libby in the lunch line…….hahaha.

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