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Titus remains in isolation

We’ll do our best to get more information but to our knowledge Craig Titus is still in isolation. Why? That’s what we’re trying to get an answer on but have yet to do so. Many people have asked why Titus was removed from his cell the way he was and if it was a mistake why is he still in isolation. One theory is that Titus is being separated from Kelly in hopes of her turning on Craig. Things have been very quite lately with Kelly Ryan.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Maura James and all the family and friends of all parties involved this holiday season. Many lives have been changed but none more then the victim, Melissa. Let’s not forget her amongst all the craziness that is and will undoubtly continue with this case.

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  1. Dennis L. Bates Says:

    As long as Craig is in isolation, the Weider brothers know Craig cannot possibly work on the “Tell All” audio book exposing the corruption in the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) and NPC (National Physique Committee).

    As a trustee, he was able to make calls to the Muscle Missions office on a regular basis.

  2. venice member Says:

    I agree the Satanic Weider Brothers are behind Craig being in isolation.

  3. Administrator Says:

    WOW! Yeah the weiders are behind all of it. MORON

  4. justpassingby Says:

    hey christians stop that crap with the satanic bull shit !!!

  5. venice member Says:

    I think Brian Boitano may be behind it as well…Dennis lay off the peyote dude…what is ur fricken deal with the Weiders and all the b.s. you spout?

  6. wayne mortensen Says:

    Wow! The Weiner brothers, I mean the Weider brothers can sleep soundly at night with CT in isolation. I mean CT
    is doing a tell all book. Hey moron, whoever you are Dennis
    Bates, what CT can tell in a tell all book has been known since the 50s. There is no news that CT can give that is not aalready known. Cmon dude, stay off drugs, it can ruin
    your brain.

  7. have-we-forgotten? Says:

    I must ask…have we forgotten what this case is all about? Melissa James was brutely tortured, murdered…burned, and gone, into thin air. This is NOT about Craig Titus or Kelly Ryan. They two both are still alive, this is about a woman that was murdered, for no reason that I can clearly see. Mr. Titus has decided, which was definately anticapated, made the case about HIM. Because, he feels, that this case should be about him, since he is the one that committed the crime. WE as the community should be asking HIM, WOW CRAIG, how did you do this and get away with it? FUCKING moron, go to hell….and I HOPE TO GOD that the “inmates” find you more attractive than the “outside” world did.

  8. are you serious Says:

    In some ways, I agree. I believe as a community that we have forgotten why poor Mr. Craig Titus is even is prison. Oh….I just remembered, he murdered a poor girl! Wake up Las Vegas…wake up USA, he is guilty, kelly is guilty….they are in prison for a reason, and will NEVER see day light again.

  9. Disgusted Says:

    HWF & AYS have brought things back into perspective. An innocent woman was brutally murdered and the guilty party fled the state to avoid prosecution. which by the way is why the FBI was the agency that apprehended them.

    This is serious shit and for a few fans to minimize the events by honoring their hero (Titus), they condone the murder of Melissa James. Wake up fans, Craig & Kelly are going down and there is nothing you can do to save them from their fate. There is nothing in their past that can redeem them, nothing.

  10. Seeking the Truth Says:

    I have been following this pretty closely…Did I miss something? I read that the autopsy on Ms James was inconclusive (no cause of death was determined) therefore no murder proven. Also, there has been no trial… in our beloved country we are all innocent until proven guilty.

  11. C'MON Says:

    The autopsy was inconclusive because the woman’s body was charred almost beyond recognition. And who admitted to lighting the fire? Who bought the lighter fluid? Finding guilt is just a fair trial away…

  12. In the loop Says:

    I agree with seeking the truth. The trial hasn’t even started and so many of you have them both convicted. If that’s your view of justice, you better hope you’re never on the receiving end. Is it possible that CT would’nt bow to the Weiders or promote their product, that maybe there is a vendetta now? It would be interesting to see if there is some connection between Weiders and the DA. CT’s treatment in prison is abominable. I don’t see the media frenzy here that I did with the nearly same treatment of the Abu Graib prisoners. But then again he’s just an AMERICAN CITIZEN who is PRESUMED INNOCENT until proven guilty. So maybe some of you blowhards should keep a more open mind before condemning anyone. Like the old saying goes, don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house.

  13. Disgusted Says:

    How far did you go in school? You are acually buying into the Weider theory now? Are you certain that global warming had nothing to do with it? Craig not want to promote a Weider product? There is nothing that Craig would not do for money which is why he is where he is.

    I suppose you are another ‘personal friend’ who knows in your heart that they couldn’t have killed Melissa. Funny thing is that Craig now has more people claiming to be personal friends than he had before the murder. Why don’t you all hold a telethon of car wash to pay for his defense?

  14. KNEW THEM Says:

    Many of my pro friends have told me that when a BBer gets in trouble the Weider bros. don’t give a shit about it and tend to stay far away from them. This is what I have heard from a few pros. This dates back more than 15 yrs. If they show up for a show, they show up. If they don’t, so what the Weiders feel BBers are a dime a dozen. By the way the min. Weider contract is 24 g’s a year.

  15. Jason G Says:

    The death of Melissa James is tragic and sad especially for her family and close friends. I hope I (we) will never have to experience the pain and suffering they are feeling. My heart and prayers along with those of many others who read this site are for this family.

    The burning of this beautiful young ladys’ body is dispicable and the act of a coward. It should be of some comfort to to understand that although the autopsy “was inconclusive” as to the exact cause of death, there was, however, NO smoke reported to have been in her lungs. She could not have been breathing and must have been deceased prior to the fire. I know that I feel better knowing that she did not physically suffer from the fire. The problem I am having is that as dispicable the “burning” of Melissas’ body was, that this in its’ self, does not prove murder.

    Here are my concerns with this case. If DA Daskus has the “air tight case” against Titus and Ryan as he has led the public to believe, WHY?? all the diversionary tactics we continue to see in this case. Are there no other murder suspects in the Las vegas Jail system? Are they receiving THIS TYPE and amount of publicity?

    WHY the play “Play Dead” game with a key witness?? WHY a blotched “murder for hire” investigation making only ALLEGATIONS in open court and NOT CHARGING TITUS?? WHY was a convicted (sentenced for) attempted robery with a deadly wepon “snitch” set free?? WHY, after obtaining a trustee position in the Jail was Titus placed into solitary confinement in October just when the “murder for hire” plot in which Titus WAS NOT charged came to light?? WHY was Titus the ONLY PRISONER “extracted” from his cell, hand-cuffed, straped into a chair, blind-folded and then stripped naked when “someone” allegedly climed on top of the 12 story Clark County Detention Center, (7 STORIES ABOVE TITUS’ CELL) Jail personnel called it “a high security escape investigation”?? By the way, it has now been reported that Gary Peck of the ACLU has since “RETRACTED” his origional statement, “we thought the Police were professional and did their job professionally” They have now expressed concerns regarding the incident stating, “We now have more concerns and more serious questions based on the facts that we now know. I am hard pressed to understand why Mr. Titus was treated that way.” (end of quote) They treated Titus as though HE was trying to escape, however, there was NO truth to that. WHY, what was their point?? Psychological warfare??

    And the one thing that I am most bothered by, is the statement made by DA Daskus in the Las Vegas Review Journal October 26, 2006 while reveling the “murder-for-hire” plot stated, “We have a zero tolerance for someone who’s willing to manipulate the outcome of a prosecutation-”. The above series of events were NOT started by Titus. Now I question, who is that “someone who is willing to manipulate the outcome of a prosecutation”??

    There was a time in the beginning of this investigation where I too believed with all my heart that Titus and his wife were guilty, hands down. However, because of the recent turn of events, I will now keep an open mind and take a fresh, closer look at the evidence. I believe we all owe this to Melissa and her family.

  16. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    Knew Them:

    This post is intended as a counterpoint, not a personal dig:

    If you own a business with employees and some get into trouble with the law to the point this could tarnish your business wouldn’t you distance yourself?

    The Weiders are under no obligation to Titus or any other BB’er who crosses the law in fact it’s most likely in their contract. You are correct that BB”ers are a dime a dozen because they are. No one forced them to forsake their future (complete college, seek a career), work out, take ’supplements’, stick a needle load of life shortening drugs into their backsides. They are the same as any wide-eyed runaway that takes the bus to Hollywood in hopes of being ‘discovered’.

    I’ve witnessed first hand how the promoters (not just Weider) exploit these more than willing participants to the point they are nothing more than gophers.

    I’ve also encountered many wannabes, amateurs and pros who brag loudly that they are the next Arnold and have ‘movie deals’ in the works.

    Nearly all BB’ers are broke while ascending the ladder into the Pro arena. They almost always have the devoted girlfriend/slave who prepares their meals, does their laundry, pays their rent, lug the gear and must accept occasional bouts of infidelity if they want to ‘be there when I make it’. The first thing these bozos do when they get even a taste of a five figure check is to run out and blow the wad on a sports car they can never pay off. Of course the girlfriend gets the privilege of taking it to the car wash.

    No one is forcing them to sign a contract for twenty-four grand a year. You can’t put a price on the adoration, attention and magazine shots they get, THAT is also part of the compensation package. They all think this will lead to something bigger but of course it doesn’t and they end up being forty year old personal trainers wanting to open a clothing line.

    Trust me a ‘tell all’ book from anyone will not hurt the Weider Empire in fact it will probably help them after all it’s free promotion for them. For every BB’er who whines about the Weiders there are ten young up and comers who would mow the Weiders lawn for the chance.

    The bottom line is that BB”ers that engage in illegal activity like Titus and Ryan are bad for business. What they pay BB’ers is their business.

  17. in the loop Says:

    School? What’s that have to do with common sense? I’m sure you’re highly educated, thats why you’re so quick to believe only what you want. The fact is you need to keep an open mind to all potential possibilities. I didn’t state what I said was fact, it’s just a rumor that should be looked at. And the only thing relating to global warming is the hot air coming from your posts. You always need to remember, there are two sides to every story and we all know we don’t have access to all the facts.

  18. Disgusted Says:

    Clains of having common sense should have told you that this is merely an expression. I am not acting quickly on believing what I want to rather I have weighed what I have seen as fact that a woman was brutally murdered, KR purchased lighter fluid, Gross brought the gas, Craig torched the Jag, they traded vehicles, used disposable mobile phones while fleeing the state, attempted to liquidate assets rapidly, attempted to obtain phoney passports for passage to Greece and were apprehended while Kelly’s vanity got them caught.

    The two sides to every story you mention is the only sense I can make of your post. Of course we already know the Titus’ side (see above paragraph). Now it’s a matter of hearing the DA’s side during the trial.

    Seeing as you now dismiss your previous post as rumor (at the cost of your credibility), we can all discount any further claims of personal knowledge you make in the future.

    Happy New Year!

  19. chainsaw Says:


    You are quite right, that is exactly what the cops and the DA have stated. What is in the Grand Jury transcripts is quite different. No mention of (all) you’re stated quotes. That means we should all just wait until trial to hear the (real) evidence under oath in open court. If what has been printed in the Las Vegas Weekly, (not lvrj) is correct, it will come out in court, CT will be convicted, and sentance administered and I’ll accept that. Until then, a civil society will wait for the sentance to be handed down.

    And I’m just reading the minds of the CT’s haters right now thinking, “MJ didn’t get a day in court, she didn’t get a sentance handed down” ect. ect. ect. Well, if you don’t like the American Justice system, change it or move.

  20. Arnie Says:

    Why are Craig and Kelly not posting a bond to get out of jail. Did the Judge set one?

  21. Jason G Says:

    No bail has been set. They are held without bail. The DA convinced the Judge that they were a flight risk.

  22. Who Cares Says:

    Of course they are a flght risk, look at the circumstances under which they were apprehended. I doubt they could post bail anyway and even if they could, Craig would only use the freedom to do something even dumber than before.

  23. Jenny Clark Says:

    Can someone verify if the story of kelly ryan being beaten by a female guard is true? story was she was strapped to a table stripped to her underwear and beating with a leather belt

  24. Disgusted Says:

    What is your source of the story as you post here? How can you confirm this claim?

  25. Jason G. Says:

    Don’t anyone panic. This is how rumors and “tall” tails are started and spread. If this type of story is posted, you must include a verifiable source of the information.

  26. Disgusted Says:

    I have doubt that Kelly is experiencing these claims. Just whow many sisters doed Craig have?

  27. darkstar Says:

    If this was true Im sure it would have been leaked and confirmed by now…doncha think?


  28. Intheloop Says:

    I did not dismiss my last post, just simply stated it was something that is out there and that maybe it should be looked at to see if it has any basis in fact. Of course with your self righteous attitude, and by your post, you stae only one side of the story which has been released to the media. Do you really think the law releases all information or just what they want you to hear?

  29. shockandawe Says:

    I think Jenny Clark is engaging in lesbian fantasy about Kelly in her panties, strapped to a table.

    Also: GYM RAT has a good point - of COURSE you’d distance yourself from trash if you were successful. Plus, CT is no one the Weiders have ever cared about or for, based on what a difficult individual he has been over the years to work with. Plus, he’s a substandard bb, who has never been cream of the crop.

    I suspect a lot of the people on this site are NOT familiar with the inner-workings of the bb world, Venice, the mags, etc… (not saying that in a bad way) so I guess I understand the questions.

    Let me set the record straight: Craig was an “also-ran”…a guy who never was considered a big contender in the sport. He’s also always been too high risk for most companies to handle. If they did handle him, and some did for sure, it was because they wanted that controversy and bad boy illusory shit attached to their products for some strategic reason. But, fact is, everyone in the end always fired him, or were on his shitlist because they didn’t want anything to do with him once they saw how disruptive and destructive being associated with him actually was.

  30. randal Calofron Says:

    The inside information is Melissa was girlfriend of Arnold. He had a tiff with Titus over her in lat armold classic. Weiders came in and you know what happened.

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