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Titus video on Catherine Crier Live today

Watch CourtTV and Catherine Crier Live today…


16 Responses to “Titus video on Catherine Crier Live today”

  1. darkstar Says:

    This is the bullshit I am talking about…”shocking jailhouse video…”
    “wait till you see the measures law enforcement had to take to handle him after a suspected escape attempt…”

    Did I miss something? Everyone except Saggese and Tony Papa pretty much agree this was not particularly “shocking”…but that’s the least of it…

    This entire headline is pure BS…it has no relation to reality…I am no fan of CT, but unless there are things we have not seen, where did CT cause a ruckus to warrant a headline like this?? And it is clear there really was no escape attempt…

    These phony TV idiots couldnt give a shit less about this case unless they can spin it into something it isnt all for the sake of ratings…Regardless of my leanings about CT, I think this sort of reporting is appalling.

    Headlines like this serve only to misinform and obfuscate. Like I said, I am no fan of CT, but this headline is pure doublespeak: “Look what the cops did when CT tried to escape!! Film at 11!!!!”

    The problem is, the casual observer, seeing this headline, jumps immediatly to conclusions that would be way off base…

    Crier is nothing more than tabloid TV of the worst kind.


  2. formerfitness Says:


    Amen. media whores……

    people, keep your heads straight. CC’s comments have nothing to do with nothing.

  3. KNEW THEM Says:

    Welcome back FF: Let’s hope Greta does a little better.

  4. darkstar Says:

    The problem with Greta is that she covers the same shit over, and over, and over, and over…I suppose she is better than Crier, but Greta still puts a very topical spin on things, never bothering to dig much deeper than the smarmy titillation layer…
    At least when the trial circus comes around, it will count for something in the box score, unlike all these pretrial shennanigans…like a preseason game, it dont mean squat…


  5. Go Figure Says:

    I have a question that I hope maybe you guys can help me with, pardon my ignorance here…. Has any event in which Craig caused a problem while being detained been “breaking news”. I am just trying to follow the case and haven’t heard of any specific event that he tried to overthrow guards, etc…. Could you guys please let me in on what happened, I’m being totally honest, I just don’t know PLEASE don’t bash me, no sarcasim here! Just trying to figure this out. Thanks for any info..

  6. Jason G. Says:

    If you follow the time line you will find that Titus was on the 7th floor of the Clark County Detention Center and a jail trustee until the story broke about October 20th(??) of the “Murder-For-Hire” plot. Soon after it was published that Titus had NOT participated in this plot, he was placed into solitary confinement where he remains to this day. A jail guard reported Titus for asking where he would get a uniform like his (the guards). They called this statement a “possiable escape attempt” and he was placed into solitary. This incident took place in his cell while in solitary and we now know that story. It has now been reported that Titus will remain in solitary confinement for an additional 3 months and no reason has been given by the jail??

    Some believe this is all normal and some believe that this is retaliation.

  7. Go Figure Says:

    Thank for the info. I was just a little confused because on previous posts it talk of CT being unruly and what not to the officers and I had not seen any factual information in regards to that. Thanks for the clairification!

  8. Go Figure Says:

    Also, what’s going on with Kelly, it seems as though no progress reports on her behalf have been made. I also wonder if she knows about what’s going on with her other half.???

  9. KNEW THEM Says:

    Kelly knows she will have her day; her attorney has convinced a sober and smart Kelly to STFUP.

  10. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    That’s because she’s the one in the family with the brains and keeps her mouth shut! Even if she is more guilty than Craig, his ‘activities’ alone will get him convicted while she’ll get to play the timid victim and probably pull it off.

  11. KNEW THEM Says:

    DARK* and Disgusted : Earth called, they want U to come back. I hope U are never accused of something U did not do. Even to have a police report faslified is a horrible situtation to be in. This is just overkill…letting snitches out, armed robbers, murder for hire plots; on and on and on with the crime story novels. If they killed MJ, just prove to us in the trial they/he/she did and I’ll hit the switch.

  12. Jason G. Says:

    I too would like to debate the facts. Show me the fact, tell me where I can see or read about the fact, give me your understanding and I would be happy to share mine with you. Please treat me with the same respect you deserve and I’ll bet that the majority of those who choose to participate with us will come to a simular conclusion. We can also agree to disagree if you like.

    If, On the other hand, your mind is made up and you do not want to be confused by the facts, do not participate.

  13. Sean T Says:

    He was moved due the fact that a person who was acting on his own was caught tampering with the outside of the jail..it was determind after that this had nothing to do with Titus…

  14. KNEW THEM Says:

    Who gives a shit he was moved….Craig doesn’t……It’s just the never-ending B.S. before the trial.

  15. Go Figure Says:

    Jason G - I mean no disrespect at all whatsoever. I am just trying to follow up with what’s going on in this case and get some clarity to a few issues. I just didn’t know whether there were specific events or a website that I could go to, to see exactly what CT did by causing such a fuss in his cell. I wholeheartedly believe that CT and KR are guilty, there’s no doubt in my mind. I just find this case very interesting, especially from someone in the sport, and am just trying to get my facts in order. I’m sorry if you thought I was being disrespectful!!!!:)

  16. Jason G Says:

    No person on this site has ever been disrespectful to me and I make every attempt to not let my personal feelings be hurt by people who do not understand my point of view. Even though some of the coments we see may be a little crude, I do believe, however, that we are all looking for the truth whatever that turns out to be.

    My post was not directed at any one person. I was trying to stimulate everyone to look for facts and not conjecture. I enjoy debating the facts. I was just saying if anyone disagrees with me, I want them to show me where they get their information from. Most often I have the facts before I make a statement. I have asked questions in attempt to get responses to see how another person views a statement they have read.

    Also, in an attempt to challenge a person on their thoughts, I say, “If your mind is made-up, (guilt or innocent) and DO NOT wish to be confused with the facts, in other words, do not debate me. I believe that we should all respect the opinions of others and to agree to disagree.

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