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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Titus ‘Unfairly Singled Out’ in Jail, Attorney Says

Titus ‘Unfairly Singled Out’ in Jail, Attorney Says

By: Melissa Duran, Reporter

Murder suspect Craig Titus says he got a scare in jail a couple of weeks ago. Newly released videotape shows the bodybuilder in the middle of an escape investigation inside the Clark County Detention Center.

But Titus’ attorney says it shows a lot more than that. Attorney Marc Saggese says it shows his client not only being treated like an animal but also being unjustly singled out.

In a recent interview, corrections officers say they thought Titus was trying to escape from jail.

The whole incident in November takes place in about 15 minutes. It starts with officers knocking on Titus’ solitary confinement cell. They then strap him to a wheelchair, place goggles over his eyes and wheel him down to a basement where he is strip searched.

Titus’ attorney, Marc Saggese says correction officers say a man was breaking an air duct around the roof of Titus’ cell and they thought it was part of an escape attempt to get Titus out. But that man had nothing to do with Titus and Saggese says it shows how his client is being treated unfairly.

“After reviewing this tape and discussing facts with him, he received a note from the jail, he’s going to be in solitary confinement for three more months without justification,” Saggese said.

Titus is in jail facing a murder charge for allegedly killing his personal assistant in December of 2005.

Saggese says although his client was not beaten, he has suffered mental anguish.

Correction officers would not comment on the case.

But in a recent interview, the assistant sheriff says the actions of the officers were very professional. He continued to say that cases like this are rare, but do happen when someone is thought to be an escape risk.

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