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Las Vegas Tv stations pick up the Titus video

From KVBC.com’s Website:

Bodybuilder turned murder suspect Craig Titus has a new video out, but this one doesn’t highlight his weight training. It’s jailhouse video of a high-risk cell transfer after concerns over an escape attempt.

Titus and his wife, Kelly Ryan, are awaiting trial for the murder of their assistant, 28-year-old Melissa James. Her charred body was found inside the trunk of a burned out car last December.

Police also suspect that Titus plotted the killings of three witnesses in his case, along with a possible previous escape attempt from the jail.

Police say they were very professional and did everything in textbook fashion. But Titus’ attorney says his client was mistreated for no valid reason. The following is a partial transcription of the video with analysis:

Corrections officer: Inmate Titus, get down on the floor, head towards that wall. Down on the floor on your belly. Cross your legs, bring them up to your butt. Put your hands straight out. Straight out to the side like an airplane. Palms up. Stay there in that position. Do not move. Do you understand? If you do not comply, force and or (unintelligible) will be used against you. It will create pain and it possibly will create death. Do you understand?

Moments later, a team of specially trained officers brings a bewildered Craig Titus out of his cell.

Titus: What the heck is going on?

At the time, no one would tell him. Here’s what Metro Deputy Chief Michael Holt, who oversees the Clark County Detention Center, told us:

Someone had crawled up on the roof of the second floor of our sally port area. It happened to be directly below where Mr. Titus was housed. Being that Mr. Titus was already in a disciplinary housing and that it was close to his area, we didn’t know whether or not there had been a breach of security to the outside of the building. So, we felt for security measures it was best to use basically a high security or a high risk extraction and move him until we were able to search the room and get the full story of what was going on.

That high-risk extraction is depicted in the video. Corrections officers in protective gear strap Titus into a chair, put blacked out ski goggles over his eyes, and move him downstairs into a second cell.

Corrections officer: Mr. Titus, we’re gonna take you out of the chair, we’re gonna lay you down on the bunk, we’re gonna go ahead and strip you out and we’re gonna exit out of your cell.

“The whole thing is designed to happen quickly, keep them disoriented and off-guard until you get back to another secured environment,” Chief Holt told us.

“They treated him like he was trying to escape,” says Titus’ attorney, Marc Saggese. “There’s absolutely no truth to it, they admit that now, and this procedure was psychological warfare.”

“It was determined that Mr. Titus had nothing to do with what had occurred on the outside of the building and the next day we moved him back to his cell,” Holt said. But Saggese tells a different story:

They had moved him multiple floors, he was in the basement, he was surrounded by security guards, he was in cuffs, strapped, everything you could name, but they had to take his pants and underwear off so he was naked? I mean, what does that reek of? That reeks of misconduct. It serves no purpose do to that other than to humiliate Craig Titus and they were successful.

Corrections officer: Injuries?

Titus: Just my pride.

Police say they only have to use the techniques depicted in the video about two or three times a year and don’t think they’ve done one like this at all in the last year.

15 Responses to “Las Vegas Tv stations pick up the Titus video”

  1. chainsaw Says:

    Police say they only have to use the techniques depicted in the video about two or three times a year and don’t think they’ve done one like this at all in the last year.

    Training new hires in real life… LOL….

  2. darkstar Says:


    Well now, maybe, just maybe, there was justification for this. The ACLU didnt have a problem with it, and if anybody would, it would be them…

    CT was in disciplinary housing (what happened to put him there?) so when the stuff happened on the roof above his cell, what are the guards supposed to think? Step into the shoes, people! You are a guard overseeing hundreds if not thousands of prisoners, all in there for “alleged” wrongdoing or doing time for convictions of this or that……and many with prior records, so this is not your typical sunday school choir bunch of guys…

    You take precautions to protect yourself and others, in accordance with the level of restraint called for inside a detention center and along with with the circumstances…

    Saggese is expected to bitch and moan on behalf of his client, but that doesnt mean it has any credibility or that he can back it up…he is sounding like a monday morning quarterback…what he needs to work on is what caused the fumble in the first place….


  3. Jason G. Says:


    Also, Titus is jailed on the 5th floor of North Tower in the Clark County Detention Center. The building is 14 stories high. IF someone was on the roof they must of had a helicopter. This was 9 floors above the cell Titus was housed.

  4. chainsaw Says:

    I know who it was on the roof!
    Fred Hitterman

  5. darkstar Says:

    Jason G,

    A comment like that which was made by the ACLU is their exit speech…it basically means they aint seen shit to hang their hat on, but we will fire one last weak salvo over the bridge just to remind people that we are the freakin’ ACLU…


  6. Jerry Says:

    Wow , I think his pecs have actually gotten better !

  7. wayne mortensen Says:

    I seen this movie called the Hotrock, with Robert Redford. They were trying to spring this other diamond thief out of jail. They landed on the police headquarters, of course the escape attempt was bungled. I guess the guards there at CTs jail has to watch this film, it is mandatory for their training. I think with this training, they were able to thwart this prison break with CT, after all somebody was on the roof.

  8. WILL NOT SAY Says:


  9. darkstar Says:

    Well, go ahead and stick up for him then…

    But get this straight, ya dope…MJ was the one who was mistreated here…


  10. darkstar Says:

    Mistreated, my ass…

    Being body slammed, tasered, punched in the face, tied up and wrapped in duct tape, put in the trunk of a car and fucking burned…THATS being mistreated…

    What a fucking moron…


  11. shockandawe Says:

    Yeah, this sympathy crap for a brutal murderer who is nothing but a narcissistic baby makes my stomach turn. This was handled perfectly and with complete competence. I don’t blame them. So he wasn’t implicated in the deed of attempting escape in the end… fine. But they had to find out and they did what they were taught to do. Everyone’s always whining and crying about dignity, etc… but Dark is right.. what about MJ???
    Catherine Crier should look at MJ’s charred remains when she says “What is going on here?” She’d think it was outrageous to walk into Target!!!

  12. KNEW THEM Says:

    Shock, again: I feel U about MJ..horrible. I gotta tell u though, the first day I was in jail once by morning I was taught how to use a match to open a set of hand cuffs. Point is; it’s just part of being there. Everyone talks about the same shit: 1. Lets hook up when we get out.(No one ever does) 2. What are you in for?(No one cares) 3. I’m going to beat this charge.(No you’re not, you will plead) I could go on and on

  13. darkstar Says:

    knew them,

    OK, let’s review…

    You think it was overkill they way CT was handled, with half a dozen guards, riot gear, hog tied, blindfold, etc….

    Yet, you just said that you learned within less than a day of being in jail how to pick a handcuff lock with a matchstick…Given that fact, and putting yourself in the shoes of the guard for just a second, what sort of precautions would you have taken, knowing that prisoners will always be angling for ways to free themselves…and arguably do whatever is necessary against you, who stand in their way, to gain that freedom…

    We can speculate and say CT wasnt causing trouble, etc…maybe so…but would you risk it if it was you who was responsible not only for the prisoners, but for your well being as well?

    I doubt it…


  14. KNEW THEM Says:

    Dark* I understand that the guards want to go home at the end of the day, but come on it just appeared to be a little too much, that’s all I’m saying. I understand your reply.

  15. darkstar Says:

    knew them,

    I understand your viewpoint as well…I suppose the bottom line is that the video shows what it shows, however it may not be showing the whole picture unfortunately…what may have happened prior, or some event which may have predicated it…or not….
    That’s the problem with most of this stuff…we have bits and pieces….

    And the only ones who really know what happened on the fateful night are CT and KR…

    Have a good new years…..


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