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VIDEOS - Titus being removed from his cell

The Las Vegas Review Journal has posted three videos of Craig being removed from his cell. It is chilling to see Craig being strapped in and blind-folded. Anyone who saw Titus compete can only see a ghost of his former self in these videos.

Click here to view the three videos from the Las Vegas Review Journal

Clark County Detention Center video
Craig Titus being removed from his cell at the Clark County Detention Center as part of a high-security escape investigation. Because of it’s length this video been broken into three over-lapping segments.

40 Responses to “VIDEOS - Titus being removed from his cell”

  1. another canuck Says:

    Okay, I’ve been keeping up on this case for, like, EVER. I’ve been reading about Flyin’ Ryan from Toronto in Oxygen for years, and when I heard about the incarceration of Kelly and Craig I’ve been glued.

    Can someone explain to me in Americanspeak (ie - my kilometres/celcius to your miles/farenheit) a couple of things:

    Are you allowed to videotape cr*p in jails/prisons? In Canada, you’d be set free as this public footage would interfere with an impartial jury.

    Their case will start in April, which does not result in a speedy trial. Acquittal?

    If prison guards play red rover with your @ss (as in the video), you can sue the crap out of them here. I’m so not bragging about this. Can Titus take action, or Ryan on her husbands behalf, of this mishandling?

    We don’t get Court TV. Can I catch the trial on-line?

    Who do you guys like more…Oprah, or Bush? OK, joking on that. But I’m trying to follow this fascinating ordeal (thx, Chaninsaw and Darkstar) but sometimes the explanation has to be in simple A, B, Cs.

    For example, Melissa’s family is spending their 2nd Christmas without her. And no matter what side of the border you’re on, we both understand grief. I’ll keep watching - cheers

  2. chainsaw Says:

    Having this video out is outrageous. I never really seen anything like this in America before. The charges looked trumped up against CT. Like he is really gonna escape from that cell. We all know that there were easier ways to do this, and did not nearly need all of the guns and riot gear, a chair that you strap hannibal in? Get real.

    I know I’ll hear from people say ya ya this is protocal. Usually only if the person actually threatens guards or other inmates. The prosecution is praying for CT to do something so they can kill him. Why? I have no idea. Maybe he ratted on some big timers here in Vegas. He probably did. My other theory is this, if you make Gross look dead to catch titus’s socalled hit, why not make CT look like an escapee and put him in witness protection? You all think I’m crazy, but you never know. All I heard on the tape recordings are Brady doing anything I mean anything to help CT. Whether CT asked for it or not.

    No wonder the LVPD is emabarresed by not catching CT in a hit. I barely even heard anything about it on those tapes.

    Hey LVPD, is this all you have got?

    Next thing you know, someone will shank CT, and of coarse they’ll never catch who did it.

    CT looked so violent there.. OOoooo I was scared.

    I never heard CT talk before, he didn’t sound so dumb on the recorded tapes.

    On the defense of the CCDC, I can say, well, nothing. Bunch of idiots.

  3. chainsaw Says:

    As you can see I get a litte emotional.
    We’ll have to wait and see, I believe that if they had something to justify this, we would know about it. Maybe they do. As of now, I don’t see it. Hopefully someone on the inside can inform.

  4. thechosenmale Says:

    Man,seeing CT wheeled on that elavator, I had visions of these guards being taken out, Hannibal Lector style. As far as this being done all the time, it is. These guards do this on a regular basis, they do not want to get hurt, they want to subdue the prisoner and make him comply. If he does not comply, there will be some heavy duty butt kicking going on. I think these guards were not taking any chances with CT because he has abnormal strength, even though he is not near as big as before. As far as guards taking no chances, to see how other states do it, go to this web site and see what happens when the prisoner does not comply. The web site is robwill.org This is a Texas death row prisoner that did not comply with the hit team and he was severely punished for not following his orders. CT is smart keeping his mouth shut.

  5. Disgusted Says:

    chain: You should talk with caution even on the net, you’re starting to sound like Titus now. Craig earned this treatment.

  6. Nicki Says:

    News Flash, disgusted!

    Craig has not been convicted of anything yet! This has acquittal written all over it. Plus a civil suit. I am sorry CT had to go through it, but the CCDC just f*cked themselves. God can turn all bad around for good and I believe He is on thier side. CT’s lawyer was pretty smart to put this out. Now the guards will be more cautious with him. This case just does not seem to die down at all. It has been one thing after another. I wonder what will happen next. LVPD better watch thier step because it looks like some people are putting thier jobs on the line.

  7. wayne mortensen Says:

    Acquittal! Acquittal! Lets look at this. Burned body in car, another witness who helped burn the body, little girl with duct tape dead and burnt up in CT and KR car. Yes, you are so right Nicki, this is a sure acquittal. Why do the guards have to handle CT with kids gloves, in the past, he has been abusive, combative, and non-conforming. Why would these guards have to treat CT different just because he use to have big muscles. You do not think the people at the detention center know that they are being watched, that is why they video taped everything. There was no abuse, no torture, no verbal assault, just these guys telling him that they were checking him out and he had better not be combative because his rear would be kicked. You think this is the first time that this detention center has been threatened with lawsuits, every drunk, every murderer, every rapist that has gone thru there has had rude treatment by the LVPD. These guards do not care if they hurt his feelings and scared him. Believe me, they have all of their bases covered.

  8. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    Hey Nicki, What color is the sky in your world? Welcome to earth.

  9. Disgusted Says:

    Nicki: Where was God when Craig and Kelly were torturing and murdering their victim, taking a siesta?

  10. chainsaw Says:


    I would think that people would have less of a tolerance for the B.S that the CCDC has done. It would be one thing if they came up with something, but nothing over and over again.

    I would love to belive and have in the past that all cops and officers of that sort are looking out for our benefit, and have been proven over and over wrong.

    Even Canadians are looking at this going “what is going on in America.”


    I belived the Da’s evidence until they said CT put out a hit, and never happened

    Said that he “tried to get a guard uniform” which is truely unbelievable,

    And said he was detained because or a moved air duct which they admit he had (NOTHING TO DO WITH).

    Next, they will say he had a gun in his ass and shot himself.
    Come on Bro,

    I didn’t say he didn’t burn a body, but since he did that doesn’t make him guilty of all of the crimes they say he did. i.e the three I mentioned above.

  11. KNEW THEM Says:

    These scenes remind me of the Con Air movie, when the worst CONVICTED criminals in the country are transported.

  12. darkstar Says:

    Another Canuck,

    Nothing improper here about videotaping standard operating procedure. The entire facility has most likely got video cams all over as well…Down here we also have a bit more of a problem with crime than you do up north…we got almost 300 million people…you got what, 30 million? Consider yourself lucky that more Canadian kids learn to play hockey than smoke crack…

    Secondly, the trial was delayed by the defense and the judge, and the defendants most likely waived time at the beginning of the proceedings…

    A “speedy” trial is also determined by the court calendar…You can tell from the first trial date, since delayed by mutual agreement of the parties till April, that the criminal courts in Vegas are jammed…no acquittal on any of this…that’s the way it goes…you get yourself into the system, you are made subject to its schedule…lots of sitting around waiting…

    Chain, what about the “tolerance” for the “crap” the perps who are incarcerated have been accused of, (and who will likely be found guilty…)
    I personally could give a shit less about most of those who make the decision to put in motion some act which lands them there…furthermore, by using the methods you saw in the vids, they ARE looking out for your benefit…You think CT is the only guy ever subjected to this? This was nothing…

    Maybe you should become a defense attorney, step into the ring, and see how much of your theory flies in court…I am not dissing you, but the fact is, there are more pieces to the puzzle here that we are not seeing. I do not think the DA specifically said CT moved an air duct, more like an air duct over his cell was moved, meaning they had to cover all bases…same with the uniform situation…truly unbelievable to whom? These things can be spun both ways.

    Lastly, as to CT being “guilty of all of the crimes they say he did”, he was never charged with any of those alleged crimes, was he…? That is simply loose talk…

    Disgusted, great response to Nicky…If her theory “god turns bad into good”, then what does that mean in her world, and as it pertains to this case?


  13. BIG LOUIE Says:

    Interesting points people however, the events shown in these clips will have zero affect as to the charges against and/or the outcome of the Titus trial.

    Personally, I’m uncertain if there is any abusive or humiliating actions brought upon Titus that he doesn’t deserve. Being abusive, offensive and a bully, these actions are something Titus should relate to. However, like all bully’s he reacts with fear and postures for protection.

    However, it throughly disgusts me to witness the abusive bully and cowardly manner of these cops. I beleive I counted seven well armed and protected bully’s extracting a single diminutive person in shorts and slippers from a protected cell as if they were in fear for their lives.

    The question is, what is more dispicable and dishonerable, Titus or law enforcement.

  14. darkstar Says:

    Big Louie,

    The number of cops involved is typical, not unusual. They are controlling the immediate area as well, not just the inmate…

    Like I said before, when Gary Peck of the Nevada ACLU says the police acted professionally, that only leaves one answer to the question you posed above…


  15. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    Disgusted and D*:

    You guys both said it perfectly.

    I couldn’t agree more.

  16. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    “Disturbing photos of CT being removed from his cell in a jailhouse raid”…

    Everything about jail is disturbing to me…but it seems to me like the guards handled this in textbook fashion.

    I mean if I went to chainsaw’s house an woke him up in the middle of the night and woke him up he’d have the same wtf look onb his face - I would for sure - but does that make it wrong - Chain - I’m always interested to read your take on this stuff - some cops are corrupt - some priests are molestors - u won’t get any

  17. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    You won’t get any arguement from me - I get what your saying - I think the cops in new orleans (not to get off topic) are worse than the criminals half the time - nobody said jail was a picnic - I only have one ex-friend who has been incarcerated and he had a hundred horror stories - but u know what - he deserved to be there. Do I know every detail of CT’s life - no I don’t - but I’ve observed him firsthand and he deserves to be where he is. He created this Karma. Do I believe innocent people get railroaded

  18. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    F***ed by the system - yes absolutely - but hell he’s already confessed to burning the body - I mean think about it logically - Chainsaw - put yourself in CT’s shoes - I know it’s difficult but try - a friend of yours OD’s in your house.

    Do you:

  19. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    A.) Call the cops.

    B.) Put the body in ur wife’s jag - duct tape the face of the corpse and burn the body along with the car…

    Chain: do u see where I’m going brother - talk about shit not adding up - that’s a bullshit story…

    Do cops do the wrong thing - yes.

    Do some priests molest - yes.

    Is life wrong and unfair - yes…

    But dude at the end of the day in this particular case - what doesn’t add up is the behavior of KR and CT - it just doesn’t.

  20. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    I mean geezus …pretend ur a well known BB and ur wife is the first name in fitness - swell…would u shit a brick over someone ODing at ur place..sure u would..anyone would …but would u burn the body in ur wifes car - no u wouldn’t Chain - because ur not a god damn sociopath brother…

  21. Canadian Connection Says:

    speculation,speculation, speculation.! FAct is I don’t know CT or KR. But God damn it it sounds lik a fuc$% witch trial . JUst because an individual has soome f personal flaws doesn’t make him guilty. Let the facts ride! He’s locked up for a reason I undersstand this, but personal opinionns of the man aside let the facts stand. I know i havene’t always been the best person but character flaws don’t amount to a guilty acount. Innocent or proven guilty, Ct deserves a fair trial.

  22. Jason G Says:

    Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan may or may not be guilty. Frankly I do not care. I do, however, care for justice and yes, the American way. I, as many others who follow this web site, would stand up for your rights, wheather you are black, white, rich or poor. We all just want justice for all and all includes Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan.

    As I have previously stated, I, like most other citizens, support our local Police Departments and court systems. We believe that these people who we depend on to protect us will be fair and provide “Justice For All”. Recently, this case has taken many different and unusual turns which has caused me to question the ethics and fairness of “some” law enforcement people in the Las Vegas area.

    The most resent episode relates to the treatment Titus experienced at the hands of the jail personal at Clark County Detention Center. We now know that Titus was not physically injured in this action. The procedure was not intended to cause physical
    injury and in my opinion, it was intended to cause mental stress. My question here is if this procedure was carried out as the result of “an escape investigation” why was Titus the ONLY prisoner who experienced this “security extraction?” Yes the Police reported that a man had climbed onto the jail roof “in the vicinity of Titius’ cell” There were many other prisoners “in the vicinity” of Titius’ cell. Why only Titius? His cell, a 5 foot wide, 10 foot long and 8 foot high cell made of 2 foot of concrete and steel on the walls, floor and ceiling with a 18 inch thick steel door doubble locked would be virtually impossiable to break into or out.

    At the request of the Las Vegas Review Journal the ACLU did view this vidio and reported that they “did not criticize the actions of the police on the video”. They did, however, add “THERE ARE QUESTIONS ABOUT WHETHER THE LEVEL OF FORCE USED WAS NECESSARY IN THIS CIRCUMSTANCE”. I too question this action.

    Additionally, I am concerned with and question the resent actions of the Las Vegas Police and DA office in relation to the “Murder-For-Hire Plot”. The DA has accused, however not charged, Titus with this alledged plot. Why only allege and not charge? I will tell you why. There is absolutely NO, I repeat NO evidence Titus “orchestrated this plot from the Clark County Detention Center. Listen to the taped conversations from the jail for yourself at www.reviewjournal.com/webextras/titus/ . Also consider Bradys’ attorney statement that these “recordings raise questions about whether Cassim’s (the snitch) actions on behalf of the Police were legal”. Additionally he says, “Without the government INSTIGATING the plan, INNITIATING the plan….”
    We haven’t heard the last of this “Plot”.

    Also, why the “Play Dead In The Trunk” saga by DA Daskus, the “Get Out Of Jail Free” ticket given to the “snitch” by DA Daskus and Judge Boneventure and the “Proceedural error” meeting between Judge Glass & DA Daskus WITHOUT Titus attorney Saggese?

    IF DA Daskus has ALL the evidence to convict Titus and Ryan as he claims, why all the continued public display of accusations and innuendos aginst Titus?

  23. chainsaw Says:

    I think that most you have me all wrong. For some reason most have the idea that I believe the trial should be called of, CT freed and everyone go on their merry way. Not true. First of all, I was all for just going to trial and sorting the evidence that mainly shows that CT and KR killed this girl. I’ve read and re-read the transcipts-the recordings everything. I have totally seen the prosecution grand stand in court and accuse in court titus with murder for hire without charging him, and accuse him of escape 2x with nothing. The word through the grapevine here is that the ccdc was training newby’s in cell extraction, and used titus by saying there was “something unusual with the ceiling.” I don’t know how true that is, but it sounds reasonable.

    I guess everyones life experiences leads them to different conclusions. But honestly, all this stuff the prosecution is putting out there is B.S… When have they ever, I mean ever released a video, tape recordings of something like this BEFORE the trial. And without even charging him with aditional crimes like escape or murder for hire. Again, without charging him, this is almost defamation.

    I’m dumbfounded by the CT haters. Who in their civil mind would say he deserves this? He hasn’t even been found guilty yet. No one deserves this type of treatment. By the way CT didn’t accuse abuse, he just told his lawyer he was scared and his accusations were entirely accurate with the video.

    One more thing, IF MJ was killed KELLY RYAN did it. I hate to burst the CT haters bubble, and all the chicks that think she is innocent. This has jealous girl killing written all over it. I think all the CT haters forget, KR injected and tased her. I don’t recall when a body slam ever killed anyone, and the coroner didn’t see any trauma. For flyin out loud, CT got a hotel for MJ, really sounds like a killer to me.

    I’ll wait to see the “real” witness statements and cross examination. I’m patient.

  24. Family Friend Says:

    Desperate people do desperate things. From the look of it “desperate” must be the DA’s new mantra. This isn’t about justice…this is about winning! At all cost! This isn’t about finding out the truth for Melissa mother. This is about making sure the truth that comes out fits with the program. The LV-DA came out big guns, made all these charges, and had these two convicted before the ink was ever dry on a single report. The DA’s office saw big headlines and local celebrity and I am disheartened to say the glare from the camera lights has blinded quite a few. These recent developements aren’t about protecting “witnesses” from ficticious murder plots, they aren’t about securing hostile potential escapees… they are about desperate “head games”. With all thier solid evidence.. and stand up witnesses they are reduced to intimidation tactics. Whatever it takes. Turn convicted felons loose, erase twelve year convictions, conviently look the other way from drug deals, all can be forgiven if you are willing to help them in thier pursuit of one thing… no … not the truth, not justice ….the celebrity conviction. Local wannabes basking in the local lime light. Well there is just one problem with this scripted debacle…in order for the plot to play out in the real world … you have to start off with people that are guilty of the crimes you have accused them of. You have to actually have a case.

  25. kaz Says:

    Well if you remember vidoe of an inmate being bitten and attacked by police dogs in a jail in texas, then this footage is tame. It is law in the U.S. to vidoe tape high risk movements for liability reasons, so as to prevent false aligations like some of the ones that were stated numberous times by the ignorant authors. For the canadian idiot, beware, after we’re done with Iraq we then invade canada.

  26. KNEW THEM Says:

    I don’t think anyone actually thinks that the “method” of operatiion is incorrect; it’s the reasoning behind it. ( Escape plan, come on) There is what 5 to 6 floors above Craig and he is housed with already convicted violent criminals, why not practice the drill on one of them. I’ve said it before, anyone built in jail will be given a harder time than the average inmate. I think it’s effed up, but that’s just how it is.

  27. Jerry Says:

    I was waiting for ct to cry so I could laugh even harder … Jeez, my stomach hurts!

  28. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    Canadian Connection: Don’t worry about the US Justice system, Titus will get his fair trial, get convicted and then you, family friend, knew them and the other whiners can all get together and have a pity party.

  29. KNEW THEM Says:

    Venice Member$Version: Where Craig is housed looks like a PALACE compared to OPP(Orleans Parish Prison, yes I’ve been there). The police, don’t even get me started. Everyone watches the national news…enough said. Murder rate 50times higher right now per. cap. than D.C.

  30. KNEW THEM Says:

    GYM RAT: I’m not a whiner….I just believe the DA and police should play the cards they are delt and not add new ones into the deck.

  31. les Says:

    How long has he been in jail now, since last summer?

    In spite of that horrendous stuff they call food in a typical county slammer (typical fare food is around 2800 cals a day, with mostly starch and little protein); CT still is far from morphing into a skinny runt.

    I wonder if he does bodyweight exercises in his cell.

  32. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    I’d say his once large muscles have atrophied quite a bit but maintains the illusion of size due in part to the healthy layer of fat he has developed. Jailhouse pushups can only burn so much fat and it’s obvious in the video he’s not doing situps.

    Let’s not forget he is well below the six foot mark and these guards although not competitive BB’ers still workout and in a one on one situation, I’d bet on any of the guards. Keep in mind that they fight for their own lives nearly everyday and have the home field advantage.

    Every cop and guard I know works out like a fiend and has a strong background in martial arts, street fighting and/or military combat training. For those of you so convinced that the guards fear him, relax. Craig is used to opponents that don’t fight back…like Melissa.

  33. KNEW THEM Says:

    I’m sure Craig has other things on his mind right now other than his body fat percentage…..like Newports, a conjugal visit from Kelly, and his LIFE!

  34. James Says:

    Mr. Titus has obviously ruffled some feathers at the LVPD and LV Justice Department. I see quite a bit his attorney has to work with however. Anytime a procedure that requires penetration of any kind is technically defined as a medical procedure and requires a medical technician. Medical procedures allow for restraints but not blindfolds. Also medical procedures require that the recipient/participant be informed of said procedure. Any process less than what is described above is technically assault and in the case of penetration; forcible rape. Which is what I believe occurred to Mr. Titus’s as seen in the videos. The videos show nothing less than an unwarranted and acute show of force, intimidation, and forcible rape. Mr. Titus is shown confused but compliant and repeatedly asked where he was being taken and for what purpose. His simple questions were unlawfully ignored. Weather Mr. Titus is guilty or not he likely will gain some sympathy from potential jurists as a result of this published video.

  35. darkstar Says:


    What makes you think that video will even make into court? I doubt it…and for what purpose? There is no leverage to be had from it…except to show there was no violation…By his own admission, only his pride was hurt…That is not actionable. There was no “rape” here…

    Even if the defense presents it, the DA will have a field day on cross….When the ACLU shrugs it off, there is no sympathy to be had…

    Next, as to your “analysis” above, you got any law? Give us some succinct cites of law, regulations, statutes, etc… to explain and back up your argument. Frankly, I dont think you know what youre talking about…


  36. John Says:

    Gym Rat SHUT UP!!!!!

  37. gymowner Says:

    I just cannot believe that we haven’t heard more about this story on T.V.–Nancy Grace-Dateline-48 Hours-etc. These two are icons in the bodybuilding and fitness world and I think that all of us just want to know the truth. The whole episode is a sad day for all of their fans and a tradegy for the family of the murdered girl.

  38. darkstar Says:

    Thats right…icons in the BB and fitness world…outside of that, they are unknowns. The media has picked up on it to the extent they have because of the salacious nature of the case. The fact that they are fitness personalities is coincidental.


  39. steve Says:

    the animal murded a woman.he was a big tough guy then full of steroids.thinking he was untouchable.guess he see he is not now when the little bitch came out of him when he said, “oh my god” lol rot mr titus.

  40. Sago Says:

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