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Disturbing photos of Craig Titus from jailhouse raid!

As we mentioned yesterday more news is out. This time in the form of video screen shots of Craig Titus. The Las Vegas Review Journal is on top of things again. This time Glenn Puit brings us a story about the police department removing Craig Titus from his jail cell and provides the photos below. Titus looks rough and his lawyers must be furious.

Clark County Detention Center video images from Las Vegas Review Journal

Titus in Jail
Shown in video frame grabs, murder suspect Craig Titus, charged in the slaying last year of personal assistant Melissa James, looks dazed while corrections officers strap him into a chair during a November investigation into a possible security breach.

Titus in Jail
A blindfolded and restrained Craig Titus is wheeled away from his cell in the Clark County Detention Center to a room in the basement of the jail.

Titus in Jail
Craig Titus is placed face down on a bunk during an investigation of a possible security breach. Police say Titus has been a “challenging inmate” since his incarceration.

Story from Today’s Las Vegas Review Journal. Thank you Glenn for another Titus story.

Jail incident involved Titus
Officials, fearing escape attempt, removed suspect from his cell

A newly released jail video shows bodybuilder Craig Titus being removed from his cell at the Clark County Detention Center and strapped to a chair with a pair of goggles placed over his eyes as part of a high-security escape investigation.

The video was obtained from police Monday through a Review-Journal records request.

Assistant Sheriff Ray Flynn said that he has reviewed the video and that the actions of corrections officers were appropriate.

The video shows officers acting courteously toward Titus as they removed the inmate from his cell during a high-stress situation in November.

“It was extremely professional,” Flynn said. “I’m very proud of the officers.”

Titus’ defense attorney, Marc Saggese, had a different take, saying the video shows Titus being “treated like an animal.”

“After viewing it, I’m shocked and horrified,” Saggese said. “This is a man who, by law, is presumed innocent.”

The Review-Journal played the video for local representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada on Monday. Gary Peck and Allen Lichtenstein of the ACLU did not criticize the actions of police on the video.

“We thought the police were professional and did their job professionally,” Lichtenstein said. “He (Titus) did appear totally compliant.”

Lichtenstein added, “There are questions about whether the level of force used was necessary in this circumstance,” but he noted he could not start to answer them without more information.

Titus, 42, is housed at the jail on charges of murder and arson in the December 2005 death of his personal assistant, Melissa James, 28. Titus’ wife, fitness champion Kelly Ryan, is charged with murder also.

Flynn said the incident started when a man climbed a roof at the detention center and tampered with air ducts, which were in the vicinity of Titus’ cell. Titus had been the subject of a prior escape investigation.

When police saw the man tampering with the air ducts, Flynn said, corrections officials feared he was trying to break Titus out of jail.

Titus had nothing to do with the incident, but authorities did not know that, and jailers performed a high-security extraction of Titus from his cell. They videotaped the procedure.

The video shows a team of armed corrections officers outside of Titus’ cell, and a leader of the group tells Titus they are coming inside. They order Titus to the ground. Titus is warned that if he resists, officers will respond with security tactics that “will create pain, and it will possibly create death.”

Titus complies with the order. He is handcuffed, and is shown being escorted out of the cell shirtless. He expresses bewilderment at what is happening.

“What’s a matter?” Titus says. “What are you doing … what the heck is going on?”

Titus is told he will be informed in a few minutes. He is placed in a chair, tied to it with leather straps, and a pair of black goggles are placed over his eyes.

“Oh my God,” Titus says.

Titus is wheeled to an elevator and taken to the facility’s basement.

“Sir, can you take the goggles off?” Titus says.

“Not yet,” an officer responds.

A handcuffed Titus is wheeled into a small room, placed facedown on a bunk, and is stripped naked. Officers refer to him as “Mr. Titus” as his legs are raised in a security procedure.

Titus is respectful and compliant but also is heard saying “oh my God” again. As the handcuffs are removed, a red dot from a Taser laser is flashed on the wall, and Titus is asked whether he knows what the dot is. Titus says he does, and then he is told to remain still. Officers leave the cell, and Titus is pictured naked, sitting up on the bunk.

He is asked whether he has any injuries.

“Only my pride,” Titus says.

The entire incident unfolds of a little more than 10 minutes. Officers do not interrogate Titus as to whether there was an escape attempt.

Titus is a suspect in what authorities have described as a plot to kill three witnesses in his case. A friend of Titus, Nelson Brady Jr., has been charged with paying an undercover detective to kill the witnesses.

Authorities have voiced suspicions that Titus orchestrated the plot from the Clark County Detention Center, but he has not been charged.

Authorities said earlier this year that Titus approached a corrections officer and inquired about how to get a corrections uniform in what has been described as a possible escape attempt.

Flynn said all of the incidents played a role in corrections officers deciding to treat the November episode as a high-security situation.

“He’s been a challenging inmate since he’s been there,” Flynn said. “And, for the first time ever, we detected someone trying to break into the place.”

The man tampering with the air ducts ended up having nothing to do with Titus and was arrested on a vandalism charge.

Titus previously described his removal from his cell as a terrifying experience in a letter to his attorney.

“I’m very scared right now,” Titus wrote in the letter, a copy of which has been obtained by the Review-Journal. “For the first time in my life, I’m actually terrified. I need your help, my friend. But I’m also scared to even tell you in fear they may do something else to me.”

Titus said that after the incident, two female nurses observed him “butt naked.”

Moments before the video ends, a corrections officer is observed asking two female nurses to check Titus for any medical problems.

Flynn said the techniques used to remove Titus from his cell are not a common occurrence. They are used when someone is thought to be an escape risk or if someone poses a threat to the well-being of officers.

He said the use of female nurses to check on Titus was probably done because they were on staff at the time

25 Responses to “Disturbing photos of Craig Titus from jailhouse raid!”

  1. NevadaLaw Says:

    Interesting Photos of Craig. He does look scared and not anyway close to the Bodybuilder I remember from 10 years ago. I find it very interesting to see that CT’s attorney had the Video Reviewed by the ACLU and the ACLU did not criticize the actions of police on the video. I agree and do not have a problem with the reaction of the officers. CT’s attorney is quick to point out that “This is a man who, by law, is presumed innocent.”. Yes, I think we all agree and we all know that only a very stupid man who was BY LAW presumed innocent would joke about getting a guard uniform, talk with you cell mate about knocking off witnesses and all the other crap CT had pulled while in Jail. Remember that CT was the subject of a prior escape investigation of which we have not yet heard the details. He is being referred to as a “Challenging Inmate”. I’m sure that many of you will disagree with the actions of law enforcement and keep telling everyone here that this is the USA and he is presumed innocent. The FACT is that CT’s prior behavior warranted this reaction from the police. I liken it to any one of us going on an airplane and saying we have a bomb. I think that the reaction you would get is a picture equal to or greater then that of CT.

  2. Voice of Reason Says:

    Quite frankly I did not think CT looked all that scared. In the first video he seemed more annoyed, shaking is head. In the last video he sat up on the end of the bunk and jestured “like ok now what” or “what was that for?”. This guy deserves everything he has coming to him and more.

  3. Chainsaw Says:

    Totally tried to intimidate CT. All they really had to do was say, “het titus, come here!” If he was able to get close enough to joke with a guard, that say’s it all. This type of extraction is used for extremely hostile inmates. CT has not been characterized one. Challenging inmate, means nothing. Has he pissed or spit on a guard? Has he punched one. Not a chance. Finally, it was just a display of the correctional guys finally doing something according to procedure. Almost everything else they do seems against it.

    Also, listening to them tapes I hear CT say at least 10 times, forget about that to brady. There is so much talk on there, who knows what they were talking about.

    This Casim guy is a greasy loser.

    I honestly think that this stuff is a cover for some way way way more sinister stuff.

    Next thing we know, CT will be in the witness protection program.

  4. KNEW THEM Says:

    This is turning into a effing CIRCUS!!! Let Craig have his day in court.

  5. Chainsaw Says:

    Barnum and Baily x2
    Craiggers aint gonna make it to court I’m afraid.

  6. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Chain, Didn’t I tell U Craig would air the dirty laundry on the witness’ that the cops took statements from?

  7. Jason G Says:

    I am trying not to second guess the jail personal on their “High-Security Escape” procedures, however, I do have a few concerns.

    Titus is “Part of a High-Security escape investigation”? How many other inmates were investigated in this “escape investigation? How many other inmates were “ordered to the ground, stripped naked, hand-cuffed, strapped to a chair with goggles placed over their eyes, wheeled backwards (blindfolded) down a hall into an elevator and taken to the basement”? How many other inmates “were warned that if they (he) resists, officers will respond with security tactics that will create pain, and IT WILL POSSIBLY CREATE DEATH.” Titus was NOT interrogated as to “weather there was an escape attempt”. And what explanation was given Titus, “a red dot (on his cell wall) from a Taser laser. Were the jail police thying to injure Titus? Certainly not, especially while being videotaped. Intimidation? You be the judge of this alleged “high-security escape situation.” Was “the level of force used necessary in this circumstance”?

    “Titus had been the subject of a prior escape investigation”, yes when he jokingly asked a guard how to get a uniform like his. I do not understand how this remark by a prisoner from inside a 5 foot wide by 10 foot long 8 foot high ceiling cell made from solid block, steel and cement with a double locked dteel door would lead to or constitute an “escape investigation”

  8. justpassingby Says:

    It’s sad to watch, we don’t know what really happened for sure the day melissa died, but CT and KR were really involved in whatever happened, and now their life is totally f… up. Hopefully some people will come down on their drug use and think watching what can happen to them.

  9. NevadaLaw Says:

    Good Point Jason G.
    So How Many??? I don’t have that answer and I doubt that you do earthier. The only FACT that we know is based on the information that Law Enforcement had at the time thy took the action that was deemed necessary to control the situation. All of us can sit back and Monday Morning QB their action, but it the person or persons in the ARENA dealing with criminals that is best suited to make that call. The actions of the officers involved have been reviewed by the Department as well as the ACLU and no one is yelling about CONSPIRACY TO KILL POOR CT. The only common denominator that I see in all of this is CT’s Mouth. It got him in trouble at the USA, at FPC Lompoc and back stage at the Mr. O. He has always had a hard time keeping is darn mouth shut. Has anyone considered that all of this is Craig’s way of getting free PR for his attorney as he is strapped for cash and obviously not getting any help from KR’s father?? Free press for the attorney has to be worth some big $$$$$$.

  10. chainsaw Says:

    I actually in the video thought CT looked extremely well for a whole year eating mystery meat sandwichs, coming down off of dope, and lack of exercise.

  11. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    The reason you don’t see any interrogation should be obvious to you. Of course it was videotaped but will not be realeased to the public. Anyone with half a brain can see that Craig’s claims of abuse by the guards was false.

    Regarding the red dot on the wall; The guard said, “Do you see the red dot on the wall? Do you know what that is attached to?” Tha was it. You Craig Titus fans are hilarious. You remind me of the minimum wage dock worker who gets upset when his favorite sports hero got only $10M when he should have gotten $20M. Craig’s going down, find a new hero!

  12. CRD Says:

    Gym rat well said. The CT lovers are all to funny. The video…..LMAO!

  13. Disgusted Says:

    I’ve never seen Craig look better!

  14. darkstar Says:

    Nevada Law, Gym Rat,

    Well said…

    My only comment would be that when Gary Peck, head of the Nevada ACLU finds the officers acted professionally, you dont have a chance in hell of suing the cops sucessfully…if anybody would have trashed the cops, the ACLU would be at the top of the list.

    Saggese miscalculated big time on this, bringing the ACLU into it… He has some major problems to overcome in the case in chief…

    All this peripheral crap will slide to the background when the murder/arson trial starts…they wont be able to distract attention away from the real reason everyone is watching this case…


  15. Jason G Says:

    “The Las Vegas Review Journal played the video for local representatives of the ACLU.” they “did not critize the actions of police on the video.” They added, “There are questions about whether the level of force used was necessary in this circumstance.”

  16. Disgusted Says:

    d* is correct. Saggase cannot possibly execute enough damage control to recover from this miscalculation. The ACLU in just about evey case against cops sides againt the cops. Talk about your major backfire!

    Saggase had better lick his wounds and curl up in a corner because he has seriously underextimated his strategic planning abilities. The law classes at LVU must be having overtime discussions on Saggase’s error. Even Titus can’t be stupid enough to keep him on retainer.

  17. KNEW THEM Says:

    DARK* Do U really think it’s that big of a deal the ACLU didn’t open their irritating mouths? I don’t think there will be any more retainer fees aval. for a new attorney.

  18. Disgusted Says:

    Of course it’s that big of a deal because if any group is quick to judge the actions of the police, it’s the ACLU and if they do not find any inappropriate actions resulting from a routine relocation of a problem prisoner then it is a big deal.

    If there are no retainer fees available for a new attorney, Craig will have no choice but to utilize the services of the Public Defender. There is a last minute option, you can write the check yourself.

  19. KNEW THEM Says:

    Disgusted: Checks in the mail……….. NOT!

  20. Travis Binkel Says:


  21. darkstar Says:

    knew them,

    First, I do think it is significant that the ACLU basically took a pass. If they saw any angle by which to take this issue on, they would do it in a heart beat. I just think they didnt see any advantage to be had from doing so…

    Secondly, the ACLU is funded by donations and other sources, not from fees paid by clients. So, CT would not need to pay any fees to the ACLU for their taking on the mistreatment issue on his behalf…

    Later, Happy new year to you..


  22. Jason G Says:

    The ACLU retracted their previous statement and added, “We now have more concerns and more serious questions based on the facts we now know”. and “The other two things that are troubling me, when Mr.Titus was extracted from his cell officers had a high powered rifle aimed at him and then a taser drawn and aimed at him”. This was stated by Gary Peck who is the Executive Director of the Las Vegas ACLU as reported 12/27/06. I do not believe that we have heard the last of this story.

  23. darkstar Says:


    To whom did Peck make this statement?

    I still do not think it will get any traction. Where are the damages? None, from CT’s own lips, and his pride isnt worth much in a civil case, under the totality of the circumstances at the time.

    I could be wrong, but I dont think it will cause much of a ripple. Just wondering why a “high powered rifle and a taser drawn and aimed at him” didnt seem to concern the ACLU before…but now it does? Those are non trivial weapons…the ACLU knew what they were before, and they know what they are now…

    Everybody wants a piece of the spotlight…


  24. Jason G Says:

    A small newspaper called “Las Vegas Tribune” in a front page article dated December 27, 2006. I agree that this incident will probably not go anywhere, however the way I am looking at it, it’s just another small piece in a big puzzle of what is going on in this case. I’m not sure that Titus wants a part of this kind of spotlight.

  25. darkstar Says:

    He may not want it, but he is going to get it anyway whether he likes it or not…

    The Tribune is a minor publication that sucks up to any anti authority issue…it makes no bones about what its agenda is, and it, just like the LVRJ, statements made by attorneys on both sides, Metro, and anything else published on this case, must be read with a somewhat jaundiced eye…


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