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Look for more this week

Stay tuned for yet another story to hit this week.

9 Responses to “Look for more this week”

  1. Chainsaw Says:

    Pictures of Titus naked in reviewjournal? Strapped to a wheelchair, hog tied and handcuffed on a bed.

    Un effing believable. He looks terrified. What the hell are they trying to do to Titus. I was so pissed, they totally violated his rights with this. I couldn’t even read the article yet.

    I have never, repeat, NEVER seen anything like this, not with Manson, hell, not with the guy who shot Reagan.

    We treated saddam hussein with more effing respect.

    Someone “they say” was messing with the air ducts. Then they found out it “was not CT, or anyone with anything to do with him.”

    Titus was respectful and fully compliant. And by the way, he has lost his whole physique.

  2. Chainsaw Says:

    My final Take,

    They were trying to Kill CT. If he made one wrong move, he was dead. They are out to kill him. Period.

  3. venice member, $Version=1 Says:


    I disagree.

    They have to act on the best information they have at the time.

    Is it that unreasonable for them to have suspected Titus was trying to escape given the information they had at the time.

    Yes they frightened the hell out of Titus, but they did not physically harm him.

  4. Boomer Says:

    I watched the video and they followed proper procedure and they did not harm him in any way, Titus’ even said the only thing that was hurt was his pride. Wonder if he thought about how he tied Melissa up and duct taped her head and thought that this may be poetic justice……..

  5. Disgusted Says:

    chainsaw, This was textbook procedure all brought about by Craig’s big mouth in fact the guards gave more respect to Craig than he deserved even calling him Mr Titus at one point. Stop your whining and get a life!

  6. KNEW THEM Says:

    “Proper procedure” , “textbook” of course for convicted murders, constant problem combatant inmates,and gang affilation.

  7. Disgusted Says:

    Of the four categories you have listed, Titus fits into the second and third.

  8. Jerry Says:

    He looks quite the ladies man here … not.

  9. in the loop Says:

    What proof is there that he was a combatant inmate? He was a trustee. It was the law that placed him in the isolation cell in alledged close proximity to the roof air duct. Oh, and were there no other prisoners in isolation at the time? What did they do with them?

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