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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Muscle Missions’ Dennis Bates posts a timeline

Muscle Missions’ Dennis Bates posts a timeline

Dennis Bates has posted a timeline on his web site. You may remember him as the individual who sold Titus’ gym equipment and has been working with him on his “tell all” audio book. This web site is mentioned several times in the timeline as well as getbig.com. There are copies of letters sent, receipts and more on the site.

The one new piece of information…

During the month of June, Craig offered to give me all of the equipment that was in his and Kelly’s private gym for use in our fitness center that we operate in Ohio. Craig needed to get the gym equipment that was now being stored in one of their rental homes out of the way so that the house could be rented. After doing the math on a rental truck, fuel and travel time, I decided that instead of taking Craig up on his generous offer, I would offer to sell the equipment for him.

According to Mr. Bates, Titus offered to give him the equipment but he declined and offered to sell it for him. There are allegations that Nelson Brady was involved in moving the gym equipment, however this has not been confirmed and our repeated questions related to this to Mr. Bates have gone unanswered.

One thing we’d like to make clear, we never implied nor are we now that this site (musclemissions.org)was the one being referenced in the murder-for-hire and a “book deal”. Everything we’ve learned about the “book deal” was “code” and had nothing to do with this “Tell All” book.

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