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Titus subject of escape investigation

Yet another twist in the Craig Titus story. Titus wanting to get a police uniform? Glenn shares another interesting story today…

Titus subject of escape investigation

Bodybuilder Craig Titus was the subject of an attempted escape investigation at the Clark County Detention Center in October after he approached an officer in an attempt to get his hands on a police uniform, the director of the jail said Monday.

Mikel Holt, deputy chief of detention services at the jail, said Titus approached an officer at the jail and asked how he could get a special uniform that police use for tactical responses. Titus told the officer he didn’t want a traditional corrections uniform because “he didn’t think he would fit in it.”

The episode resulted in detention center officials placing Titus in administrative segregation more than a month ago. When Holt was asked Monday why he thought Titus would have sought out such a uniform, he said there was “an attempt to leave us without the proper release paperwork.”

Titus’ attorney, Marc Saggese, confirmed Monday that Titus did ask an officer about the uniform, but he said Titus was joking.

“He says it is a running joke in the jail … ‘Let me get one of those uniforms,’” Saggese said. “He was absolutely kidding.”

Saggese also said jail officials knew Titus was joking, but they are “now using it as an excuse to pick on him.”

Titus, 42, and his fitness champion wife, Kelly Ryan, 34, are charged with murder in the death of their personal assistant, Melissa James. They are accused of killing the 28-year-old woman, then setting her remains on fire in the trunk of Ryan’s Jaguar in the desert off state Route 160 in December 2005.

Both are in custody at the detention center and are scheduled to go to trial in April.

On Saturday, the Review-Journal reported on another incident involving Titus at the Detention Center approximately two weeks ago. In a letter sent by Titus to Saggese, Titus said he was removed from his cell by officers, strapped to a chair, had goggles placed over his face, and was then forced to lie in a cell at gunpoint during a “code orange” at the jail. Titus said he was stripped naked, and that two female corrections officers later observed him “butt naked” as they checked his vital signs. Titus said the incident has since caused him to fear for his life and given him nightmares.

“I’m very scared right now,” Titus wrote in the letter. “For the first time in my life, I’m actually terrified. I need your help, my friend. But I’m also scared to even tell you in fear they may do something else to me.”

Holt confirmed Monday the incident happened, but said proper procedure was followed. Holt said the episode was triggered by a man climbing onto a rooftop at the detention center and tampering with air ducts, and the location was a few stories directly above Titus’ jail cell.

“They were going on the assumption we had some kind of security breach,” Holt said.

As a precaution, Titus was removed from his cell.

“They followed their security procedures for a high security move with an unknown situation,” Holt said.

Holt said it was later determined the man tampering with the air ducts was engaged in vandalism, and the incident was not an attempt aimed at helping Titus escape. He also said the interactions with Titus on the day in question were videotaped as proof that proper procedure was followed.

“Everything is done for a reason,” Holt said, adding, “We videotape all this and we also have medical take a look. … You don’t videotape things you are trying to hide.”

61 Responses to “Titus subject of escape investigation”

  1. darkstar Says:

    OK, Nicki, what say you about this story? Doesnt sound like torture to me…
    Maybe you can go down to the jail and they will show you the video…
    Oh forgot…you knew all about this already…my bad….


  2. Family Friend Says:

    You don’t video tape things you’re trying to hide. Hmm ..would that be kinda like ..you don’t joke out loud about uniforms, you want to steal to use as an escape?

  3. Disgusted Says:

    Once again all the wannabes and hangeron diehard fans jumped onto the bandwagon again and blasted the police for a one-sided story. This only shows that you knucklheads should wait for all of the facts before screaming like schoolgirls about poor Craig being mistreated.

  4. chainsaw Says:

    It was ridiculous for CT to ask for a tactical uniform,
    As well as the guards pulling that power trip when they know full well he isn’t ever gonna get out alive.

    I can see what CT was doing. He was trying to let the guard know that he was a pencil neck and he couldn’t fit into the correctional officers uniform. The guard should have ignored him. Ain’t like Titus tried to grab his weapon or punch him or something. It’s not like the guards hear worse from other inmates on a daily basis. But CT should be smarter and mind himself.

    On the other hand, if you are too nice and cooperative with the guards, they will fuck with you twice as hard. CT is in an awkward situation.

  5. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Chain, my thoughts exactly!

  6. mynameisearl Says:

    Why can’t Craig just shut up?

  7. tam Says:

    he can not keep his mouth shut cuz his mouth is as big is he is ……..

  8. tam Says:

    Q…. Is anyone going to be able to sit in on his court …or will it be live on tv ?

  9. darkstar Says:


    Maybe it will be on Court TV…that would be my guess…


  10. darkstar Says:

    Hey chain,

    How do you figure that if one is cooperative that the guards will fuck with you even worse? I dont see the connection…they have their hands full with schmucks who DON’T cooperate and act up… I dunno…It would seem to me that if you dont make an effort to draw attention to yourself, youd get through the gauntlet of the justice system a bit smoother…thats relative, of course…

    But what the hell do I know…never been in jail, never plan on going, either…
    Its just that I think with the overcrowded jail, the guards have enough to worry about then to constantly stir up shit amongst the inmates…


  11. chainsaw Says:


    I was in jail for a DUI. I was simply standing in line to walk to a cell in L.”A County and moved out of line by about 2 feet to let an officer walk by me. I moved so he wouldn’t bump into me and HE SAID, “why the fuck did you moved away from me #351834? I said I was just trying to move out of you’re way and show you a little respect. The cop answered Listen 351835, the next time I’ll show you what respect is all about in this place. As he pulled on his nightstick. Nothing big, but i did nothing wrong. The next time an officer messed with me, They locked me outside in 40 degree rainy weather for an hour so they could get everyone together that was retuning from court a strip search. As I banged on the glass door to get a guard to ask him why they locked us outside for an hour cause I was freezin my ass off, They walked out and said I better stop banging on the door, and when I told them that I was gonna snap on them like a wild effing animal, because they were treatin me that way, they immediatly shut up and let me “and several others” back inside. (this has been paraphrased but the idea is there).

    I was in for a DUI. Big deal, and these punks fucked with me big time. The meaner I looked and acted, the easier I go along. And that is the God honest truth. If I showed even a little politeness, you were fucked with. Either by the guards, or the gang bangin animals in there. Why was I in for a week? Cause I got busted over a long holiday weekend, and court was out of session for 5 days.

  12. chainsaw Says:


    The jails and courts were so overcrowded and they didn’t get me out of La county and on to a bus ontime to go to court on a wed, and court was closed on thurs fri sat and sunday. “Most” correctional officers are sherrifs that couldn’t make it on the force and they hate their lives. I knew that I was getting out, but they were stuck workin there probably forever. They end up with bad attitudes, just like the inmates but worse since they have a little power.

  13. Walksthetalk Says:

    Okay,so at first the officers that strapped Craig down in a chair and rolled him to their personal jail hell said that,”It was all a mistake.” Then, the claim was that there was some kind of person on top of the roof near Craig’s cell trying to “vandalize” the ventilation system or whatever. Sounds like they are tired of listening to his BS and are f—–g with his head. You haven’t heard of this crap happening to Kelly because she’s keeping her mouth shut.

  14. darkstar Says:


    Appreciate your input there…thanks.


  15. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Chain: I feel u! I was taken in for sus. of DUI and it was on a FRI. night. I posted bond Mon. morning and was finally released Friday evening. I was on probation at the time and they declined to give me a breath test; they asked me to take a urine test. I took the test and passed, but they still kept me. Anyway, every time I’ve had a run in with the people who are supposed to “protect and serve”, I’ve seen people beat-up, mocked, and treated like animals. Even though some are most are just traffic offenders.

  16. Disgusted Says:

    chainsaw: Your definition of the correctional officers at LA County Jail is incorrect. Before any LA Sheriff Deputies are dispatched on the streets, they must first serve a minimum of 24 months as correctional officers in the County Jaul. Sounds like you had a case of Titus-itus of the mouth yourself and got what you asked for.

  17. KNEW THEM Says:

    Any overly built person in jail will recieve the 3rd degree. You are everything they dream of looking like their whole life but couldn’t. So soon after you’re locked up, their admiration turns to jealousy!

  18. Canadian Connection Says:

    Chainsaw, Darkstar, Knewthem, etc.

    I’ve been following the conversation on this site for awhile and I respect all your opinions. Could you , if perhaps you know provide me with info in general on who were CT’s best buddies in the industry. Was Ct still tight with Cormier upon arrest? THat’s how it appeared in magazines like flex. Which pros? I’m up north so I don’t know too much of the details but I would like too know a little bit more on which pros he surrounded himself around and or opinions of them. Have they stood behind CT or distanced themselves from him since the arrest.

  19. Disgusted Says:

    Craig’s no longer an overly built man but a shrinking violet. As for dreaming their entire lives to look like him, you’d have to ask the individuals themselves but I assure you not everyone wants to look like Craig. During my days of being overlly built as you put it, there where lots of people put off by my appearance. Personally I didn’t enjoy being in a business crowd who looked upon me as a circus freak for their entertainment. Not evey woman wets their panties at the sight of an overly built BB’er in fact most women of quality (brains & income) didn’t like it at all compared to the ‘hotties’ (no brains, no income, plastic tits & miniskirts & clear heels). Not every man admires an overly built BB’er. You don’t see Trump sucking his gut in around the ladies.

  20. darkstar Says:

    Canadian Connection,

    I never heard of CT or KR until this case. I am not connected to the industry at all, but lots of folks here are, and I’m sure many of them knew CT and KR and can shed some light on your question…

    Where in Canada are you?


  21. mynameisearl Says:

    knew them: I cant agree with them being jealous per say but I think I know what you mean. If you come in there ripped and cut they all want to show they can take you, not necessarily that they are jealous. Someone I know said, “I dont have a black belt but I have taken several people that have them”. So it is more of a glory and ego thing and alpha dog thing. The thing about jail and guards is, keep a low profile, dont call attention to yourself end of story. I hear tons of stories about how CT runs his mouth but no stories about how anyone ever stood up to him or beat his ass. Why is that? I am sure there are plenty of men out there who have much smaller stature but better fighting technique, surely someone had to have called him on his bullying bs.

  22. Voice of Reason Says:

    I read somewhere that CT had a running battle with Bob Chicerillo. Bob called him out at a show and asked CT to go outside and settle this. CT backed down. CT is a big guy, in his day. Probably not so big now without his Gear. CT will not survive in prison. The inmates are animals. Fighting a guy that doesn’t give a shit what happens to him is a lot different than fighting a guy who does. Inmates feel they have nothing to loose. What is the system going to do….give someone with 3 life sentences 4 life sentences???

  23. Voice of Reason Says:

    I read somewhere that CT had a running battle with Bob Chicerillo. Bob called him out at a show and asked CT to go outside and settle this. CT backed down. CT is a big guy, in his day. Probably not so big now without his Gear.

  24. KNEW THEM Says:

    Canadian Connect. When I met Craig in 94 he was with Jay Cutler(I think Jay said he was 19 at the time).

  25. Disgusted Says:

    Craig may have gone in ripped but he’s now a shadow of his former self. He’ll never look the same again.

  26. chainsaw Says:

    If CT gets out of jail. He could if he wished look the same, if not better than he did.

    However; if he stays in jail, I agree. He will not.

  27. KNEW THEM Says:

    Disgusted, your right, he will never look the same again. But….Craig prob. looked better than anyone on this forum. Also, it always would amaze me how he would clean up his act right before a show and come in looking good. Sometimes he wouldn’t clean it up 100% and place better than most, that’s what would rub some BBers the wrong way. Of course 9 out of 10 national level or pro’s all do something(I don’t mean juice).

  28. KNEW THEM Says:

    Canadian Conn. When I met Craig in 94 I was also introduced to a 19 year old named Jay. 12 yrs later he became Mr. O.

  29. venice member Says:

    Can’t “Anabolic Outlaw” get Craig some juice as part of muscle missionary work?

  30. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    Can’t “Anabolic Outlaw” get Craig some juice as part of his Muscle Missionary work?

  31. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    I’ve heard that Muscle Missions is starting a program similar to “NBA cares” instead of providing the impoverished children of the world with food and hope - they will provide them with some weights, free Winstrol and HGH.

  32. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    Hopefully this will not distract Anabolic Outlaw from his other important work of informing the general public about satanism in bodybuilding.

  33. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    Bullshit aside:

    I wonder what Craig’s audio book about the inside scoop on bodybuilding will reveal…

    I mean Canseco had an angle for his book…what is CT going to say… “A suprisingly large prcntge of BBs r on the sauce - guys u wouldn’t expect”

    I mean what r the mysteries?

  34. Canadian Connection Says:

    Darkstar, I’m currently residing in the wonderful province of Saskatchewan(sarcasm added). If you ever want to know what it feels like to live in a freezer—this is the place to be! Sometimes to get to the gym in winter, you nedd to be extra motivate(shoveling snow, starting– or at least trying– your car when it’s minus 40 out , trust me takes an added effort.

    Knew Them, Thanks for the info. I’m glad that Jay won the O. Alhough I only know about Jay from what I’ve read about him through Flex and M&F magazines, he always carried himself with class. I can’t recall him ever having any feuds , juvenile or otherwise with any fellow pros.

    The greatest tragedy by far has been the tragic loss of an innocent victim’s life. And while what I’m about to say is in no way comparble to what kind of anguish the victim’s family and friends are going through, the sport of bodybuilding takes another crippling blow in the image department.

    Although I’m in no position to judge anyone but myself–the bodybuilding community needs to clean up and present themselves ethically and professionally. Where I live is certainly not the mecca of BBing but the sport is certainly cast in a negative light by most people.

    Those people who diss it are to a large degree just ignorant. But it’s a negative stereotype(steroids,murder case) that turn people off from what the sport should be about: discipline, achievement, healthy lifestyle and class.

    Sincerely, a true fan of the sport.

  35. CHainSaw Says:

    Does anyone know if CT is gonna let his hair grow in “if he has any” and shave off that gotee.

  36. Voice of Reason Says:

    Yeah Chain I agree with you in some of the pictures CT looks like an axe murder. Something I can’t quite figure out is why is CT’s attorney letting him talk so much? KR has been quite as a church mouse through this whole ordeal. I get this feeling that they are letting CT hang himself. I am wondering if they are going to remind him of all of this during the trial.

  37. darkstar Says:

    Chain, VOR,

    I don’t think CT’s lawyer has much control over CT…Saggese very well may be telling CT to STFU but if so, CT sure doesnt seem to be paying attention…

    Saggese may be saying, oh crap, what next from this guy…?

    Kelly, to her credit, is keeping a low profile.

    It will be interesting to see if CT cleans up that axe murderer motif when the trial comes around…


  38. Voice of Reason Says:


    Hopefully he can also do something with that bald head. Looking at it, I can’t help but think, at least it makes a good conductor.

  39. darkstar Says:


    No electric chair in Nevada, just lethal injection…

    They just shoot em up and rent their cell to the next perp…


  40. KNEW THEM Says:

    At least they get U comatosed loaded before they stop your heart.

  41. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Guys and Gals: I bet 50% of what we discuss will never even see a courtroom, but on another note I taking a wild stabb at the fact that Saggese may use a time line and cell phone records to try and place CT away from the crime.

  42. Voice of Reason Says:

    Knew Them;

    What about CT’s confession of “guilt of bad judgement” in burning the body? I am wondering how Saggese will explain this away.

  43. Disgusted Says:

    Today’s Orange County Register contains a story of another attorney for a high profile case who got stiffed for his bill after the trial was over.

    The punk who videoed the rape of the 16 year old girl on his dad’s pool table hired Joe Cravallo to represent his kid. Mind you the dad who has a net worth exceeding that of Titus’ family hired Cravallo for two trials never paid the bill when his son was convicted.

    Sagesse can definitely expect the same from Titus after the trial, he’ll never get paid which brings up an interesting question;

    Sagesse has to know the Titus is not capable of paying him so what’s his motivation to take a case where you have a defendant who has overwhelming evidence against him, won’t keep his mouth shut and has no hopes of an aquittal?

  44. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    Most attys have what’s called “an evergreen account” u actually have to maintain a positive balance and once it dips below a certain level replenish it.

  45. darkstar Says:


    I’ve wondered about this from the get go…the way this whole case is dragging along, the bills keep coming…

    Sure ,Saggese might get some publicity, but publicity dont pay the bills…and this isnt exactly the OJ trial…(although OJ paid his lawyers, to the extent of even signing over his house in Brentwood to Shapiro as I undersood it)

    Unlike this cretin who stiffed his lawyer in spite of arguably being able to pay, I dont see where CT has the loot to pay even if he wanted to…

    Saggese will probably bill the county and the taxpayers will pick up the tab, as they usually do anyway…I dont know if he can do that, especially when CT is entitled to at least the Public Defender…dont know….anybody know?


  46. darkstar Says:


    Are you referring to a client trust account? I have never heard of an “evergreen account”…trust accounts, or client money, does have to be kept separate and accounted for, but an attorneys own operating funds, well, thats the chance you take when you work for yourself…look at Tony Serra…he does most of his cases pro bono and damn near lives in his car…(Although currently he is in Club Fed for not paying taxes for several years…)

    How can a lawyer replenish it if there isnt any money coming in? Tell us more about this evergreen account thing… If they dont have any money does that mean they have to quit the case?


  47. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    I have no knowledge of Titus’ personal finances…My sister is an atty and I’ve dealt with more attys than u would believe - I’ve been paying as many as 5 attys at one time with my business(talk about a nightmare)…

    At any rate many attourneys - if they fear you may not pay your bills require that your account not dip below a certain level.

    In my case I had to make an initial payment of 25k and anytime the account dipped below 10k - I would have to get it back to at least the 10k level…

    I have no idea

  48. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    I don’t think my last comments posted - sorry if this is repeat info…

    I’ve payed as many as 5 different attys at the same time for business lawsuits.

    If attys are concerned about a clients ability to pay- they will generally do what they did to me:

    I was required to make a 25k deposit - an advance if you will- that was put into an account controlled by my atty…

    Per our agreement I had to maintain a balance of not less than 10k.

    Anytime my account got close to 10k I was required to deposit more $

  49. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    I have no clue what saggese’s arrangement with Titus’ is. All I’m saying is most attys don’t bill their clients once everything is overwith - it’s ongoing

  50. Disgusted Says:

    d*: Saggase cannot bill the county because he is acting as a private defense attorney not a public defender which CT is entitiled to. I have no idea what Saggase is hoping to gain from working for free (as if he doesn’t know already). Maybe Craig promised him a part in the movie ;0).

  51. KNEW THEM Says:

    Voice of Reason: I have NO idea why Saggase went right on Greta and said those words…..If you go back and look at a past post by myself, I said I couldn’t believe I heard him say that. It basically was a confession to the arson charge; but there was a human being in the trunk. I’ve been reading over GJury trans. n interviews and I’m thinking Saggase has to have a story and time line nailed down that he will be presenting that says Craig is going to except 5 to 25 years. I don’t think there is any way around it. Kelly, that’s a totally different ball game.

  52. chainsaw Says:

    They are hoping one gets off, and the other will continue to pay and fight for the other… What ya’ll think.

    I don’t even care how he gets paid. Just a stellar court performance by good ol’ Sagg will bring much publicity. He’ll make out just fine.

  53. KNEW THEM Says:

    I’m sure a few of you are wondering why are they really trying to put the screws to Craig. You do have to take a side on this one because it is very obvious they(the law) want to put him away for a long time. I have said it many times that Craig was always around trouble, but seemed to come out o.k. At one time the D.E.A. and U.S. Customs wanted Craig to work with them on a major ring throughout the U.S. He DID NOT! He moved, and moved, and moved; couldn’t keep anything in his name….for certain reasons and as strange as it sounds….kept a few very big named BBers careers continuing. Some BBers were taken down throughout this few year investigation. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the Craig I knew would help you before hurt you. I don’t know what happened to MJ, but I bet in his own way he was trying to help Kelly. He and his lawyer said he’s guilty of bad judgement, he has never denied that he is in this case. One is true about Craig that myself and his truely close friends will tell you; if you ask him something you will get the truth from him….

  54. KNEW THEM Says:

    One thing that I am really surprised about is that there are only about 10 people who comment on this site with REAL statements. I usually like to really follow one trial at a time thats interesting. Isn’t this interesting, intriguing, takes twists and turns, and has national exposure. Even if I didn’t know them or had been involved in bbing, I still think I would have input on it. I did in the Laci Peterson case, O.J. and many, many more.

  55. KNEW THEM Says:

    Why is my 2:45am comment awaiting moderation?

  56. KNEW THEM Says:

    Another thing I think no one has brought up is the fact that there were no drugs/residue recovered anywhere throughout this entire ordeal. To me that’s pretty amazing. Not that the house couldn’t have been cleared out, but I keep thinking of that 3000 mile journey. Not a thing on them at the time of the arrest. Dting off nubain/opiates while driving across the country, wow! Did they stop along the way to get straight. CT and KR knew many people in different cities. $8300 in a can at the time of the arrest; I wonder where they stopped along the way….You know they did…more than once. This would be interesting things people could put in their written/audio books.

  57. chainsaw Says:

    New out Today: Review Journal.

    The cops are really trying hard. They have actually released that CT was working with narcotics cops to catch some drug dealers on the street. As well as some of the witnesses in his case that are drug abusers and dealers, titus gave the cops their car makes, where they live, ect.

    The cops are trying to get this guy killed in the Joint.

    They released tapes of him and brady talking on the phone about the cops tracking these dealers and witnesses. Cops routinely do this. “Tell us what you know and whos dealin dope, and we will talk favorable to the judge in you’re case.” The cops weren’t trying to catch anyone. They were just trying to built a relationship with CT to get his trust.

    Anyone who reads this article, and can’t see what extrordinary lengths they are trying to mickey mouse CT is crazy.

    Release jailhouse tapes before he even goes to trial? Trying to taint a jury a little Daskas? Was CT accusations of abuse a little to true?

    You all decide.

    I really belive that at the exact same time that the cops were tailing these witnesses that CT turned the cops onto in the first place, CT was planning to get them killed. Yeah, I really belive that.

  58. chainsaw Says:

    Oh yeah:

    Brady missed 3 meetings with the hitmen. Why did he show up the forth time, Cassim threatened Brady by saying he is in danger. So Brady showed up. This is unreal, Brady shows up, only when his life is threatened. It was in the paper. These people are gonna walk fellas.

  59. darkstar Says:


    I understand now…its a client retainer account…
    OK, so who is funding CT’s account with Saggese? It sounds like KR’s dad took the proceeds from the Adobe Arch house, and if CT is waiting for KR’s moms money from her house, that will take awhile, as it probably has to go through probate…

    Chain, They will not walk…the murder for hire stuff is separate from the murder charges and arson. They wont wiggle off the hook that easy…


  60. KNEW THEM Says:

    D* I think I read the guy who wrote the counterfitting book is putting up 50% of the cost.

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