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TitusandRyan.com referenced in Muscular Development

The latest issue of Muscular Development referred to this web site in John Romano’s column. Thanks for the plug Muscular Development , we’ll do our best to bring you the latest news on this case.

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43 Responses to “TitusandRyan.com referenced in Muscular Development”

  1. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    It’s good to see Jay Cutler finally bump Ron Coleman in the Olympia. No way bwould Craig Titus ever have won it. It’s tiring to see the same old bullshit automatic win year after year. Coleman was great in his day but that day has now passed. He should have retired last year because a performer is always remembered by his last public act. Just ask Mel Gibson.

  2. KNEW THEM Says:

    At least we agree on something!

  3. chainsaw Says:

    I’m right again:

    CT is in fear for his life in jail from the guards. They are obviously abusing this guy in there, it was in this mornings paper. Headline, “Titus fears for his life from Jailhouse Staff”. They strip searched him, but blinder goggles on, put him in a wheelchair for psychotic prisoners and took him to another cell. Stripped him and videoed him as the stripped him of his pants. Pointed a laser taser to his head with shotgun. His words “I almost started crying I was so terrified”.

    They said he was an escape threat, and is now segregated in the jail.

    I don’t know CT, and I’m kind of feeling a little sorry for him. He’s got a big mouth, but I don’t think his bite is as big as his bark.

    Las Vegas Corrections and Police are Brutal and need to be stopped here. I don’t believe CT will make it out alive.

  4. mynameisearl Says:

    Chainsaw, I just have no sympathy here for CT. What comes around goes around. I have a feeling you are right, his bark has probably been bigger than his bite all his life. Perhaps if someone had drilled him straight in the face once or twice, he might not be where he is today.

  5. Ironlady Says:

    A new article in the Review Journal about Craig Titus.

  6. venice member Says:

    I just read the article provided by iron lady’s link…

    I’m really not sure what my reaction is.

    It’s hard to decipher exactly what’s going on and seperate truth from lies…

  7. darkstar Says:

    Jesus Christ, Chain, you are taking CT’s word for all of that…I think if CT files complaints or whatever he might have a little more cred, but so far nada…it is absolutely not obvious that he is being abused in there…We only have his say so…
    He very well may be, but we have only heard one side…newspapers only report what they hear, so again, we have got only half the story…Frankly, I think there is a lot more to this yet to come to light. CT is now trying to get sympathy by acting like a pussy, after a life of bullying others around…
    Im not saying it didnt happen, lets just see some proof. CT’s word isnt worth shit without it…


  8. darkstar Says:

    Hey Chain,
    Just so you know, Im not yelling at you..!!(above)

    Its just that I do not think it is as simple as the cops are all dirty and CT is getting screwed…The cops did blow the murder for hire as far as CTs involvment, at least it sounds that way, but the evidence they have re the murder is pretty compelling…

    Long way to go with this one…

    Gotta remember he put himself where he is by his own doing. If MJ is not dead, we wouldnt be talking here…



  9. venice member Says:

    D* you articulated my thoughts exactly…I mean it may very well have happened exactly as he said, but then again whose to say he hasn’t embellished what happened…

    I don’t doubt some shenanigans by the cops, but Mr. Titus doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record of telling the truth.

  10. Disgusted Says:

    chainsaw: Are you insane? Craig’s life will be 10 times more fearful once he is sentenced to prison and he deserves every terrifying minute of it. This sudden changeup in the defense ploy by playing the victim won’t work because Craig can’t escape his past. I hope he drops the soap.

  11. chainsaw Says:


    I never met CT so I don’t know how to feel. I do know that here in Las Vegas last week, the corrections officers just killed another inmate for no particular reason that has been substantiated. Maybe this is where CT’s fear is coming from as well. Corrections officers here I bet are trying to intimidate CT, and who is he going to report the abuse too, the same people that are doing it? CT did the right thing by telling the newspapers.

    I think he will be safer in prison than in the County lockup.

  12. chainsaw Says:


    This city is a place of shady deals and cheap justice. I think all the stuff that the DA as well as the judge and cops did so far in this case is a disgrace. You would have thought that such a high profile case would warrent some extra care. The only care it got was extra carelessness.

    I was on the DA’s side for the last year, but now, I don’t know.

  13. darkstar Says:


    Its not a matter of being on one side or the other. It is a simple matter of taking each fact on its own and stringing them together…

    The problem I have is rote statements such as “the police killed another inmate for no particular reason…”

    This makes no sense and clearly leaves out many facts, which are unknown to us. Think of this logically…Metro cannot simply kill inmates for no reason without there being much more to the story, meaning there was some compelling reason they had for using deadly force…Perception and reality are not the same, and all I am saying is that there would be hell to pay if the police just started lynching inmates for no reason…even in Clark County…

    Furthermore, while the murder for hire ruse was a comedy of errors by the DA and Metro, this sort of thing is done all the time and isnt necessarily illegal.

    Lastly, CT is alleging he was “abused” and there so far hasnt been any substantiation beyond his say so.

    I do have a question though..why did CT give the postcard from “Hittermann” to his ex attorney and not Saggese? I find that very interesting. Why wouldnt he give it to his attorney of record? That makes me wonder if CT or Saggese is in control…


  14. Jason G Says:

    A “comedy of errors”, or a poorly executed plan to scare witnesses, taint the prospective jury pool and or to portray Titus as a murderer who plots to kill witnesses from jail. Is it possiable that the DA, (with the help of the police) fabricated this “plot”? Errors derive from not following proper, legal procedures and NOT deviating from the truth. We have not heard the last of this story.

    Remember when this story broke in the Las Vegas Review Journal article of 10/26/06. DA Daskus stated, “We have zero tolerance for someone who’s willing to manipulate the outcome of a prosecutation–” I personally believe that by not charging Titus in this “plot” and just making such allegations in open court and to the press about Titus’ alleged involvement makes me wonder, could it be DA Daskus who is a “someone who’s willing to manipulate the outcome of a prosecution?”

    As for the postcard, Titus gave the postcard from (the classy) Mr. “Hitterman” to his attorney of record at that time, (now ex) Richard Schonfeld. Present attorney, Mark Saggese became attorney of record after Titus received the postcard. Thus, Titus acted properly.

  15. darkstar Says:

    Further to my last, the inmate who assumed room temp while incarcerated at Clark Detention Center apparently fell out of his bunk and cracked his head. Medical personnel at the jail took him to the infirmary, stitched him up, and returned him to his cell. He was found dead in his cell 2 days later. Now his family is planning to sue for wrongful death/negligence because they dont think he got proper medical treatment…This was in a news story on Las Vegas channel 8 today…
    Thats a hell of a long way from “correctional officers just killed another inmate for no particular reason…”
    Im not trying to beat up on you, but as I said before, it isnt as simple as the cops are dirty and corrupt and they are running amuck killing inmates, etc…there are always more facts to go along with these events, and broad brush statements like the above paint with, well, exactly that, way too broad of a brush..
    I respect your views, and I am sure you believe in a fair justice for CT, KR and the people of Nevada…As observers of this case, I think we have to use the facts to argue against and for both sides…that is the best part of this blog..the fact that we can hammer away at this stuff and not have to deal with it anywhere but here…unlike CT and KR, we can turn it off anytime we want…something they will not be able to do for a long time…


  16. darkstar Says:


    Ah yes, OK…I guess it was the date that the Hitterman postcard was sent that screwed me up..that makes sense…I keep thinking this happened just recently, when actually it happened last summer…thanks…

    I agree that the DA has some more explaining to do about the botched murder for hire plot…there are some gaps which dont make Daskas look too good…

    How much publicity is this case getting in Las Vegas? Certainly not as much as the Ted Binion case I wouldnt imagine…Then again, they seated a jury for Binion, twice… They should be able to seat one for this case…


  17. Jason G Says:

    Not as much TV coverage as the Binon case. The news paper coverage is picking up and the TV will probably follow as (if) these “plots” reveal additional information. I believe that the slightly different, maby inappropriate actions before and during the 1st Binon trial by his lover Sandra Murphy created more “sex” stories of infidelity. Sex sells.

  18. Disgusted Says:

    Chain: You’re losing it. Your statements are beginning to take on the appearance of a dangerous fan. Snap out of it man.

    Don’t expect the DA to do any explaining for their ploy regarding the murder for hire gig, they broke no laws. This tactic has worked for the authorities many times in the past and will again in the future, it’s all legal.

    Stop focusing on what the police do because it’s not them who murdered someone in cold blood Craig Titus did and if the police have to lie to get his confession so friggen what. I for one feel safer that he is where he is and don’t fault the authorities for what they have to do to convict him.

    The Binion case was more publicized because Binion was a long time well known Las Vegas figure, Craig was a climber.

  19. chainsaw Says:


    Just keepin a totally open mind.

  20. ray Says:


    Chainsaw is just keepin a totally open asshole.

  21. Nicki Says:

    Hey Darkstar!

    Understand This! Those guards did exactly what came out or the reporter, Glen Puit, would not have been on Fox News verifying what they did. Pull your head out of your ass and watch some TV before you act like you know what happened.


    Got assholes on the mind? Look in the mirror. Chainsaw’s comments have been unbiased and totally fair!

  22. darkstar Says:

    Nicki, baby…

    I guess if it is on Fox news or reported by Puit it must be 100% lead pipe cinch truth, eh?

    Now that we have the CCDC response, even to the point of videotaping the entire thing, maybe we can see CT’s proof of the bullshit he is trying to put over…

    You seem to know more about what happened to CT than anyone else…I suppose you were there when it happened…Hmmm??? Well, were you?

    I didnt think so…Go pour yourself a nice big cup of STFU…


  23. Disgusted Says:

    chain: open wider!

    ray: funny!

    Nikki: If Glen Puit told you the sky is falling you would believe it. Grow up.

    d*: Well said!

  24. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Disgusted, Did Craig crush you in a show, steal your girfriend, or leave weights lying on the floor in your gym n you stubbed your toe? Before you start calling someone a murderer, wait until there is a conviction. Maybe KR should recieve some of the blame, don’t you think?

  25. chainsaw Says:

    Come on everyone, I hold the state as well as the corrections officers to a way way way higher standard than I hold to CT. Some of this stuff that they are doing is despicable. Does anyone here really think CT was trying to escape? I do believe that CT might have wanted to insult the guard, but so what. The guards will surely pick on CT more if he doesn’t show at least some kind of attitude. These officers thrive on the darkside of jail, the want to see fights. The talk about it at lunch with eachother. Anyone who doesn’t know that is naieve. You all see how cops talk about autopsy’s, making fun of very disgusting car accidents ect.

    CT wanting to escape, what a joke. So strip him nude and video him. Joke.

    The D.A was banking on a confession or plea bargain. They aren’t getting one and are pissed. I predict that they are going to plea to assault or involuntary manslaughter in March. about 7 yrs.

  26. darkstar Says:


    There is some sense to what you are saying, but I think what you left out is that SOCIETY holds CT, you, me, everyone else to a very high standard…that is why if you murder (allegedly) bind and burn, you get subjected to a legal consequence as meted out by society in the persona of a jury as directed by a court of law…

    I still dont buy the point that all guards go out of their way to stir up shit…There are always some cowboys that instigate, but I dont think it is as prevalent as you make it out to be. The inmates would quickly fight back and there would be the proverbial riot in cell block nine…

    Sure the cops have gallows humor, because that is all they see, day in, day out…dealing with pukes who break the law..any wonder the divorce rate is so high among law enforcement types?? Spouses cant relate to the crap their significant others have to deal with every day…

    I’d wager no plea bargain….I think the DA is going to roll the bones on murder…I doubt CT will even get a sniff at a plea bargain…

    Im starting to wonder more about what is going on with Kelly…


  27. ray Says:

    Nicki, Are you still mad about that ass ride Craig Titus gave you in the back of his truck ? Just put ice on your asshole and relax Nicki.

    Ray # 1

  28. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Ray: YOU are wasting my time reading your homophobioc inputs;go back to whatever you were doing that kept U busy for a few days….Like starring at that picture of Craig on your ceiling.

  29. ray Says:

    I want to apologize to all that I offended. I have a severe case of bipolar’s disease, tourettes syndrome and also suffer from a severe case of homophobia after having been molested most of my life . I am currently receiving treatments of electroshoke therapy and frequently float in an out of reality when I don’t take my medication. I sometimes make stupid and downright disgusting comments which is a side effect of my tourrettes. I try and talk tough as I weigh 98lbs soaking wet and spend most of my time in chat rooms as I have no friends. This apology has been a very liberating experience for me so please excuse my future behavior and rantings as it is sometimes uncontrollable.

  30. KNEW THEM Says:

    RAY, DON’T JUMP! We/I wouldn’t care so much if the comments were funny or somewhat factual.

  31. Disgusted Says:

    Knew Them: Craig never had the chance to crush me because I only competed at the NPC level having no aspirations of turning pro for the reasons that I plan on living a quality life past 50 by not doing the ungodly amount of drugs it takes to maintain the size of pro BB’ers.

    No he didn’t steal my girlfriend because I am much better looking, have more class and money, and do not have his anger management issues.

    If he left weights on the floor of my gym I didn’t notice but I have stubbed my toe before, thanks for caring.

    I still believe that Craig is a murderer which will be proved in court (remember this).

    We finally agree on something. KR should share the blame and sit on Craig’s lap when they throw the switch to the electric chair I hope they both get.

  32. KNEW THEM Says:

    Dis: I believe most of what you are saying…….but don’t tell me before your first NPC show you didn’t have aspirations of becoming a pro. All NPC BBer’s after a show or two(national qualifiers) have a rough idea what it would take physically, finanically, emotionally, mentally, genictically, and a little luck doesnt hurt either in the persuit. Craig had A LOT of these on his side and I think that’s why their is a large amount of bitterness toward him. Craig….. he always seems to come out smelling like a rose. Craig’s always around trouble and seems to get in little also, but bounces back. All I have said is that myself and many of the friends in our circle never had a problem with him. Through many states Craig had good friends: Louisiana, Texas, Washington, Florida, California, Mass. and the list goes on. I’m sure he made enemies too; just like we all do.

  33. Disgusted Says:

    Never once did I aspire to be a pro BB’er, there’s no money in it at least not enough for me to shorten my life span with the garbage it takes to do it. I know many pros personally and they all are great at projecting the illusion of happy, wealthy lives when in reality they are struggling to make payments, have shitty personal relationships, get screwed over by promoters and don’t have a ‘Plan B’ for life after BB’ing.

    Like I said, I did it for the fun of it and for personal achievment only. I did well because I applied myself and didn’t choke on stage because for me it was never do or die.

    Sure there were countless pimp promoters wanting to sponser me but seeing as my net worth far outweighed theirs it was hilarious just listening to the same bullshit scripted promises they tell everyone else. The natural promoters were even worse. Just ask anyone who ever competed in the naturals. It was full of roid heads who couldn’t even cut it in NPC that would compete in the naturals and steal the trophy.

    I just feel sad for the younger guys who actually put promising careers on hold because of these bullshit sales pitches. They know who they are because I’ve seen them respond to others calling them for what they are, pimps.

    Happy Holidays KT, thanks for realizing this is nothing personal.

  34. KNEW THEM Says:

    Happy Holidays to U also Dis….No Harm, No Foul…..Your right, the so called natural shows…what a joke!

  35. KNEW THEM Says:

    I want to apologize to all that I offended. I have a severe case of bipolar’s disease, tourettes syndrome and also suffer from a severe case of homophobia after having been molested most of my life . I am currently receiving treatments of electroshoke therapy and frequently float in an out of reality when I don’t take my medication. I sometimes make stupid and downright disgusting comments which is a side effect of my tourrettes. I try and talk tough as I weigh 98lbs soaking wet and spend most of my time in chat rooms as I have no friends. This apology has been a very liberating experience for me so please excuse my future behavior and rantings as it is sometimes uncontrollable.

  36. Ray Says:

    like Britney Spears says: Oops I did it again. So sorry, the tourettes kicked in. Time for my self prescribed electro shock treatments and my medication.

  37. ray Says:

    Hey samuel:

    since we so much in common, maybe you and i can get together?

  38. KNEW THEM Says:

    THAT POST AT 9:22am IS NOT BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. KNEW THEM Says:

    THAT POST AT 9:22am WAS BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Big Bob Says:


  41. KNEW THEM Says:

    O.K. Ha, Ha….Let it go now, a few of us still want to have a little input w/o someone posting under our name. SETH is that U!!!!!!!

  42. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Jay: Time to get the gyno cut out!

  43. Johnny2007 Says:

    Here’s some dirt to consider. It’s how I met my juice source in late 90’s…the guy I scored from lived near Gold’s Gym Venice and it was thru an ad in the LA gay mag Frontiers (the yellow pages of male hustlers) where he ran a quarter page ad. “David” advertised: “Want to hook up with a professional bodybuilder in contest shape…?” Boy, I sure did…but it cost me $200…just FOR ME to be able to give him a body massage for 45 minutes while doing a couple hits of crystal off his pipe. That was so hot! After that session I had my source all my future roid purchases: sustenon, dianabol, winnie anadrol…and crystal too, but, HE got the juice juice from Craig. Unfortunately, it was like pulling teeth to get the product…always delays or short on product. But it was a “reliable” source. Often tho I thought of going up to Craig @ Gold’s to get, but I was WARNED by my source not to or lose my deal. Seemed to be the way the “distribution” was set up. BTW…I got a lot of those stories if anyone wants to hear them…oh yeah, those were the days! (-’

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