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BODYBUILDER CASE: Police tried ruse of phony corpse

BODYBUILDER CASE: Police tried ruse of phony corpse
Authorities suspect murder-for-hire plot

This story can be found at the Review Journal. Thanks to Glenn Puit for another interesting story related to this case.

Anthony Gross is very much alive.

But in June, when Las Vegas police suspected that Craig Titus had ordered the slayings of Gross and two other witnesses in the bodybuilder’s murder case, Gross agreed to play dead.

According to police reports, Gross posed as a corpse at the behest of detectives, and he was photographed by police in the trunk of a car — bound with duct tape, bloodied and seemingly lifeless.

Las Vegas detectives planned to use the bogus death photos to make Titus believe a hit man had killed Gross.

But Titus, who was locked up at the Clark County Detention Center, didn’t bite on the law enforcement trickery.

When the bodybuilder received a postcard at the jail from the supposed hit man, Titus turned it over to his attorney instead of calling the hit man on a police-monitored phone or wiring the hit man money, as detectives had hoped he would do.

Clark County prosecutor Robert Daskas declined to comment Monday.

Titus’ defense attorney, Marc Saggese, said he thinks authorities crossed the line in the investigation. Saggese said Titus’ actions in the face of the police ruse confirm what Titus has said all along, that he had nothing to do with the murder-for-hire plot.

“It is just more evidence as to the great lengths the state and police will go to smear the character and reputation of my client,” Saggese said.

The particulars of the murder-for-hire investigation are detailed in a 28-page police report.

Titus, a former Mr. Olympia competitor, and his fitness-champion wife, Kelly Ryan, are charged with killing their live-in personal assistant, Melissa James, at their southwest Las Vegas home a year ago, then burning her body in the desert.

Gross is charged with helping the couple drive James’ body into the desert. Gross told police that he was duped into participating in the scheme and that he never knew he was helping Titus and Ryan dispose of a corpse.

In October, police arrested an acquaintance of Titus, Nelson Brady Jr., on charges of trying to hire a hit man to kill three witnesses in Titus’ case.

One of the individuals authorities said was targeted in the plot was Gross. Two other witnesses targeted, authorities said, were Megan Pierson Foley and her husband, Jeremy Foley, who have said Titus and Ryan made incriminating statements about James’ death.

Titus has not been charged in the murder-for-hire plot, but authorities have voiced suspicions that he was behind the scheme.

He was recorded twice on jail phones talking to Brady about a “book deal” and screenplay, which authorities suspect was code for the murder-for-hire plot.

According to police reports, the origins of the murder-for-hire inquiry date to March, when a jailhouse informant named Deen Cassim approached authorities and claimed “he had been solicited for the planned killing of Anthony Gross and the possible contract killing of two other witnesses in the case against Craig Titus.”

Cassim later told detectives that Brady had solicited him while both men were in custody at the detention center.

Over the following weeks and months, police carried out an elaborate investigation with the help of Cassim working in the role of informant. Cassim was still in custody at the time, but Brady was out of jail.

According to the reports, police decided the best way to maintain contact between the two men was to have a detective pose as an investigator with the public defender’s office.

The detective would call Cassim, who then made three-way calls to Brady without Brady suspecting the phone line was being recorded because calls between the public defender’s office and inmates at the jail are not recorded.

The police reports said that Cassim was in repeated contact with Brady. Three separate meetings were set up with Brady in which he was scheduled to meet with an undercover detective posing as a go-between for a hit man named “Fred,” but Brady failed to show at each meeting.

A fourth meeting was arranged by Cassim, and this time, Brady showed. Police alleged that during the meeting and a subsequent meeting, Brady paid an undercover detective $1,500 as a down payment to have the three potential witnesses killed.

On June 15, the reports said that detectives met with Gross, his parents and his attorney, James Oronoz. Gross was on house arrest at the time and wearing an electronic ankle bracelet that allowed authorities to track his whereabouts under the terms of his release.

“Several photographs were taken of Gross while laying on his side in the plastic lined trunk of a white Lexus wearing his (employee) uniform,” the report said. “Gross had his wrists duct taped together, a strip of duct tape across his mouth, and fake blood dripping down the side of his head and face. The fake blood was pooled around Gross’ head and upper body.”

Police set up an “undercover” checking account at the Bank of America, and detectives obtained a cellular phone that could be called directly from the Clark County Detention Center.

Police contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which was given a letter authored by Detective Rob Wilson. The letter was to be printed on attorney stationery and mailed by the FBI to Titus at the jail.

On June 21, police met with Gross again at a Home Depot parking lot and “cut the ankle monitor attached to his left ankle” to make the situation look like Gross had disappeared. He was kept at the police homicide office until 5 a.m. the following morning, then taken to McCarran International Airport and flown to Chicago.

But police had not told Gross’ house arrest officer of the murder-for-hire investigation, and on June 23, Gross’ father called police because the officer monitoring the house arrest status “seemed to be very upset about Anthony having gone missing.”

Police told the father that the officer monitoring Gross’ house arrest could not be told the real reason he had gone missing.

“Gross’ (father) was told a high-level supervisor with the House Arrest Section had been advised,” police wrote.

That same day, the officer monitoring Gross’ house arrest called homicide detectives to let them know he had secured a warrant from District Judge Jackie Glass’ court to arrest Gross.

On June 26, the prosecutor on the case, Daskas, met with Glass and Gross’ attorney, Oronoz, regarding Gross’ disappearance.

“Judge Glass was informed of the actual circumstances regarding Gross’ disappearance and his current location/status,” the reports said.

On July 11, detectives told Daskas they were going to send a postcard to Titus from the supposed hit man, then see whether he called the cell phone or whether any money was placed in the bank account for the purported hit on Gross.

The postcard sent to Titus from the supposed hit man read: “In town for a few days. Thinking of you and wondering why I haven’t heard from you with that address. I’m running short on funds. No money in my bank account. Waiting for payday. Will be heading back to LA on the 16th, so I won’t be here for your ‘big day.’ Expect to hear from you before then. Fred. 702-469-1942.”

The card was addressed to Craig Titus with a return address of “Fred Hitterman.”

Saggese said that when Titus received the postcard, he immediately turned it over to his prior attorney, Richard Schonfeld.

“He knew the pseudo code it was using was a trap,” Saggese said.

“He was initially shocked, then he found it comical. That same day he contacted his previous counsel, obviously knowing it was underhanded government work.”

Saggese also said that based on the contents of the police report read to him by the Review-Journal on Monday evening, he plans to explore the timing of the meeting with Daskas, Oronoz and Glass, and whether procedure was followed.

According to the police report, the prosecutor and Gross’ attorney met with Glass in June about Gross’ disappearance, but there is no mention in the documents of the previous attorneys for Titus and Ryan — Tom Pitaro and Schonfeld — being present at the same meeting.

Judicial rules prevent a judge from meeting with one party of a case without all other parties to the same case being present.

Such a meeting is referred to as an ex parte communication, and ex parte communication is prohibited.

In July, nearly a month later, Glass denied motions from Titus, Ryan and Gross to dismiss the criminal case against them. The judge made no mention of the prior meeting with Gross, his attorney or the prosecutor.

“I have no choice but to explore it,” Saggese said. “I have to protect the procedural due process rights of my client.”

Louis Palazzo, an attorney representing Gross in his criminal case, said Friday when contacted by the Review-Journal that he was not involved in Gross’ assistance of the police investigation.

He said Gross retained another attorney for representation in that matter, and that attorney is identified in the police reports as Oronoz.

Oronoz declined comment Monday night when reached at his home.

Palazzo has maintained that Gross has not entered into any plea deals with prosecutors in the case. He repeated that contention Friday.

65 Responses to “BODYBUILDER CASE: Police tried ruse of phony corpse”

  1. Chainsaw Says:

    Who is investigating this case Barney Fife?

  2. Voice of Reason Says:


    The keystone cops. This job is too big for one man.

  3. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    How effing simple are these stupid cops…”Hitterman”…you can’t be serious…jeez

  4. Voice of Reason Says:

    I guess CT is on to something. The cops in Las Vegas are dumber than he is. CT looks like a F–king genius compared to these guys.

  5. KNEW THEM Says:


  6. Chainsaw Says:

    If I was in a cellblock with CT, and he came to me with this story. I mean the jails are filled with stories like this. “The cops set me up!” And you always go yeah, sure they did. I mean, if there wouldn’t have been a news story about this, and lets say as an example (Family Friend) or someone on this board told me this, I would have said they are crazy. Even though I kind of knew long ago they set him up, but to this extent is crazy-stupid. And to come up with nothing. I mean nothing. They even slander CT in open court by saying he was involved with no proof. If they do that in the trial, Saggase will make them pay for it.

    I will take whatever I hear from the DA or Detectives with a gram of salt from now on, and I’ll rethink some of the things they’ve said in the past too.

    As well as the (Some) of the witness testimony.

  7. KNEW THEM Says:

    I’m glad I don’t live in Vegas, what a way to piss away tax paying citizens hard earned money. Something just isn’t right, but I just can’t put my finger on it yet.

  8. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    This is the kind of assinine shit that can help a good defense atty create. Murkiness and reasonable doubt in a case - the obvious arguement being “if cops ‘lied’ about this - what else are they capable of…how could anyone be so damn obvious - its common sense - Titus is no genius - but c’mon

  9. Chainsaw Says:

    Knew Them:

    I do live in Vegas down the street from where CT and KR did. These cops get away with all kinds of stuff. I really fear for CT. They are gonna try to kill him in jail (the cops). And don’t think it won’t happen. This place is that bad.

  10. Voice of Reason Says:

    I am wondering if CT created the whole notion of the murder for hire scheme with this outcome in mind? When the hitman asks for payment simple act as though he knew nothing about it and simply involve his atty. CT may have known that the Las Vegas police are this corrupt and used to his advantage?

  11. Bama Figure Says:

    What idiots, this absolutely beyond blows my mind. This is starting to look like a good episode of CSI. WHAT else could happen?!!!!!!!

  12. KNEW THEM Says:

    I would pay for a seat in the courtroom to watch Saggese cross examine the keystone cops!

  13. KNEW THEM Says:

    I’m not saying he’s innocent, but I’m second guessing every detail that comes out now and thats what a jury will do.

  14. chainsaw Says:

    I’m right there with ya’ll. I was ready to take the cops word for everything in the past. Maybe CT did call the cops and tell them he was leaving town like Saggase said. Maybe the detectives did pressure some of the witnesses, including only statements that made their case, leaving out ones that would exhonerate them. Only the trial will tell now.

  15. Disgusted Says:

    I appreciate the loyalty displayed for CT from a few nice people here but the fact remains that bad things happen to bad people and Craig is about as bad a person as it gets.

    Only time will tell. I predict a conviction for both of them.

  16. KNEW THEM Says:

    I’m with you Chain. I never believed certain statements in the very beginning. It just didn’t sound like Craig talking. Like I said from day one Craig has always been around trouble, but always came out O.K. Trust me Chain. Craig has learned alot over the years, he been tight with some big people, and never went down when we/they did. Just wait til trial, what actually happened, and who did what will be very surprising.

  17. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    The police have used the old fake dead victim before to get a confession and it has worked many times. This is perfectly legal and is common practice for murder for hire cases.

    The story regarding Craig notifying the cops he was leaving town is a stretch at best. If he was on the level, why was he in hiding at the rental, change vehicles, carry cash in a stash, change disposable cell phones etc? C’mon you guys, they did it. The whole corrupt cop thing is your opinion and if I lived in Vegas I’d be careful what I said about them.

    Craig implicated himself and Kelly during the primary questioning you can’t deny that nor can he take it back. What about the videos of Kelly purchasing lighter fluid with her own credit card?

    One more thing. What ever happened to Craig’s former prison bitch who was going to donate proceeds from his book?

  18. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    Couldn’t care less:

    I agree with almost every point your making…

    There could be a problem with the cops setting up Craig - if in fact it was a set up - but then again if the acted on info from Cassim - maybe there isn’t a problem…what amazes me (admitedly from the outside looking in) is how retarded they were in terms of how they went about trying to nail CT…I believe CT is a sociopath…I believe KR and CT are guilty - most likely of murder, but definitely on some level…but I get the impression

  19. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    that even someone with no street smarts could detect that some kind of B.S. was going on…I mean if Craig knew about the hit and was going to transfer money etc…why do you need to send a post card that is the equivalent of hitting someone in the head with a jackhammer to get their attn…it puzzles me - but maybe the police are that fucking stupid or maybe we’re all missing something…

  20. Jason G Says:

    Remember when Titus’ friend Brady was arrested in October for this “plot”, the 10-21-06 edition of the Las Vegas RJ newspaper reported DA Daskas as stating “Both Metro homicide detectives and OUR office have monitored this particular situation very closely for SEVERAL MONTHS to ensure that these witnesses were NEVER in harm’s way.” This story, as reported states that Brady was contacted by informent Cassim beginning in March and finally gave undercover detectives $1,500 in May. My question is, why did the DA and Police continue this charade into June? It was over in May. Was it their intent to intimidate Gross and scare him half to death to encouraging him to testify against Titus?

    In this same article it is reported, “According to police reports, in March POLICE DEVELOPED an informant at the Clark County Detention Center”. The police developed an informant?? Could this “Plot” be an attempt by the police to discredit Titus before the trial? The DA continues to make accusatory remarks to the public, (press) that this “Plot” is the workings of Titus. If this is a fact then charge the man, don’t just pussy foot around. It was DA Daskas who at the end of this (10-21-06) story said, “We have zero tolerance for someone who’s willing to manipulate the outcome of a prosecutation—–”. Could it be that DA Daskus is a “someone who’s willing to manilulate the outcome of a prosecution?

  21. chainsaw Says:

    Couldnt Care Less,

    I don’t believe anything the DA or Cops have said in the past now unless it is verifiable. I’ll wait till trial to make my final judgement. I see plenty of reasons why I believe the cops railroaded some of these witnesses, I read that GJ testimony 10 or more times. I never heard the cops going this far. Maybe for Al Capone. Especially when Brady blew them off 3 times. They use a name (Fred Hitterman). What schmuks. I could be wrong, and if Iam I’ll admit it, I’ve been wrong in previous posts. Also, if I don’t agree with the cops, I’ll say what I want I did nothing wrong, I’m not in Communist China. Some people forget that we live in the greatest country in the world.

    No one said CT didn’t do it, but the cops are going to very far lengths to set him up. Setting violent crimanals free? For what?

  22. questions Says:

    Don’t forget, we have the #1 police force/crime investigators in the U.S….above NY, above LA. If there was a shaddow of a doubt that KR and CT did not commit the crime of murder and all the other charges they have against them, they wouldn’t be in jail as we speak. Also, Chainsaw, please explain how you think the witnesses were railroaded? From what I have read, they all willingly gave a statement or two. No one was pushed to ungodly limits or asked questions that were uncalled for.

  23. Voice of Reason Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has picked up on it, but in the article there has been an ex parte communication between Gross’ atty and the judge. Ex parte communications are forbidden unless all attorney’s involved in the case are there. In addition the judge did not bring it up. CT’s atty is investigating this. If this is true, this entire ordeal may end up in a mis-trial which means CT and KR get off.

  24. Chainsaw Says:

    Voice of Reason:

    Couldn’t they just have to get another judge?

  25. Voice of Reason Says:


    I guess they could but with the way this whole case has been handled I don’t how CT and KR can get a fair trial.

  26. Chainsaw Says:

    To have this trial pushed to April, something is going on big.

  27. Voice of Reason Says:


    I am in full agreement with you.

  28. Jason G Says:

    I do not believe that witnesses have been railroaded, per say, I do, however, believe that they have been intimidated and frightened by this “plot” to kill them that it could slant there testimony at trial. They may have been lead to believe that the police are the only people who can protect them. I know what I would do if I had been convinced that the other side was trying to kill me. Was all of this necessary if the DA has the evidence to convict Titus. It would appear that the DA is going to extraordinary lenghts to make Titus appear guilty.

    Another Judge? I don’t believe so. A fair trial? Absolutely, jurors in most cases are able to see the truth through all the “smoke” that is created by the prosecution and or the defence.

    And yes, I too believe that something BIG is going on. Any ideas?

  29. Seth Mcdavid Says:

    It looks as though there is complete desperation by the defense attorney’s actions. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. It can astonish one’s mind what the truth is in a lot of situatios in this world. There is obviously not enough to convict CT and KR or they would not go to these extremely illegasl lenghths to do so. There is no way they will be able to keep the same judge and DA in this case if they even now go to trial.

  30. KNEW THEM Says:

    The trial being pushed back is prob. due to Saggase not getting all discovery items. I bet the DA gets a tongue lashing from the judge very soon. I would like to here Sagasse speak out more for his client. It doesn’t look like there will be a gag order in this one so Sagasse better start spitting.

  31. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    “No one said CT didn’t do it, but the cops are going to very far lengths to set him up”

    What would the cops be setting him up for? They already have him for the murder. It is possible that a murder for hire plot did happen. It’s also possible that Craig is stupid enough to have discussed it with a cell mate. It is also possible that Craig arranged something to the effect. It’s also possible that there is more evidence than the general public is aware of and that is what I am waiting to see when the trial actually takes place.

    Look, Craig’s no real celebrity only a flash in the pan in the small world of bodybuilding. Outside of his realm no one really gives a shit who he is or what he does. Like many fallen sports heroes he had the chance to achieve greatness but chose the path of destruction and will be dealt with accordingly.

    The evidence is for too great against them and regardless of what is printed in the press, no one can save Craig from the fate he has sealed for both himself and his wife. All the hubbub is nothing more than the press having fun at their expense.

    I believe that the trial will be a short one and that two convictions of murder one will be handed down by mid-2007. One for each Titus.

  32. chainsaw Says:

    Couldn’t care less:

    I would agree with you; but, from what the cops have tried to do recently, their past allegations are questionable at best.

    Knew Them:

    You are right on, Saggase I bet didn’t get jack, so the trial will be delayed if not mistried.


    The evidence is only what the cops have stated. We’ll just have to see.

    and Seth:

    You’re right, and where have you been?

  33. chainsaw Says:

    Jason G.

    By saying that CT wants to kill you is a way that the police is making the witnesses feel that they are being threatend by CT even if he had nothing to do with it. So in that sense, they are really being railroaded.

    These cops are overkill. I can see it now, all of them at the precinct laughing thinking that titus is going to bite. And then he doesn’t, he does what any innocent person (whether he is or not) would do when confronted with this allegation.

    CT is in a closet. He would never have known if these pictures of gross were fake. Gross must feel pretty lame now. The cops are railroading Gross. I mean, there is a reason they let this “snitch” a get out of jail free card. Play ball and help the cops set titus up, and get out of jail free.
    In the hopes that CT and KR will confess or, charge them on something bogus.

  34. KNEW THEM Says:

    Couldn’t Care Less: They don’t have anyone convicted of murder and I don’t think they will. I’m sure there is a lot of evidence the general public doesn’t know about yet. I’m not sure what to believe at this point. As to Craig achieving greatness in BBing, I don’t know about that. When you think of greatness you think of near perfection, streaks, or consistency in competition. I ‘m not sure what evidence against them is true, hearsay, or even totally fabricated. Also, what statements will make it into trial? Craig”s only greatness was the fact that he dated many hot girls that the average guy could only dream of being with. That’s why so many guys disliked him, because their girlfriends or wives were infatuated with him. It wouldn’t surprise me for a second if a cop or detective had a run in with him or their spouse had one of his magazine covers laying around. Also, Why is Gross being so helpful…..he had no knowledge of a crime…. maybe he just likes posing in trunks w/blood on himself for fun.

  35. KNEW THEM Says:

    I wonder what Craig’s long time friend Jay has to say about this? Hey Jay, remember when you were 19 and Craig helped you out; I hope you stand by your friend now.

  36. KNEW THEM Says:

    Just saw Sagasse on Greta…He’s right “The Cocks I mean Cops have crossed the Line”.

  37. darkstar Says:

    The cops clearly blew the murder for hire plot…but the murder charges will go forward…


  38. KNEW THEM Says:

    Just like I said earlier this evening, Sagasse needs to start talking. D*: Your right they blew the murder for hire plot…Anyone know who Craig has on his visitor list?

  39. Jason G Says:

    Is it true that Gross “Had know knowledge of a crime.” Why would he have been the target of a hit? Some one made him the target. Who? & Why?

    At the Clark County Detention Center the prisoners are allowed two visits per week and two persons at each of the two visits. Any one can visit, however, the prisoner can refuse the visitor.

  40. wayne mortensen Says:

    I live in Texas and alot of the prisoners on death row are getting new trials or released because of police misconduct. The cops will plant, suppress, lie, and manipulate evidence. Anything to get a conviction. But in the end CT and KR will be found guilty. There is so much evidence against them, the one main one finding the victims body in KRs car. Also, a video showing KR buying lighter fluid. So at the end of the day, we all agree that the cops are slimes, but the evidence will show these two guilty.

  41. Chainsaw Says:


    I agree with you; however, I was almost willing to take the cops word as gospel. Maybe CT did call the cops to ask if he could leave town like Saggase said. We’ll have to wait and see.

    But I do have to agree that if all that evidance is true, than of course they will get convicted.

    Anyone get puits book? I signed up to get it but got no word back yet.

  42. venice member Says:

    A question based on a hypothetical(at least a hypothetical as far as I know at this point):

    If the cops gained some sort of confession by Gross based on tricking him into believing CT was trying to kill him (for purposes of this arguement let’s say CT is completely innocent of a Mrdr for hire plot)…

    Is Gross’ confession admissable - it’s certainly tainted…

    I’m wondering what the ramifications of this blunder are - from a purely practical standpoint… I believe CT and KR are guilty - but this trial amounts to a high stakes game of poker…

  43. Jason G Says:

    Titus is guilty, yes, but what is he/she guilty of? First degree murder? I don’t believe this is the crime that they are guilty. I do believe that they burned the body. This is despicable, however does not prove murder. Maby the DA knows this and cannot prove murder without fabricating another crime to blame on Titus to make it look as if he is guilty of murder, not just burning a dead body. Please understand that this alone is again despicable, however does not prove murder.

  44. mynameisearl Says:

    It all comes down to the jury and what they think, doesnt matter what we think. Should be interesting to watch but my guess is the average joe in this jury will not be too sympathetic. I doubt Craig would be able to elicit any sympathy, Kelly yes, for her that will be easy. Craig not a chance. Even if they could change venue I dont think a jury will let him walk away with anything less than life in prison. But then again you know what they say about jurors, just a bunch a people not smart enough to get out of jury duty holding your life in their hands.

  45. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Knew Them: If memory servs me, Craig wasn’t as great at stealing the women as you portray, he has the profile of a cro-magnon or other fugly carachter on the evolution map. Can’t speak for you but the ladies I and my friends were ever with at the time didn’t bat an eye in his direction whenever he was around. Now when Dennis Newman or Troy Zuccolotto came in it was time to take the girls home. Before his coming out, Bob Paris was the biggest threat to a guy’s relationship.

  46. KNEW THEM Says:

    Couldn’t care Less: Very interesting, Maybe I like white trash going nowhere strippers with low self esteem. Those are two interesting BBers you mentioned. Troy was married and Dennis was very involved. Hey, do you know if Troy ever opened that Life Extention Center in Ca.? Dennis should have returned some of the lukemia $ and not bought that Vette. Anyway, It was just odd to see girls flying across the country to spend a weekend with Craig. I do think behind every GOOD BBer there is a really good lady.

  47. shockandawe Says:

    Yeah, good ladies flew across the country! More like SKANKS lined up at Lompoc’s low security work camp to try to get on Titus’ jock, but none of them were hot. My ex and I used to go up and visit and we met some of those skanks - people CT would never be with on the outside if he had never been incarcerated, sexually needy and off roids for long enough to find someone of that sort attractive. And what’s with all of this prison hags.. I’ve heard of fag hags, but what’s with a woman who SEEKS OUT loser dudes in prison for rape, murder or whatever? Such sad shit.

  48. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Let’s put it this way, Troy’s wife was married. Dennis bery involved? Don’t make me laugh! His first marriage to a chick that simply walked up to him backstage at Musclmania quickly floundered when he was originally diagnosed with luekemia. Even Ray got his share whenever he wasn’t flaunting his latest 16 year old white conquest. Troy is doing very well in his business. Dennis had purchased many sports cars with the cancer donations sent to him but it started with an Acura NSX and he just went crazy from there.

    It appears that you want to have this competition on who knows more and that bores me. The difference is that I trained with all of these guys and didn’t get my misguided info from a fan magazine. Hell I’m no pro BB’er and I have women flying across the country to spend weekends with me, BFD. Shockandawe hit it right, nothing but skank hoes looking to lay down in hopes of getting a door opened for them.

  49. KNEW THEM Says:

    Look Couldn’t Care Less, I couldn’t care less who U knew, and U couldn’t care less who I knew. The only thing I’m saying is that almost everyone I knew was friendly with CT and he always paid his debts. No one had a problem with him while he was around, but they sure do want to run their mouth now. I’m sure he did rub some people the wrong way. By the way, I was really pulling for Troy after he turned pro; as with Dennis. You know as well as I do that it doesn’t appear he’s going to get a fair shake with this judge.

  50. chainsaw Says:

    I was a Heavy Metaler in the 80’s.
    I had more skanks than all of ya’ll put together. I wouldn’t trade my wife for ten of them skanks though. We all, (correct me), some of us simply mature.

  51. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Chain: Glad to hear you found miss right; I’m still looking. Anyway, I’m getting bum-rushed by C.C.Less; all I’m saying is that no matter how psycho he may have become, he pulled in some hot chicks. We all did and do. In a way I feel sorry for the dude because it doesn’t look like he will get a fair shake from Glass. KR prob. did most of the damage anyway.

  52. Disgusted Says:

    You seem very impressed with Craig’s prowess. Were/are you attracted to Craig yourself because you post as if you are a female which is cool since many chicks like yourself missed their chanced to service the Craigster.

  53. KNEW THEM Says:

    Nope, I’am all male and I was never impressed by Craig. I’ve always said he was honest with myself and my friends; none of us ever experienced the stories of ripp-offs, back stabbing, or anything else that people post. I’ve also said he prob. did rub some people the wrong way, but if he had a problem with u he would tell it straight to u. Anyway, when all the smoke clears, I think many people will be surprised by what actually TRUELY happened. He made a bad decission to help someone he truely cared for and a girl died and two people will prob. lose there freedom forever.

  54. darkstar Says:

    About that alleged Ex Parte violation…Gross’ trial has been severed from CT and Kr’s, but apparently not before this ex parte meeting was held..I would like to know what the judge was thinking…Is she that ignorant about procedure? I cant imagine she would be, but, this is Vegas, city of shady deals and cheap justice….

    I’d sure like an explanation as to why this would not be a violation, and, if so, what sanctions and ramifications are to be expected….


  55. KNEW THEM Says:

    I’m glad U said that D*…..I’ve been thinking the same thing. I read it over a few times to make sure I understood it. It seems like a very outright violation. I gather Saggase wasn’t there,sooooo what, if anything is a poss. penalty………..prob. just an “we the court make an error, and we will be more attentive in the future”.

  56. Jason G Says:

    This was a very serious violation of procedures and yes there will be ramifications’. I look for a new judge at the least. Things are beginning to “un-fold” quickly. What’s next?

  57. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Jason, Is the judge replacement a written in stone procedure or your best guess? What’s next? Nothing would surprise me. Didn’t this all seem so cut and dry in the beginning?

  58. darkstar Says:

    The defense will have to file a bunch of motions if they feel there has been a violation, then maybe a motion to dismiss, (fat chance) or get the judge to recuse, or something like that..If this meeting took place in June, Im wondering why no beef has been formally filed by the defense.

    Maybe, as discussed before, there are facts we are not aware of. I cant believe they all would be that stupid…


  59. Jason G Says:

    I don’t believe that it is written in stone. Titus’ attorney wlii have to make that request. Keep in mind that the “error” created here was in the favor of the DA as I believe that the question of bail came in front of the court during this (that) period of time. And of course the jusge wouldn’t grant bail since she had been advised of this “alledged” murder for hire plot. In the begining I, along with many others, thought it was “cut and dry” I agree, “not so cut and dry”, now.

  60. darkstar Says:

    Im not so sure all this cutting and drying has any impact on the murder case…And wasnt CT and KR denied bail well before this, and wasnt it because they were thought to be flight risks?

    The murder case and the subsequent arson, etc…are not a product of the DA’s office. That was purely a CT and KR production.


  61. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    C’mon guys, they ARE both flight risks. Their little cross country trek last year proved that. What judge in thier right mind could possibly allow bail?

  62. Jason G Says:

    The death of Mellissa and the burning of this young lady’s body is, as I have said many times before, was a dispicable act of a coward. The question is, was Mellissa dead before her body was set on fire? I do not know that answer by what I have read.

    What I do know is that this case is taking on a number of twists and that makes this case unusual to say the least. My questions remain, WHY play “play dead” with what we are told is a key witness, WHY a botched “murder for hire” allegation against Titus? WHY is a convicted (sentenced for) attempted robbery with a deadly wepon “snitch” go free and Why are the Judge and DA having secret (Ex-Parte) meetings (ex-parte, without the attorney of any one party to this action, in this case the Titus attorney). You may ask, what difference this makes? Look again at the timing of DA Daskus. It was reported that this meeting, which took place in June, was at the request of DA Daskus. Titus had a bail request hearing July 18th. This gave an unfair advantage to Daskus as what Judge would consider bail for a murder suspect having been given the information that Titus was part of an on going “murder for hire” investigation? Judge Glass had her mind made up befor the hearing. Maby rightfully so, however, this was an unfair advantage taken by the DA. Titus may not have been given bail without this information, however, this action was improper of the DA and Judge.

    If DA Daskus has an “air tight” case against Titus, Why create all of these distractions?

    There was a time in the beginning of this investigation where I too believed with all my heart that Titus and his wife were guilty, hands down. However, because of the recent turn of events, I will take a fresh look at the entire case and Titus will remain innocent until he is proven quilty. I will be keeping an open mind and will be awating the DA’s explanitation to these questions. I believe that I will not be the only citizen who is awaiting answers.

  63. chainsaw Says:


    I’m right there with you. District Attorneys need to understand that Americans want justice, but not at any cost. Meaning our rights and liberty’s being violated.

    At this point if CT ends up hurt or dead in jail, they better know that people are now watching closer than ever.

    But on the other hand if CT uses our concern as weakness, he will be sadly mistaken as well.

  64. KNEW THEM Says:

    Jason: I hear U brother, well said!

  65. Johnny2007 Says:

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