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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » BREAKING NEWS… Defense claims new witness will exonerate Titus

BREAKING NEWS… Defense claims new witness will exonerate Titus

Thanks to Getbig.com for the heads up on the latest development in the case, reported by Glenn Puit…

The defense team for slaying suspect Craig Titus claims it has uncovered a witness who will help the famous bodybuilder fight the charges against him.

Titus and his wife, fitness champion Kelly Ryan, are charged with killing their live-in personal assistant, Melissa James, at their southwest Las Vegas residence a year ago, then burning her body in the desert.

A co-defendant, Anthony Gross, is charged with helping the couple drive the remains into the desert. Gross told police that he was duped into participating in the scheme and that he never knew he was helping Titus and Ryan get rid of a dead body.

But defense attorneys said that in a statement given to Titus’ private investigator, Tom Dillard, in September, witness John Darrin Allen, 22, of Las Vegas said that he was housed at the Clark County Detention Center with Gross in December 2005 and that Gross contradicted his account to police.

“I said, ‘Is it true or not that he (Titus) killed her, and what happened?’” Allen said he asked Gross.

“And he came out with, ‘No, he didn’t kill her,’” Allen said. “(Gross said) ‘Craig Titus called me at my house, told me that this lady died, uh, OD’d in my (Titus’) house, can you help me?’”

Allen said Gross told him that he drove to Titus and Ryan’s house and duct-taped James’ dead body, and that he then came up with the idea of burning the body in the desert.

“He (Gross) said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this,’” Allen said.

“(Gross) taped her up in a ball, picked her up, put her in the trunk, and then drove off to wherever they burnt the car,” Allen said.

“When he (Gross) took the body and put it in the trunk, he told Craig Titus, ‘No body, no crime,’” Allen said.

Several months later, Allen said, he met Titus in the Clark County Detention Center and told him what Gross had said.

Titus asked him, “Will you testify for me?”

“I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll testify for you,’” Allen said. “And then we left it at that.”

Clark County prosecutor Robert Daskas said Thursday evening that Allen’s statement was not credible.

The prosecutor noted that Titus, in a taped statement to police, had already confessed to being the one who duct-taped James. Titus also confessed to police that he was the one who put the body in the trunk of his wife’s car, that he drove it to the desert and that he set James’ remains ablaze.

“Back on December 24, 2005, Titus himself admitted to detectives that it was he, Craig Titus, who wrapped the duct tape around Melissa James’ head,” Daskas said. “Therefore, the notion that Anthony Gross did this is laughable. Mr. Titus’ most recent explanation reminds me of a quote from Mark Twain: ‘If you tell the truth, you’ll always remember what you said.’ Craig Titus can’t keep his stories straight.”

Gross’ attorney, Louis Palazzo, accused Titus of putting Allen up to making the statement. He said it will eventually come out that Allen’s allegations against Gross are untrue.

“This guy (Titus) doesn’t understand the first rule of hole digging: Put the shovel down and stop digging,” Palazzo said. “It’s amazing with this guy. The hits just keep on coming.”

But Titus’ defense attorney, Marc Saggese, said that he had met with Allen and that the young man’s account was credible.

Saggese said that police had interviewed Allen and that to this date, the contents of the interview had not been provided to him.

“We believe this evidence was withheld from the defense,” Saggese said.

Read the Full Story Here.

What do you think? We don’t buy it. It sounds way too fishy and it appears as if Titus is doing anything and everything to save himself. Titus is on tape, talking about him doing it. Did Anthony Gross have a hand in it, sure but what motive would Gross have to duct tape and place Melissa in the trunk of Kelly’s car. It just doesn’t jive, but hell what does in this case?

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