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BREAKING NEWS… Defense claims new witness will exonerate Titus

Thanks to Getbig.com for the heads up on the latest development in the case, reported by Glenn Puit…

The defense team for slaying suspect Craig Titus claims it has uncovered a witness who will help the famous bodybuilder fight the charges against him.

Titus and his wife, fitness champion Kelly Ryan, are charged with killing their live-in personal assistant, Melissa James, at their southwest Las Vegas residence a year ago, then burning her body in the desert.

A co-defendant, Anthony Gross, is charged with helping the couple drive the remains into the desert. Gross told police that he was duped into participating in the scheme and that he never knew he was helping Titus and Ryan get rid of a dead body.

But defense attorneys said that in a statement given to Titus’ private investigator, Tom Dillard, in September, witness John Darrin Allen, 22, of Las Vegas said that he was housed at the Clark County Detention Center with Gross in December 2005 and that Gross contradicted his account to police.

“I said, ‘Is it true or not that he (Titus) killed her, and what happened?’” Allen said he asked Gross.

“And he came out with, ‘No, he didn’t kill her,’” Allen said. “(Gross said) ‘Craig Titus called me at my house, told me that this lady died, uh, OD’d in my (Titus’) house, can you help me?’”

Allen said Gross told him that he drove to Titus and Ryan’s house and duct-taped James’ dead body, and that he then came up with the idea of burning the body in the desert.

“He (Gross) said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this,’” Allen said.

“(Gross) taped her up in a ball, picked her up, put her in the trunk, and then drove off to wherever they burnt the car,” Allen said.

“When he (Gross) took the body and put it in the trunk, he told Craig Titus, ‘No body, no crime,’” Allen said.

Several months later, Allen said, he met Titus in the Clark County Detention Center and told him what Gross had said.

Titus asked him, “Will you testify for me?”

“I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll testify for you,’” Allen said. “And then we left it at that.”

Clark County prosecutor Robert Daskas said Thursday evening that Allen’s statement was not credible.

The prosecutor noted that Titus, in a taped statement to police, had already confessed to being the one who duct-taped James. Titus also confessed to police that he was the one who put the body in the trunk of his wife’s car, that he drove it to the desert and that he set James’ remains ablaze.

“Back on December 24, 2005, Titus himself admitted to detectives that it was he, Craig Titus, who wrapped the duct tape around Melissa James’ head,” Daskas said. “Therefore, the notion that Anthony Gross did this is laughable. Mr. Titus’ most recent explanation reminds me of a quote from Mark Twain: ‘If you tell the truth, you’ll always remember what you said.’ Craig Titus can’t keep his stories straight.”

Gross’ attorney, Louis Palazzo, accused Titus of putting Allen up to making the statement. He said it will eventually come out that Allen’s allegations against Gross are untrue.

“This guy (Titus) doesn’t understand the first rule of hole digging: Put the shovel down and stop digging,” Palazzo said. “It’s amazing with this guy. The hits just keep on coming.”

But Titus’ defense attorney, Marc Saggese, said that he had met with Allen and that the young man’s account was credible.

Saggese said that police had interviewed Allen and that to this date, the contents of the interview had not been provided to him.

“We believe this evidence was withheld from the defense,” Saggese said.

Read the Full Story Here.

What do you think? We don’t buy it. It sounds way too fishy and it appears as if Titus is doing anything and everything to save himself. Titus is on tape, talking about him doing it. Did Anthony Gross have a hand in it, sure but what motive would Gross have to duct tape and place Melissa in the trunk of Kelly’s car. It just doesn’t jive, but hell what does in this case?

37 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS… Defense claims new witness will exonerate Titus”

  1. Chainsaw Says:

    Gross couldn’t lift dead “no pun” weight like that. No way, he’s a skinny dude. Plus, didn’t KR say titus dropped her? This is B.S…. Is this all Saggase has?

  2. mynameisearl Says:

    Complete BS. I am at a loss as to why he would duct tape a head/body of a dead person. The more CT changes his story the bigger the hole. This guy just cannot STFU because he is so arrogant.

  3. venice member Says:

    “Put down the shovel”?

    More like - Take the keys out of the Backhoe…

    That is so weak and desperate…

    What was that characters name in “Pulp Fiction” - that came over to Tarantino’s house and disposed of the body after Travolta accidentally shot him in the face?

    Righhhhht - I’m sure Gross dove right in…

    Titus is so buried - he’s his own worse enemy in fighting this case.

  4. WTF Says:

    Saggase has got to be the stupidest ambulance chaser ever. Just when we think Titus has bottomed out he sinks to a lower level than before. Didn’t Craig’s parents get a blood test before getting married?

  5. Martin Says:


  6. darkstar Says:

    Its like Venice said…CT is using a backhoe…Maybe even a freakin’ steam shovel…auger in, Craig baby, auger in…


  7. chainsaw Says:

    CT is stupid sober. Imagine him all jacked up on speed and up for a week!

  8. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    The anniversary of MJ’s murder is already fast approaching. I wonder what C & K would be doing had they been successful in their flight to avoid prosecution to Greece. Sipping Uzo at a beachside bistro perhaps? A romantic sunset stroll on the beach? The clang of reality when the jailhouse bars slam shut because Kelly just had to get a pedicure? The scream of Craig’s newest cellmate in the middle of the night?

  9. KNEW THEM Says:

    I’ve been wondering when the defense was going to start mudding of the public audience, but now it’s starting to remind me of how Geragos started with Scott Peterson. I see the same thing happening by the end of this trial; Craig won’t have to say a thing and the jury will hate him and convict him. I’m still in thought about Kelly.

  10. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Don’t fret about Kelly, she’ll either get life or worse.

  11. wayne mortensen Says:

    CT is galactically stupid. But now I think his lawyer is more stupid. Kinda like dumber and dumbest. Wow, is that the best that his lawyer can come up with? CTs lawyer needs to have more experience with capital murder cases. His experience is limited to a divorce or two and trying to extort money for people that slipped at Walmart or having clientel that got food poisoning at the buffet at the casinos. His other lawyer is probably better than this new goof.

  12. venice member Says:

    If KR and CT had just kept their yappers shut - they probably could have made a somewhat half-assed credible arguement that MJ overdosed - hard to say without seeing an autopsy…but they would’ve been so much better off…Titus has more switchbacks in his story than Brokeback Mountain.

    I mean pick a lie and fucking stick with it.

    Saggese may lack experience, but u can’t blame him too much for what’s happened up until now - he doesn’t have much to work with…Attorneys can’t always control their client.

  13. venice member, Says:

    Allow me to roughly paraphrase his conversation with his last attys.

    I need to speak out - I need to get the “truth” out there.

    You’re a fucking idiot.

    You’re fired.

    Good, that’s a relief - bye

  14. darkstar Says:


    That is hilarious!!!…Man, you summed it up perfectly and I am still giggling…..damn, that struck me funny…..hehe….


  15. venice member, Says:


    If Titus was a little bit better known he’d be very close to having a verb named after him…

    Like Woody Harrelson’s character in “Kingpin”

    He pulled a “Munson”…

  16. venice member, Says:

    I’m getting carried away with the movie references…

    It’s just amazing to me how the more CT tries to be stealth the more he might as well install a neon sign on his forehead that says, “I’m a liar”…

    The justice system doesn’t always work the way it should, but I think this go round it will.

  17. darkstar Says:


    That would be my guess as well…

    He is proving to be quite the dolt…


  18. KNEW THEM Says:

    No matter what else comes out, I still say they don’t get the 1st degree murder charge. People, don’t be surprised if Kelly gets a longer sentence than Craig.

  19. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    I agree, Kelly may be silent through all of this but the fact remains that no matter how low Craig sinks the case, he’s still dragging her down with him. At this rate, by the time the trial date gets here they won’t need one.

    If Craig was a car the best selling point would be 0 - stupid in 5 seconds!

    I’d like to buy a ticket to the execution but the scalpers on ebay will have it priced way too far out of my price range.

  20. Family Friend Says:

    OK let me get this straight….cellmates that testify against the defense ARE credible….but cellmates that testify for the defense AREN’T ceidible. That about size it you for you open minded citizens?

  21. Chainsaw Says:

    Just to play devil’s advocate here. Gross got his tires changed the day after the burning of the car I believe, or shortly after. That’s what it said in the GJ transcripts when the cops wanted to look at his car. Any thoughts on this, why would he do that if he didn’t know something was seriously wrong. Changing tires because of tire tracks you think?

  22. Voice of Reason Says:

    I must say that I am constantly amazed at the levels of stupidity that CT is capable of.

  23. Lompoc Says:

    I was at Lompoc camp when Craig showed up in September of 1997 on his probation violation from his ecstacy case. The Judge in that case told Craig his problem was that “he believed his own press”. Guess some things will never change

  24. WalkstheTalk Says:


    In other words, “He co-signs his own bullshit.” Or to put it another way, “Ask him no questions, he’ll tell you no lies.” zzzzzz

  25. shockandawe Says:

    To Family Friend:
    Boy, if I were you, I’d start making other friends. I’m quite sure we’re very far past objectivity and open-mindedness… this has turned into a farce so far-fetching, it’s less plausible than any 1970’s “Not without my daughter” Movie of the Week!

  26. KNEW THEM Says:

    Shock….Why so bitter?

  27. shockandawe Says:

    Not bitter Knew…. just think that family members who come on here and feebly try to stand up for CT or KR are beyond their depth.

    The farce so far-fetching is because Craig makes the life imitates art argument so plausible.

    And this news about him lying nake and prone in his cell is about the most idiotic thing I’ve heard yet. I’m surprised he didn’t trail off and talk about the boner he had while lying there. He’s usually so into having people think he’s manly. This must kill him to be a part of this make up b.s. concocted by him and his attorney… he’d much rather say, “Yeah, these bitches came into my cell and I banged the f*** out of ‘em!”

    Dunno… maybe it’s the thought of them having a possibility of getting off that’s a thorn in my side and making me cranky.

  28. chainsaw Says:


    Sounds like you could have been one to CT ex’s.

  29. Chainsaw Says:


    I take that back, just saw you’re getbig post. Sorry

  30. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Shock: They aren’t getting off of anything, maybe the first degree charge. KR’s going to be a lifer.

  31. darkstar Says:

    Knew Them,

    I wonder where KR’s cheerleaders are? CT seems to have a couple, but not a peep about ol’ Kelly…

    What do you make of that? Do you think her people are shocked, dismayed, destroyed, embarrassed to say the least, that Kelly is involved in all this?

    Pretty awful.


  32. KNEW THEM Says:

    D*: I’am sure Kelly’s ra, ra, ra, friends have gone their own way a long time ago. I think she took her lawyer’s advice from day one, “don’t say anything”. With a straight mind Kelly’s not dumb by a long shot. The thing that may save her from spending the rest of her life in prison is the fact that she has been quite, and can her attorney discredit some witness statements; for example M. Foley. I’ve read that G.Jury test. over and over, and I see gaps in time, character, and answers like Uh ha, uh ha…yes. D*…if I gave u a bag and I said take this home with u for a few days because the cops prob. will be at my house tomorrow, wouldn’t you look in it? Also, I sure KR and CT are airing any witnesses dirty laundry.

  33. chainsaw Says:

    knew them,

    I’m right there with you on that one. I like all the absolutely’s that are in there as well as the uh hu’s. Like, why would the cops be coming to the house, and MF didn’t freak? And went to say bye to KR? And drank a bottle of wine on the way to their house? As I see it, her testimony is shakey at best.

  34. A Thought Says:

    For the comments regarding Mr. SaggEse, if you knew him, saw him work, and watched him in court, you would already be aware that he is far from an “ambulance chaser” (which by the way, applies to civil attorneys, not criminal defense) and is a brilliant and experienced attorney. I assure anyone that has their doubts about him as an attorney or with his chances with this case, that those doubts will be far removed once this case is underway. Just thought I’d share…

  35. KNEW THEM Says:

    A THOUGHT : Good to hear…..CT and KR need all the help they can get. If U know him, any idea on his retainer fee is? Also, in the end, what do you think it will wind up costing CT?

  36. Voice of Reason Says:

    Knew Them:

    I am no lawyer but my sense is that CT is probably going to want to stay in prison because this case will wipe him out. I don’t see how CT and KR can recover from this. If they get off they will be Saggese’s indentured servants.

  37. KNEW THEM Says:

    NO PERSON WANTS TO STAY IN PRISON! If they get off(maybe the 1st degree charge only) all they owe Saggese is what he charges them. Not to serve him; remember that’s his job, to defend.

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