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Trial Delayed until April!!

It looks like we’re going to have to wait a few more months before the trial begins. Part of Glenn’s story…

On Tuesday morning, District Judge Jackie Glass held a closed-door meeting with attorneys in the case.

Those who attended declined to comment on exactly what was said during the meeting, but Denue confirmed that he no longer plans to go to trial in January.

“I’m preparing to go to trial in April,” Denue said.

34 Responses to “Trial Delayed until April!!”

  1. chainsaw Says:

    With these trial delays, they won’t need to give them life. They will die of old age before they get to trial.

  2. Disgusted Says:

    As long as they die while incarcerated.

  3. KNEW THEM Says:

    One thing about KR is she has always stuck up for Craig. To give you an example: Older, well established men who always hit on her at the gyms….she was always proud of who her boyfriend(now of course husband) was. When she would politely tell the person she is involved(with Craig) she would often get the “what are you doing with that guy, he’s this, he’s that, blah,blah,blah.” Kelly would always say the same thing, “would you like me to go tell him what you said”. That would usually end the the 50 year old, mid-life crisis, just started taking a little juice, fake-n-bake tanning, thinking she would jump at the chance to date him kind of crap she heard every day.

  4. Disgusted Says:

    None of that really matters at this point in fact she most likely is reflecting on her life wondering what if…

    One of those 50 year old mid lifers probably wouldn’t sound too bad to her now. CT may have brought excitement to her life for which she is now paying the ultimate price. Besides, where would he have been in 8 years when he is 50? Most likely as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness telling his Al Bundy stories of ‘when I was great’,

  5. KNEW THEM Says:

    Disgusted, Maybe….but Craig and Kelly have lived 3 or 4 great lives compared to most people. It’s a shame that all that will be erased by this horrible act.

  6. wayne mortensen Says:

    Some of these 50 year old geezers would sound great to KR now. She might have turned down some of these men, but these men are all probably head and shoulders above CT. I guess she is into muscles more than a good quality, sincere, hard working man. Look where those muscles got her now. But then again, she is just as much culpable as CT in this murder.

  7. mynameisearl Says:

    Guys what can I say, some of us just like the bad boys. But the bad boy always makes a bad husband. Case in point, Craig Titus.

  8. shockandawe Says:

    Yeah, okay “Knows Them”… and so you’re saying that her “Would you like me to tell him what you just said?” standard reply Kelly gave to people who quite rightly wondered what the hell she was thinking, being with Craig Titus, are NOT a result of the brainwashing and isolation Craig put her through almost from the beginning of their union?

    C’mon! Her doing that was on Craig’s SICK insistence that he control everything about her life and “know who the haters are”. What a joke! She did his bidding because she was a desperate, hurt little girl who never was loved enough by daddy, and always hooked up with fucked up men! I know, I was her friend.

    Craig has always been quite possibly the most sick, insecure, idiotic, and paranoid man I have ever met! If his mom died tomorrow, he’d still be more concerned about, and feel more emotion over, someone’s hating comments of him than her death! If you “know them” like you say, you’d know that’s exactly true. He has his priorities so far out of whack, they couldn’t even be construed as priority of any kind!

    Always worried more about his “image” (what fucking image? he’s a loser and is the only one who doesn’t know it) in all of this, more than feeling remorse (even privately) for Melissa and her family and the guilt and shame of what’s he’s done! Christ! I hope someone shanks him and gets it over with. He’s so far gone he’s not ever going to serve any useful function but take up sewer space, airspace, and cell space.

    I cannot believe she is still maintaining loyalty. And don’t you dare say, “It takes a fine human being… someone truly in love…” blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum b.s. because it isn’t REAL! It’s a girl who so badly needed to be loved that she settled for a thuggish goon who never stopped abusing her mentally and emotionally, until her own life was shattered beyond recognition. How sad. She was somebody, and was a pretty good person before Craig. Very likeable and very fun. She never would have become a f’in swinger or any of that without wanting to please this c’sucker of a guy!

    What is her family thinking, not insisting that her defense atty do that!?
    Nice strategy to continue to maintain you didn’t do it, but let’s leave fantasy land for a moment and understand that the mounting evidence points to anything but that, and that will easily and quickly be established. Ooops! Then what?

  9. KNEW THEM Says:

    I have never proclaimed their guilt or innocence; I have just stated that I’ve known CT from 94 til 05. I don’t think Kelly’s door was bolted from both sides and she didn’t have the keys to get out.

  10. chainsaw Says:

    I knew neither of them. But from the sound of the GJ transcripts, CT seemed like he was diffusing the situation and got MJ out of the house and into a hotel. KR sounds like a typical psycho, paranoid drug addicted chick.

  11. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    It’s amusing how many ‘I knew/know thems’ are surfacing. What’s even more amusing is these people’s constant justification of CT and KR’s actions. They are both murdering criminals who deserve to be put to death by the State, period.

    I knew neither of them but did see them in the circles I was in and can say they both ended up where I expected them to.

    Quit sucking up to these two in proxy and get a grip on reality. No one gives a shit who knew them or didn’t anyway. You only project the image of a pathetic starstruck wannabe who never gets noticed and this is your opportunity to get recognition.

  12. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Gym Rat(No one gives a shit if you’re drug free), I am not starstruck,a wannabe, or any other type of attention seeker. I have never stated my name ever or even what city or state I live in because I know some people out there would know who I was. I enjoy reading others input and expressing mine. Since NO ONE knows exactly what happened it is interesting to thing how could someone you know be involved in such a horrible crime. All we or I have done is try to think back and wonder with everyone else and say how? why? We all know some of the answers, but when myself, Chainsaw,D*, and others speculate it just passes our time. YOU, GYM RAT, sound like the one who would be star struck by a BB or fitness girl who you see in person.

  13. darkstar Says:

    Hmmm…I dont think there has been much “sucking up” or sympathy toward CT or KR around here, except from some so called family members who you’d expect would stick up for them…

    I dont want to speak for Knew Them or Chainsaw or anyone else, but I think it is safe to say the biggest general question underlying all the rest of the discussions here is:


    I doubt many people feel sorry for them, but that doesnt mean people arent bewildered by how someone could get themselves in such a jam, for no good reason…

    If anything, there is a big interest in exploring how people can go from hero (well, kind of) to zero in a Las Vegas minute…fascinating stuff to watch unfold…Its a diversion that takes a tiny fraction of my time, and I get a kick out of BS’ing about it with the folks here…thats about it…Im certainly not obsessed with CT or KR…hell, I never heard of them before all this happened…its an intriguing story, thats all…


  14. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    Knew Them: I’m not trying to push your buttons because it’s too obvious that would be easy. Great comeback, is that your best effort? I’m well past the gym rat phase of my life, it’s just a moniker like “Knew Them” and I agree that who cares if I’m drug free just like who cares if you really knew them.

    Sounds as if you suffer from the same “issues” as CT, you don’t have a personal assistant by any chance I hope.

    I appreciate how you and others (including myself) pass the time speculating, it’s interesting news, kind of like a car crash where you slow down to look at the tragedy in another person’s life while appreciating at the same time that it is not your own personal tragedy.

    I was merely generalizing how many people claim to be close to the Titus’ after the fact, I meant no ill will it’s merely a coincidence that you chose “Knew Them” and chose to be offended and also chose to react emotionally. I can’t speak for d* and chainsaw but if I were them I wouldn’t appreciate your bringing my name into a cyber squabble.

    Peace out.

  15. mynameisearl Says:

    *D is right. The reason a lot of people are reading this site is to get some ideas/opinions of others on why the f they did do it. Plus there is the curiosity of how this will play out in court. I do not come hear to look for posts that cut others down for offering opinions. Its boring to watch you do this.

    My guess is gym rat is drug free now but was not at one time. thus, probably some good insight about actual drug use and BB. Knew them, well he knew them also so interesting insight there. I dont think I have seen anyone attention seeking, other than ray. So dont be so sensative and dont be a ray.

    I would like to know from the gym rat, if you think ct/kr did kill mj and if so why do you think they did it? also since knew them never proclaimed their guilt or innocence, I am dying for you to do so now since you did know them.

  16. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    mynameisearl: Yes I believe they are guilty, the evidence is overwhelming. I’ve witnessed firsthand what the wrath of CT can be like with other bodybuilders backstage. I saw him bully his way around to the point where the room was so quiet during his presence…

    You are also correct in that my past exposure gives me an insight. When you see guys receiving multiple injections backstage just prior to going onstage, the roid rage with no control, best friends nearly killing each other over nothing, you know the rest.

  17. mynameisearl Says:

    gym rat, fyi swear to god I dont know the rest! anyway I am not sure of all the drugs ct/kr were into but drugs played a heavy hand in the murder. I am on record here saying they both did it and it was over drugs or drug money.

    I have never been in a BB competition but isnt bullying and/or mind games w/the competition a part of BB competitions?

    no doubt in my mind ct is a sociopath with probably a narcisstic personality disorder and kr just suffers from low self esteem. The two personalities seem to feed off each other which would explain kr’s professed loyalty to this point. Although I think she will turn on him at the very last minute. Personal question but for more insight would you mind sharing why you did drugs and what type you did?

  18. chainsaw Says:

    Craig Titus is at it again. In today’s paper, CT found someone who was housed with Anthony Gross that say’s “Gross told me that he duct taped the head and body of MJ”. Also, this person said that it was Gross that said “no body, no crime.” I’m sure the article will go up on this site, so in simpler words, CT is trying to use his own jailhouse snitch.

  19. Mob Guy Says:

    Fact or Fiction? Recently, I heard this “circle of life” story. It’s funny how life kicks you in the nuts when you’re down!
    A few years ago Craig wanted to model gear for Physique Bodyware. He demanded a ridiculous fee plus perks like clothes, contracts and even clothes for Kelly! All this, after he approached them for the work! Most bodybuilders would do the job for FREE! Get to work with Trish Stratus…. plus take advantage of the huge exposure and free gear! But not Craig, he just pushed himself out of yet another job plus a shot of redemption to un-do all the negative press & rumors about how much of a problem he was to work with. So Physique Bodyware passed. Instead of just moving on, Craig began sending belligerent emails to the company about what a BIG SHIT he is/was… Then he thought he’d start his own clothing line! Good luck with that one!

    Long story short, recently, Craig reached out to certain people in the BIZ for support & asked for donations for his legal fees! Imagine the balls on this guy? He bites the hand that feeds him then asks for seconds? I’m sure the good people at Physique Bodyware are sending their check as you read this! It’s about Character, weather you’re guilty or innocent only God knows for sure! so Craig, take this spare time you have between all the alleged wife swapping, after hour parties and rec drug use to think about what you did or did not do!

  20. darkstar Says:


    That’s a hoot…I think CT is getting desperate, eh?

    Gross spent hardly any time in jail, because as we know, he bailed out from the get go. Seems to me whoever this person is that Gross supposedly said all this to will have to pass the cred test…

    Also, wasnt it KR who said that CT said to her “no body, no crime”?? I recall that it was CT who said this, but I cant remember who he said it to or who said he said it to them…if that makes sense…

    Sounds like just another moron who is angling to get their 15 seconds of fame….


  21. Chainsaw Says:


    Wait till you read the article. It is ridiculous. CT is definately grasping onto anything he can. The guy that he says will testify about this isn’t even in jail anymore. He’s been released. We’ll have to see if he will testify now that he’s free.

  22. darkstar Says:


    I just read the article…hilarious…
    I thought the comments from Gross’ lawyer Palazzo about CT were funny as hell…”This guy (Titus) doesn’t understand the first rule of hole digging: Put the shovel down and stop digging,” Palazzo said. “It’s amazing with this guy. The hits just keep on coming.”

    And this from Daskas: “Back on December 24, 2005, Titus himself admitted to detectives that it was he, Craig Titus, who wrapped the duct tape around Melissa James’ head,” Daskas said. “Therefore, the notion that Anthony Gross did this is laughable. Mr. Titus’ most recent explanation reminds me of a quote from Mark Twain: ‘If you tell the truth, you’ll always remember what you said.’ Craig Titus can’t keep his stories straight.”

    This just keeps getting better and better…


  23. darkstar Says:


    CT’s lawyer must be pulling his hair out…

    Saggese clearly cant control what CT says or does…if I was him I’d probably bolt…


  24. Chainsaw Says:


    Saggese probably will quit. He actually looked like a decent lawyer. To taint his rep by a sure fire lose case like this is not good.

  25. Chainsaw Says:

    The next thing will be that CT was forced to confess under police pressure. Wait and see. CT is sure puttin on a hell of a comedy show.

  26. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    mynameisearl: Great post, I agree with 100% of what you said. Yes psyching out the competition backstage is a traditional competitive tactic but grabbing light and middleweight competitors by the throat and threatening to ‘rearrange your face’ is not.

    Re: the latest, this attorney’s best bet is to preserve his professional reputation and pull out while he can still hold his head up in the courtroom.

  27. KNEW THEM Says:

    Gym Rat: There are very few substances a contestant would inject backstage during or right before a show. Escicline, nubain, insulin, lasix, are some I can think of off hand. The idea of roid rage you stated…..juice doesn’t make you a killer or an a**hole the person using was always that to begin with. I apoligize if I offended you in any previous comments.

  28. chainsaw Says:

    I agree with knew them. Roid rage is a big myth.

  29. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    It’s been so long I’ve forgotten the name (possibly Esiclene) of the particualr injectable. By injecting 1/2 to 1cc to the major muscle areas (pecs, bi’s, tri’s, lats, quads etc) swelling occurs without distorting the muscle shape, giving the illusion of greater size. I’ve also been told it’s fast acting and quite painful (hence the nubain) but for some die hards it was worth it, not for me.

    I’ve seen many pro guest posers (including our hero) for amateur shows back in the late 90’s have their training partners or girlfriends (including our heroine) inject this drug as well as many shows in Hawaii, Vegas, San Diego and LA.

    After Momo and a few others dropped dead backstage the use of lasix went down a bit but other diuretics were extremely popular.

    Many ‘natural’ competitors used this because they ‘considered’ this not to be classified as steroids therefore they believed they were drug free. Many a trophy has been stolen in naturals by competitors using this agent (still can’t remember the name, hope someone here does).

    I didn’t say that the use of steroids tranitioned anyone into a killer however it is a fact that many ‘accidental’ deaths have occurred as a result of the loss of self control that steroids promote. Not too sure if that was the case with Craig because it is well known that he had no self control.

    Unless you have had personal experience with steroid use, you can’t say that roid rage is a myth. I can recall becoming outraged by merely allowing my thoughts to wander into areas that I knew would piss me off and suddenly I had temporarily lost control.

    It is now over 16 years since steroid use and 5 years after leaving bodybuilding and it’s oddities behind, I am healthier, happier and more financially secure than if I had remained in it. Still have the trophies, the photos, the videos and the memories.

    As for the apology, not needed but very much appreciated, thanks. I consider the hatchet now buried. I will do my part to co-exist with everyone here, enjoy your weekend.

  30. shockandawe Says:



    YOU GOT IT !!


    I actually don’t think she will, to her detriment. She wrote me a letter in response to me writing her (after agonizing for months about whether I should contact someone who used to be a good friend, but who is now unrecognizable - is it a smart thing to do? etc..) and I think she feels more committed than ever, oddly. Which tells me a few things…

    I honestly think she will go down for him, OR, more likely, in my heart of hearts, because of what I know about her history, he may be taking the fall for her, actually, because he feels badly about his affair with MJ and that Kelly would never be in prison now if it weren’t for that….

    But I believe she is not going to fight the good fight herself and has resigned herself to living her life in prison. She is now so into God, it’s not even funny… scriptures all over the letter in colored pencil and such. It’s really hard to see - not because I’m against God, but because I just can’t relate to her that way. We used to party together (lightly, not in Titus’ way) in Hollywood and around Santa Monica in the good days, and I just can’t imagine her quoting scripture. But, whatever helps people get through… I dunno. It’s all just really odd.

    But you’re right about Kelly’s self-esteem. It’s suffered badly for years, far before Craig, but she was never a burnout, drug addled, wife-swapping girl when I knew her and that’s the only influence I blame on Craig - she fell further down the scale and it apparently was far too far to come back on her own.

    I do realize she always had the right to leave “in theory”.. However, I just don’t think it’s that easy for someone who’s rock bottom in self-esteem. So it’s a double bind.

    Sorry for the long winded response.

  31. shockandawe Says:

    Okay, I had copied and pasted EARL’s comments that said:

    no doubt in my mind ct is a sociopath with probably a narcisstic personality disorder and kr just suffers from low self esteem. The two personalities seem to feed off each other which would explain kr’s professed loyalty to this point. Although I think she will turn on him at the very last minute.

  32. KNEW THEM Says:

    KR turn on CT; I don’t think so….HE tried to cover for HER!

  33. Anabolic Outlaw Says:


    In regard to Kelly, you say that, “She is now so into God, it’s not even funny… scriptures all over the letter in colored pencil and such. It’s really hard to see - not because I’m against God, but because I just can’t relate to her that way.”

    I’m not surprised that your shocked about this considering that God’s word clearly states:

    But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
    1 CORINTHIANS 2:14 (KJV)

    Dennis L. Bates
    Muscle Missions

  34. arnnold Says:

    hang him and her,,,steroid freek

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