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No deals, suspect’s attorney says - Fitness champ would have to testify against husband

The lastest from the main reporter on the story, Glenn Puit…

Kelly Ryan will remain loyal to her husband until the end.

That was the word Tuesday from Ryan’s defense attorney as a judge prepared to delay a murder trial for the 34-year-old fitness champion and her bodybuilding husband, Craig Titus.

Ryan’s defense lawyer, Greg Denue, said he had preliminary discussions with Clark County prosecutor Robert Daskas about the possibility of Ryan pleading guilty to lesser charges, but any plea deal would require Ryan to testify against her husband, and Ryan will not consider that.

“They (prosecutors) want to know what she can give them,” Denue said. “That’s what any deal is contingent on, and she’s not going to do that because they (Titus and Ryan) are adamant they didn’t kill this girl.”

“She’s standing by Craig, and he’s going to stand by her,” Denue said. “They are both pulling the oars of this together.”

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34 Responses to “No deals, suspect’s attorney says - Fitness champ would have to testify against husband”

  1. darkstar Says:

    “…both pulling the oars of this together…”

    …right into the state penitentiary….


  2. Voice of Reason Says:


    Did you read the entire article? I got the impression that Kelly’s lawyer is going to go against her wishes and go for a separate trial. I guess they have been wanting Kelly to rollover on Craig but she is loyal to him. The article says that if the link CT with the murder for hire plot and CT and KR are tried together, the jury can’t “unlink” them. My gut tells me, they must have overwhelming evidence on CT to try and offer Kelly a way out.

  3. mynameisearl Says:

    Voice of Reason, why would they want to give Kelly a way out if they have overwhelming evidence on Craig? If they have plenty of evidence on Craig why would they need her testimony? I don’t follow.

    Girlfriend is gonna play the loyalty card to the bitter end. I think she wants a separate trial but for now they play this card pretending she doesnt. If they were “rowing their oars together” they’d have the same attorney.

  4. chainsaw Says:

    Now, this is the perfect time for KR to rethink herself. Since the trials will be seperate and not together, she has more avenues available to her. I think KR is fearing retribution from CT, and until she feels a little more secure, she ain’t rollin over on no one.

    Help me here, from the sounds of it, she tased, and injected admittedly MJ. How can she rollover on anyone. She might just get 20 to life instead of a full life with no parole, ya?

  5. Voice of Reason Says:


    Now that CT has the murder for hire plot hanging over his head, If I am KR’s attorney I would try to deal with the issues KR has and not take on any new one’s. Thus seek a separate trial and perhaps use this opportunity to distance herself from him even more.. Rollover. I am sure KR was not aware of the murder for hire plot. But then again, I have been wrong before she may be more calculating than CT.

  6. darkstar Says:


    Sure, I read the entire article…it doesnt change my thinking though…

    First, it is no lock that KR’s atty can get KR a separate trial…

    Secondly, CT hasnt been charged with the murder for hire plot, and may or may not be…

    I still think, especially now with these new delays, that the DA could try CR and KR on the murder, etc…(assuming KR doesnt get a separate trial) meanwhile, go after Brady on the conspiracy, then after the CT/KR trial is over, go after CT on it as well…depending upon what happens during Brady…

    I think a lot of this is just lawyer jockeying, testing the waters, like a poker game…strategizing…

    Is blood thicker than water? Is KR willing to take the rap, even if she isnt as culpable as CT, just to protect CT? It may not matter, because I do believe the case against them is pretty strong. I think the DA wants them in that courtroom together so he can paint the picture of the sordid events…double barrel, baby….

    The DA isnt going to give one inch of wiggle room unless he gets somebody to sing…it doesnt sound like it is going to be Kelly….


  7. Voice of Reason Says:


    I see your point, and it is a good one. At the end of the article, I am just curious why the detective is trying to persuade KR to rollover?

  8. darkstar Says:


    The only thing I can figure is the detective was playing a version of good cop bad cop, playing on KR’s fragile mental state at the time, trying to get her worked up emotionally, try to sike her into thinking her ass was grass and he (the detective) could maybe help her situation if she would tell what happened…

    The worst that happens for the DA is, she clams up, and the DA tightens the screws, lumping her and CT together…If she cooperates, she maybe gets a break of some kind, and CT still takes a hit…

    There isnt really a downside for the DA per se…somebody rolling over just makes things go a bit quicker because then deals get cut out of court..but the DA doesnt care, because he has all the time in the world…if anything, the defense attorneys also will still be working on motions, etc…but whether they get paid is another question…I dont know how it works in Nevada, but the county might be paying a fee to the defense attorneys in lieu of the public defender…but certainly not at the private attorney’s rates, thats for damn sure…

    But I really dont know about that. I do wonder who is paying the defense, and where the loot is coming from. Those bills are adding up, no doubt, and now with this added delay…I’d like to know, that’s all…


  9. KNEW THEM Says:

    D* The attorney’s fees for CT and KR are being paid by Vince Neil and the money Craig made from his bodybuilding camp he once ran!

  10. darkstar Says:

    Maybe, but I doubt it. At least, I doubt it will go on indefinitely in any case…

    Do you know this to be fact?


  11. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    Some thoughts:
    1. KR still has time to roll over on CT - I’m not saying she will, but she definitely has time -that sort of thing happens right before trial in a lot of instances.

    2. If I was KR attorney - I’m not sure how I’d try to paint an accusation of her tasing MJ, but as far as injecting her - they could definitely argue that CT killed MJ by body slamming her (or by some other method) and that Craig “forced” her to inject MJ…
    I don’t doubt that KR is loyal to CT, but she cld also be trying to get

  12. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    a better deal…

    Pretty obvious statements I’m making - I know…

    As a practical matter KR atty is probably coming from the angle that CT is most likely a lost cause he’s spending his life in prison with or without KR help - so why not save yourself -

  13. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    I’m convinced CT and KR murdered MJ - but they were the only 2 people present - they may have some wiggle room in terms of definitive proof - Megans testimony and possibly the autopsy will shed more light.

  14. KNEW THEM Says:

    D* That was a joke…..A few or so years back CT tried to start a BB training camp, but just a bunch of homosexual guys wanted to attend it so he blew it off(no pun intended). Vince Neil(Motley Crue) CT trained him last year on that VH1 celeb. remaking of something or another.

  15. formerfitness Says:

    Hey guys,
    Is there anyone else out there that has considered that KR may be the only guilty one??? Yes CT is an ass. But from all the background I’ve read on those who knew them, it just seems like KR is the one who wanted her out of the picture. CT sounds more capable (& continues to worsen the picture with the mfh plot), but KR seems to be the one with a clear motive. No KR doesn’t sound capable (at least in public persona reputation), but lines get crossed and blurred when controlled substances are in the picture. (esp. when mixed with high pitch emotions…ie Craig continueing a thing with Melissa).

  16. Chainsaw Says:


    I believe that she could have done it herself, and CT covered up for her. KR punched, tased, and injected her. All CT did is bodyslam KR say’s. That normally wouldn’t kill someone.

  17. formerfitness Says:

    From all the surrounding data and subjective feedback along the way (thankfully I’m not in the courtroom) everything looks guilty. Highly probably ‘accident’ though. Never meant to be ended in a death, but it did. Because of their semi-celebrity status, reputations, pride, etc…in their own minds they probably believe they are innocent somehow. CT and KR share too much dirt on each other to roll.

  18. KNEW THEM Says:

    Chainsaw and Formerfitness: I have a feeling(and from what I heard from the inside) you may be very close to being spot on.

  19. darkstar Says:

    Knew Them,

    Good one !! Got me on that Vince Neil thing…hook line and sinker!!

    I also think KR could have killed MJ herself, but I dont think she did…I think CT was right there along side her…

    KR may have said, Im going to kill her, or I want her dead, and CT may have said, “go ahead”…but I think CT, wanting to be the big shot, most likely said I’ll help, or I’ll handle it, or I’ll soften her up for you….

    In any case, I think they are both involved in MJs murder…KR maybe out of rage, CT to try and appease KR about having a fling with MJ…

    OK, a bit far fetched maybe…


  20. KNEW THEM Says:

    D* I can with out a doubt hear CT saying “don’t worry Kelly, I will tqake care of it”. That is one of the reasons KR always stuck with CT, because he always make her(very insecure) feel like everthing was going to be O.K. Remember weeks ago that I had said that CT had always been around trouble, but somehow came out smelling like a rose? Well…….

  21. shockandawe Says:

    Yeah, no rose gardens now.
    While I said in another thread that Kel was a great person before Craig, I don’t for a moment think they are not both guilty. I do believe they both are. I feel sad, because I don’t think Kel would have ever gone there without CT by her side, but I do think that both should pay. I definitely know how angry Kelly could get, and CT ~ Very, very well. They both have threatened in the past and she only got more thuggish (Ride or Die Chick) with his influence.

    I feel sad that Kelly ever felt insecure and bad enough about herself as a woman to believe she needed the protection and love (HUH?????) of Craig Titus… that that was as good as it could get. And I know she believed that. But that is not an “Aww, isn’t that sweet!” moment, it’s a sad, sorry moment because it’s the biggest lie on earth.

  22. chainsaw Says:

    She had it into her to kill before she met CT. Lets not kid ourselves. Freud would have a field day with this.

  23. darkstar Says:


    What makes you say that?

    I dont know her either, but from what I can gather, KR was a decent person before CT, and devoted to her career. It seems like it started to tank after she got involved with CT.


  24. KNEW THEM Says:

    Most people who kill only kill once and something like 80%+ are under the influence of some substance.

  25. Shannon Dermouth Says:


    come on you know that Vince Neil is not paying for their legal fees what a bunch of B.S. the families are! If everyone would quit making up B.S like this, then the truth would be easily seen. Good try KNEW them id right you do NOT know them now so quit making up things to look important

  26. Chainsaw Says:


    I don’t think he was serious. Vince Neil will probably be joing them in the CC Det center soon anyway.

  27. darkstar Says:


    Knew Them was making a joke…he isnt making stuff up…it was a joke, OK??

    ShockandAwe, I agree, it is a sad thing that KR’s insecurity gravitated her toward CT…Which is kind of weird, when you think that being a fitness
    “star” and performer like she was, Id think you would need a fair amount of self confidence to get out there and compete at the level she did…In her prime I would think she could have had her pick of any number of suitors…I mean, she had a nice bod and she wasnt exactly a pooch…

    I guess those choices are a distant memory now, eh? I’ll bet she wishes she had a few of them back…


  28. Chainsaw Says:


    She is wishing she gets out and can have kids with him. I’m still not convinced that CT is the guilty one here.

  29. darkstar Says:


    Well, that aint going to happen, and CT is going down, along with KR is my guess…

    I’m sure there will be some haggling about the murder, because that is the biggie, and while I still think they will get nailed for it, there are several other charges which are pretty clear cut…they carry many years in the pen if convicted.

    Im still thinking the conspiracy will be added to CT’s list eventually.


  30. Chainsaw Says:


    I’m almost feeling sorry for how dumb CT is at this point. It is obvious that they both did something very wrong. I tried to wish the best, but CT shows his true self day after day.

  31. darkstar Says:

    Well, he is a bizarre cat, for sure…I can’t wait for the next harebrained scheme he comes up with…
    Maybe he will try to BUST OUT of the jail…hehe…


  32. shockandawe Says:

    I can say that I actually do agree with you - I believe she absolutely did have it in her prior. I have said that on Getbig.com too, in a fairly extensive post about it. I had witnessed the repressed anger she had. Craig kinda gave her the permission to be a ghetto chick who acted out at will - because he did so much. I think it was liberating for her, and she had gotten VERY volatile within just a year of being with him. Some bully-ish qualities came out in her, and definitely a lot of rage. I can actually picture the night in my head, to be honest, which is not a fun admission - and see the anger on her face as she beats her and injects her. An odd thing to say, I know, but I have thought it many times. And I say that also carrying with me some absolutely AMAZING memories of my friendship with her before it went down the shitter - we had a lot of fun and she was a great girl.

    Anger doesn’t make you a bad girl - but certainly, murder does.

  33. darkstar Says:


    That is truly a sad situation…she sure seems like she would have been a happy go lucky chick…


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