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Suspect accused of plot may leave jail - By Glenn Puit

nelson brady

Suspect accused of plot may leave jail
By Glenn Puit of the Las Vegas Review Journal

The man accused of trying to solicit the slayings of three witnesses in the Craig Titus murder case is expected to be released from jail in the coming days even though he has failed to show up in court on 17 prior occasions.

During a brief bail hearing Monday for Nelson Brady Jr., Clark County prosecutor Robert Daskas asked a judge to set bail for Brady at $150,000 on three counts of solicitation to commit murder. The recommended bail amount for these charges, under Las Vegas Justice Court guidelines, is $9,000, but Daskas told Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Deborah Lippis a much higher bail was warranted because Brady has “17 prior failures to appear” in court over the last decade.

Brady, 34, also has at least 11 prior criminal convictions, eight of which are misdemeanors.

Daskas said another reason prosecutors believed Brady’s bail amount should be relatively high was the potential danger that Brady posed. When Brady met with an undercover detective posing as a go-between for a hit man in May, Brady was very specific about the three witnesses he wanted killed in the Titus murder case, Daskas said.

“This defendant took the additional step of … providing money and photos of the witnesses he wanted killed,” Daskas said.

Lippis set bail at the requested $150,000, and defense attorney Tony Sgro said afterward he expects Brady will post it.

“We are hopeful he’ll be posting bail soon so he can be released and help us prepare for his case,” Sgro said.

Lippis went on to order Brady to “have absolutely no contact with any witnesses or investigators in the Craig Titus investigation” upon his release from custody.

Brady was arrested by Las Vegas police in October amid allegations he paid an undercover detective $1,500 to kill three of the people expected to testify against Titus and the bodybuilder’s fitness champion wife, Kelly Ryan, during the couple’s murder trial in January.

Authorities said Titus and Brady were housed together at the Clark County Detention Center for a few weeks in February, and an informant in the jail, Deen Cassim, later contacted police and said Brady was trying to solicit the murders of three witnesses in the Titus case. The witnesses were identified in police reports as Megan Pierson Foley, her husband, Jeremy Foley, and Anthony Gross, all of Las Vegas.

The Foleys are considered crucial witnesses against Titus and Ryan because both told authorities that Titus and Ryan made incriminating statements about James’ death.

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9 Responses to “Suspect accused of plot may leave jail - By Glenn Puit”

  1. KNEW THEM Says:

    What a pillar to the community this guy was; bet he never missed a day of school, work, and woke up at the crack of dawn without an alarm clock. Just another pot to call the kettles black. All this tends to make me fast forward to the sentencing phase and wonder who will be their for CT and KR?

  2. chainsaw Says:

    His picture at the top of this article looks better than his booking shot. Only $9,000 is recommended for bail for solicitation of murder? Un efffing believable. That is bail for a DUI roughly in some states. This is Vegas though. I thought all the freaks went to Los Angeles. I was wrong again.

  3. venice member, Says:

    Knew them:

    I think you’re right - just another case of CT using some slightly poor judment and “associating with the wrong types of individuals.”

    Of course who else can you associate with, when you’re in prison.

    Poor guy…

    Do you think he’s doing the same type of “missionary work” that Brenda Kelly described in her article about KR helping the women prisoners set goals

    Maybe teaching his fellow inmates how to avoid getting “bitch tits” when coming of a cycle…

  4. venice member Says:

    Brady is scumbag no doubt…so it’s a scumbag calling a scumbag a scumbag…

    CT was involved - no doubt - he may have been set up - but he wanted Gross and the Foleys dead…

    Unless you think he was really talking about a “screenplay”
    When he was speaking in code about offing the 3 witnesses - an 8 year old could decipher what that meathead was getting across…

  5. darkstar Says:

    I really dont think there was much setting up needing to be done…I dont know CT, but what I can gather by listening to those who do is that he seems to be the type to think knocking off witnesses is actually something he could do and get away with….because he’s effin’ Craig Titus…

    Did he forget he is in jail, likely for a long time?

    What fantasy planet is he from, anyway?


  6. venice member, $Version=1 Says:

    Seriously - I wonder what it could possibly be…

    Some kind of deal was struck perhaps…

  7. wayne mortensen Says:

    I guess at this late stage of the game, no deals will be offered. I think the prosecution has enough evidence to put KR and CT away for the rest their earthly mortal existence, then Satan will have his way with them as they join Satans fan club.

  8. darkstar Says:


    I think they have been members for quite a while already…


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