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Breaking development hits tomorrow!

Check back tomorrow for a breaking development in the case. Lots of behind the scenes things happening on this case and tomorrow there will be some news related to the case.

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  1. chainsaw Says:

    Anyone have any idea’s? Maybe they will try Ryan and Titus seperately. Did they have another autopsy done by a competant medical examiner. Are they dropping charges on Gross? Is there a plea bargain? Are they getting a divorce?

    Who knows.

  2. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Chain: With this crazy case, we could guess all night long. They need an autopsy done that favors them. I’ve got questions about M.Cline and those FBI wiretaps.

  3. chainsaw Says:

    I didn’t hear about them wiretaps. Was that when they were on the lamb? I knew they were trying to get M. Cline to help them catch CT. Help me out on that one!

  4. KNEW THEM Says:

    It will take me a few minutes to explain, and I’m about to leave work now7:30 CST) My bet on the big news tommorow “Kelly turns State and plays the battered wife song.”

  5. KNEW THEM Says:

    Kelly Gets Immunity!

  6. Disgusted Says:

    Didn’t I predict Kelly turning State against Craig months ago? Sooner or later she’ll more than likely wise up so she can at least write her own book, appear on Oprah and finally settle down with one of the Baldwin brothers.

  7. mynameisearl Says:

    I agree I think this was her plan all along. Throw in the the whole “come to Jesus” enlightenment she has had and wham, she’s everybodys darling again, back in at Oxygen Mag with a Brenda Kelly exclusive talking about how hard her life was at a battered woman and how none of this was her fault. I would like to think people would not get sucked into this classic game she is playing. From a legal standpoint they may have to do what they have to do in order to get craig locked down for good but it sure will make me ill if she walks away easy on this. It will make me beyond disgusted if I see her fug face in Oxygen again telling people how to live a healthy happy little life.

  8. chainsaw Says:

    Knew theym, I still don’t believe it. I’ll have to see it when it comes out. I can’t believe that they would offer it to her.

  9. chainsaw Says:

    It’s 4:30am here in Vegas, and I got the Review Journal.

    This is what is said.

    No Deal For Kelly Ryan!

    She will stick with Craig till the end. Her words. She is seeking a seperate trial since there are ties of Titus with Brady. Her trial will Might start in April rather than January her Lawyer said.

    There were discussions that she was trying to plead to a lesser charge. But she had to testify against CT. She won’t do it. “as of this article.”

    I might say fella’s, I’ve been pretty dead on so far.

  10. formerfitness Says:

    What if….what if…. it really was Kelly’s “drug induced manic rage” of jealosy that did the deed. Craig sticking by her to the end because of the guilt of the affair, and soft spot for Melissa that enraged Kelly (as it would any wife). One blogger commented on Craig’s “role” of protector of Kelly -at least in public persona. After all, ’she’ is the ‘good thing’ he’s got going in his life. The courtroom pictures seem to show Kelly’s pleasure upon seeing Craig. Like a lost schoolgirl. The looks on her face seem to say “wow, (smile) you really are sticking by me to the end” instead of “how in the hell do we get our innocent bodies out of this mess???!!!” Craig certainly sounds capable of the deed. However, I really do believe at this point that they are either both innocent or both guilty on some level. Too many witness accounts by people who have nothing to gain (and everything to lose…especially with the recent ‘murder for hire’ expose.) Even if Kelly was the ‘battered wife’ she is an adult who achieved success by her own means. She made decisions right along with Craig. I’m just saying there is always the possibility of Craig actually rolling on Kelly. After all ..maybe he realizes that we’re talking about the rest of this life here. Not just some ’situation’ to worm out of and stick together through this little predicament.

  11. darkstar Says:


    Did the article say that KR has been granted a separate trial? I mean, I think if I were her I would try for a separate trial, but not because of the Brady/CT tie in. CT hasnt even been charged with that (yet) so that doesnt seem like a very good reason to use for separating her trial from CT’s…

    If I were her I would try to get a separate trial to get as far from CT as possible and take my chances on my own. As long as they are in the courtroom together, the jury is going to see them as equals in the murder and arson, and I dont think that is going to end up well for either of them.

    Thanks for the heads up on the update…


  12. Chainsaw Says:

    The article was a little sketchy, but her lawyer said he is preparing to goto trial in April and not January and that was it. Now, it also said that her lawyer was talking to the DA about copping to a lesser charge, but they would make her testify against CT. She said no!

    He did ask for the seperate trial because of the CT-Brady debacle. She had nothin to do with it her lawyer said. I think that would really be the only grounds for a seperation of trials.

    I think this is just the start of some more things coming up.

  13. darkstar Says:

    More theoretical guessing on my part, but how about this:

    The DA holds off on charging CT with conspiracy for now…
    Severance for KR denied…
    CT and KR tried together and go down for the murder, etc…meanwhile,
    Brady tried for the conspiracy…Does he roll on CT to save his own skin?
    CT tried for the conspiracy after the murder trial…

    What do you think?


  14. chainsaw Says:


    I think something was said in the judges chambers where they are going to charge CT for solicitation, or at the very least, let that in the doors at the trial. Remember, Saggese didn’t say he’s preparing for April, but KR’s does. I checked the inmate database at CC detention center, and it said that her’s and his court was supposed to be Jan 12th, but it also said continuance for both too.

    I don’t think they will hold an indictment for that long. Brady may delay his trial as well for a year or 2. Unless of course he flips. We’ll have to see.

  15. darkstar Says:


    Not sure what you mean by them not holding an indictment that long…

    The court approved the delay…no harm, no foul. It can keep on going like that for years…

    As to the conspiracy charge against CT, if there is a statute of limitations on when the DA has to file by, I have no idea. If so, I doubt it is anytime soon.

    Im not sure how they can introduce anything to do with the solicitation at CT and (for the moment, anyway) KR’s trial unless he has been charged with it…

    I just dont see how it comes in. It would be highly prejudicial to CT and Id like to know how it could be let in.


  16. chainsaw Says:


    I agree with you on the indictment; however, it would make sense to at least charge CT before brady gets to trial, or pleads guilty or whatever. I would think that anyway.

  17. darkstar Says:


    Why? What difference does it make? Brady is bogged down with the conspiracy, CT is facing a murder and more…let me know what your thinking there so I can understand…

    Let’s say Brady pleads guilty and agrees to testify against CT…bang, tack it on…The DA’s odds just went up for getting a conviction against CT on the conspiracy…If Brady doesnt plead and goes to trial, you sit back and wait to see what happens…if he walks, maybe you charge CT, maybe you dont. Meanwhile, CT and KR are in the middle of their murder trial…These trials are a long way off… lots can happen between now and then. Besides, at this point, I think the DA has enough on CT to use the conspiracy charge as a taunt to CT…just float it out there, wave it at him…make CT sweat about it a little…

    CT wanted the big leagues, he got it…I wonder if he knows he is in over his head…


  18. Walksthetalk Says:

    This is so much mental masturbation. Too bad they can’t get Shark for an attorney. Ha.

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