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Bail Set For Murder-For-Hire Suspect in Bodybuilder Case

A former cellmate of celebrity bodybuilder Craig Titus was in court Monday for his role in an alleged murder for hire plot.

Nelson Brady’s preliminary hearing was continued to March 12th. The judge set his bail at $150,000. According to his attorney, he’ll be able to come up with enough money to be able to get out of jail.

Brady was arrested in October for allegedly trying to hire a hitman and paying an undercover detective $1,500 to kill three witnesses expected to testify against bodybuilder Craig Titus and his wife Kelly Ryan.

Titus and Ryan are charged with killing their live-in assistant in December of 2005.

Investigators say Brady met Titus while in jail and that’s where the two planned how they would carry out the hit.

Brady’s attorney says using a jailhouse snitch for information raises questions. “Anytime someone is looking to get out of jail by using someone else, it always causes a question. In this case not only do we have that issue, but months and months of efforts by the snitch to get Mr. Brady to agree to do something wrong,” defense attorney Tony Sgro said.

The murder trial for Titus and Ryan begins in January.

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9 Responses to “Bail Set For Murder-For-Hire Suspect in Bodybuilder Case”

  1. chainsaw Says:

    How this guy got such a low bail is beyond me. Solicitation of Murder I believe should be a high bail offense.
    Oh, I know why, cause they entraped him.

  2. venice member Says:



    Okay maybe.


    I don’t know…

  3. Chainsaw Says:

    Venice Member,

    That’s what I say. I’ve seen stranger things.

  4. darkstar Says:

    Actually, in many cases even murder defendants are able to get bail…it has more to do with their flight risk than the actual charge…so it isnt too surprising that he would get bail in this instance…he still has to make bail, and I think he has to cough up 10 or 20 percent to a bail bonder to get out…not quite sure how much up front he needs…

    Sandy Murphy was out on bail during her murder trial in Vegas, until she violated the terms of her bail…so it isnt too unusual.

    If Brady makes bail, he will be watched, if not by the police, by the bail bondsman who put up the bond…he isnt going anywhere.


  5. KNEW THEM Says:

    Good call D*…..I think most bondsman want 12% and a list of friends and cosigners to hit up for the rest when they jump bail.

  6. darkstar Says:

    Knew Them,

    Brady has just graduated to felony school…He is a two bit criminal that will now find out that the ante just got raised…oops….

    That’s funny about his lawyer Sgro saying he hopes Brady gets out on bail so he can help them prepare his case…That’s a laugh! I’m sure Brady will be at the Clark County Law library every day researching…tooo funny…these Vegas lawyers are so full of shit…they may get the job done, but they are still full of shit…hehe…


  7. venice member Says:

    Admitedly I’m getting slightly off track here, but people jump bail all the freakin’ time.

    I’d like to see DOG spray mace in Brady’s face while taking him down…

    Then give him the pep talk in the back of his SUV about turning his life around…sticking a cig in his loser mouth while he’s cuffed…actually this whole case seems like a god damn reality TV show…I agree with Chain,the bail seems pretty damn low to me…flight risk or not - I mean the dude was willing to pay to have 3 people killed..

  8. darkstar Says:


    150K may sound low, but the article in the paper said typical bail for this crime is only 9 grand! Now that sounds ridiculously low…

    No doubt 150K is a paltry sum for planning to have 3 people killed, but relative to what the going rate is it sounds more reasonable….I guess…

    Say, isnt DOG in jail in Mexico or somewhere? I thought he had some trouble recently…maybe it was somebody else…


  9. KNEW THEM Says:

    Venice mem. My thoughts exactly… reality tv show…..Speaking of reality tv, wonder what is Vince Neil’s take on all this. Anyone out there think Vince would/is helping with $$. In this case I could very well see it happening.

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