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‘Raymer Robber’ Turns Informant, Wins Release

Pokernews.com speaks about the recent connection to the case.

Any list of the strangest ‘non-poker’ poker stories in recent memory certainly includes the attempted December, 2004 robbery of 2004 WSOP Main Event champ Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer, who successfully fought off two assailants outside his Bellagio hotel room. Now comes word, through a story in yesterday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal, that one of the two would-be robbers has now been released, the end result of a complex re-sentencing deal involving a recent high-profile Vegas murder case.

“As the Titus case continues to unfold in ever stranger ways, we’re glad that it remains only peripherally tied to the world of poker. ”

If only the bodybuilding world were so fortunate. Read the entire article here.

29 Responses to “‘Raymer Robber’ Turns Informant, Wins Release”

  1. KNEW THEM Says:

    Jail house snitch gets out of jail very early. Come on, we all know how the defense will attack him on the stand. I’m trying to think of ONE creditable witness the state may have….besides felons, junkies, snitches, and probablly over zealous cops and detictives.

  2. chainsaw Says:

    This is looking a little fishy I must say.

  3. venice member Says:

    What about Megan and Jeremy…

    What’s not credible about them?

  4. KNEW THEM Says:

    Anybody else want to take this one? When 22 plus people try to point the finger at what was wrong with CT and KR, they are only trying to divert attention away from themselves. Drug users/dealers usually spend lots of time with people they have things in common with; like coke, nubain, and meth.

  5. Disgusted Says:

    Knew Them: It appears that you are either very close to CT and KR or just another dimented fan. Jailhouse snitch or not, in the legal world it’s better to catch a murderer than a drug dealer, felon, junkie or otherwise. It’s all too apparent, CT’s going down regardless of what the defense may or may not do. He’s much better off quitting the case and preserving what there exists of his reputation.

  6. chainsaw Says:


    I disagree. I’m all for murder’s getting ol’ sparky, but I live here in vegas and the cops are corrupt. All I’ve heard is the cops side, and that means just about nothing to me. We will all just have to wait and see.

  7. KNEW THEM Says:

    Disgusted, I’m not a fan of CT or KR. I’ve known CT since 94, and he has never disrespected myself or any of my good friends across the country. He was a little more extreme than myself and my close friends and I will leave it at that. All this means is that at the end of a night out we all went in different directions. The true bond that kept our circle together was respect for each other at all times.

  8. Nevada Law Says:

    NEW THEM: I Love the way you think.(I mean that as a compliment) As for the jail house informant getting ripped apart by the defense, one needs to realize that the reason that he was granted a sentence reduction was for the assistance he provided. Any testimony he provides after that point is not tainted by the promises of the prosecution as he has already received the benefit of that assistance. In the courts eyes he is only compelled to testify fully fairly and accurately at trial. I have read that some people are concerned that the State of Nevada does not have a case against Craig Titus on the solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges as they have not yet charged Craig Titus with these crimes. From the prosecutions position this is not a major issue but an ace in the hole as they have plenty of time and will more then likely use this as a bargaining tool to get Craig to plea before the trial. If things do not go as well for the prosecution as anticipated at trial, they always have this to fall back on and go after Craig at that time.
    CHAINSAW: I have been reading your comments for months now and must say that you have an excellent way of expressing your thought as well as looking out side the box on others opinions. I’m sorry to hear that the COPS IN LAS VEGAS are “Corrupt”. I guess that as a former Homicide Investigator for the State of Nevada I was lucky to be in Northern Nevada and not Las Vegas. I also have a personal issue with this case as I was a Friend of Craig’s back in 2000 and worked out with him 3 times a week for a nine months period of time. I for one am shocked, sadden and disappointed to see this happen.
    As I said before, we will see at trail how all this plays out.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

  9. KNEW THEM Says:

    Talk with my co-writers tomorrow night, late. Going to get some trypo. now!

  10. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey N.Law Thanks…..I guess we will have to throw our 5cents in on the predicted outcome since D* and Chainsaw are starting the betting. I’ll think on this one for a minute.

  11. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Disgusted, another thing: Any man who puts his hands on a female, I’ve got one question…..which is the positive and which is the negative? I’ll flip the switch myself!

  12. chainsaw Says:

    Venice Member:

    When Megan say’s that she heard the confession of KR that night, she admitted to drinking a bottle of wine. Not that I think she could misinterperate things, but what will the defense attorneys make of that admitted fact.

    Also, when she was questiond by the police the first time, she didn’t disclose everything, and even admitted to protecting KR. I’m not a defense attorney, but Those 2 facts alone could put a twist on things.

    Also, who takes a bag without looking whats in it? Do we really think she didn’t know what was in the bag that night? If things were really as creepy as she states in the GJ transcripts regarding the night in question, what is she doing taking a bag.

    It doesn’t make sense.

  13. chainsaw Says:

    Venice Member:

    When she was questiond by the police the first time, she didn’t disclose everything, and even admitted to protecting KR. I’m not a defense attorney, but Those 2 facts alone could put a twist on things.

    Also, who takes a bag without looking whats in it? Do we really think she didn’t know what was in the bag that night? If things were really as creepy as she states in the GJ transcripts regarding the night in question, what is she doing taking a bag.

    It doesn’t make sense.

  14. chainsaw Says:

    She was also drinking the night in question as well.

  15. Disgusted Says:

    Ouch, tagteamed by Chansaw and Knew Them! Because I do not live in Vegas I agree with 50% of what you are saying regarding police corruption. Although only the cops side has been what you’ve heard, circumstantial evidence would appear to be overwhelming what with the vehicle switch, cross country jaunt and cash in the old phony can trick when they were caught.

    I also agree that time will tell what really went on. CT and KR have had a year to get their story straight but with the dexterity of the Keystone Cops, they will probably not do a very good job of delivery. I’m patient, have been for a year and it is what it is. Don’t touch that dial!

  16. KNEW THEM Says:

    Any of you guys in Vegas thinking of taking a spectators seat in the courtroom when trial starts? I would probably attend the day I thought Saggese would be crossing the majority of the pots calling the kettle black. Anyone know who are the two people on CT and KR’s visitor list? (It’s two in my state, I would guess it’s two in Vegas)

  17. chainsaw Says:

    I may take a seat for a couple day’s when the defense gets up there. If I have to wait in line a long time, I don’t think I will. I’m hoping that this site keeps up on it as well as Puit in a our local paper.

  18. darkstar Says:


    Maybe it will be on Court TV…that would be great, then I could TIVO it!

    I did want to make one comment about “who takes a bag without knowing what is in it…”

    Remember the OJ trial…Robert Kardashian was the one who took the bag supposedly containing the murder weapon and other incriminating evidence…he didnt look, but he knew…He didnt have to testify because he quickly reinstated his bar license dues and became part of OJ’s defense team, meaning he could not be called to testify because of client atty privilege…Kardashian is dead now, but OJ pretty much credits Kardashian with saving his ass….

    I think Megan or her boyfriend had an idea of what was in the bag…but unlike OJ’s bag, CT’s bag got turned in by Megan or her boyfriend, to their credit.
    I’m not so sure the fact Megan said she had been drinking means much, especially if they drank a bottle of wine at dinner…that is pretty common if you ask me, not like she was roaring drunk…plus, once CT started spilling the beans about the goings on with MJ, I dont know about you, but I would be snapped to attention with the revelation of what happened…pretty shocking stuff I would think…I think Megan and BF will likely be credible witnesses for the state. Sure the defense will come after them, but if they are truthful, the jury will know it.
    It should be very riveting testimony…


  19. venice member Says:

    Some very insightful comments…

    Saggese can chip away at the credibility of people, but how far do you guys think he can get with a jury.

    I don’t know any of the witnesses personally, but here are some of my thoughts…

    Megan if anything was trying to protect KR - so if
    she now has “damning testimony,” that to me is still very credible.

    Iguess one could go round and round with this stuff. Only time will tell, but here’s a question:

    What is the best(realistic) outcome?

    They’ve admitted to some pretty serious shit as it is.

    On another note…I have no idea as to whether the cops in LV are corrupt or not…I don’t doubt it…they may have made some mistakes, but I don’t see a hell of a lot of corruption in their investigation- what am I missing?

    I’m rambling at this point, but thinking back to the O.J. case…Johnny C. ripped L.A. cops for being shady and rightfully so, but their investigation of O.J. was pretty fair - all things considered.

    I guess my point…if I have one..is even LV cops are corrupt - why would they have a hard-on for Titus and be so anxious to free a dipshit like Deem Cassim, etc…I mean if we were talking about a small town - I’d see it different - but it’s Vegas…

    Evidence aside…if you just look at the actions of CR and KR…that’s what speaks the loudest - in fact it screams…innocent people don’t act the way they acted…

  20. darkstar Says:


    I think you hit it on the head…Saggese can peck away, but unless one of the witnesses perjures themselves or completely flakes out, there wont be much he can do, mainly because their testimony will be supported in many ways by the physical evidence.

    As far as saying that the cops in LV are corrupt, with all due respect to chainsaw, this simply is way too broad of a statement to be anywhere near reasonable…yes it is true that LV has way too many incidents of public officials being convicted of corruption, and there are undoubtedly a few rogue cops on the force, just like any other large metro police force. You also have to realize that LV has a crime problem that is completely out of control, with murders and shootings occuring almost daily. In a town like Vegas, where the population has skyrocketed in a very few years, coupled with the provacative nature of what one can amuse themselves with there, the cops have got their hands full with a pretty rowdy bunch of screwballs, and the parasites that come along with them, like dope and whatever else…. I am not condoning any police misconduct…Im just saying that I believe it is probably relatively proportionate to other cities…at least to the extent to which it is reported, which is all that can be realistically debated.
    It is the DA, not the cops, who may or may not have a hard on for CT. And trading Cassim for testimony against CT, well, that deal might be cut in any town where the snitch can roll on the perp and seal his fate…I would totally expect it in Vegas. Besides, if Cassim as much as farts in public the police will know it. Just because he is out doesnt mean he gets a pass to break the law again. Like someone said above, his deal to get out and testify is a one shot deal. He still has to hold up his end of the deal, or I guarantee he will be back in the slammer, and Cassim knows it. He is strictly small potatoes.

    Finally, you are right, innocent people with nothing to hide dont run to Massachusetts, blab about splitting to a country with no extradition policy, squirrel away thousands of dollars in a fake soda can, and inquire about liquidating assets…or, tell others how they allegedly killed a girl by tasering, bodyslamming and doping her up before putting her in the trunk of their Jag and burning it in the desert…

    Like you said, that screams….


  21. Voice of Reason Says:

    All of this is very good insightful discussion. Not living in Las Vegas, I get the sence that corruption is a big obstacle. However, my own sence is that once the prosecution throws up some pictures of Melissa’s burt body, because you know they are going to do it, the jury will have no mercy on CT and KR especially because of the fact that CT said in his own words the he “is guilty of bad judgement” in burning the body. Surely the jury will put 2 and 2 together and conclude that if CT is admitting to this he probably is guilty of murder as well. Just a point of view.

  22. Chainsaw Says:

    I have a big big problem of them letting off that guy Casim. That’s 10 yrs too early. It goes to show that the cops, Da will do just about anything to get a conviction. Now, does that mean CT is innocent, not in my opinion, but it really looks like they planted this guy, and coorced (sic) brady and possibly titus into this. I mean, Brady blew off 3 meetings with the (hitman). I bet he will get off possibly. The FBI will be back here in this city to clean it up. I thought Los Angeles was bad. I stand corrected.

  23. Chainsaw Says:

    And just for the record, I’m not a Cop hater. I believe that most of them on the beat really try to help. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had a run in with any LV police. But the headlines I read and the news if it is accurate, paint a bleak picture of some of the situations they handle.

    Again, all we have heard “at least me anyway” is the Da’s point of view, and I’m trying to keep an open mind. Even though the evidence is really not in CT and KR favor.

  24. darkstar Says:


    There is no doubt Cassim is a dirtbag. And, like yourself, I am more than happy to wait for the whole circus to roll into town…

    I dont think that Brady blowing off 3 meetings with the undercover cop before meeting with him is too out of the ordinary…crooks are unreliable and they tend to be paranoid about set-ups…and, snitches are used all the time, or plants as you called it, to catch bad guys…that is different from entrapment. I dont know if Brady will walk, but he may get some preferential treatment if he has some solid testimony that will lock CT to the murder for hire plot…if not, 3 counts of conspiracy to murder is a long stretch in the pen if he is convicted…

    By the way, if you are interested, here is a website/blog that pretty much sums up the gruesome LV underbelly: http://satanscity.blogspot.com/

    Wouldnt you know, the first article is about a wayward cop…Vegas, baby…


  25. chainsaw Says:


    That site was funny.

  26. venice member Says:

    Hmmmmn…random thought…let’s say for the sake of arguement Cassim saw this as a “get out of jail free card”..You Think?… and actually initiated the conversation with Brady about knocking off the 3 witnesses…

    So what.

    I’m far from any kind of legal expert, but is that necessarily a problem from the perspective of the D.A.?

    Again for the sake of arguement let’s say Titus and Brady took the bait and wanted to go through with the hit - what’s the problem, from the D.A.s perspective?

    Does that meet the legal definition of “entrapment.”

    I should have gone to law school - this stuff facinates me…

    As far as Brady acting alone…I guess all Saggesse has to do is create reasonable doubt, and obviously I’m far removed…but on the surface that seems a little farfetched - I can buy into a loser like Brady looking up to Titus - maybe even idolizing him somewhat, but to say he went down the path of knocking off 3 witnesses and Titus was oblivious - give me a break - he was probably completly enamored with Craig and Craig controlled his weak ass mind just like he dominates his women - Brady was flattered that he got to handle real estate transactions etc. for Titus - it was good for his self-esteem if you will - basically he was Titus’ bitch (strictly in terms of mental control) -

    This is admitedly all intuitive speculation on my part - but certain personalities act certain ways - and certain dynamics have a tendency to repeat themselves…and if nothing else - this holds very true to the way Titus conducts himself.

  27. darkstar Says:


    Lets look at it this way: If Cassim cooked up this scheme on his own, and Brady and CT bought in, you still have the same crime for which the DA might still want to use Cassim as a witness against them… As far as causing any problem for the DA, I think the situation is the same…the only difference being if Cassim cooks it up on his own, the DA could come down hard on him too…with Cassim cooperating, Cassim gets an early release in exchange for his testimony which puts the screws to Brady and CT…I think the DA wants the big fish, yes?

    If and when the DA tacks on the conspiracy to murder charge onto CT, then things will get interesting, and the finger pointing will start in earnest…Saggese will say “no way CT is involved” and pile on Cassim and Brady as the conspirators. Remember, a conspiracy is complete when the conspirators agree to do some crime in the future, and make a move to further the conspiracy toward the target, short of an attempt…It would appear, knowing nothing else, that they met, discussed, agreed, and some money changed hands…the key will be is CT part of the conspiracy? Since he did not voluntarily withdraw himself from the conspiracy,before the conspiracy was complete, he is likely going to be charged as well. I’m guessing, and I dont have any more facts than anyone else, but based on what the news reports have said, the elements of a conspiracy seem to be there…and CT would appear to be involved…I still think CT will get the conspiracy tacked on sooner or later…If so Saggese will probably hammer on CT’s lack of knowledge..thats where your reasonable doubt comes in….

    Entrapment probably isnt the situation here…Cassim seemed willing enough to help (help save his own ass is more like it) and Brady sure seemed predisposed to doing the deed for his old buddy CT…providing the greased rails in a situation like that, or rather, letting a dum ass criminal do a dum ass thing, is not entrapment…I think you are right on the money on that…Brady is a gopher and a doofus…
    These are all broad generalities…as you know, the devil is in the details…unfortunately we only have enough details to keep the bunch of us salivating like Pavlov’s dogs…
    I love this shit too…
    I cant believe they pushed Brady’s prelim to freakin’ March….The criminal courts in Vegas must be jammed!…


  28. darkstar Says:

    Happened to see Raymer on Poker Superstars tonight…No wonder Cassim didnt get his loot…Raymer is a big dude…
    Turns out Raymer is also an attorney, a patent lawyer that I guess has more fun and makes more money palying poker! Thats probably old news…

    No point here, just putting faces to names…


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