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Report: Man freed in Las Vegas bodybuilder witness slaying plot

From the Las Vegas Sun...

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A convicted felon was set free after informing authorities of a plot to kill witnesses in the upcoming murder trial of married bodybuilders Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan, a newspaper reported.

Deen Cassim’s sentence was reduced in June to probation and he was released from the Clark County jail, according to documents cited by the Las Vegas Review-Journal for a Tuesday report.

Cassim, 32, had been sentenced in March to three to 12 years in prison for the 2004 robbery of nationally known poker player Greg “Fossilman” Raymer at the Bellagio hotel-casino.

Weeks later, according to police reports, he told authorities about the plot to murder three key witnesses against Titus and Ryan. The bodybuilding couple are due to stand trial in January in the slaying last December of their personal assistant, Melissa James, 28.

Authorities allege that in May, Nelson Ronald Brady Jr., a former cellmate of Titus, met with an undercover detective posing as a hit man and paid a $1,500 down payment on the killings.

Brady was arrested in October and faces three charges of solicitation to commit murder. Brady’s lawyer has said Brady will fight the charges.

Neither Titus, 41, nor Ryan, 34, has been charged in the alleged witness slaying plot, although prosecutor Robert Daskas said in court recently that Titus was involved.

Daskas declined comment on the Review-Journal report.

Titus defense lawyer Marc Saggese told the newspaper he was stunned that prosecutors let Cassim go free.

5 Responses to “Report: Man freed in Las Vegas bodybuilder witness slaying plot”

  1. KNEW THEM Says:

    My take on this one: Anyone who has spent a day or two in jail knows what two cellmates talk about. “Let’s get toghther when we get out ” “I can hook you up” Blah, Blah, Blah……. No one gets together. CT always had this thing about him where he would mention anything, and people would go out of their way to help him. I’m sure there was general jail house chats about all the people CT wish weren’t here. So what, remember the old “If I told you to go jump off a bridge” line. 25,000 dollars, 1500 dollars, and now $500 bucks in an envelope or two w/$500 or whatever it is down to now. Please, some of these things we all read about will never be mentioned EVER in this trial.

  2. venice member Says:

    Hmmm… Punching holes in a conspiracy theory is one thing, but with all due respect I think you might be overly optimistic about CT being unscathed by the murder witness plot.

  3. KNEW THEM Says:

    Well, venice mem. no matter what I think or know it’s a horrible situation and a lose lose sit. for everyone connected to this. Ever see that blank stare Kelly has now. I bet she has asked herself a million times “what the hell just happened”. I bet the past five years of her life are a blurr.

  4. Jason G Says:

    This case is becomming more convoluted by the day. Why hasen’t the DA, Mr. Robert Daskas, charged Craig Titus with this “alledged” murder for hire plot? If Daskas doesn’t charge Titus, I too would consider this “grand standing”. Additionally, this type of story has the potential to scare witnesses into saying anything to protect themselves. According to news reports, Nelson Brady Jr. was housed for only two weeks with Titus in FEBRUARY. In MARCH police “DEVELOPED an informant by the name of Deem Cassim. Coincidently, MARCH is the same month Cassim had been sentenced to prison 3 - 12 years for “armed robery” (a gun was the wepon), by Judge Joseph Bonaventure. Then, in JUNE, at the request of the DA, (Daskas?) Judge Bonaventure “re-sentenced” Cassim to probation and Cassim was released from jail. Although this re-sentencing may have been legal, I believe that there is more to come with the Daskas/Bonaventure story. I would also be interested in any comments Judge Bonaventure might have to say.

    If the news reports are even close to the true story, there are more questions than answers offered. These reports state that Brady spent two weeks housed with Yitus in FEBRUARY. Where was Cassim during this time period? Was he housed with Titus and Brady? I have NOT seen it reported that there had been any contact between the informent Cassim and Titus. Contact between Brady and Titus has been aledged, however not charged. What did Brady have to gain from this “alledged” plot? (To be continued)

  5. darkstar Says:


    That is the 64000 dollar question! What was in it for Brady?

    Bonaventure is a no BS crusty old fart, a “dem, deese, and does” kind of judge. He yells at lawyers, has a short temper, ridicules defendants and has been known to blow rulings from the bench that caused a highly publicised murder conviction to be overturned by the Nevada Supremes. (Nevada v. Tabish and Murphy). (and rightly so, in my opinion, but that is for another time..)

    In this case, I think he was just doing what the DA told him to do., that is, cut Cassim loose. I think Cassim was convicted of attempted armed rob, not armed robbery, but at this point it doesnt matter… I cant imagine Bonaventure is happy about it…

    You can probably still have a conspiracy with the facts you pointed out above…Brady was just the middleman between Cassim, the undercover hit man, and CT…

    I still think the charges are coming for CT…but your question is great…what was in it for Brady?


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