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Prosecutor alleges link - Gross gets own trial

Glenn Puit wrote the original story on the latest developments and the AP picked it up via his story. To read the accurate details of the latest visit The Review Journal.

anthony gross

6 Responses to “Prosecutor alleges link - Gross gets own trial”

  1. Chainsaw Says:

    There is such little news as of late, I almost am wishing for another Brenda Kelly interview.

  2. venice member Says:


    I’m with you…I mean hasn’t Titus joined the Aryan Brotherhood or something by now…

    I read a book entitled, “The Sociopath Next Door.”

    It’s a fascinating book which explains sociopathic behavior…

    Something I’ve been wondering about…

    CT had a young child that died…Aaron…does anyone know the circumstances surrounding the death…A similiar incident happened with O.J. Simpson’s baby… I’m not suggesting anything at all - other than to bring up the coincidence…but I do wonder about it.

    I also have heard that CT had an ab usive father…

    …He’s obviously been fucked up for quite sometime - I wonder what triggered it - not necessarily this incident - but what sent him down this path - it’s not as simple as roid rage - this guy has had emotional issues for a very long time.

    It’s all so irrational and such a waste.

    He had a good life, but seemed to derive his pleasure in life primarily through intimidating people and deviant behavior.

    What was Kelly like before she met this guy…she obviously has culpability - but I can’t help but conclude her life probably wouldn’t have turned out this way if not for CT.

  3. chainsaw Says:

    Venice Member,

    I agree with you totolly about CT being a sociopath. Speaking of which will CT have another book coming out “if I did it, this is how” like his mentor OJ? We’ll just have to wait and see. I already see how this musclemissions website is trying to sell subscriptions to its website with those audio recordings CT made from his cell.

  4. wayne mortensen Says:

    Any truth to the matter that Fox news has offered Brenda Kelly a lead position as a news correspondant? With those
    in depth interviews and those breathtaken photos of her at the jail, it puzzles me why CNN has not offered her a top spot also. Cmon Brenda, another interview again!!

  5. venice member Says:


  6. KNEW THEM Says:

    Someone should have shanked Gross while he was locked up! What a canary!

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