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Prosecutor alleges in open court that Titus was part of a plot to murder three witnesses.

From KESQ News

LAS VEGAS Two key developments yesterday (Tuesday) in the slaying case against fitness celebrities Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan in Las Vegas.
A prosecutor alleged in open court that Titus was part of a plot to murder three witnesses due to testify in the case.

But no charges have been filed against Titus in that case — and Titus’ defense lawyer says he doesn’t think authorities have enough evidence for that.

Meanwhile, the trial of co-defendant Anthony Gross on arson and accessory to murder charges was separated from the murder trial for Titus and Ryan.

Prosecutor Robert Daskas told a Clark County District Court judge that it made sense to try Gross separately because there’s no evidence he was involved in a conspiracy to kill 28-year-old Melissa James.

Titus and Ryan are due to be tried together in January on murder charges in the slaying of James — who was their live-in personal assistant.

13 Responses to “Prosecutor alleges in open court that Titus was part of a plot to murder three witnesses.”

  1. venice member Says:

    Nothing personal against Titus’ attorney, but I really wonder what kind of bullshit story he can possible weave to create any doubt in the minds of the jurors.

    I don’t think you could even get vegas odds on it…

    Never-the-less it should be interesting to see if there’s any “hidden” information that might put a spin on what actually transpired with the Murder of MJ and the Witness murder plot…

    I don’t see how things could get any worse for CT, but somehow he’ll probably find a way…Maybe he’ll copy that cat in Atlanta who grabbed the sherrif’s gun- shot him - and temporarily escaped…I’m sure his wheels are turning - too bad it’s his pattern of thought that landed him in this situation to begin with.

  2. Voice of Reason Says:

    I guess the only way CT is going to beat this is if he can figure out a way to hang himself.

  3. chainsaw Says:

    Accusing CT in open court without enough evidence to charge him is pure grandstanding on the part of the DA. I thought they had enough evidence to put them away, but maybe not. We’ll all just have to wait and see. This kind of charge without a basis to back it up with concrete worries me. And before you jump on me about what more concrete do they need, remember that if they had it, they would charge him with solicitation.

  4. chainsaw Says:

    Gross is gonna get off.

  5. Disgusted Says:

    I’m with chainsaw on this one. Gross’ original statement was that he met Craig in the desert, gave him a can of gasoline then turned the car around all the while not seeing what Craig did with the gas then Craig enters the car and they drive off without saying a word to each other.

    Gross knows all and kept his mouth shut and will now use his information that we all know he has to get out of jail. He’s not as stupid as he looks.

  6. darkstar Says:


    I’m still holding out that CT will eventually be charged with the murder for hire plot…with the current charges against CT, the solicitation charge is gravy…the DA can put CT away without it…so, I think they will bide their time, make sure they have a tight case, (or not) and then add it to the list….(or not)

    I agree with the big possibility that Gross may walk…Separating his trial was a huge win for him.


  7. WalkstheTalk Says:

    Word to the wise: A smart person keeps his mouth shut. A stupid person advertises his ignorance. Even a fool is thought to be wise when he is silent. It pays him to keep his mouth shut.


  8. venice member Says:

    Amen brother - Titus is one bad mofo, but he’s no Bertil Fox..know what I’m sayin’…

  9. wayne mortensen Says:

    Darkstar and Chainsaw, have you noticed that every time this ray character posts, his reference is always to assholes possible homosexual ties. No matter what some one posts that he disagrees with, they are suddenly classified as queer, homos, etc. I guess he is aware of his own inner feelings and wants to hide his own feelings. Now, watch what he says about me because I have now written something he does not like and letting the cat out of the bag of his own inner demons. Go ahead Ray, let it go. I am waiting. Tell me how horrible I am.

  10. VOR Says:

    Wayne you make a very good point. Perhaps Ray simply has an inferiority complex and feels that the only way he can participate in a conversation is by putting others down. Now that you mention it Ray has alot in common with Samuel, Diane, and Seth McDavid. Hey Seth, your back and you brought your stupidity with you!!

  11. VOR Says:

    I rest my case.

  12. chainsaw Says:

    He’s Gone!!!!!!! Ya

  13. ray Says:

    He’s Back!!!!!!!! Ya

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