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Listen to the replay of the Glenn Puit interview

Listen to the replay of the Glenn Puit interview. Let us know your thoughts on the interview…

8 Responses to “Listen to the replay of the Glenn Puit interview”

  1. chainsaw Says:

    Yep, I sat through all 100 minutes of that interview. It is worth a listen to. You won’t get any closer to reading the book than with this one. My comment on this is this…. I heard very little new, but I got a better feel for the evidence. It was alot about Brady, and I “from hearing this interview” don’t belive that Titus will get charged with soliciting murder. It (might) have just been this guy acting on his own. You have to hand it to Puit. He talked alot without giving much more up. I’ll spend the $14.95 on the book. If Puit wants to make a helluva statement, he should start investigating these shootings out here. These cops are seriously OUT of Control.

    And with that said, I will say that these cops here (may) not have this as wrapped up as much as they think they do, or have conveyed. I still think they did it, but I’m more open to arguments. If I didn’t think they had (a chance) of gettin off, I wouldn’t be here posting.

    A good point to bring up. Puit said that the cops came to thier house and expected it to be kelly ryan burned up in the back of the car, and they were suspicious during the first visit to the house. Why then didn’t they check CT and KR for scratches and marks on their arms like a struggle had taken place. Either the cops are looking in hindsight, or neglected to do this. If CT and KR were so panicked, and they burned the body, how come 3hrs later they didn’t seem so panicked when the cops showed up. You say cause they were drugged up? Shouldn’t the cops have seen this upon knocking on their door?

    Just a few of the points I thought of. Not like anyone of those comments will break the case though.

  2. The One Says:

    That was a great interview. This guy’s book should be really good - he knows his stuff. This trial is going to be a circus! I especially like that Glen is respectful of the bodybuilding community!

  3. Marla Maples Says:

    GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t give a rats arse WHAT anyone says…….they tied a girl up; took her to the desert and burned her in a car!!!! What more do you need to know??????????? These two are complete idiots if they think any of these other things matter.

    Has anyone EVER given a thought that MAYBE CT and KR aren’t as stupid as most people think. Maybe this is a way (with the help of a “wanna be star”) that KR can say “oh - poor little ol me. CT was so horribly abusive - he MADE me do these awful things and by this NEW idiot trying to have witnesses killed - was his way of sending a message to me that if I talk - then I will be next to be killed”???????????????????????????????

    You guys - these two are as calculating as they come! Yeah - they may be sociopaths to the nth degree - but………..maybe they set this thing up so that there is a little bit of doubt when they they go to court! I mean - all you need is for one or two people to have “doubt” in their mind to end up with a hung jury OR an aquittal??????????????

    Get real - these two are low life murderers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang their butts out to dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. quilty Says:

    The bodybuilding community is Puit’s book-buying audience. Honestly, no one else cares enough to plunk down 14.95 for the gory details. Of course he’s going to be respectful.

    Calculating fiends or not, criminals make mistakes - it’s why they get caught. Cold hard facts and a red hot corpse will outweigh all of these new and niggling discrepancies in a jurors’ mind. Somebody died and I’m betting our named villians will be the ones to pay. You Vegas people - anyone running book on this?

    Marla - lift your finger after hitting the question mark or screamer. There is a repeat function built into the keyboard. More is less when it comes to writing.

  5. chainsaw Says:

    …….they tied a girl up; took her to the desert and burned her in a car!!!! What more do you need to know???????????

    Perhaps darlin whether she was dead or not before she was so cruelly burned.

    That is the question that we all are looking for… Am I right?

  6. samuel Says:

    Great interview

  7. KNEW THEM Says:

    Chainsaw, you are correct. Not much more to say.

  8. Yahoouj Says:

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