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Muscle Radio Interview with Glenn Puit… “You’re in a whole other arena”

Larry Pepe, host of Muscle Radio, interviewed Las Vegas Review Journalist Glenn Puit today on his online radio show. Larry started the show off by giving this site mention as well as Getbig.com. Thanks to Larry Pepe for the mention. Some of notes from the interview…

Glenn mentioned he liked the radio format more then going on television as it gave him more time to go into details of the case. Puit mentioned that Frank Cuerri left to pursue another career and he picked up the case.

He mentioned that the Las Vegas Review Journal found out about the Murder for Hire case by accident. They receive a print out of arrests and upon looking into the arrest… Craig Titus’ name was attached to the Nelson Brady arrest. It was and is not an attempt to muddy up the waters on Titus and Ryan’s case.

Glenn then went into background information on the case. He mentions there are 22 witness statements, that haven’t been released to the public yet, in his up-coming book. Glenn mentioned Amanda Polk and her boyfriend ran into Craig and Kelly after the murder.

Puit stated, “You’re in a whole other arena.” When talking about being linked to anything related to murdering witnesses. Glenn and Larry mentioned they don’t have all the answers but only speaking on the alleged plot.

There will be another related story with more information on the case in tomorrow’s Las Vegas Review Journal. The piece will go into some detail on the timeline of the alleged murder for hire. The million dollar question was Nelson Brady acting alone? The cops and the DA are not talking. According to Titus’ attorney, the cops had an extensive discussion with Nelson Brady after his arrest. As far as Titus’ involvement, Puit believes the cops think there is significance in the timing of the things related to the alleged murder for hire.

Puit feels that Titus has influence over people and celebrity status to many of the witnesses. So it is possible that Brady did find Titus to be a celebrity, as Craig’s lawyer has mentioned.

Glenn hits on Megan Pierson Foley’s stories to the police and her grand jury testimony.

Puit says he doesn’t know why it took so long to arrest Brady. He feels that the police were taking their time to get things right before making an arrest. There hasn’t been anything official released as to why the police waited to make the arrest.

Anthony Gross does not have a plea deal. As of today, Glenn feels Gross may not testify. Gross has filed a mention for severance to try and get a seperate trial. (Which speaks to what we mentioned could be coming from Gross’ legal team). Glenn’s book has Anthony’s complete recorded testimony to police. Anthony Gross is good friends with Greg Ruiz, who was in the midst of a deal with Craig to open a clothing store. That is the believed connection between Gross and Titus. Glenn doesn’t believe Gross is on the Green Valley Grocery.

Glenn mentions, anything can happen in a jury trial and we shouldn’t come to any conclusions before the trial. He feels two of the most important pieces of evidence are the Taser and the Duct Tape.

They go into detail about the taser and how it relates to the case. Who used it? Did some one steal the taser? But it’s a difficult piece of evidence to deal with. The duct tape comes into play when they find Melissa’s body. Which brings about the question of why was her entire head was duct taped.

Glenn mentioned that someone from People Magazine is writing a book on this case. Puit was able to obtain the witness statements to include in the book. He says that almost all of the 22 witness statements speak negatively about Craig and Kelly. The book speaks to little insights to Titus and Ryan’s behavior. The most compelling part of the book are Craig and Kelly’s statements… word for word from them. The book is 215 pages currently and is going to include documentation on Nelson Brady. The book is just the facts and Glenn urges everyone to make their own conclusions.

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