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Muscle Radio Interview - Hour II

The interview with Glenn Puit carried over into a second hour. There was so much information on the case that they went into another hour.

There are a couple references to why Craig and Kelly used their own car. In one of the statements they thought that there would be nothing left. The second reference is where Craig says he isn’t an idiot and why would he do it in his own car. The police say something to the effect of, unless you panicked.

At least three people and possibly more give statments that Craig and Kelly were on hardcore drugs… cocaine, nubain and a lot of talk about Craig melting down Oxycotin and injecting it. Craig and Kelly have denied this. There is a reference in the book by one of the witnesses that speaks about Kelly’s drug use makes her paranoid. Glenn doesn’t know if any of this will come into play into the trial.

Glenn mentions Ron Avidan from Getbig.com as being the best source from the body building industry. Puit enjoys reading the message boards on Getbig.com. He feels Avidan has done a nice job on this case. Puit mentions he includes Avidan’s interview with Matt Klien, the alleged sex tape and several photos in his book.

Puit speaks about there is some type of connection to Brady and Titus’ family. What the calls to Titus’ family include we do not know. Brady claims he talked to the family members within the time frame of the alledged murder for hire. In the defense of the Titus family, we don’t know what Brady spoke to the Titus family if at all. We’re sure to learn more information on this if this is true.

Glenn isn’t aware of any connection with Musclemissions.org and Titus beyond Craig’s audio interview.

Another big question is will Kelly have a trial with Craig? Everyone Puit speaks to believes that Craig and Kelly will stick together through this entire deal. Kelly has remained loyal to Craig every time Puit spoke to her. We don’t know whether Kelly is being loyal to Craig or it’s the opposite case. If Kelly went down the battered woman syndrome, drugs and control she could lok at this as an avenue in this case. It makes mention to this in his book. The case needs to be decided about facts.

Glenn feels the DA is a 5 star prosecutor and he is as good as they get.

Puit feels Suggese is a fighter and a likable guy. He doesn’t have any doubt he is a talented and agressive lawyer. Feels Craig needs to have a good lawyer. All the lawyers Titus and Ryan have had are top notch lawyers. He couldn’t speak as to why they switched lawyers.

Glenn feels the judge in this case is a good judge. She is relatively new. She is a former television reporter and married to a City councilman. Jackie ran a conservative campaign to win her election. Puit feels they will get a fair trial and has seen her throw the book at some people when it comes to the sentencing.

Greg doesn’t feel this is a capital case. He feels it is a straight murder case and there is a great deal to getting a death penalty charge for a case. The stakes are high no matter what. Puit is pretty sure that this won’t be a grand jury case. Legally there hasn’t been any notice to file for the death penalty.

Puit’s favorite part of the book is Craig and Kelly’s witness statements. He feels this is the most compelling and interesting thing of the book. Their statements conflict each other from Vegas to Boston. The statements are word for word in the book. There is no national distribution at this time. The book will be available in December. Glenn is proud of the book and feels it is a news product. There are wonderful photos from Getbig.com in the book.

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  1. venice member Says:

    I can buy into Brady being impressed with Craig’s “celebrity” status.

    I can buy into Brady wantimg to impress Craig…

    …But how could he have orchestrated any of it without Craig’s knowledge and consent and why would he have chickened out on two meetings and made up lies if he was so gung ho…anything is possible but it doesn’t ring true…I heard C’s atty was very sharp and creative, but c’mon…

  2. chainsaw Says:

    Mr Puit says all 22 witnesses have nothing good to say about CT. Unbelievable. Live by the sword, Die by the sword. Mr. Puit looked good on the Greta Van Sustanon show. Better than the picture on the advertisement website for his book. Too much tough guy look, but actually seems real cool. I’ll buy the book now that I seen him, sounds like it will be very accurate and funny too, I bet Kelly and Craig don’t even remember how they got to Boston. Stayin up for a week on Speed can do that to a fella.

  3. KNEW THEM Says:


  4. chainsaw Says:

    Knew them,

    I was wondering if anyone would catch that! Also, I think that this book is gonna be entirely accurate as far as what the state has against these 2. From what Mr. Puit said, it will be merely a guide on the evidence that has been gathered, and 22 witness statements/interviews. There Maybe little things that he missed when it went to press, but he is releasing it so close to the trial date, that I think he probably did a good job. He seems like a nice enough guy, I normally don’t like journalists. Maybe he’ll post something here and let us know.

  5. darkstar Says:

    Well, after the trail is over, he can write another book on the verdicts and how it all went down…

    Let’s face it though, the book wont be on the NY Times best seller list. No disrespect to Mr. Puit on that…its just got a fairly limited audience, like all us goofballs who are going to follow every nuance…Hey its cheap entertainment, eh?


  6. chainsaw Says:


    Your right.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Cheap entertainment is right! As I write this I am watching MSNBC - Dark Heart/Iron Hand and wondering when they will do a story on this Titus/Ryan saga. It will truly be interesting (and entertaining) when the trial gets underway. I am quite sure there are lots of little details the public is unaware of. I’m sort of out of the loop on court happenings, but am wondering if trials are still televised? It’s crazy how interested I am in this case. I’m into fitness, but not much of a body builder or follower of who’s who in the body building field - and never even heard of Criag Titus before this trial. I knew of Kelly - only because she was on a the cover of a few women’s fitness mags and had read about her, but never followed her career. I’ll probably read Glenn Puit’s book if I can get ahold of it, and will certainly follow any news stories on this case - and DEFINITELY will be following it during the trial.

  8. darkstar Says:


    Maybe it will be on Court TV…I’ll Tivo it if they run it live…


  9. darkstar Says:


    Where are you? We miss your comments! Get back in here!!


  10. KNEW THEM Says:

    Yeah Jenny Jen…..Where are YOU?!?!???

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