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“Bodybuilder Murder Plot”
Greta Van Susteren interviews Glenn Puit, reporter from the Las Vegas Review Journal and Mark Saggese, Craig Titus’ lawyer, on the latest developments. Getbig.com was given credit on several photos that were shown.

glenn puit

Glenn has take over the reigns from Frank Curreri as the main reporter on this case. Earlier in the year we saw Frank on the various shows and now it’s Glenn. Puit is well spoken and unlike Frank changes the color of his shirt with each interview. He gives a recap of the story and gives the information we’ve been reading related to the newest developments. He corrects Greta in stating that Craig and Nelson Brady were not close friends as she stated. The trial is supposed to go to trial in January but it is not known if this plot will change that date.


This is the first time we’ve heard Titus’ new lawyer speak publicly on TV. He is a sharp dresser, confident and conveys he has more information then what the nation knows. Mark Saggese claims he was blind sided by the news of this murder for hire plot…

Greta: “Mark has the prosectutor given you any hints as of whether or not he or she intends to charge you client with murder for hire in addition to the underlying murder charges?”

Mark: “Well Greta the only news I’ve heard from the District Attorney’s Office is through the newspaper when I was blindsided on Friday with the information on this murder for hire plot.”

He goes after Brady’s character immediately commenting on the fact that he is a 14-time arrestee and “known drug addict”. Mr. Saggese states, “Mr. Titus cannot be held accountable for the actions of an individual who goes out of jail and acts on his own in an effort to please Craig Titus and his celebrity status.”

Mr. Saggese began to paint the picture of Craig’s defense at the end of the interview.

The video is one of the headline stories at the On The Record website. You can also find this video on Google Videos here.

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