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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Three witnesses: Murder-for-hire plot alleged

Three witnesses: Murder-for-hire plot alleged

Thanks to the main man on this case, Glen Puit for this story. This is the kind of news that’s is beyond baffling. We haven’t been this shocked since the case broke. Two of the witnesses have been in contact with us and participate on this board, Megan Pierson Foley and her husband, Jeremy Foley. We’ve attempted to reach them for comment but have yet to hear from them.

Craig has not been charged with anything further at this time. The man arrested in this plot, Nelson Brady was once housed with Titus in the Clark County Detention Center. Puit’s report states that police have recorded phone calls between the two.

“Titus and Brady were housed together at the Clark County Detention Center, and we have confirmation that when Brady was released from jail, they stayed in telephone contact,” Daskas said.

Puit reports that Craig’s lawyer describes Brady as a drug-addicted loner who was acting on his own.

The jail house snitch appears to be Deem Cassim who was jailed for the December 2004 robbery of 2004 World Series of Poker champion Greg “Fossilman” Raymer. One of the more disturbing entries in Puit’s piece reads…

When Brady was released from custody, several phone calls between Brady and Cassim were recorded by police. In one phone call, the men discussed financing the slayings and the need for the hit man to provide proof of the victims’ killings by producing photos of their dead bodies.

In a subsequent meeting with the undercover detective, Brady produced $500 more and wrote down an address where photos of the dead bodies could be sent, according to police.

To read the full story visit the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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