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Poem by Maura James


With Melissa there is no longer pain.
With Melissa there is no blame
With Melissa there is no hate.
For she is now beyond heaven’s gate.

With Melissa there is no evil.
My Melissa jetes in angelic fields.
My Melissa is not hurt by negative remarks.
Only her friends and family left with broken hearts.

My Melissa is in the presence of a forgiving Father,
For Melissa she desires only our love for one another.
My Melissa is dancing even more then before
With plies and glissades across heavenly golden floors.

From Melissa are the memories we will never forget.
Through Melissa is the strength we carry on and yet,
My Melissa is in the Father’s embrace,
As we boldly come before the throne of grace.

For Melissa there is now happiness, peace and joy.
And Melissa the angels she will now employ!
As Melissa’s work on earth is done,
The heavenly host of heaven resounds.

My Melissa her soul is now at rest.
And Melissa no longer has to pass any test.
My Melissa now sees everything so clearly.
And prepares for the arrival of the ones she holds dearly.

We rejoice evermore that she is finally home
And our comfort is only through God alone.
He holds every tear that we cry in his hand,
Through every heartache God understands.

God speaks words of comfort in my times of grief,
Assuring me that he’s in control and I must believe.
He is close to the brokenhearted as the Psalm says,
I’ll reach out to touch his heart each and every day.

Thank you for trusting me with her for 28 years,
I laugh when I think of her humor through tears.
She brought so much joy to every ones heart,
And our faith in our God will never depart.

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