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Classic Titus…

Thanks to GETBIG.com for providing this statement…

Craig Titus has issued another statement, via the family, on October 4th. Here is what Craig said:

“I want everyone to know that Kelly and I are 100% not guilty in regard to the charges of murder and kidnapping. For those of you who personally know us, you know in your hearts that we are not capable of the horrible acts they are accusing us of. However, I am responsible for exercising some really bad judgment, and I am also responsible for surrounding myself with the wrong types of individuals.”

Craig also says “Up until now, Kelly and I were advised to stay silent. As a result of our silence, this ordeal has spun way out of control in the media. This is a cynical world we live in, where the media so readily releases untrue versions to sensationalize terrible events. We are in fact innocent and the truth will come out resulting in us being acquitted. Kelly and I only ask that you use common sense when you examine our case and try not to judge us until we have our day in court.”

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