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Craig Titus Tells-All From Behind Bars - Audio Book Sneak Preview

The same people who sold the Titus and Ryan Gym equipment are now offering the chance at a sneak peak on Craig’s new audio book. Hop on over to Ebay and check out the information on this book. Is this guy/company for real?

He gives a sample of what the book will sound like…

View the ebay auction here.

28 Responses to “Craig Titus Tells-All From Behind Bars - Audio Book Sneak Preview”

  1. chainsaw Says:

    This guy is such an ungrateful pitiful lowest form of human life! He burned “so he states” MJ’s body, so he can protect KR’s career and collect money from the same people that he is going to badmouth now, and in desperation try to collect money from slandering all of them. Hey CT, just because the industry doesn’t want to finance you’re screwups, don’t try to blackmail them now. I’m going to send money to a lawyer allright. THE PROSECUTOR!

  2. formerfitness Says:

    Wow………chainsaw you said it to perfection. How much sense does this make??? Muscle Missions a “Christian Ministry”??? “Cult” of bodybuilding?? Hey CT and KR, Why all the extreme measures to “protect your careers” ??????

    I’m glad I stayed amateur. However, trying to take down the whole sport by calling it a “cult” ?? Laughable.

  3. Disgusted Says:

    I will NOT be purchasing CTs poor excuse of a book. I don’t read fiction. As for the previous two comments, I concur with chainsaw and formerfitness. I too stayed amateur and when I was done with bodybuilding, I never looked back. Assholes like Craig and backstage blowjob girls like Kelly turned me off to the idea of continuing. Even the amateur NPC contests of John Lindsay’s was a crock. Same dried up hags and neverwas wannabees for judges at every show. There was one beast shemale who just scared the shit out of me at every show she/he judged. Shit venues like the Anaheim High School where the backstage was so fucking cold it was impossible to maintain a pump. John always surrounded by hoes 1/4 his age who would never give the old fart a second look otherwise. I’m waiting for someone to do a tell all book on this fossil. Ah yes, the good old days of amateur bodybuilding. What a fucking joke!

  4. EM from Tampa, FL Says:

    I am interested in what Craig has to say. I realize he will state his version and take it with a grain of salt, but it would be cool to hear about the backstage crap with bodybuilding. I have never competed and have no interest but I do work out. I always thought competing was too unhealthy and extreme but appreciate the hard work others do. I hope to hear this interview someday.

  5. quilty Says:

    What did I say? He’s flogging his tale on Ebay!!! I formally rescind all my comments about finding a sympathetic juror. This guy, as previously noted, is truly his own worst enemy. I guess I thought they were gonna try and wriggle out of the burning bit. Well, unless the prosecutor accidentally cuts his tongue off shaving the day of the trial, I can’t imagine any jury swallowing the “I desecrated a body to save my wife’s reputation” story. Pull the other one guys - it’s got bells on it. Should make for a fun trial though.

    Not to wax nostalgic, but bodybuilding used to be good – on the east coast anyway- back in the 80’s. Juice was cheap, safe (American made) and still a misdemeanor. HgH was a rarity and no one was dying or blowing out their kidneys.

  6. Mike Wilson Says:

    Craig Titus needs to hire Glenn Lerner “The Heavy Hitter”. I don’t think even Glenn can get this slime ball off the hook - why not have the courage to take responsibility for your actions, Craig??!!

  7. Voice of Reason Says:

    CT’s old attorney’s are kicking back with a few beers and laughing their asses off. CT is going to hang himself with his own rope. The loser. His new attorneys will be begging him to keep his mouth shut. This guy is embarrassingly stupid. Stupidity should be very painful and CT will make sure of that.

  8. angelx2 Says:

    This will be one of those never-ending stories in history….
    no more will ever be known of the real events or the “truth” and it will be sensationalized for every penny someone can make off the tragedy.
    Strange world.
    Hope a good lesson comes from it eventually…at this point it get embarrassing to live in the country when a criminal can make money behind bars and create a fame persona.
    If we as a community give it less energy and time…we win.
    Our minds are what we have to protect.

  9. beachbanger Says:

    Way to go Craig!! You stupid bastard…I can’t wait untill the big day in court when Craig’s bullshit comes out. Don’t drop the soap buddy…..

  10. DUMBASS Says:


  11. voice of reason Says:

    Judging by CT’s sexual exploits I think he will be too willing to drop the soap. Seems like prison is the perfect place for this pussy.

  12. Disgusted Says:

    It’s more like he’ll be throwing the soap to the floor! No soap-on-a-rope for this jailhouse chickenhawk.

  13. chainsaw Says:

    As of now, his story is worth $10.50 on ebay. What ya’ll think of that!

  14. Jon Lindsay Says:

    Reply to Disgusted: In answer to your juvinile remarks about me and referance to a tell all book I can only say:

    A. It would be a short story

    B. Very boring reading

    C. Only read by “losers” who have no life

    You’re obviously young, immature and have some female issues since you need to refer to female competitors and attendees as “hoes”. I bet you’re a real ladies man. Howe’s that tricycle seat you’r sitting on…fit good!

    In any event have a good life. I do hope you find happiness and peace one day and not have to lash-out to make yourself feel better…tough guy!

  15. inmode Says:

    I thought there was law from anyone profiting off from a crime they committed etc??

  16. chainsaw Says:

    inmode: that is after they are convicted I believe. Ask mr. Boozang, he reads this board. Anyway, I could hardly call $10.50 a profit. I honestly thought he would get more than that, but what do I know.

  17. Disgusted Says:

    Your shows always have the same judges, you know for a fact that the backstage area of Anaheim High School is freezing cold. Nowhere in my post do I refer to attendees or competitors. The competitors worked their tails off for your show as I did, the attendees paid the bills so why twist my words. You are correct about one thing, only a loser would read about you.

    I have no beef with you personally, in fact the one positive thing I can say about your shows are that the people working the backstage always did a great job. I believe the gentleman in charge was Ken or Kent, great guy.

    I just bring to your attention that your poorly run shows brought a lot of sadness and disappointment to a lot of competitors passed over for your flavor of the month.

    Before you say I’m a bitter loser, I took first place in more than one of your competitions. That should drive you crazy now.

  18. Administrator Says:

    Disgusted - let’s try to keep this about the case and not your personal beef with others.


  19. Disgusted Says:

    Hey, this started as a post that included another promoter. Someone using his name came back with personal insults and you do nothing. I respond with personal opinion from experience, note that there is no beef and add a small compliment to the backstage crew.

  20. chainsaw Says:

    Can we get some more news please? Lets get a preview of the Fire in the Desert book or something.


    Anyone notice that Kelly’s ex-lawyer is working the case on the Hell’s Angels fiasco that broke out in LV in the past couple of years? Funny how CT decides to get new lawyers when Kelly’s attorney got all tied up with that case.

  22. Disgusted Says:

    More than likely because the attorney’s defense chances are better than Craig and Kelly’s. C & T should have no problem finding another attorney, lots of them advertise on billboards and bus stops all over Las Vegas. Maybe they’ll get a tufer.

  23. Disgusted Says:

    That should read, ‘More than likely because the Hell’s Angels defense chances are better than Craig and Kelly’. My bad.

  24. humbert humbert Says:

    I heard E-bay’s servers nearly crashed a few days ago - overwhelmed by bids to purchase the ‘Inside Story.’ As of tonight there are, well, zero bidders for Craig’s tell all – but I guess everyone who was anyone got their download in the initial stampede. Does anybody know this Dennis Bates guy at MuscleMissions? Helping bodybuilders escape the cult? There’s gotta be a doozie of a story there.

  25. Seth Mc david Says:

    News Flash Everyone!

    Kelly and Craig changed lawyers because the orginal lawyers were not doing thier job!!!!

  26. judgement Says:

    well, I dunno what to think about this whole ordeal. I dont know enough about the case to draw any real conclusions. although craig titus was a prick, but i don’t know if he would go as far was kiddnapping someone and murdering them just because they stole a few bucks from him. This is merely circumstantial though and it does not incriminate him in any way. I did hear some evidence last year and it did point to craig and kelly as being the perpatraitors. But I am sorry to say I have not heard any recent developments

  27. wayne mortensen Says:

    As far as these 2 morons old lawyers not doing their jobs,
    well maybe if they had something more to work with. Lets
    see, dead body, burnt out car that belongs to the accused,
    another witness, well the new lawyers will have their hands
    full too. In Nevada there is the death penalty, but it is hardly used, so their chances ending up there are pretty
    much nil. These two morons will be convicted and they
    will be locked away for years. Good riddance to garbage.

  28. darkstar Says:

    Gee Seth…what job was it that the lawyers were not doing? Begging CT to keep his piehole shut?

    You truly are a candidate for some gene pool chlorine…


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