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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » “This is going to be a war”

“This is going to be a war”

Coming from the Las Vegas Review Journal rrticle are some interesting quotes…

Titus said he has fired Schonfeld and Boozang, and hired Las Vegas defense attorney Mark Saggese.

“He’s innocent, and he’s going home in January,” Saggese said. “I’m going to walk him. So far, the public has only had a completely one-sided story as to what the facts are in this case.”

Ryan also has changed lawyers. She was represented by Thomas Pitaro. Her new lawyer is Greg Denue.

greg denue

“This is going to be a war,” Denue said. “We are going to fight this because she’s innocent, and she shouldn’t even be at the Clark County Detention Center.”

Pitaro declined to comment. Schonfeld returned a phone call seeking comment and left a message but later could not be reached for an interview. Boozang, of Boston, also could not be reached for comment Wednesday afternoon.

We’ve learned that the prior lawyers found out they had been replaced by a notice from the court and not their client or the new attorney. We’re waiting to hear their comments related to this matter and as soon as we have more details we will pass it along.

Denue has also been quoted as saying…

“People shouldn’t have to live in gated communities to feel safe,” Denue said. “I’ll put the criminals in their own gated community; it’s a six by eight (foot) cell.”

In his 2004 campaign for an Eighth Judicial District Court seat.

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