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More Las Vegas coverage…

“Titus fired his legal team this week because they had kept him from speaking to the media about the high-profile case. He says he wants to get the true story out.”

Correct us if we’re wrong here but isn’t the intent of a trial to get the “true story out” and not how the media portrays it?

From KVBC’s website

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  1. chainsaw Says:

    Iam trying to be unbiased about this whole thing, but I do believe that CG could be doing the right thing by trying to get “his version” out to potential jurors before they are sworn in. He can say whatever he wants now, just like the DA did up until now, true or not. Even in the grand jury transcripts, you could see that when something was said to CT and KR’s benefit, the DA would not elaborate on any of those points and basically cut off the witnesses that were testifying. Not to mention all of the good reading I will have from now until trial time here on this board, now that he is no longer silenced…..

  2. craigthebullshit Says:

    Who does Craig think he is bullshitting? The girl OD’s in his house so instead of call 911 or the police he flips out, duck tapes her mouth so the dead girl can’t make noise, wraps wire around her neck to make sure she is dead then burns her. The guy is galactically stupid. If he thinks anyone will buy that he deserves to die.

  3. quilty Says:

    Egomaniac bodybuilder + media savvy lawyers = PR campaign. A page out of the Richard Scrushy defense. A media circus. A feast for us voyeurs. Yipee!!
    Everyone, let’s just sit back, keep tuned to this great website and enjoy. This is only gonna get better. I’m sending Kelly some money so she’ll tart herself up real pretty for the stand. Boy, those cute school-girl glasses she wore last time out drove me nuts.

  4. Disgusted Says:

    Chainsaw, I appreciate you being on the fence but what potential juror could be swayed by any statements made to the press from someone who fled the state and made provisions to flee the country? It’s an insult to the intelligent public to suggest that public statements by CG could make jurors see things from his perspective. This is not exactly logical thinking my friend. Now that he is no longer silenced as you put it, my prediction is that CG will self implode in a mass of his own stupicity by ignoring his recently dismissed legal advisors and bellowing (in his unintelligent fashion) an abundance of his own self absorbed fantasy world of how Melissa had it coming. Let him speak, he’ll fuck it up for himself but good. Take my word for it, a train wreck is coning!

  5. WTF Says:

    In defense of Kelly, I hear that she is a smart shopper. She actually used a coupon for the lighter fluid!

  6. Who Cares Says:

    No, she used her own card for the miles!

  7. Disgusted Says:

    What a couple of creeps! An “average couple”? Doing drugs, burning a body which somehow showed up in the trunk of their car?? He admits in the press to burning the body? The more he talks, the worse he/they looks/look…

  8. chainsaw Says:

    +Disgusted+, I totally understand what you are saying, and you are more likely right. But, I see these cops and DA’s embellish all sorts of stuff, like John Mark Karr, I was led to belive that guy actually did it for the first 2 days in the media. For instance, when CT said “yeah lets go with that thats a good story, rough sex.. No more questions” I can see how he (COULD) have been giving them a sarcastic answer due to hours of interrogation. Also, in the grand jury transcripts, they said that the cord that was laying on MJ could have been a part of the car, and it was laying on her MJ’s shoulder, not tight around her neck. People initialy lied to police, then changed thier stories in the GJ transcripts. Not to mention, possibly being drunk when confessions are being made. I’m not blind to how manipulative Criminals are, but the Cops and DA have to be more manipulative to put them away. And sometimes, they are very wrong. I also believe Drugs especially long term drug use like this gang had really skew the mind. I encourage everyone to read the GJ transcripts twice. You won’t get it in one quick read. I didn’t. And again, not saying they are innocent, just playin Devils advocate.

  9. darkstar Says:

    The “embellishment” on Karr came from Karr himself…

    There is plenty of blustering on both sides. None of it means a thing until they get into court.

    If anything, all this pretrial publicity will do is taint the jury pool and cause the trial to be moved to another county.

    The trial will be interesting…I wonder if CT will demand to get on the stand and tell “the true story”…that will be a hoot…he will get ripped to shreds…


  10. SayNoToSteroids Says:

    Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan are getting what they deserve. Both of them clearly have issues with the truth, steroids and being faithful to their spouse. If they were so innocent, then why where they attempting to seel off their assets and flee the country? Innocent people just don’t do that. I’m sure the hardest thing for Craig is losing access to steroids, and for Kelly, having to eat prison food - just kills her diet I’m sure. I hope these two rott in hell for what they are accussed of doing.


    The Hell has only just begun.

  12. Disgusted Says:

    Regarding John Karr, CT couldn’t come close to this dude. He actually outsmarted the Boulder PD while making an ass out of them all besides outsmarting the Thai authorities at the same time. Wasn’t it obvious to everyone from the beginning, he had to get the fuck out of Thailand. CT could never be that clever or creative.

  13. darkstar Says:

    Disgusted, that’s right!
    And Karr flew first class back to the States!
    How did our Dumb and Dumber couple travel back from Massachusetts? In a freakin’ perp van?
    Sheesh, no contest is right….


  14. Marla Maples Says:

    Craig and Kelly are sick, sick, sick individuals! I mean………….pluuuuuzzzeeee! WHY THE HELL, if someone O.D’d in your home, would you have to tie a rope around their neck, hit them with a taser and then burn them in a car? Do you really think that the public is THAT stupid?

    I don’t think that the state should kill them……….I think they should do the same thing that they did to their victim. Living in jail is just another way for CT to get publicity for himself.

    Kelly? You have made the world of fitness SICK! You deserve to sit in jail and get F.A.T.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the only thing you understand! Beeaaaaaatch

  15. formerfitness Says:

    If they are going to badger the key witnesses and their statements due to ‘drug use’ affecting credibility, then everything Craig and Kelly say should also be thrown out for same said reason.

    Marla, I agree. Innocent people do not (in my opinion) freak out to the extent of burning a body after binding it.

    In the case they are found innocent, they would be like OJ. No one would ever believe ANYTHING they ever said again. a freak show. God help them and may justice be served.

  16. quilty Says:

    The coming PR campaign will paint the defendants as victims. Victims of police harassment, over-zealous DA’s, the dastardly bodybuilding community, badmouthing blogs - you name it. The next step is jury selection. The defense needs a juror who sympathizes. Just one – let’s face it, with this kind of evidence an full acquittal will be nigh on impossible. The special juror will sympathize not with murder but with victim-hood. This person is a pesky, meddling little tick. The old lady who pickets the grocery store for the underpaid Peruvian farmer or the fellow who refuses to sell his house for the next Home Depot. They’ll come to see the defendants as themselves – oppressed underdogs who need support. Then the other 11 jurors, who are pushing for a conviction, become the enemy. The harder they push, the more the sympathizer will resist. Bango. Hung jury. Another trial. More time. More lawyers fees. Another John Grisham book (sans the conspiracy). Just an opinion.

  17. darkstar Says:


    I think the biggest problem will be getting a jury who hasnt been swamped with the stories about the case. Thats why I think the defense may make a motion for a change of venue, out of Clark County…


  18. just joining in Says:

    Shades of O. J. …Wasn’t his book entitiled “I Want to Tell You”? I am an average person. I would not do what they did. It is so beyond excusable. I can’t imagine even the most unbiased person voting in a jury for their acquittal. It’s really very sad and pathetic.

  19. chainsaw Says:

    I belive the US has the best criminal justice system in the world. It may not be perfect, and some guilty criminals do walk. But if all the evidence that the police say they have is true, than no question they will get what they deserve. I like to look at the flip side of things as well. Without skeptical jurors, the cops and and other government officials would surely abuse thier power, and we all are in trouble. I wish MJ and her family to get justice, but the day we believe everything that a cop or DA says at face value without checks and balances, we might as well live in a communist state. Dumb a@@ Ct and KR virtually erased most of the evidence that could prove them guilty or innocent, and for that reason alone I would have to say that they are more than likely guilty of Murder. I know most would like to fry them now, but I would like to think I’m more civilized than that.

  20. voice of reason Says:

    Let’s face it outside of the bodybuilding community CT and KR are nobody’s. In fact, they have more against them as most people unfamilar with bodybuilding will pre-judge this in their mind as a Steriod induced tirade. With all the publicity Steriods has been getting lately, a la, Barry Bonds and Floyd Landis I don’t see this going very well for CT and KR. Getting a jury will not be hard in this case. The old lady referenced in the above comment would stand up for a true underdog that works hard and is a victim of the system. She will not stick up for a stupid muscle head who expects the public to believe he “freaked out” because he found that his assistant overdosed. Normal people go into shock, leave the body alone and call the police. CT and KR celebrity isn’t as grand as they may believe outside the bodybuilding community, who BTW, doesn’t think to highly of these two idiots to begin with.

  21. quilty Says:

    What I failed to mention is that this sympathetic juror will not condone murder. This person is a skeptic; they’re argumentative, illogical and slightly paranoid. To them, legal system isn’t to be healthfully questioned; it’s to be distrusted. This juror will have watched enough crime TV to believe it’s wrong, but POSSIBLE that someone might freak out on the discovery of a corpse and then desecrate the body in order to protect a reputation. Okay, score one for the defense team. Then the defense can obfuscate matters with contradictory testimony, an inconclusive post-mortem, drugs, jealous friends, and hints of a love triangle. Enough to convince our illogical juror of reasonable doubt. And once accomplished, no one will be able to shake he or she of the idea.

    Finding this bozo will be longshot. Perhaps impossible. Jeez, is anyone that stupid? Well – yes. The biggest bonehead move, in my humble, wasn’t incinerating the body. No - it was driving cross-country in seedy ‘perp van’ (I love that), with cash and plans for Greece. All of Clark County got a long gander at two once glitzy bodybuilders being extradited home, looking rather bedraggled and ashamed. The defense can downplay this in a trial and is why (among other reasons), as suggested by darkstar, they’ll probably want a move to higher ground.

  22. WalksTheTalk Says:

    In response to your reference, Quilty, about the Un-dynamic Duo looking bedraggled and ashamed after being captured:

    ASHAMED??!! With all the drugging, recreational sexual partnering, self-aggrandizing and self-glorification, does anyone believe these two can actually be ashamed of anything??! Ashamed of being caught, probably. They should be ashamed of lacking a conscience or anything resembling healthy morals. Maybe returning to the olden days of putting people in the stockade in the middle of Las Vegas and letting others jeer, spit, sneer, shout obsenities and throw moldy vegetables could shake the unconscionable into consciousness. Yes, a healthy dose of humility could work wonders.

  23. SReno Says:

    Does anyone know what the execution method is in Nevada? I wonder if CT will cry…

  24. SBJ Says:

    the mention of shame reminds me of the video clip when they were seen loading the despicable duo into the vans on their way back to Vegas - the only (possible) shame seen was by KR - she hid her face;CT didn’t have any shame - didn’t hide his face, look away or do anything that would even come close to shame - KR had shame…makes one think that maybe she alone is the one who killed MJ after finding about the affair CTand MJ had behind her back (sharing was ok with all parties together, but MJ with her husband alone and behind her back…not OK)…she’s strong enough, and with all the drugs, certainly capable of murder - I’ve seen roid rages…couple that with recreational drugs - Is anybody even looking at her alone for the murder with CT as the accomplice? Then again, KR may have just not wanted people to see what she was really looks like without all her makeup!

  25. chainsaw Says:

    Yeah, the execution method in Nevada is Sex.. Drugs.. And Rock and Roll.. In otherwords, Suicide……….

  26. Once A Fan Says:

    Mr. Titus, I met you in the early 90’s when you guest posed for a locally known show, and even then you were considered the Bad-Boy of Body building, but for some, we gave you the benefit of doubt, and tried not to listen to all t he rumors circling around the body building world.

    After a while, one has to wonder if the rumors are in fact true, and what is the common denominator of those rumors, answer Craig Titus, and we the fans, and the general public ask “What has he done now?”

    Answer, he gets involved in Narcotics and is sentenced to prison for his part, and for his lack of maturity and immature ways.

    Even after serving your time, you still acted out, and got involved in questionable activities, and at times would not take responsibility for your actions. You then meet and get a young woman involved in your world and later she too becomes another victim of your antics, and now she too is involved in something that will have an impact not only on her life, but all those who love her, and supported her for these last few years. Granted, she is equally responsible for the horrific incident, but it’s you who tarnished her reputation, her loyalty to her family and to those again who supported her in her career,

    Lets not forget the life of a young woman who is no longer with us, and you must think how her family must feel about what has happened, how their daughter died, and under the circumstances on which she died. If what is said is true “you found her dead in your house” Then why on earth didn’t you call the police, and let them investigate and determine the cause of death, and maybe, and JUST MAYBE things would have turned out in your favor. Why did you have to commit such a horrific, and monster crime?

    Well Mr. Titus, it’s now time to step up to the plate and accept responsibility for your actions, and take the punishment that society and your pears see is fitting for your crime. It’s time to be a man and accept the fact you not only took the soul of that young woman, but you desecrated some ones daughter, their child, the special person. You have taken something that will never be replaced, never will they be able to sit down at Thanksgiving, Christmas, of her birthday and celebrate life.

    Her name is and forever will be Melissa James, born March 23, 1977

  27. nohating Says:

    Innocent until proven guilty

  28. fitness4me Says:

    Here’s the truth. Two bodybuilders: brawn without the brains. So, they are innocent? Who are they trying to kid? I have lost total respect for these two. Why would you sell your assets and try to get out of the country if you were innocent? Why burn a body in THEIR jaguar? Why did’nt they just bury the body instead of drawing the Nevada police to a burning vehicle?Plain stupidity. Not to mention, they thought they were above the law because they won some pro awards…..they are not above the law. They will get what they deserve whether it be in jail or in the afterlife. Now, lets get on with the prosecution and cut out the pity party for rich criminals!??!?!

  29. Seth Mcdavid Says:

    I guess everyone just knows it all when they were not even there. Anthony Gross disposed of the body so who is to say that he did not bind her the way she was found. Wasn’t the plan to make it look like a kidnapping and rape? Who said Kelly and Craig placed her in the car the way she was found. Then what in the hell did they need to call Anthony Gross for? They obviously could not handle some part of the process themselves. It is unfortunate that Craig Titus had to get involved in the corrupt world of bodybuilding because everything Craig touches turns into gold. Before his career boomed in the bodybuilding industry, he was placed in the Guiness book of world records for breaking a record that was connected to his construction job. They are over achievers and everyone hates on them. They will come home because they did not kill Melissa and then everyone can watch how these so called nobody’s live thier lives the way God intended. They need to take full responsibility for thier actions, but murder is not one of them. I know Craig, Kelly and Melissa, and it was no shock to hear that she had overdosed.

  30. Voice of Reason Says:


    If you know Craig, Kelly, and Melissa so well, and you are obviously defending Craig and Kelly almost to a fault, maybe you know more than what your leading onto. Craig has already admitted that he burned Melissa’s body because he freaked out and feared his and Kelly’s career were in jeopardy. This, in and of itself, is a crime. Let’s not protect these two too much, they are much more calculating than you know.

  31. insidescoop Says:

    Hey Seth:

    Just to set the record straight, nobody in the bodybuilding world is jeolous of Craig and Kelly. The bottom line is Craig has got a big mouth that writes checks his body can not cash. Craig is a sideshow freak. He talks smack and can’t back it up. I can’t for the life of me understand why you are so adamantly defending him and Kelly when all of the testimony, and his own admission of burning the body points to his guilt. Your losing credibilty whether you know it or not.

  32. darkstar Says:

    Seth mcdavid,

    Now that we all know that you are CT’s sycophantic fluffer, are you saying that you were at the scene of the crime? You claim CT and KR were “not even there” but how would you know unless you yourself were there as well?

    You have no credibility whatsoever.

    Everything CT touches turns to gold? More like turns to SHIT is more like it, judging from his downward spiral and his current situation…


  33. darkstar Says:

    seth mcdavid,

    Once again, you fail to let the facts get in the way of a good story…

    From the grand jury transcripts, CT, KR and Anthony Gross were all out in the desert when they set the Jaguar on fire.

    Secondly, how do you explain the fact that CT and KR are being held without bail, while Anthony Gross is out on $13,000 bail/house arrest?

    Since you are in such denial regarding the facts, CT and KR are being held without bail because they are extreme flight risks…they ran once to Massachusetts before being apprehended, and were talking about going to Greece to avoid extradition back to the states…why would they be thinking about such things if they had nothing to hide?

    I think you are also wrong in saying that “everyone hates on them”…people are simply using common sense and rationally applying it to CT and KR’s behavior to form their opinions…


  34. chainsaw Says:

    Hey Seth,

    In regards to your question, craig titus himself said he tied up melissa like that and personally put her in the trunk of the car. Also, The reason they called Gross to help is because Kelly was too Methed up to coherently drive craigs truck behind him down blue diamond road. And finally, if it is not hard to believe that Melisa could O.D, than it also should be just as easy to believe a Junked up Titus and Ryan Possibly killing her. Only the trial will tell, and then we’ll all be back here arguing about it.

  35. wayne mortensen Says:

    I will tell all of you people how this is going to play out. I swear to God it will play exactly this way.
    1. These two creeps kill this young girl leaving all sorts of evidence along the way.
    2. Another party will be involved in helping dispose of the
    3. With growing evidence such as a body, burnt out car, these two intellectual giants will take off and try to hide.
    These two mensas will be caught.
    4. They will sit in jail without bond, Craig will be getting noticeably smaller from no steroid injections Kelly will be
    preoccupied in jail and will still be worried about trying to
    look like a fitness queen.
    5. They will fire their lawyers because the lawyers are telling them that things look real bad about the prosecution getting a conviction on everyone involved with this murder.
    6. Craig will yell at the prosecutors and trying to bully them
    like he did the average joe in the gym.
    7. Craig and Kelly will defend each other and state their
    innocence, shock and disbelief, all the while stating their
    love and allegiance for each other.
    8. The new lawyer team will come in and they will persuade
    Kelly to make a deal and testify against her shrinking, bald
    husband. She will then state it was one of the hardest decisions she has ever made in her life as she lessens her
    prison sentence in exchange for favorable testimony.
    9. Craig will be found guilty, Kelly will get off on a lighter
    sentence all the while thinking her image will be what it once was, a fitness queen. Everyone will stay away from her. As for Craig, he will be left holding the bad and taking
    most of the blame. Kelly will shed some tears, move away
    and find some sucker to marry and behind the scene, she will be thanking god that she didnt get a life sentence..


    Hey Wayne not a bad call,but do you think CT will try to roll on anyone like he has done in the past. Anyone who knew CT in the past knows how dumb he is and has always thought of himself?

  37. darkstar Says:


    Your prediction would appear to be well within the realm of reality…sounds about right, based on what has happened so far.

    I do wonder about whether or not kelly will roll over on craig…or vice versa…


  38. chainsaw Says:

    Why did they waive their right to a speedy trial? So publicity wouldn’t be so great and give it a chane to die down I bet

  39. darkstar Says:


    That would be my guess…Plus, the reality is, the court docket is jammed, and attorneys on both sides generally dont mind having more time, either to prepare, or as you said, let the dust settle a little bit…

    Then again, after a year in jail, publicity will have died down to where getting a jury who hasnt been inundated with details of the case will be easier, perhaps…

    Remember OJ…they had a hell of a time getting a jury panel for that one…the whole freaking country watched the white bronco chase…

    I dont think it will be quite the same situation with these two.


  40. wayne mortensen Says:

    One of these two mensas will roll on the other. For some
    reason, I think it will be Kelly. The prosecutions always go
    for the weaker party to make a deal. Her lawyers will let her
    know that it is in her best interest to do it. It just has not
    happened yet, but I promise in the next couple of months,
    she will be convinced to turn on her husband. The pro-
    secution wants a conviction in this, they will pull out all stops on this high profile case. What does the rest of you

  41. darkstar Says:

    Yup, I think Kelly will get pressured to roll or else she will be taken down as hard as Craig…

    I also think Anthony Gross may drive a few nails as well. He appears to be just another useful idiot that CT used…Gross will spill everything he knows. I doubt he is feeling too loyal toward CT these days…


  42. caffrey Says:

    I certainly think one of them will rat out the other and it will probably be Kelly. Personally, I agree that if the prosecutor truly has all the evidence they say they have, then they BOTH should go down for life but I don’t think it will play out that way. Good grief, what were they thinking? If finding a body would be bad for their careers, why would they think tasering, strangling, bounding and burning that body would be any better. Monumentally DUMB.

    I hope Gross does testify against them both. Talk about being dragged into a nightmare. It will be interesting to hear his side of this twisted saga.

  43. chainsaw Says:

    I agree with D*… The thing is though, they got everything Gross knows. If it is enough, I don’t think they will offer craig or Kelly a plea deal, they will just put both of them away. Kelly did admit to injecting her with morphine if you believe what’s her names testimony. They found morpine in the body of MJ too, so we’ll have to see. Sounds like kelly did it as much as craig.

    I don’t know kelly, seen her at golds in venice and she seemed white trashy. Any comments?

  44. darkstar Says:


    You could be right about that…

    I’m thinking that Gross may get a deal to testify against C and K. His charges are not as severe as C and K’s, and he is out on bail…

    It is very plausible that C and K are equally culpable. My guess is that Gross will be an important player at the trial, against C and K. I think he is likely scared shitless.


  45. wayne mortensen Says:

    Also, I think the reason of the change of attorneys is
    because the old attorneys were probably telling these
    two intellectual properties that their chances of ac-
    quittals were nil and none. Someone needed to do
    the jerk and roll on the other. These two moral
    giants are only guilty of bad judgement and they hire
    two new attorneys that are telling them what they want
    to hear. Yes, CT I can get you off. We will wipe the
    floor with the prosecution. Oh, Kelly you have a good
    case of suing the state after you are found innocent.
    After all, you were angry and you had a momentary
    lapse of judgement. I will tell you now, before Thanks-
    giving one will do the jerk and roll and leave the other
    holding the bag. No more holding hands in court for
    these two.

  46. darkstar Says:


    I think you are right on about the attorneys. Did you see the quote from Craig’s new lawyer: “I’m going to walk him…”
    Yeah, right…walk him right into state prison is more like it…
    Yup, somebody is going to roll…



    does anyone know accurate autopsy results?

  48. chainsaw Says:

    Autopsy found previous use of methamphetamine, as well as morphine in her system. No cause of death other than not natural was admitted in the final report. They suspect suffocation, but there are bones that should have been broken for stangulation, and marks are destroyed. Duct tape was melted to the mouth, a ligature was found “laying” on the neck area, not around it “could have been a piece of the car. Put in the trunk in the fetal position, and a set ablaze. So yes, verifiable proof of drugs were there.

  49. ROSETTA Says:


  50. ROSETTA Says:


  51. KNEW THEM Says:


  52. chainsaw Says:


    There was hair analysis taken, and showed that Meth was used previously, not nessecarily in her blood, but proof of previous usage. Hair testing is the methond the casino’s use to drug test here in vegas. Trust me on this, it is true. And I don’t want any disrespect for MJ because of this either from anyone, but this is a fact.

  53. darkstar Says:


    Fair enough, but that would rule out a meth OD, if there is such a thing, right?


  54. chainsaw Says:


    Yes, a hairtest can go back years, so you are right. As far as we know it was just morphine that was found in her blood that KR was have to have said to inject to one of the witnesses. M foley or A polk. I forget which one.

  55. chainsaw Says:

    Knew Them,

    Are you sure that it was Nubain. Kelly told Megan foley I believe that craig bought morphine for $500 from someone who’s parents had cancer. Nubain I believe is a $50 bottle 10 or 20mg per cc, 10cc bottle. I wonder, was the syringe preloaded that kelly shot Mj with. It would take several minutes to load up a syringe and then inject in. In which CT was holding MJ down for several minutes. There must been a helluva struggle. I really can’t wait to read puits evidance book.

  56. darkstar Says:


    Actually, Im not sure it would take a few minutes to load a syringe and stick it into someone…
    For example, you have the bottle with the little rubber seal thing that the doc sticks the needle into to load the syringe…sucks in the dope, pulls out the needle, squirts it to evacuate the air, and poke…also, who knows if they bothered to evacuate the air from the syringe…injecting air into the bloodstream can kill too from what I understand…although I cant recall any details about if they simply stuck it in her leg, or…

    These folks had needles a plenty, apparently, and knew how to use them. This is a 10-15 second operation at best. And that is if they had to load…if it was preloaded, well, even quicker….

    Just my guess…


  57. chainsaw Says:

    I re read the GJ transcripts “for the 6th time”, and it looks like MJ had quite a bit or acetalmorphine in her system. Now with research that I did do, that is a direct byproduct ot heroin. Not morphine alone. This means that it is possible/probable that MJ had done heroin very close to her death. I’m not saying that the morphine didn’t play a part in it, but, acetalmorphine present means that there was definate signs of a heroin specific byproduct.

  58. darkstar Says:


    Your research sure seems on the right track.

    Once heroin is injected and absorbed in the body, the remainder reforms into morphine…that is why heroin per se is not found in the blood of heroin OD victims…Im not a chemist, and I am not sure if acetalmorphine is what you would find if you used or got stuck with only morphine, or if it is consistent specifically with heroin usage…

    For all we know CT and KR may have shot her up with heroin…I’m sure more details on the extent of the drug use of those involved will be forthcoming…it won’t be pretty I’d guess…


  59. darkstar Says:

    Well, Ray, at least my vocabulary extends well beyond your 3 word limit of “asshole”, “cowboy”, and “brown”…

    Here’s three more words for you, ya moron: Pogue mo chone…


  60. KNEW THEM Says:

    It would take 10cc’s of air injected into a vein to possibly kill someone. I don’t think you need to duct tape a persons mouth after they have o.d. Why? A dead person can’t be heard from the back of a trunk, right?

  61. darkstar Says:

    Knew Them,

    I think it is air injected into an artery, like the carotid, that would be deadly, since they travel to the brain. A nurse told me this, so I assume she is right, but I dont know much more about it…It would sure be a creepy way to kill someone…

    And yes, why duct tape an OD’d person? That is is taking the “bad judgment” strategy a bit far, dontcha think?


  62. Chainsaw Says:

    If I recall, they were not sure if the mouth was duct taped or just the blanket around her head, and some duct tape stuck to the face. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. I honestly don’t think the coroner did the best job possible. Cyril wecht or Dr. Lee should have I believe looked at this. Who knows, maybe we’ll see them at trial on CT’s defense. If we do, these guys are pretty credible.

  63. darkstar Says:


    The main problem I have with Lee and Wecht are that they are pretty much paid mouthpieces for who ever pays their fee…

    Both of these guys are semi celebs, and Wecht has got some legal problems of his own right now. I just think that “expert witnesses” like them are out to promote themselves, and have little interest in a proper judicial result. Their huge fees have clouded their sense of propriety, in my opinion. The same goes for that hack Michael Baden. What an ego maniac he is. Recall he was the star expert in the Binion trial who put forth his theory (without ever seeing the actual body) that Dead Ted was “burked” by Tabish and Murphy…He was paid big time by the Binion family…Although several other more plausible theories were proffered by other experts, the jury bought Baden’s and went guilty on Tabish and Murphy. As you recall, the murder charges were overturned, and on retrial Tabish and Murphy were found not guilty of the murder: the absolute right call on that case in my opinion.
    Lastly, remember Baden testified at the Scott Peterson trial, and without even examining the remains, testified as to his theory…Now, I think Scott is guilty, but my point is that these expert witnesses are less relevant in my opinion because of their celeb status and the fact that they get paid huge fees to slant testimony toward whoever is writing the checks…

    Call me cynical…


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