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Las Vegas Review Journal - Titus denies killing James in an interview

Glenn Puit delivers another story from the Las Vegas Review Journal on the Titus and Ryan case. Some of the more interesting details confirm that Titus has fired his lawyer.

From the article…

Frustrated by lawyers who had been advising him to keep quiet, 41-year-old bodybuilder and slaying suspect Craig Titus fired his legal team this week.

Then, in his first public interview since his arrest Dec. 23, Titus wept as he told the Review-Journal at the Clark County Detention Center on Wednesday afternoon that he and his wife loved Melissa James, their 28-year-old live-in personal assistant whom they are accused of killing.

Titus said he and 33-year-old fitness champion Kelly Ryan “are not guilty of murdering anybody.”

“My wife and I are caring people. We are loving people,” Titus said. “We are not the horrific monsters we’ve been portrayed as.

“Kelly and I loved Melissa,” Titus said. “She was our friend. She was family. … She was one of my best friends.

Titus goes on to tell the reporter…

“I’ve never been scared to talk to the press,” he said. “It was the attorneys. … Unfortunately, though, in this cynical world we live in, things can spin out of control in a hurry.”

Read the full article here

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