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Bodybuilder denies killing live-in assistant in Las Vegas

The story hits the Associated Press…

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A bodybuilder accused of killing his live-in personal assistant says he made “poor decisions” the night Melissa James died, but he is not guilty of her murder.

“My wife and I are caring people. We are loving people,” Craig Titus told the Las Vegas Review-Journal Wednesday in his first interview since his arrest. “We are not the horrific monsters we’ve been portrayed as.”

Titus, 41, and his wife, 33-year-old fitness champion Kelly Ryan, were arrested in December on charges they beat James, put her in the trunk of their Jaguar sedan and set the vehicle on fire in the desert outside Las Vegas.

“Kelly and I loved Melissa,” Titus said. “She was our friend. She was family. … She was one of my best friends.”

Titus, who fired his legal team this week, said the only thing he is guilty of is bad judgment.

He did not discuss the details of the evening of James’ death, but he told police last year that the 28-year-old personal assistant overdosed on drugs at the couple’s southwest Las Vegas house and that he panicked and burned the body to try to avoid negative publicity that would have ruined the couple’s careers.

“I’m guilty of some very, very bad judgment,” Titus said Wednesday. “I’m guilty of some very poor decisions.”

Titus is a past place-winner of international Mr. Olympia competitions. Ryan is a fitness champion and Ms. Olympia runner-up.

Titus said he met James in Panama City, Fla., when she worked as a driver for him when he was competing in a bodybuilding show there in the late 1990s.

James lived with Titus and Ryan first in California and later in Las Vegas, and became addicted to methamphetamine, Titus said.

“I watched a human being disintegrate in front of my eyes,” he said, adding, “This crystal meth is destroying the United States.”

Witnesses have told police that Titus and Ryan were themselves prolific drug users, according to police reports.

When asked about his and Ryan’s reported drug use, Titus said: “I feel like we were an average couple, going out on weekends, and that’s as far as I’m going to go with it.”‘

Police allege that Titus and Ryan attacked James with a Taser, drugged her with morphine, duct-taped her face, restrained her and beat her. They then put her in the trunk of Ryan’s car, drove it into the desert and set it on fire, authorities said. The burning car — and the body in it — were discovered Dec. 14.

Titus and Ryan initially told police they didn’t know how James ended up dead in the trunk of Ryan’s car. Shortly after their statements to police, the couple went to the East Coast.

They were arrested by federal authorities in Massachusetts.

From the Las Vegas Sun.

11 Responses to “Bodybuilder denies killing live-in assistant in Las Vegas”

  1. observer Says:

    “I watched a human being disintegrate in front of my eyes,”

    Hmmm, maybe not the best choice of words for Craiggers to use, considering how Melissa was “disposed” of.

    I can’t wait to hear what else he has to say.

  2. darkstar Says:

    What a moron…
    Guilty of bad judgment? OK, let’s see…

    Without bad judgment and “very poor decisions” Melissa would not have ended up in a trunk, dead and burned…

    You cannot erase or separate what that bad judgment led to…

    The bad judgment was simply that: into the trunk with a bound and taped up Melissa, out to the desert with the lighter fluid, and torch it…

    Yup, that’s bad judgment allright…and murder 1 most likely.


  3. SBJ Says:

    Bad judgement is a severe understatement! If this girl was a friend of CT’s, why would he let her deteriorate before is eyes? If my best friend were deteriorating I owuldn’t sit aorund and watch it happen…most people wouldn’t! As for loving her…how do you kill, bind and burn a person that you love and consider family, a best friend? I just don’t understand…

  4. JGJ Says:

    “This crystal meth is destroying the United States.”


    This from a convicted drug dealer. STFU and burn in hell Craig Titus

  5. Samuel Says:

    Craig Titus and darkstar d* About 6 years ago had a gay relationship that lasted 2 years. They would go at each others butts in the parking lot of golds gym in the back of Craig titus truck. Now darkstar d* is bad mouthing Craig Titus! What a bag of butts darkstar d* is. Give Craig Titus a break Mr darkstar d*. Let the courts deal with Craig Titus not your revenge!

  6. fitness4me Says:

    If what you say is true Samuel, then Craig will have plenty of sodomic experiences in Jail….heck, he could be the next “Marquis de Sade”, American Style? LOL.

  7. Seth Mcdavid Says:

    Hey Everybody!

    No one can say how they would react to a dead overdosed body when they are obviously not in thier right mind. Bad judgement can go all the way back to too much partying! The way you are all talking, you sound like you all need a little reality check. Passing judgement on someone you are portraying as an old friend.

    Hey Samuel! You are sick, I know for a fact that Craig Titus is no where near gay! GET A CLUE!!!!!!!

  8. darkstar Says:


    Your insults are weak, buddy. They dont bother me in the least, and I ignore them just as easily as your ignore the facts about CT…

    The court will deal with CT allright…he had better start preparing for life in hell with his amorous cellmate Bruno…


  9. Samuel Says:

    Hey darkstar d* your such a powder puff. You cant get over Craig Titus! Now go run off and play with your little pee pee!


  10. wayne mortensen Says:

    When Craig states that the only thing he is guilty of is his
    bad judgment is like the terrorists who brought down the
    twin towers were just bad pilots and had a momentarily
    lapse of judgement. C.T. says he saw this poor young girl
    disintegrate before his eyes were correct, especially when he
    threw fuel on her and set her ablaze.

  11. darkstar Says:


    …not to mention firing several tazer rounds into her…before, as you said, burning her in the jag…


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