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New Titus & Ryan book - “Fire in the Desert: The True Story of the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan murder investigation.”

As we mentioned yesterday there are a couple new twists to this story. Glenn Puit, 36, is a senior journalist and true crime author at the Las Vegas Review-Journal will be putting out a book called “Fire in the Desert: The True Story of the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan murder investigation.” It will be published and available in early December 2006. To the best of our knowledge Puit has not spoke to Craig or Kelly about the book but has received 22 witness statements that have never before been released publicly. The book will be an evidentiary handbook for those who want to follow the case as it proceeds to trial. The book will also include an in-depth legal analysis of what Craig and Kelly’s biggest legal obstacles are and also where they have the best chance at acquittal.

Once the book is published we will offer our thoughts on the contents and merits of the book. We’re interested in the 22 witness statements and what they have to contribute to the site.

Thanks to getbig for the full story. You can read the entire release here.

11 Responses to “New Titus & Ryan book - “Fire in the Desert: The True Story of the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan murder investigation.””

  1. Jim Says:

    Could this be a weird Pulp Fiction of a Case? ( No disrespect toward MJ intended..)

    They were gonna buy her a trip back to NJ or Florida.
    She needed to get really intoxicated for the long flight back east since she had a history of dependance “so we have heard.”
    Took to Much Meth, OD’D and started into convulsions.
    They injected Morphine to bring her down and her heart stops.
    They use the taser to try to shock the heart into beating again.
    She die’s and they freak out and dispose of the body.

    Well, I know it seems crazy, but has anything in this case been sensible?

  2. Administrator Says:

    Now that is an interesting spin on things.

  3. quilty Says:

    The publisher of this soon-to-be blockbuster is the highly influential Stephens Press, owned by Stephens Media who coincidentally owns the Las Vegas Review – Mr. Pruit’s employer. What a shock. I wonder who has the international rights. Sadly folks, this book sounds like a feature magazine article rejected by the nationals with comments like, “Sir, do you know what the term ‘fact checking’ means?” or “No thanks, we don’t print balderdash.” Or “Sorry, nobody cares about bodybuilders. Try Muscle and Fitness.” So what did Pruit do? He fluffed his skimpy story into book length with blue prose, conspiracy theories and hearsay interviews, knocked on his boss’s door and the rest, as we say, is publishing history. Well, I’ll look for it if I pass through Las Vegas. Trust me, it won’t get much further.

  4. bullshit Says:

    Let’s face it, bodybuilding is dead and Craig Titus hammered the final nail into it’s coffin.

  5. darkstar Says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if all this pre trial publicity causes their new lawyers to file for a change of venue…

    But, then again, a non Vegas jury may be a lot more tough than a Vegas jury…


  6. chainsaw Says:

    I don’t really know where they would move it too. Henderson NV? Boulder City?

  7. darkstar Says:

    To some other county, other than Clark…like Nye, or up in Carson City/Reno, maybe…
    I’m just speculating, but I’d put a change of venue on the short list…


  8. gaallstars Says:

    I was Kelly Ryan’s cheerleading partner at the University of South Carolina. There is no way she did this on purpose. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body!

  9. Seth Mcdavid Says:


    Finally someone that actually knows Kelly. Craig Titus is a big teddy bear. Melissa’s death was a tragic accident. Drugs destroy people’s life. It is a shame she had to die.

  10. wayne mortensen Says:

    Hey Seth Mcdavid, Melissas death was an accident, just like
    JFKs death was an accident. Drugs destroys life, so does
    bullets, burning cars, strangulation. Send them some money to their defense fund. They need it. You to are a
    mensa, whoever you are Seth.

  11. James Mesenbrink Says:

    I have followed body building for about 15 years. Craig and I are the same age and watched him work his way through the ranks. He hit a peak and I started to see a decline in the past 4-6 years. Drugs? I met him guest posing, however no one can drawl a conclusion from a brief encounter. I was aware of his “Wild Child” reputation. All I have is what I can read from sources available. I have a hunch he may be guilty of the act in one way or another and I’m afraid they both lack common sense and may not be the sharpest tools in the shed and seem to have lost touch with reality. Sad for all, especially Melissa and her mother! Well have to wait for the “Gavel of Justice” to fall.

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