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Contribute to the Titus & Ryan Attorney Fund

Are you a friend of family member close to Craig Titus or Kelly Ryan, looking to help them out? A few friends and family members of Craig & Kelly have started an “Attorney’s Relief Fund”. If you’d like to help with your donation you can now do so via money order. They will not accept cash or check (apparently you can be picky when sitting in jail asking for help) for the fund. Yes, they are serious and those of you who want to help them can send it to the information below. We know many of you will not support this, please spare us all the hate comments related to this issue. Thank you.

Make the money order payable to:

The Inmate Trust Fund
In the memo line, put… Craig M. Titus #1895641 or Kelly A. Ryan #1992276, or both names.

Send the money order to:

Clark County Detention Center
Inmate Trust Fund
330 S. Casino Center Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101


19 Responses to “Contribute to the Titus & Ryan Attorney Fund”

  1. tiffany Says:

    Wow! What the f**k! is this for real ?. I would not even send craig and kelly a fart in a jar. What balls craig and kelly have.

  2. chainsaw Says:

    The reason it has to be a money order is because it is going to the clark county jail on being put on thier books (inmate account) I believe. It isn’t like they can go up to a bank teller at the local B of A, and show 2 forms of ID to cash a personal check.

  3. WTF Says:

    Hey Craig, CASH THIS!

  4. sal Says:

    I wonder if Brenda Kelly will contribute

  5. IsSheSerious? Says:

    You have got to be fucking kidding me…..they deserve to rot in HELL! Only in America would you be able to do something like this.

  6. chainsaw Says:

    What happened to the headline that there was some wind of a new developement in the case that was posted I think on 9/11 or 9/12? Am I the only one that noticed it was taken down?

  7. observer Says:

    chainsaw ~ I noticed it too. I’m guessing it was taken down for legal reasons. There is definately something going down, though. The plot thickens…

  8. chainsaw Says:

    Thanks observer for the heads up.

  9. Disgusted Says:

    So much for the credibility of this site.

  10. disbelief Says:

    I cannot belive they are asking for money. Lets take a life from a beautiful girl away, break her family and friends hearts, then get people to donate money to help with the situation they have gotten themselves into. Judgement day is going to be hell for these two…

  11. beachbanger Says:

    I wouldn’t give the two shit. They are ridiculous….and if they don’t get found guilty it will just be another fuck up in our judicial system….case in point…OJ SIMPSON….enough said…

  12. formerfitness Says:

    How can we contribute to the legal fees of Melissa Jame’s family??

    She didn’t own a jaguar, house, her own gym etc, etc, etc. Seems like the real need is there.

    Even if Craig and Kelly were truly innocent, their known lifestyle of excesses (steroids, drugs, sex, etc) leaves the public feeling them indecent of outside assistance. They were supposed to be role models that disappointed alot of people with their arrogant reactions.

  13. danceangel Says:

    Melissa James Fund
    Bank of America NJ 7-221-01-01
    59 Reaville Ave
    Flemington, NJ 08822

    For wire transfers


    Melissa James Fund
    PO Box 208
    Ringoes, NJ 08551

  14. g Says:

    craig, i won’t give you a penny :-)

  15. inmode Says:

    Wow! What are these people thinking? I guess all the drugs they were taken just got to them. Probably hearing the little voices or just tweaked out!

    All that fame and money.. now they are just a inmate #..

  16. Hank Says:

    Craig Cash my balls !

  17. Seth Mc david Says:

    hey G! Craig does not need your money, but thanks for contributing to this web site. Negative publicity is still publicity, ASSHOLE!

  18. darkstar Says:

    Seth mcdavid…

    What planet are you from? Of course ct needs money…why do you think they sold their property? They know they are in deep doo doo and tried to muster whatever cash they could before the banks foreclosed…

    I dont know what your idea of success and wealth is, but when you look it up in the dictionary, you wont see CT and KR’s picture there…

    These two were marginally successful at best, and most likely mortgaged and credit card maxed out to the hilt…Sure, Im speculating, but I bet Im not far off…any idiot can buy a Jag, big frickin’ deal, and a half a mil house isnt all that impressive out on the west coast…..its all pretty commonplace these days.

    All that matters is what happens in the courtroom. I would not want to be in their shoes, or slippers, or whatever it is they issue to you when you are in jail….


  19. chainsaw Says:

    It is obvious that this Craig Titus character wore out any kind of welcome with many people before this tradgedy. It is crazy that the people that despise him out number the ones that like him by a factor of about 20:1. I don’t know him, but of the ones that do, not too many seem to like him at all, and wouldn’t put murder past him. I’d like to hear some more stories about this guy. Bad or Good. He is entertaining.

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