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Faithful readers of the Titus and Ryan blog, please read!

We’ve received a number of emails from both parties, those who support Craig and Kelly and those who are part of Melissa James’ family and friends. We are NOT implying any guilt or innocence on the part of Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan. That is for the courts to decide. We are only putting out information and our opinions on this case.

One comment reads…

How do you know Craig and Kelly killed Melissa. Are you mind readers? What if information comes out at the trail that doesnt reflect your perception. How can you say she was viciously murdered? How do you know that? Even the prosecutors don’t know that. But Melissa died - perhaps of an overdose, perhaps accidental -and the memorial is nice.

We never once said Craig and Kelly killed Melissa. The Melissa James website was NOT created by us, but rather the family of Melissa. That is the James’ family view point and they are entitled to it, we are not saying we agree or disagree.

We are NOT the creators of the Titus and Ryan tour and we are NOT the creators of the Melissa James memorial web site.

Thank you.

11 Responses to “Faithful readers of the Titus and Ryan blog, please read!”

  1. Volkhammer Says:

    Your efforts to consolidate all of the information and happenings related to this ongoing investigation have been nothing but objective. I don’t have the time or the appetite to scan the web to find all the updates. You are doing a tremendous service to those of us who are interested in this case.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. WTF Says:

    I concur with Volkhammer. You’re doing an outstanding service.

  3. sal Says:

    I hate Brenda Kelly

  4. Jason Says:

    I agree your site is very informative, and when the trial starts I am sure I will view it daily.


  5. Nic Nasty Says:

    I had wondered about the case since it came to my knowledge, however it was frustrating to look for all information via search engines. I came across this website and since then, bookmarked it. This website has all the latest updates, and it also provides an avenue for people to air their view point, some, forgive me for saying saying, were quite witty.

    Cheers to this website, keep up the good work, and I hope to get all the juicy bits no matter good or bad. I am no one’s side, just a busy body who is also an avid body building fan.

  6. J Kim Says:

    I am glad I accidentally came across this website.

    Very informative and unbiased.

    Thank you for all the information.

    I have been following this case since Kelly and Craig were arrested.

  7. beachbanger Says:

    I check this website frequently….This is such an interesting case…thanks for all the updates…I can’t wait to hear the outcome of this trial. Craig and Kelly lived the good life for a while…I bet they would settle for my boring life right about now.

  8. darkstar Says:

    This is a great website and has been nothing but balanced from an admin standpoint.
    Opinions will differ, but the site has been very fair. Keep it up..


  9. Seth Mcdavid Says:

    Everyone has a right to thier own opinion. Craig and Kelly are legends in thier time and people thrive on negativity. This web site gives a good oppurtunity for viewers to read both stand points and others to be put in thier place!

  10. chainsaw Says:

    I don’t think anyone regardless of current position will be “put in their place” Seth. There is evidance that really can go both ways.

  11. Jim Gustilo Says:

    I want to write a letter to Craig titus. Do you know the address of the jail he is in??

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