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Fitness Icon, Monica Brant Speaks Out during Radio Interview

Those who follow the fitness industry know Monica Brant as the icon of the industry. She is a past Ms. Fitness Olympia winner, has graced countless magazine covers, written her own book and has a lucrative contract with one of the top supplement companies. Monica recently appeared on an online radio show called, Hardbody Radio. The host spoke with Monica about her background and how she got into the industry but the interview took an unexpected turn; which can only be attributed to Brenda Kelly’s horrific “interview”. As previously reported, Brenda published her story on bodybuilding.com and in it she mentions Monica Brant visiting Kelly in jail. Host Larry Pepe of Hardbody Radio learned of Monica’s visit through this interview and asked her about it. Here are a few notes from the show but you can hear the full interview on their web site, hardbodyradio.com.

A paraphrased version of her interview on the show:
I kept that a personal thing. You’re the first person who asked me about it. My husband new and strong hold ministries knew. I wanted to keep it secret. I originally went to tell her (Kelly) that I am keeping her in my prayers and not judging her. It’s a hard thing for me and I don’t want to cry about. It’s a tragic thing and I feel for all of them. I kept feeling like I’m supposed to go and see Kelly. I got a phone call with Pastor Mike (Stronghold Ministries) that he was going to see them (Craig & Kelly). I told my husband I felt like I was supposed to go and Pastor Mike said he was going. Too many interesting things happened telling me I had to go. I had many signs she was supposed to go. I had to work at a convention right after she saw Kelly. It was a really hard day and kept picturing her there. She was a bundle of energy and kept telling me not to cry. I was there to be supportive as a human but was not judging her.

My intention was only to see Kelly. I envisioned only seeing Kelly glass window but you have to view through a tiny screen. You have to look into a camera above the monitor and it was not face to face. It was cut off and you don’t get to say goodbye. We said a prayer together and wasn’t going to say anything to anyone. I saw Craig as well and spoke to Craig for a little bit. Both Craig and Kelly feel God put them to get control of their lives and how they were dealing with things. Craig asked her where she was living and her dogs.

Brenda Kelly wrote about it in her interview on bodybuilding.com. I didn’t respond to Brenda. It was a personal thing and as a Christian and a friend she went to see them.

It appears Brenda Kelly committed career suicide with her piece on Kelly Ryan, she certainly didn’t gain any supporters. We hope Brenda and others consider other people’s feelings before publishing private matters.

10 Responses to “Fitness Icon, Monica Brant Speaks Out during Radio Interview”

  1. WTF Says:

    Very poor taste on the poart of Brenda Kelly to publicize that MB had visited KR. She should only speak for herself but then this attention whore would have given anyone up to get the spotlight on herself just one last time. Well that time has now passed, hope it was worth it to her.

  2. The Main Man Says:

    Perhaps Brenda can now give us a full list of who has visited Kelly - that would be nice to see - so we can out everybody that wanted to keep their visits quiet.

  3. quilty Says:

    Since everyone else is coming out…yes, I too interviewed Craig in jail. Among other things, in his upcoming book he will confess to providing both Vince Neil and Floyd Landis (Tour de France) with steroids. Amazing. What other nasty bodybuilding secrets are inside Craig’s big bald head? Find out - before they are snuffed out! Ask your bookseller, email Amazon - tell them you want Titus Tells All!

    PS - I advised him to grow the evil-looking goatee for the dusk jacket photo. Demographic studies have shown both gay and straight men find it very attractive.

  4. Rubber Duck Says:

    @quilty: Monster cynicism with just a slight touch of the alluring stench of capitalism. But hey, who gives a fcuk, as long as Titus is behind bars, everything is fine by me! Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it…..

  5. bob Says:

    Monica is a bizarre person. She is always speaking about God and all things like those, but she never speaks clearly. When something she isn´t interested in appears in a conversation, she uses religion as a shield.

    Of course, she wants to look very spiritual, but no one is so bad and no one is so good. Monica needs to know that we don´t live in Alice and wonderland and we aren´t idiots (not all can be so perfect and not all are good experiences like sometimes she wants to show us)

  6. beachbanger Says:

    I will be glad when this is all over and these two FRY!

  7. darkstar Says:

    I know little to nothing about the body building industry, or who Monica Brant is, but it seems she is a fairly genuine person who simply went to visit an old friend, albeit in jail. If in the same situation I would do the same; that is, make the visit without making any announcement, going only to visit a friend who had got themselves in a jam. The courts will sort out the facts.
    Kelly Ryan’s guilt or innocence has nothing to do with Monica’s visit. It would appear she visited Kelly out of a friendship, not for publicity or any other purpose other than to visit a friend.
    Brenda Kelly will learn soon enough that cheap self promotion has a short lifespan…
    Monica Brant had nothing to gain personally from visiting Kelly Ryan, except to show support for a friend.
    Like I said, I dont know these people, but you can sense the difference…


  8. Seth Mcdavid Says:



  9. darkstar Says:

    I can and will comment as I please, you lightweight schmuck. I was commenting on Brenda Kelly and Monica Brant, and the obviously different reasons they both had for visiting Kelly.

    I dont have to know any of these people, or you either for that matter, to understand that there are several agendas being paraded around. It doesnt change the facts of the case…

    You, sir, are a tool…


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