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Getbig.com’s Titus and Ryan Tour

The folks over at getbig.com have assembled a few photos of the various places from this ordeal. Ranging from the KFC to the Walmart. Check out the page that lists all the photos and gives a brief description of each. At least with this story we didn’t see anyone posing with the BBQ set or in front of the jail.

titus and ryan bus

19 Responses to “Getbig.com’s Titus and Ryan Tour”

  1. The Main Man Says:

    While the concept is creative, who in their right mind will go to all of these places just to check them out? Will the jury go to these places also in the trial? I didn’t realize that everything is so close.

  2. genius Says:

    dude-there is no actual tour. it’s a joke. relax

  3. pj wonders Says:

    It says there is someone else on the survellience tape, who is it?

  4. JOKSTER Says:

    The someone else on the surveillance tape is none other than OJ!

  5. WTF Says:

    Very creative and I agree that this has entertainment value. It is interesting to see the different sites involved in the crime and hats off to the creator and the time taken to put this together.

  6. Serious Says:

    Someone has balls to actually put this up. What the hell. Although I find it idiotic and wanting to despise it - and someone was murdered here - I read the whole damn thing. This is not politically correct. This is crap.

    By the way - will there be another installment when the trail comes and more evidence is produced?

  7. Ray Says:

    What the crap! is going on ? This is getting crazy.

  8. smartone Says:

    Who wants to start a betting game? $20 says it’s Anthony Gross. Do I have any wagers??

  9. Jonny Says:

    The only thing missing is a clown and balloons and you have a crap circus!

  10. Jim Says:

    Smartone is right. Either him or someone else who they needed testimony from.

  11. Volkhammer Says:

    I may be alone in this, but I don’t think it would be particularly offensive or disrespectful (as the “tour” suggests it would be) to show the location of where the jag was torched, either in photos or on a map.

    I’ve seen at least one photo of the torched car on another site that was taken from a televised news report. What harm could there be in just showing where it happened?

  12. Missing Melissa Says:

    While everyone is sitting around reading this imaginary tour bus. Family and friends are still greaving the loss of a very speacial person. Perhaps if it were your family-or-friend you would find this just as tasteless as we do. Its very hurtful. Although I understand you cannot change someones oppinion, I wish that whoever created this “tour” would be a little more carful about what they post, a life was lost here. I hope and pray that the ones who did this will pay. Its just a matter of time. We love Melissa very much, our hearts are still morning her, and I think things like this just really make it that much harder to handle.

  13. saddened Says:

    Unfortunately, in murder cases, there is always someone there to capitalize on and exploit the innocent.

    Brace yourself, I have a feeling the trial is going to get ugly.

    So sad, I’m sure Melissa was no angel, but she didn’t deserve this. If Kelly has really “found God” like she keeps harping, she should come clean and admit what she’s done. Save the poor family and friends of Melissa the heartache of going through this ugly trial!!!!


  14. Pamela Says:

    In all defense, you are innocent until proven guilty. It is very possible for a drug addict, such as Melissa James to overdose. It is also very possible for people to panic considering the circumstances and make horrible desicions. Yes, Kelly Ryan claims she has found God, and I personally believe that everyone will be shocked when the results from trial come to surface. People like Megan Foley need to take a good look in the mirror and wipe thier own nose! Jealouy is so relevant now more than ever.

    It is a shame that someone died, but the word “murder” has not been made to describe this case legitamately.

  15. Pamela Says:

    In response to Megan Foley’s statements:

    It’s funny how Megan Foley doesn’t mention in her statements how she herself is a huge cociane user, daily! Let me just say that I was at Kelly Ryan’s retirement party at the Suncoast Hotel. Myself along with one of my friends personally witnessed Megan and her husband Jeremy snorting lots and lots of cocaine. As a matter of fact they were snorting the cocaine off of the granite counter top in the bathroom that they stayed in almost all night. I even remeber the counter tops were dark in color and you could open up the curtains with a remote control. I cannot wait to see Megan Foley’s face when people take the stand in court and verify the fact that she is a cocaine addict and her husband has even gone to the hospital for over dosing on cocaine. I cannot wait to see her face when the public finds out she puchases her cocaine from Greg Ruis and her friend Desiry. It will be humorous for people to see her exposed for what she really is: a delusioned cocaine addict and liar!
    By the way you may be able to see Megan in all her glory at www.prestine pussy.com. If her husband Jeremy started the site yet. Oh ya, this was one of thier plans. I personally believe that Megan Foley should stop telling these lies and admit that she was led by the detectives on this case.
    Meanwhile, I cannot wait until Megan Foley gets a look at the four witnesses that will coming to testify they have seen her at the Suncoast Hotel, Craig Titus’s house, and Greg Ruiz’s house snorting up the cocaine. What a real nice friend Kelly Ryan had, Megan Foley.
    I have a lot more info about Megan Foley………..Hey Megan, have you done any girl on girl acts lately? Maybe you can catch some of those too on her web site. I would take what she says with a grain of salt!

  16. Seth Mcdavid Says:

    I just want to say that I am believer in our country, I am a believer in Jesus, and only God can judge us. Before you judge Craig and Kelly, let our country’s judicial system prevail and let us all leave it in God’s hands. P.S. Like my Grandpa always told me, “Son, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.”

  17. chainsaw Says:

    Regarding what Pamela said, I can totally see that in the Grand Jury transcripts that what you say is more than likely true. She admitted to drinking a bottle of wine when all the incriminating statements were made to her by KR… That alone is a defense attorney’s dream. But I’ll take you’re word on it about the Blow. Seem’s totally feasable/probable.

  18. Seth Mcdavid Says:

    It was no shock to hear that the character of a witness chosen for this case is apalling. It just goes to show you that you can’t believe everything you read. People need to sweep the dirt in front of thier own door. Pamela said it all!!!

  19. chainsaw Says:

    I have taken the tour…. I live down the street and shop at the same wal-mart.

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