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“Interview” causes bodybuilding message board outrage!

The most popular message board in the bodybuilding community hasn’t taken too kindly to the “interview” about Kelly Ryan. Brenda Kelly the author of the piece is getting hammered on all fronts and rightfully so. The article was terribly written and done in poor taste. This wasn’t an interview it was an article and one of the most blatant, self-serving drivel we’ve ever seen. Who takes photos of themselves outside where their “friend” is being held on murder charges? Who brings their own personal photographer in to capture stills and video of the interview? The article was an absolute disaster on all fronts. Shame on Brenda Kelly for trying to sensationalize a story about her “friend”. A true friend appears to be Monica Brant who visited Kelly and made no mention of it and wrote no article about it. The only way people found out that Monica visited is because Brenda wrote about it.

Brenda claims to have received positive feedback about the piece, but from who her mom? Everyone is talking about it but they are talking about what a joke it is. Brenda Kelly gives journalism a black eye. We can only hope her next “interview” doesn’t include one of her talking about her hair and inclusion of candid jail shots. People don’t want to hear the worst, they want the story and not one of how you felt about your make up.

A couple of the comments from the board…

1) Unless your goal was to make her look as bad as possible, I can’t believe you guys published that

2) I can’t believe you advertised it

What is with the shots of Brenda posing outside the joint…………….WTF? Never pass up on a photo op


Our favorite…

Jesus must spend a lot of time in jail…everyone seems to find him there!

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6 Responses to ““Interview” causes bodybuilding message board outrage!”

  1. thatsforsure Says:

    Yes another one that found jesus in jail, funny they never found him before they commit a crime. It’s so arrogant , isn’t the word of God is”Thou shall not kill”?

  2. Valentine Says:

    She’s got a flat butt, weird hips, wears waaaaaaaaaaay too much make-up and has always been a self-promoter. Some friend. Nice modeling pics in front of the clinker. Jeeze lady get over yerself.

  3. Seth Mcdavid Says:

    It is unfortunate that people have to be down and out to recognize what really matters in life, but God can turn all bad things around for good. Yes the word of God is “Thou shalt not kill.” Who said they killed her? No one knows what happend for sure and it is also a sin to judge people. I am sure God does not like someone mocking a relationship with Him.

  4. wayne mortensen Says:

    This so called reporting by this Brenda Kelly was ridiculous.
    She touts herself by stating the inmate says she does not
    have one wrinkle. WELL, GGEEEZZEEE, look at her picture
    outside the clinker and look at her eyes. The face lift she
    has recently had makes her eyes look at a 45 degree angle.
    Kelly is now reading the bible, now reading the bible, well
    a little late and dollar short. ALL convicts read the bible. No
    big deal, they are praying that the almighty get them off
    the hook and that they can go on with their lives. This
    brainy reporter says that Craig and Kelly have never been
    closer than they are now. Cmon now, why say something
    moronic like that. Yes, they talk on the phone, say all the
    right things to each other, but before to much longer, one
    of these two are going to roll on the other. Go ahead and
    give those stupid investigative interviews that absolutely
    do nothing but taut the interviewer. There was absolutely
    no questions than other than Hows the weather, how do
    feel about being in jail, whats up Kelly, do you feel a little
    bummed, etc. etc. etc. I would have asked, Why did you
    buy the lighter fluid, Why did you kill her in your own car,
    why did you take witnesses with you, why did you run after
    hell broke loose, have you been raped in jail yet.

  5. darkstar Says:

    Seth McDavid,

    Its not “who” says they killed her, but “what”…They left a trail of evidence that points right at them.

    And, I’m not so sure God likes people mocking the Thou Shall Not Kill commandment…

    God knows when folks are fakin’ it…


  6. cozmo15 Says:

    Some people have no shame and will do almost anything to gain a little free publicity!

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